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Proto:Crash Nitro Kart (PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox)/July 29th, 2003 build

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The July 29th, 2003 prototype of Crash Nitro Kart is a preview version for Xbox dated over a month before the final NTSC-U PS2 release version. It was released on September 18th, 2021.



Level Differences
Design changes, crates placement, rough collision, and more.
Parameters Differences
.csv files that changed across the game.

Cutscenes Differences

Cutscenes were halfway done at this point. The scenes have no music, sound effects, or background noises, and the audio is not synched with the animation. Interestingly, later cutscenes in the handheld versions of the game seem to be based on the cutscenes from this point in development, which can be noticed by a few details, such as the lack of lighting in many shots and the visible production code on the top left corner.

  • The animation is complete until the "Beat Nash" cutscene. Cutscenes start having incomplete lighting afterwards.
  • The scenes are still rough sketches in the "Velo Vanquished" cutscenes of both teams, featuring characters doing t-poses and no animation at all.

Menus Differences

  • The startup sequences use splash screens. There is no music, narration or animated screens.
  • Loading screens do not feature unique artworks and cutscene shots. Instead, the letters in "LOADING" fly from the right, just like in Crash Team Racing, but in front of a plain background.
  • The game's logo is darker.
    • The trademark symbol is missing.
  • The Back button prompt is displayed even in the main menu.
  • Button symbols are based on The Duke controller.


  • The "New" and "Load" options are switched.
  • Team Cortex is referred to as "Team Evil". The handheld versions also kept this name for Cortex's team.
  • The characters lack shading and make no sound effects.
    • Coco's laptop is pink instead of blue.
    • Crash is standing further away from the camera.
    • Crunch is standing closer to the kart.
    • N. Gin and Tiny Tiger are positioned further to the left.
  • In the Enter Name screen, the button prompts are present.
    • The highlighted square is larger.
  • In the save slot screen, the button prompts are missing.
    • The prize icons are black.
    • The trophy and key models are earlier versions based on CTR's designs, which went unused in the final game.
    • There is no slot mark in a saved profile.

Single Player

There is only one main race mode called "Single Race", which leads to a normal team race. In the final game, a free for all mode was added as "Quick Race", which became the main game mode, while the team mode was appropriately renamed to "Team Race".

Race Time Trial

  • The ghost select screen has a different layout.
    • This menu will appear only if there is at least one available ghost data for the selected track.
    • The top reads "Choose a Ghost to Load" instead of "Choose a Ghost".

Lap Time Trial

  • N. Tropy and Velo ghost icons also appear in the level select screen.

Cup Tournament

  • Aku Cup is called "Aku Aku Cup".
  • Uka Cup is called "Uka Uka Cup".
  • Uka Cup and Nitro cup names are swapped.
  • Team Play option is available in multiplayer.

Level Select

  • The blue outline covers the entire highlighted track/arena option. In the final game, the tracks up and above the hovered over one overlap it.
  • All track preview videos are different and based on earlier versions.
  • The UI background around the track name and number of laps is dark instead of cyan.
  • There is no background box surrounding the battle arenas' names in the level select.
  • Hyper Spaceway does not have a 3D map.

Character Select

  • The "1" indicator in the P1 cursor outline is always visible. In the final game, this is only used in multiplayer screens.
  • Character naming seems to be based on their internal .igb filenames:
Jul 29 Final
crash Crash Bandicoot
coco Coco Bandicoot
crunch Crunch Bandicoot
ncortex Dr. Neo Cortex
ngin N. Gin
tiny Tiny Tiger
noxide Nitrous Oxide
ntrance N. Trance
ntropy N. Tropy
fakecrash Fake Crash
realvelo Velo
  • Fake Crash does not chuckle.
  • The text formatting for "Press Start Button to Join!" in the multiplayer screens is different.
  • There are no black borders in the Starting Game screen.
  • Attempting to move the cursor outside the selectable options won't scroll to the other side of the row.


There is a sub-menu containing two selectable options that was scrapped in the final game. "LOCAL" is the regular splitscreen multiplayer game, while "Network" leads to the scrapped online mode.

  • In Game Type, a third game mode called "Crystal Race" is present. See the section below more details.
    • This mode is not accessible from start, requiring you to unlock it.
  • Team Play option is enabled by default in Race modes.
  • The setup screen box covers the entire screen and lacks button prompts.
    • You cannot quickly navigate between the "ON" and "OFF" options by pressing any of the directions.
  • The Weapon Setup features the scrapped Voodoo Doll item, even though the item was already disabled at this point.
    • Accessing the Weapon Setup in Race modes will softlock the game when attempting to proceed - selecting OK in the setup screen will open the Weapon Setup screen instead of going to the level select.
    • The Power Shield and Super Engine feature the final icons in this menu, despite the earlier ones still being used during the gameplay.
  • The team select screen has a different layout, featuring four team colors to pick instead of just two.
    • This screen always appears if Team Play is enabled, regardless of the number of players. In the final game, it won't appear if there are only two players because both will always be part of the same team automatically.
      • It also appears in Capture the Flag and Steal the Bacon modes by default. If all players join the same team, there will be just one flag base, making the match impossible to score.
    • This screen is glitchy - picking up a team usually causes some side effects on the character icons, such as player 1's icon turning into player 2's or the icon becoming completely white.
  • There is no Start Game!!! confirmation screen after picking the characters.


  • There is no Steal the Bacon option. Instead, the mode is listed as a toggleable option in the Capture the Flag setup menu under the name "Single Flag Mode".
  • In the Load Arena screen, the game logo is missing.
    • "Original Arena" was changed to "Default Arena".
    • "Load Arena" was changed to "Custom Arena".

Best Times

  • Crash is the only character featured in the default rankings and holds a placeholder time of 9:59:00, similar to the NTSC-U version of Crash Team Racing.
  • The black outline around the ranking box is missing.
  • The background behind the track name and game mode is dark.
  • The time font is not colored white.


  • The volume slider features bars separating the volume control.
  • Button layouts are split into two styles referred to as "Default" and "Alternate", as opposed to "A" and "B".
    • The Alternate style has not been implemented yet.
  • The Xbox controller is based on the original "The Duke" design. The final game is based on the S model, released a year before.
    • "Turbo Slide" was renamed to "Boost".
    • "Brake" was renamed to "Brake/Rev.".
    • "Use Power-up" was renamed to "Power-up".
    • "Toggle View" was renamed to "Change View".
    • There is no Team Frenzy mapping, despite being assigned to the Y button.
  • There is no "Player 1 Controls" indicator.
  • Button prompts were replaced with the "OK" prompt under the controller instructions.


  • The Credits option does nothing.


