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Proto:Counter-Strike (Windows)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Counter-Strike (Windows).

The Counter-Strike team released several public betas of the Windows version during its development, which provide a good insight into how the game developed from a simple and buggy mod to the phenomenon and skin-selling sim it became today.


Beta 1.0
Where it all started.
Csb11 usp.png
Beta 1.1
Several cornerstones of the game are already in place at this point.
Csb2 deagle.png
Beta 2.0
The famous AK-47 and Desert Eagle make their first appearances in this prototype.
Csb3 leet1.png
Beta 3.0
Adds the GSG9 player model and the classic L33t Krew player model to the game.
Beta 4.0
The day the Bomb Defuse mode was born.