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Proto:Crash Landed (WayForward)/July 28, 2009 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Crash Landed (WayForward).

To do:
Rip the checkpoint models.

The earliest build out of all three, and it sure shows. It seems this prototype was quickly slapped together, judging by the out-of-place assets.

Debugging Features

  • Pressing Select will toggle a freefly mode.

General Differences

Proto Final
CrashLandedDS title early.png CrashLandedDS title final.png

The title screen is completely different.

Proto Final
CrashLandedDS Jul28gameplay2.png CrashLandedDS Finalgameplay.png
  • Crash's idle animation is different, and seems broken. Replacing Crash's model with Taz's reveals that the animation fits Taz more, although his arm is still bent weirdly.
  • The radar on the Touch Screen is yellow, and has an outline of Taz on the bottom right.
  • The skybox and background graphics are likely leftovers from Taz The Disaster Master. These were changed to fit the game's art style.
  • The enemies emit cow noises when killed, another leftover from the Taz game.
  • There's no jump or spin sounds.
  • The collectibles in this build are small blue gems that turn into a coin when picked up.
  • The spin effect is untextured.
Proto Final
CrashLandedDS Jul28checkpoint.png CrashLandedDS Finalcheckpoint.png
  • The checkpoint has Taz on it. This was changed to artwork of Crash from Crash of the Titans.
  • Collecting the star at the end of the level takes you back to the title screen. In the following builds, you get taken to Level 2.