  • The menu shows both team cutscenes at the same time. They all are visible even if locked.
  • A cutscene will only be available once the player saves it at the end of the following race.
  • Despite being referred to as "Team Evil" in the Adventure mode team select screen, Team Cortex uses its final name here.
  • Replaying cutscenes will crash the game.
Jul 29 Final
The Galactic Circuit! The Galaxy Circuit
Challenging Krunk Krunk Challenge
Challenging Nash Nash Intro
Nash Defeated Beat Nash
Challenging Norm Meet Norm
Norm Defeated Norm Fails
Challenging Geary Geary Race
Geary Defeated Geary The Loser
Challenging Velo Velo Championship
Challenging Velo (again) Velo Rematch
Losing to Velo Velo's Victory
Defeating Velo Velo Loses
Defeating Velo (again) Velo Vanquished

System Messages

Jul 29 Final
  • System messages are placed further to the left side of the background box.
  • The "YES" and "NO" prompts are placed one on each side rather than one under the other.
  • The highlighted option lacks the blue square surrounding the text.

Gameplay Differences

  • Framerate and the player's xyz coordinates are displayed onscreen below the timer during the gameplay.
  • Pre-race intros always read "Lost Earth" (Terra's early name) in the bottom text, regardless which level is due to the variable being set to <world_name> instead of <track_name>.
    • The top text variable is also set to <game_mode> instead of <game_title>, which makes the global game mode name being displayed instead of the game type (e.g. "Adventure" instead of "Trophy Race").
      • Single and multiplayer races that feature CPU racers are always referred to as "Arcade".
    • The menu bars feature cyan outlines.
  • The CPU difficulty factor for "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard" difficulties on Arcade Mode has been lowered from 0, 0.5 and 1 in the prototype to 0, 0.45 and 0.9 respectively on the final game.
  • The character ambient lighting is overall darker.
  • Characters only animate in their default pose. They become completely static when moving their head or looking back.
  • Car exhaustion looks a bit different. Small particles of smoke come out of the exhaust pipes when the kart is not accelerating.
    • The smoke also suddenly changes to black, rather than fading smoothly to gray.
  • Idle animations activate much more quickly.
    • There is no cooldown, so most characters will repeat it immediately after the last frame.
  • A blue trail appears behind the players' kart in the anti-gravity sections instead of skid marks. It's primarily noticeable when powersliding or spinning out of control, and also appears when the kart scrapes the walls.
  • Skid marks remain in the ground and will not disappear unless the player moves too far away from the marks.
  • The characters in the start line are placed farther apart from each other.
  • The camera view is always reset to the default when quitting any level.
  • The timer is slightly off to the right on the HUD.
  • There is no cooldown for filling the boost bar during the countdown or mask respawn.
  • A hang time meter pops up every time the kart is lifted from the ground.
  • The powerslide bar has the colors inverted, going from red to green.
    • The gauge is colored black instead of gray.
    • The arrow is smaller.
  • There are no rear markers when an opponent is close behind the player.
  • The boost counter is placed on the right corner of the screen and appears from the right, similar to Crash Team Racing.
  • The item roulette gives an item too early.
    • The item icon does not flash before disappearing after being used.
  • When juiced up, the power-up icons are overlapped by the yellow glowing effect.
    • The glow size is set to 90x90 instead of 105x105.
  • All of the course minimaps are in a lower resolution, and feature a larger display size: 250x250 instead of 128x128.
    • The minimap dot representing the player is not bigger and does not flash.
    • The color green is used for Team Oxide characters instead of yellow, while pink is used for Team Trance characters instead of green.
    • There is no button mapped to switch between minimap and speedometer.
  • The speedometer does not glow when the player is juiced up. Its display size is also 543x390 instead of 523x375.
  • During the race countdown, most of the CPU characters will be turning their heads in a particular direction.
  • The CPU's navigation path is less polished, so racers are more prone to get stuck in random parts of the scenery or crash into walls.
  • CPU racers are more talkative, as they can play all kinds of voice clips like the player, such as spinning out, catching a big air, or falling off the track. In the final game, each voice event has a variable that defines whether the voice can only be used by the player or not.
    • CPU racers will start receiving Wumpa fruits after 20 seconds, rather than 1 second after the race starts.
    • CPU racers are able to obtain a wider variety of items such as Turbos, TNT/Nitro crates and Ice Mines. In the final game, they are hardcoded to only receive Bowling Bombs and Tracking Missiles.
  • Masks are completely silent throughout gameplay, such as when respawning or attacking a teammate (although the clips already exist in the files).
  • The fall stretch animation is different: the player falls very quickly and the mask appears immediately after the fall - the mask sound effect is heard and the invincibility theme starts playing until the player respawns.
    • When the mask appears to rescue the player, they start out tiny but grow to normal size as they emerge, just like in Crash Team Racing.
    • The kart makes a max speed sound effect during the fall.
    • There is no black screen fade transition.
    • When the player is respawning, the mask will go away before the kart lands on the ground.
  • When you go to an out of bounds area, the mask does not appear to rescue you.
  • When the player is hit by a shock hazard, the kart doesn't spin out of control and the screen doesn't flash.
  • You do not lose Wumpa fruits when spinning out or getting squashed.
  • Collecting Wumpa fruits from crates only plays the sound effect twice.
  • Wumpa fruits and crystals dropped by the players only stay on the track for 10 seconds before despawning, as opposed to 30.
  • The screen may flash in a variety of colors, which includes orange, yellow, red, or black.
  • Due to a glitch, receiving triple items from the X crates will cause the number above the item icon to also be duplicated on the right side of the HUD.
  • The crystal counter features a crystal icon rather than a spinning model.
  • The pause menu box covers the entire screen and the options are placed in the top of the screen.
    • There is no "Accept" button prompt.
    • If you pause the game after restarting a race and use Start to unpause, the game will automatically restart the race regardless of the option highlighted. This can be solved by pressing A on any option.
  • There is no final lap jingle and the music doesn't speed up on the last lap.
  • There are no result fanfares, and the screen doesn't flash white when crossing the finish line.
    • The results screen prompt doesn't mention which button to press.
    • The shooting stars that appear when you win a race looks rough - some of them will emerge from the ground to the sky.
    • Characters briefly disappear from the map during a post-race transition.
  • The end-of-race menu is a square box that includes a few more options, although none of them are functional.
    • "Change Character" is available in Adventure, Arcade, Versus, Time Trials, and Battle modes. Selecting it will restart the race in most modes.
    • "Change Level" is available in Arcade, Versus, Time Trials, and Battle modes. Selecting it will quit the game in most modes.
    • "Change Setup" and "Change Teams" are available in Multiplayer Versus and Battle modes. Selecting both options will quit the game.
  • Selecting "Retry" and "Quit" options does not open a confirmation screen to ensure the option hadn't been selected by accident.
  • A build date string - "V. JUL 29 2003" - is displayed in green font in the top left corner of save/load message screens during gameplay.
  • In most modes where lap times are registered, restarting the level after completing a lap will cause the first lap time to be displayed as 99:59.99.
  • There is no wood surface sound effect.
  • Getting burned by a fire hazard doesn't play the burning sound effect.
  • Masks won't automatically rescue a CPU racer if they get stuck in the same place for too long.
  • A few visual glitches are fairly frequent throughout the races - items such as TNTs, Static Orbs and Ice Mines, HUD elements such as trackers, and weapons such as Invincibility Masks and Shields not drawing properly.
  • Crashes are very prone to happen at any time - the game will display error handler screens.
  • The base stats were changed from prototype to final:
Stats Jul 29 Final
m_MaxLinearVelXY 40 33
m_TurnRateBrake 90 110
m_JumpImpulseUpMax 10 7.5
m_SlideFrictionNorm 15/11/15 16/12/16
m_SlideFrictionHigh 21/15/21 19/13/19
m_BoostMaxImpulsePerSecond 36 32
m_BoostMaxTimeCap 6 5
m_BoostSlidePushTime 0.5 0.3
Speed boost from jumping a medium height 29.3 28.74
Speed boost from jumping a large height 32.64 31.27
Speed boost from 2nd powerslide boost 29.76 29.09
Speed boost from 3rd powerslide boost 32.64 31.27
Speed boost from a boost pad 33.6 32.0
Speed boost from startline boost 32.64 31.27
Speed boost from mask respawn 29.76 29.09
Speed boost from Turbo item 33.6 32.0
Speed boost from juiced Turbo item 33.6 32.0
Speed boost from Super Engine 33.6 32.0


  • Some character stats were changed in the final game:
Character Jul 29 Final
Polar Speed: 1/7
Accel: 4/7
Turn: 7/7
Speed: 2/7
Accel: 4/7
Turn: 7/7
Zem Speed: 7/7
Accel: 1/7
Turn: 4/7
Speed: 7/7
Accel: 2/7
Turn: 4/7
Zam Speed: 1/7
Accel: 4/7
Turn: 7/7
Speed: 2/7
Accel: 4/7
Turn: 7/7
Pura Speed: 2/7
Accel: 5/7
Turn: 7/7
Speed: 2/7
Accel: 4/7
Turn: 7/7
Fake Crash Speed: 3/7
Accel: 4/7
Turn: 2/7
Speed: 2/7
Accel: 2/7
Turn: 2/7
N. Tropy Speed: 5/7
Accel: 5/7
Turn: 5/7
Speed: 6/7
Accel: 6/7
Turn: 4/7
Velo Speed: 7/7
Accel: 7/7
Turn: 7/7
Speed: 7/7
Accel: 7/7
Turn: 4/7

Team Race

  • Team Frenzy is mapped to the Y button, as opposed to the White button.
  • The team mechanic has many differences:
    • The Team Frenzy meter fills up very quickly - about 10 seconds instead of 30 - when you are close to your teammate. However, the meter will also quickly drain when you are out of range, even if it was already full before. Once it is completely empty, the meter will disappear from the HUD.
    • The teammate range is set to 60, as opposed to 30 in the final game.
    • When the meter is full, sparkles will emerge and surround the player rather than a colored circle on the ground. Additionally, the meter won't shine once it's full, nor will it flash when Frenzy is active.
    • The teammate icon is mirrored.
      • The icon will glow when Frenzy is active, although it is not displayed properly - the icon is overlapped by the glow effect, and a transparent rectangular sprite that represents the meter inside will also cover the glow.
    • The "TEAM" text is always onscreen. In the final game, the text changes according to the meter status.
    • The meter is red and changes color to blue during the Frenzy. In the final game, colors are based on the teams (blue for Team Bandicoot, red for Team Cortex, yellow for Team Oxide and green for Team Trance).
  • The Frenzy cycles between Triple Bombs/Missiles and Invincibility Masks, rather than giving you all types of weapons at random.
    • A heavenly choir will play, and there will be no timeout effects when the Frenzy is about to end, nor will the item roulette shake.
  • There is no marker over the teammate's head.
  • Character icons on the results screen don't have colored outlines according to their team colors, aside from the player characters.
  • In 2-player races, player 1's teammate icon is also displayed in player 2's screen, even though player 2 is paired to their own teammate.
  • Team races only work with CPU racers, so players cannot team up with each other. This means that even if both players pick the same team color, they will still be paired with their corresponding CPU teammates.
    • As there are no CPU racers in 3 or 4-player games, the Team Frenzy mechanic is not available with this number of players.
      • This also means that the Team Frenzy cannot be used in Battle modes.
  • Normally, you cannot race without teams if CPU racers are enabled - even if the Team Play option is disabled, both players will still be paired with their CPU teammate.
    • The sole exception is that if both players pick characters that are part of the same team (e.g. Cortex and N. Gin), they won't be paired with anyone as a result.
  • Restarting a race causes the team meter to start fill up during the countdown.
    • The meter does not reset either, so players can activate Frenzy before the race starts.
  • A visual glitch causes the teammate icon to not appear after you replay the same race.
  • Characters are not immune to Missiles launched by their own teammates.
  • Bumping into a teammate with a Power Shield or Invincibility Mask active won't make the mask appear around them, despite being immune to them.
  • Throwing a Bowling Bomb at your teammate will hit them, but will be immune if hit by the explosion radius. In the final game, the logic is reversed.
  • The mask spins around the kart for longer when the character is protected by a Bowling Bomb attack from their own teammate.

Time Trial

  • Ghosts are not transparent.

Race Time Trial

To do:
Compare N. Tropy and Velo's ghost times.
  • The minimap is placed further upwards.
    • The minimap dot for N. Tropy and Velo's ghosts does not move.
  • The end-of-race messages are more spaced.
    • The "NEW GHOST UNLOCKED!" message only appears when you open Velo's ghost.
  • The box surrounding the name field in the Enter Name screen is missing.
    • Pressing Y will go back to the total time results screen.
    • The default "CNK" initials are missing.
  • In the end-of-race menu, the "Save Ghost" option reads "OPTION_SAVE_GHOST".
    • Selecting "Change Level" or "Change Character" options won't restart the race as it does in most game modes, but rather it will simply close this menu - while the CPU continues to race around. You can, however, open the pause menu and manually quit the track.
  • The time requirements to open N. Tropy's ghosts on each track are different:
Level Jul 29 Final
Inferno Island 2:00:00 2:01:00
Jungle Boogie 2:00:00 2:08:00
Tiny Temple 2:35:00 2:49:00
Meteor Gorge 2:15:00 2:20:00
Barin Ruins 2:25:00 2:46:00
Deep Sea Driving 2:50:00 3:09:00
Out of Time 3:00:00 3:14:00
Clockwork Wumpa 3:15:00 3:09:00
Thunder Struck 3:40:00 3:48:00
Assembly Lane 3:00:00 3:08:00
Android Alley 3:30:00 3:42:00
Electron Avenue 4:30:00 4:28:00
Hyper Spaceway 5:00:00 5:06:00
  • Ghosts in most tracks have a different spawn point, a leftover of older builds where the players had different start positions.

Lap Time Trial

  • The minimap is placed further lower.
  • This mode features the end-of-race menu. Similar to Race Time Trial, selecting "Change Level" or "Change Character" options will also close this menu - but this time you regain control of your character. Likewise, you can open the pause menu and manually quit the track.
    • Retrying the race after completing a lap will cause the timer to freeze at 99:59.99. Completing a lap will reset it, although it will generate a negative lap time.
  • Lap times from the previous attempt will not be cleared from the HUD when you restart or retry.

Cup Tournament

  • As racing modes are always team-based in this version, this mode also includes teams.
  • There is no podium scene at the end of the cups - the game skips straight to the main menu instead.


  • The players' kart emit smoke from exhaust pipes. This was disabled for splitscreen in the final game.
  • The camera view distance in 2-player splitscreen is the same ones as 1-player modes.
  • The screen division line is thicker due to the team color outlines.


  • The entire HUD got an overhaul for 2 and 4-player splitscreen.
    • Overall, every UI element is the same size as the single player HUDs, including fonts, character icons, position numbers, Wumpa counter, and item roulette.
    • There are no "FINAL LAP!" or "WRONG WAY!" notices.
  • The 2-player HUD composition has some differences:
    • The Wumpa counter is on the right side of the screen, while the item roulette is on the left side. This layout is borrowed from Crash Team Racing.
    • The lap counter features the "LAP" text.
  • The 4-player HUD composition has some differences:
    • The Wumpa counter is towards the middle of the screen, while the item roulette is in the corners. This layout is also borrowed from Crash Team Racing.
  • Incomplete lap times in the results screen are displayed as "0:00.00" instead of "-:--.--".
Team Race
  • The team meter is placed next to the lap counter on player 1's screen and next to the position number on player 2's screen.
    • A huge teammate icon appears in the middle of the screen for both players and can disrupt the player's visibility.
  • The lap counter in player 1's screen is misplaced.
Versus Race
  • Letter suffixes will not appear in the HUD until the players switch positions when the track is loaded for the first time.


  • Setting the minute length to unlimited will cause the timer not to appear onscreen, leaving only the timer box in the HUD.
  • The 2-player HUD composition has some differences:
    • The Wumpa counter and item roulette are placed further to the corner.
    • The item roulette is even smaller.
Last Kart Driving
  • Mask invincibility will not activate to protect the player after taking a hit.
  • Hazards or falling off the map do not take a life point away.
  • In 2-player mode, the game will crash when a player is eliminated if both players pick the same team color.
Crystal Grab
  • Players are automatically eliminated after being hit three times, regardless of how many crystals everyone has.
    • In 2-player mode, the game will crash when a player is eliminated if both players pick the same team color.
  • Hazards or falling off the map do not drop crystals.
Capture the Flag / Steal the Bacon
  • The team select screen is available if only two players are in the game, allowing both players to pick up the same team color, resulting in just one flag base, which makes it impossible to win.
  • Score counters on the left side also feature the character icons.
    • In addition, a second score counter is displayed in the middle of the screen division where the timer would normally be - overlapping it if it's enabled.
      • Two signs are displayed inside the colored spaces - a "!" appears when the flag is stolen, and a "?" when it is dropped by the opponent or after being taken to the enemy base.
      • In Steal the Bacon, there is also a white score counter in the middle that represents the bacon base.
  • Scoring will count as a negative point in both modes, so the team with the highest score actually loses the game.
    • The match often ends inconsistently. The winner is the team with the fewest negative points.
  • Flags remain in the ground before respawning for 10 seconds instead of 30.
    • The distance thrown from the kart is 6 meters instead of 16.
    • The distance rand is 0 meters instead of 2.
  • There is no "YOU SCORED" and "THEY SCORED" messages at the score results screen. Rather, it re-uses the "YOU HIT" and "HIT YOU" from the other Battle game modes - although the screen properly counts the flag score, and not hit points as the text suggests.
Crystal Race

A scrapped game mode only available in multiplayer mode. In this mode, crystals are scattered around the tracks and players must be the first to cross the finish line with at least 20 crystals in order to win. Crystals will respawn upon whoever completes a lap first. If the player in first place crosses the finish line with less than 20 crystals, the race will be extended by another lap for that player (and consequently for everyone else behind, regardless of whether they have 20 crystals or not) until the leader has gathered the required amount.

  • There are no set laps in this mode.
  • Crystals are placed in the same location as the time crates.
  • Collecting 60 crystals will make the counter reset to zero.
  • End-of-race results and options do not draw onscreen after the race is over.
    • The game softlocks in local multiplayer mode.


Ice Mine

  • It features a different icon, which is an ice cube, that is still used in the handheld versions.
  • The ice cube is transparent when the player is hit in Single Player modes.
  • The screen does not flash white when frozen by the mine.
  • The dropped Wumpa fruit lands near the player's kart, causing it to be picked up again almost immediately.
  • The normal freeze time is 900 instead of 3000.
  • A few parameters are not programmed such as Throw Distance, Throw Speed Factor, Blast Radiuses and Explosion Scales.

Explosive Crate

  • The "JUMP!" notice when a TNT is on the player's head is missing.
  • Missing Explosion Scales.

Bowling Bomb

  • Blast Radius is 3 instead of 5 (normal) and 6 instead of 8 (juiced up).
  • Air Gravity is 8 instead of 12.
  • Ground Gravity is 1.25 instead of 4.
  • Turn Speed is 0.25 instead of 0.9 (normal) and 0.25 instead of 0.9 (juiced up).
  • View Range is 0.6 instead of 0.993.
  • Range in Front is 130 instead of 150.
  • Explosion Blast Radius is 3 instead of 5 (normal) and 6 instead of 8 (juiced up).
  • Hard Lat Friction is 50 instead of 30.
  • The Explosion Scales parameters are not programmed.

Tracking Missile

  • Acceleration is 40 instead of 45 (normal) and 50 instead of 55 (juiced up).
  • Turn Speed is 4 instead of 5.
  • Explosion Blast Radius is 0.5 instead of 1 (normal) and 0.5 instead of 1 (juiced up).
  • The Explosion Scales parameters are not programmed.

Static Orb

  • It features a different icon, which is a thunder bolt.
  • The model is a pulsing orb emitting electric sparks with two smaller spheres orbiting around it. It's purple in normal form, and pink when juiced up.
  • It doesn't make the kart spin out of control when touching it.
  • When juiced up, it uses the default missile tracking sound effect when following the player.
  • It drains 3 Wumpa fruits instead of 2.
  • The crosshair graphic uses the default missile tracking color.
  • The shock time when juiced up is 3000 instead of 6000.

Power Shield

  • It re-uses the same icon from Crash Team Racing.
  • The power shield has a unique feature where there are three small spheres of energy inside the shield, which emerges from the bubble and automatically zaps to the nearest racers, causing a shock to the opponents. In previous builds, these spheres would only appear when approaching a teammate, however in this build they are always active.
  • The shield has a different appearance, with electrical effects around the edge.
  • When the effect ends, the shield will flash inside, then disappear. In the final game, it disappears instantly.

Invincibility Mask

Jul 29 Final
Aku Aku
Uka Uka
Velo Mask
  • The mask invincibility themes are short drumbeats that last about a second before looping.
    • Velo Mask re-uses Uka Uka's theme as a placeholder instead.
  • Hitting someone with the invincibility will make them spin out of control.
  • Aku Aku and Uka Uka give off sparkles around their models.
  • Velo Mask is represented by Adviser's round blue platform as the model, rather than a tiki mask resembling Emperor Velo.
  • The player can receive this item multiple times at once, rather than being limited to one at a time in the final game.

Tornado Top

  • The tornado has dust particles on the bottom.
  • It drains 2 Wumpa fruits instead of 5.
  • Some parameters were changed:
    • Max Speed Missile is 38 instead of 55 (normal) and 45 instead of 55 (juiced up)
    • Time Limit is 2000 instead of 3000
    • Acceleration (juiced up) is 55 instead of 50
    • Turn Speed is 6 instead of 8 (normal) and 11 instead of 8 (juiced up)
    • Radius is 0.75 instead of 2.5
    • Lift Time is 1500 instead of 3000
    • Target Distance is 15 instead of 18
    • Range of Target is 0.15 instead of 0.707

Red Eye Missile

  • You do not automatically enter chase mode when launching it - rather, you need to press B to manually enter it.
    • Hitting the opponents does nothing.
    • It cannot pick up crates.
    • There is no fade when switching modes, or white screen flash after hitting something.
  • Some parameters were changed:
    • Acceleration is 50 instead of 45
    • Maximum Speed is 80 instead of 60
    • Minimum Speed is 40 instead of 28
    • Turn Speed is 20 instead of 10
  • A few parameters are not programmed such as Explosion Radiuses, Turn Speed (juiced up), Explosion Scales, and Full Speed Turn Slowdown.

Super Engine

  • It re-uses the same icon from Crash Team Racing.
  • You cannot drive in reverse while the boost is active.


  • The kart does not turn transparent in the player's screen.
    • Rather, it makes the Invincibility Mask transparent when active in this state.

Network Game

The game was originally intended to have its own online mode where you could race against other players worldwide. The mode is still present and fully functional in this prototype and can be accessed through the menu. You are able to create a "Virtual Lobby" where players could join for a race, or you could join an existing lobby hosted by someone else. You can either choose between Race Mode and Battle Mode.

  • Velo's Citadel acts as the main lobby in this mode. Warp gates are disabled, but their area is not locked off - and there is no floor collision either.
  • Around the podium, there will be four colored pads that represent each team color. Driving into one will put you in a team.
  • If you are the host, pressing the Start button will open a level select menu to change the arena. Terra Drome will also be always available, even if it's not unlocked.
  • A countdown until the game begins will show up on the bottom left corner once the host drives into the white pad located in the center of the podium.

Adventure Mode

  • The speedometer is displayed in the hubs. It was completely disabled in the final game.
  • The camera pans to the left side of the character when the mask shows up, similar to the handheld versions and Crash Team Racing.
    • Masks do not appear to introduce the player when starting the Adventure mode for the first time.
    • There is also no Sparky introduction when accessing the pause menu for the first time.
    • When the mask appears while the player is in an anti-gravity section, the camera will ignore the player's rotation and switch to the map's default perspective, resulting in the scene being shown sideways or upside down as a side effect, depending on the hub.
  • Prize counts are arranged in a different order in the HUD.
    • No sound effect plays when adding up a prize.
    • Rather than alternating between colors, the relic displayed is always Sapphire, while the token displayed is the red color.
    • The gem model is untextured.
    • The token count splits the retrieved tokens by color. In addition, the total that is normally displayed only accounts for the red one.
    • The gem count only accounts for the red gem, meaning that when you get the other gems, the counter will not add them up.
    • In Velo's Vault, the animation for adding the gem to the HUD does not play. Exiting the area will play the animation as soon as the player spawns.
    • Prizes will not pulsate when approaching a warp pad.
    • The trophy model is affected by the ambient's lighting.
  • When the game is unpaused, the HUD elements in the hubs will disappear until the player enters a level or travels to another hub.
  • The pre-race intro always reads "Adventure" on top rather than the current game type.
  • Tornado Tops can be used by CPU racers.
  • Teammates cannot win trophy races for the player if they finish in first place.
  • The pause menu during gameplay features two more selectable options:
    • "Options" - Not functional. Unpauses the game instead.
    • "Quit Game" - Goes straight to the main menu.
  • The hub theme does not play after a race or when spawning on it for the first time.
  • The player will spawn in Velo's Citadel after winning the first race.
    • Loading the game without having played a track will also spawn the player in Velo's Citadel.
  • Prizes inside the warp pads will fade away as soon as the player enters the vortex.
    • There is no warp pad teleport sound effect.
  • You will not be able to leave the warp pad once you have entered it, as attempting to cancel will reload the character select menu instead.
    • Occasionally the menu can be closed, but this will not make your character reappear, softlocking the game.
  • There are no unlock popup messages.
    • Save data messages appear after the race results, rather than appearing in the hubs.
  • Percentage values are different:
Jul 29 Final
Trophy 1% 3%
World Key 4% 3%
Token 0% 1%
Relic 0% 2%
Gem 0% 2%
Scepter 0% 2%
All Gold/Platinum Relics 0% 1%
  • The podium will be displayed after boss challenges and relic races.
    • There will be no defeat animations for the boss characters, though.
  • After beating a boss, the player will spawn in front of their warp pad, rather than in front of the warp gate to unlock the next world.
  • The game type sub-menu re-uses the Sparky menu layout.
    • Entering arenas will open the sub-menu where the only selectable option is "CRYSTAL ARENA".
  • Open warp gates feature energy beams coming from the white ball in the middle.
    • There is no warp gate unlock sound effects.
    • The camera zooms out when unlocking a warp gate, similar to Crash Team Racing when opening doors.
  • Velo's Vault unlock requirement is 3 keys instead of 4.
  • Switching character while teleporting in a warp pad will softlock the game.
  • Pausing is not locked during warp transitions.
  • Hyper Spaceway warp pad unlocked by default, even though it asks for 3 gems.
  • In order to unlock Fake Crash and Pura, you must perform boosts on all five hub worlds, rather than 50 consecutive boosts on any level.
  • It is not possible to retrieve all relics as there is no relic award flag for Hyper Spaceway.

Sparky Menu

  • The design is very barebones. Textures were completely remade in the final game.
  • The selectable options are surrounded by a rectangular box.
  • There are no tabs for Velo's Vault, Relics, or Tokens.
  • The hub world strings are misaligned to the background header.
    • It also uses the default color font.
  • Terra is still referred to as "Lost Earth" here.
  • Oddly enough, the bosses are referred to as "kong go1", "kong go2", "kong go3" and "kong go4", respectively. Apparently this was supposed to be a pun on "Kongo", which was Krunk's early name.
  • Prizes are static icons displayed by default that will disappear from the inventory once retrieved.
    • The trophy design is different, featuring purple ornaments.
    • The key design is based off on Crash Team Racing''s key, featuring a diamond shape handle holding a red ruby in the middle.
    • Tokens are represented by the yellow color, instead of its respective color for each level.
    • Relics are represented by the Gold tier.
  • Tokens and relic slots are assigned to the wrong prizes - obtaining a Sapphire relic will blank the relic slot, but a Gold or Platinum relic will blank the token slot instead.
    • Collecting tokens won't blank anything on the inventory.
    • Key slots are not blanked after beating a boss either. The sole exception is Nash.
  • The mask hints screen is extremely rough.
    • The menu will log every mask comment, so non-tip messages are featured, such as when you win a prize or unlock a new world. These don't have a proper titles, so they show up as "akutitle placeholder".
    • Fewer messages are displayed in the same row.
    • The text formatting of the messages has no line breaks.
    • Aku Aku and Uka Uka can also be seen in the menu when opening a hint as well, similar to Crash Team Racing - however, they must have previously appeared in the hub you are currently in so that the game can load their models.
  • The switch character screen has a rough appearance, with the character names misaligned and the stats area in a lighter shade.
    • All stats are referred to as "INTERMIDIATE", even though they are different from each other. The menu box is also uncentered.
    • Stats can go up to 8 bars, as opposed to 7 - this is just a visual thing, as internally the max number is already 7.
    • There is no menu transition after choosing the character.
  • The save game screen is more barebones.
    • It displays the build date string in the top left corner.
    • The background has a lighter shade of blue, and the profile slots share the same coloring.
    • The "SAVE YOUR GAME" title is white and larger.
    • Prize icons are missing.
    • Button prompts are not present.
  • The Options screen is directly selectable from the pause menu.
    • The Xbox controller is missing.
    • The string "DESCRIPTION_OPTIONS" is displayed in the bottom left corner.
  • There is no menu transition when closing the menu.
  • Pressing Start to resume will often cause the game to crash.

Hub Worlds

To do:
Scenery differences.


  • Tiny Temple's theme is used as a placeholder.
  • The scenery does not emit any sound effects.


  • Barin Ruins' theme is used as a placeholder.
  • The scenery does not emit any sound effects.
  • Meteor Gorge holds the green token instead of the red one.
  • Barin Ruins holds the blue token instead of the green one.
  • Deep Sea Driving holds the red token instead of the blue one.
  • Warp pads are swapped around.
    • Meteor Gorge takes the place of Barin Ruins.
    • Barin Ruins takes the place of Deep Sea Driving.
    • Deep Sea Driving takes the place of Barin Championship.
    • Barin Championship takes the place of Meteor Gorge.


  • Out of Time's theme is used as a placeholder.
  • The scenery does not emit any sound effects.
  • Turbo pads are not animated.
  • Clockwork Wumpa and Thunder Struck tokens are switched.
  • Warp pads are swapped around.
    • Thunder Struck takes the place of Out of Time.
    • Out of Time takes the place of Fenomena Championship.
    • Fenomena Championship takes the place of Desert Storm.
    • Desert Storm takes the place of Thunder Struck.


  • Android Alley's theme is used as a placeholder.
  • The scenery does not emit any sound effects.
  • Android Alley and Electron Avenue tokens are switched.
  • Warp pads are swapped around.
    • Android Alley takes the place of Assembly Lane.
    • Assembly Lane takes the place of Teknee Championship.
    • Teknee Championship takes the place of Electron Avenue.
    • Electron Avenue takes the place of Android Alley.

Velo's Citadel

  • The hub world icons are the same as those used in the other hub worlds. In the final Xbox versions, this hub features unique icons that are used universally in the other console releases.
  • The scenery does not emit any sound effects, such as crowd yells, whistles and firelows.

Velo's Vault

  • Warp pad names of Blue and Purple Gem Cups are swapped.
  • Gems are swapped between Purple and Red Gem Cups.
  • For some reason, the red gem has a purple coloration (the actual purple gem is more of a pink color in this game).

Boss Challenges

  • Track hazards are enabled.
  • You can only receive Power Shields, Turbos, Bowling Bombs, or Tracking Missiles.
  • X crates are not included in all rows of crates.
  • Sidekicks are considered regular opponents as well, appearing in the ranking and minimap, and being able to win the race.
  • The boss kart has a different color scheme and re-uses the kart engine sound from the anti-gravity sections as a placeholder.
    • Exhaust flames are misaligned with the kart.
  • Boss characters don't feature idle pose animations.
    • They are also completely silent throughout the race.
  • The boss dots on the minimap are colored black instead of green.
    • Sidekicks dots are grey.
  • The minimap is located higher and the HUD doesn't display the player's position number, nor the "LAP" string. The lap times for each lap are also missing.
  • The "WRONG WAY!" notice isn't displayed for this mode.


  • The start positions are switched, where the player starts in second place, and Krunk starts in first place. This order can be seen in the handheld versions for all bosses.
  • The Sticky Fruit has a different appearance. It's a purple fruit with a circular wooden trap of spikes around it, matching its internal name "Spiky Fruit".
  • Krunk takes the middle path in all occasions. In the final game, he takes the left one during the first lap and right one during the second lap.


  • Rotating blades do not affect the players.
  • The Joke Teeth has a different model.
    • The time limit factor is set to 15000 instead of 30000.
    • The power-up duration factor after you hit it is set to 5000 instead of 2000.
  • The Power Shield is not immune against Joke Teeth and Shark Teeth.
  • Nash lays down a lot more Joke Teeth than Shark Teeth.
  • Nash takes the middle path in all occasions. In the final game, he takes the left one during the second lap.


  • Norm and Big Norm have the wrong icons assigned to each other - this is due to their character models being swapped to each other's ID.
  • Big Norm also throws Time Bubbles forward when the player is ahead.
    • Little Norm does not lay down any weapon throughout the race instead.
  • Big Norm lays down Mime Cubes even in the big clock section.
  • Mime Cubes and Time Bubbles are white and have a glitch effect.
    • The Mime Cube duration factor is set to 8000 instead of 2000.
    • The Time Bubble duration factor is set to 8000 instead of 6000.
    • Jumping off repeateadly to get them off will make them go flying behind the player, similar to a TNT crate.
    • Mime Cubes are smaller and do not spin while on the ground.
  • The Power Shield is not immune against the Time Bubble.
  • Spring ramps do not work.
  • The majority of Wumpa crates are missing from the track.
  • Big Norm takes the middle path during the third lap. In the final game, he takes the left one instead.


  • Scrubbers will not be present at the start of the race. Rather, they will spawn at the start of each lap as soon as either Geary or the player crosses the finish line.
    • They feature a different model.
    • Exhaust flames are misaligned with the model.
    • They re-use Geary's icon.
  • The Rolling Soap Sprinkler has a different model.
    • If you get hit, it produces a smoke effect instead of sparkling particles.
    • The Power Shield is not immune against them.
  • The Cleaning Fluid duration factor is set to 8000 instead of 2000.
  • Scrubber 1 takes the middle path during the second lap. In the final game, it takes the left one instead.


  • The warp pad refers it to as "Hyper Spaceway" instead of "Galaxy Championship".
  • Neither Velo or his Advisers will lay down or shoot any weapons throughout the race.
  • Velo's Advisers will not be present at the start of the race. Rather, they will spawn at the start of each lap as soon as either Velo or the player crosses the finish line.
    • Exhaust flames are visible.
    • They re-use Velo's icon.

CNK Challenge

To do:
Letter placement.
  • Races always feature three CPU racers from Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex, as well as N. Oxide.
    • Your teammate will always be either Crash or Cortex, regardless of the character you choose. This means that there will always be two characters in the race.
  • The collision size of the letters is 1 meter instead of 1.75.
  • The "WRONG WAY!" notice isn't displayed for this mode.

Crystal Arena

  • Wumpa fruits can be collected in this mode.
  • The crystal count uses a static icon instead of the 3D model of a spinning crystal.
  • You can only receive Turbos and Invincibility Masks, regardless of the arena.
  • Hitting TNT/Nitro crates or falling off the arena causes the player to drop crystals.
  • Restarting will delete all TNTs and Nitro crates from the arena.
  • Time limits are all set to 2 minutes.
  • The time remaining on the results screen is incorrect.

Relic Race

To do:
Time crate placement.
  • The HUD is the same as Time Trial. There is no relic time or crate count, and lap times are displayed instead.
    • The timer does not change color when frozen.
    • There is no visual effect of the subtracted second moving to the timer.
    • The "WRONG WAY!" notice isn't displayed for this mode.
  • The crate count on the results screen does not work properly, usually counting a much higher number of broken time crates than the track actually has.
  • The Perfect bonus does not discount 10 seconds from the total time.
  • A Platinum relic will appear onscreen even when nothing is earned.
  • The default "CNK" initials are missing.
  • Restarting the race while the clock is frozen will carry over the remaining seconds when the next one starts.
  • The relic times for all tracks are different, though only times for Inferno Island, Jungle Boogie and Hyper Spaceway seem to be properly set:
Level Jul 29 Final
Inferno Island 2:04:00
Jungle Boogie 2:07:80
Tiny Temple 2:31:50
Meteor Gorge 2:00:00
Barin Ruins 2:10:00
Deep Sea Driving 2:20:00
Out of Time 2:35:00
Clockwork Wumpa 2:30:00
Thunder Struck 3:00:00
Assembly Lane 2:35:00
Android Alley 2:35:00
Electron Avenue 3:15:00
Hyper Spaceway 5:00:00
  • Hub worlds and arenas also share the same placeholder time used for the majority of the tracks. In the final game, the time is set to 1666:40:00 / 166:40:00 / 16:40:00.

Gem Cups

  • The "WRONG WAY!" notice isn't displayed for this mode.
  • The podium shows the winners of the final race, instead of the total standings of the cup. That means if you lose the last race but still wins by score, the character that won the last race will appear in first place in the podium instead, but you will still earn the gem.
Cup Jul 29 Final
Red Gem Cup Inferno Island
Barin Ruins
Electron Avenue
Inferno Island
Meteor Gorge
Assembly Lane
Green Gem Cup Jungle Boogie
Meteor Gorge
Assembly Lane
Jungle Boogie
Deep Sea Driving
Out of Time
Blue Gem Cup Tiny Temple
Deep Sea Driving
Android Alley
Barin Ruins
Clockwork Wumpa
Electron Avenue
Purple Gem Cup Meteor Gorge
Barin Ruins
Tiny Temple
Android Alley
Tiny Temple
Thunder Struck
  • The tracks for the gem cups are different, with all three Fenomena tracks missing from them.

Track Differences

To do:
Check layout, crate placement, objects, textures, etc.

Inferno Island

  • The pre-race intro camera is set behind the start line due to an earlier positioning of the players.
  • It uses Tiny Temple's theme as a placeholder.
  • The turbo pad in the cave entrance is invisible.
  • The lava pool background in the cave is different.
  • The turbo pad on the ledge at the end of the cave is invisible.
  • There is another invisible turbo pad at the end of the cave that is not present in the final game.
  • The final Wumpa crate is placed further to the right.

Jungle Boogie

  • The track features a different start banner design.
  • The pre-race intro camera is set way ahead of the start line due to an earlier positioning of the players.
  • It uses Tiny Temple's theme as a placeholder.
  • The first Wumpa crate is placed further to the left.
  • The second Wumpa crate is placed further to the left.
  • The final Wumpa crate is placed next to the exit of the suspended bridge shortcut, before the last row of crates.

Tiny Temple

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 TinyTempleMinimap.png CNK TinyTempleMinimap.png
  • The fire of the fire-breathing torches is different.
  • The first row of crates is placed after the small left curve.
  • There are two item boxes on each side of the split paths. In the final game, they were moved further behind to a row before the split path.
  • A Wumpa crate is present on the right side after the split path.
  • Another Wumpa crate is present on the left side after the loose wires.
  • A row of crates is present in the anti-gravity section. In the final game, it was moved further behind to the ramp leading to the anti-gravity section.
  • The turbo pad in the anti-gravity section is invisible.
  • At the end of the anti-gravity section, the turbo pad is placed slightly behind, although the trigger itself is already placed ahead in the final position.
  • There are no Wumpa crates at the end of this section.
  • The final Wumpa crate is placed before the small left ramp.
  • The final row of crates is placed after the small left ramp. In the final game, it was moved further ahead.

Meteor Gorge

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 MeteorGorgeMinimap.png CNK MeteorGorgeMinimap.png
  • It uses Barin Ruins' theme as a placeholder.

Barin Ruins

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 BarinRuinsMinimap.png CNK BarinRuinsMinimap.png

Deep Sea Driving

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 DeepSeaDrivingMinimap.png CNK DeepSeaDrivingMinimap.png

Out of Time

  • The screen doesn't flash red when a sandworm attacks the player.

Clockwork Wumpa

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 ClockworkWumpaMinimap.png CNK ClockworkWumpaMinimap.png
  • It uses Out of Time's theme as a placeholder.

Thunder Struck

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 ThunderStruckMinimap.png CNK ThunderStruckMinimap.png
  • It uses Out of Time's theme as a placeholder.

Assembly Lane

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 AssemblyLaneMinimap.png CNK AssemblyLaneMinimap.png
  • It uses Android Alley's theme as a placeholder.

Android Alley

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 AndroidAlleyMinimap.png CNK AndroidAlleyMinimap.png

Electron Avenue

Jul 29 Final
CNK-Jul29 ElectronAvenueMinimap.png CNK ElectronAvenueMinimap.png
  • It uses Android Alley's theme as a placeholder.

Hyper Spaceway

  • The track doesn't feature a proper minimap yet. Instead, it uses Electron Avenue's minimap as a placeholder.

music no intro

Arena Differences

To do:
Compare crate and object placement, textures, spawn points, etc.

Temple Turmoil

  • It uses Android Alley's theme as a placeholder.

Frozen Frenzy

  • It uses Android Alley's theme as a placeholder.

Desert Storm

  • It uses Android Alley's theme as a placeholder.

Magnetic Mayhem

Terra Drome


To do:
Check all character poses.
  • The podium lacks any sound effects or music, and the camera at the beginning pans over to an area without scenery. In the final game, the camera is adjusted so as not to show this.
  • Character models lack proper lighting.
  • Shooting stars will keep falling in the background.
  • The crowd is not animated.
  • The camera is more zoomed in.
  • There are shadows under the pedestals.
  • Banners around the citadel are placed differently.
  • Coco's laptop is untextured.
    • Her second and third place animation is swapped.
  • Dingodile's second and third place animation is swapped.
  • There are extra animation files for N. Oxide, Zam, Zem, N. Trance, Dingodile, Fake Crash, N. Tropy, and Velo.

Unused Content

Crash Team Racing Tracks

To do:
Rip models of these tracks

The game was originally intended to have a retro mode, which would've included tracks from Crash Team Racing with updated graphics and music. While this feature was ultimately scrapped due to time constraints, three levels from Crash Team Racing, Crash Cove, Cortex Castle, and Sewer Speedway, can be found in this prototype. These levels are in a very unfinished state, using placeholder textures for the geometry. There are no item boxes, no minimaps, only one kart can spawn in these levels at a time, and many areas lack collision. Based on these findings, it's likely retro mode didn't make it very far before it was cut.

Test Track All

There are level files for a second test track named "test1" or "Test Track All", which is completely absent from the final game. As the name suggests, it's a large open area featuring all types of stuff to test, such as ramps and terrain tests for ice, dirt, grass, turbo pads, conveyor belt, anti-gravity surfaces, portal teleporters, gravity box tests, and a few boost tests.

Early Speedometer

An earlier horizontal version of the speedometer is still present in the game's files and it's fully functional. Instead of a pointer, it features bars that will increase according to the kart's speed.

Yellow Gem/Token

Models for the yellow variants of gem and token prizes are still present in the game's files.

Startup Opening

The animated startup opening is already present in the files, but still unused. There are no sound effects, and the white "Press START button" prompt is lacking at the end of the opening.

Unused Audio


There is a unused clip of a rather unusual sounding Dr. Neo Cortex asking to press a button to continue. A very similar clip performed by the same voice actor was also scrapped in Crash Team Racing.

Press Start to Begin

Final Lap Jingle

Even though there is no final lap jingle in-game, a placeholder audio is already present in the files, which uses the final part of the race intro jingle.

Speedup Music

Tiny Temple, Deep Sea Driving, Out of Time and Android Alley feature a spedup version for the final lap, which aren't normally used in this build.

Mask Tutorials

Aku Aku and Uka Uka contain two variants of an unused Adventure hint explaining about the Team Mode mechanic. Even though this feature is present in the final game, the dialogues explaining about the mechanic were scrapped in the final game:

Aku Aku Uka Uka Quote
Whenever you compete for a trophy, a teammate will race with you. Driving close to your teammate will make certain power-ups stronger. By working together, you can win the race.
Whenever you compete for a trophy, a teammate will race with you. Driving close to your teammate will make your power-ups stronger. By working together, you can win the race.

Uka Uka also contains a hint introducing Sparky for the player. While Aku Aku introduces you to Sparky upon first entering the pause menu as Team Bandicoot, Uka Uka says nothing as Team Cortex in the final game. Probably because of his choice of words.

Uka Uka Quote
This is Sparky, your robotic slave. Sparky can save your progress, switch your driver, and display information that will help you along in the galaxy circuit. You can summon Sparky by pressing the Start button.

Mask Comments

Aku Aku, Uka Uka, and Velo Mask contain extra clips planned to be used during races, but which were removed in the final game. Again, very similar clips were also scrapped in Crash Team Racing.

Aku Aku Uka Uka Velo Quote
Team up!
Juiced up!
Maximum Wumpa fruit!
Drive close to your teammate!
Stay close to your teammate!
Collect more Wumpa fruit!
Gather more Wumpa fruit!

N. Tropy's Time Trial Quotes

Just like in Crash Team Racing, N. Tropy was going to talk at end of a Time Trial race if the player got a fast enough time to challenge or defeat his ghosts.

Audio Quote
Well met, but just try to beat my best time for this track.
Well aren't we the speedy one, but you haven't beaten my fastest time for this track.
Good form ol' chap, but you still have my speed record to contend with.
Impressive time, think you could take away my title as champion?
I laugh with your time. Try beating my best time.
Blast, another record shattered by you!
You may have beaten my time on this track, but can you beat my times on other tracks?
You bested my track record, but I still hold the best time for other tracks.
Good heavens! You beat my best time on this track, but now you face Emperor Velo's best time, and you will never break his record!
Good show, good show. You've beaten all my track records. Now you may have the great honor of choosing me in the character select screen!
  • The audio implies that Velo's robotic form was originally intended to be the second ghost, but was ultimately replaced in favor of his real and playable form.

Sidekick Taunts

Despite the bosses being completely silent during the races, all of their voice clips are already present in the files. Interestingly, sidekicks were also intended to taunt the player when passed by, but that was likely scrapped presumably because they were relegated to simple assistants, rather than actual opponents.

Boss Taunt
Big Norm
Velo's Adviser

Engine Information

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