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Proto:Crash Team Racing/Review Copy

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Crash Team Racing.

The Review Copy prototype of Crash Team Racing is a review version of the game dated three weeks before the final NTSC release version. It was "officialy" leaked to the public in 2012 (although some videos show that it was already on the internet at least since 2009).

Though it's mostly complete, it features a lot of small differences from the final release, with some elements having been changed and others removed altogether. It's dated September 3, 1999.

Unused Audio

There are more unused voice clips of Aku Aku and Uka Uka found only in this prototype. These voice clips would have been played in the races but they were never programmed in.


This would have played if the player goes out of bounds.

Juiced up

Either they are going to be played if the player goes out of bounds or it could have been played when the player uses the mask item.

Oh yeah

These could be most likely played with the mask item.

That's the wrong way

An unused variant of "Wrong way!" voice clip.

Unused N. Oxide Intro

Greetings creatures of this planet... I've come to compete!

A loudspeaker version of N. Oxide's first quote is present in the files.


Crash has an extra pain voice clip which is never heard in the final game.

Ripper Roo Dialog

Ripper Roo has unused English voice clips for his boss cinematics, which were replaced at some point by his laughing dialog used in the final version. This files may explain the lack of subtitles for his dialog in the prototype.


The podium is completely silent in this build, however, most of the characters voices and sound effects are already present within the files. Some of them have been changed and others have been reduced.


Filename Review Copy Final


Filename Review Copy Final

N. Tropy

Filename Review Copy Final

Startup / Intro Differences

Startup Sequence

  • The startup sequence is animated the same way, but the music is a shorter, different version, and Clancy Brown doesn't announce the publisher and developer identities.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Booting.png CTR-Final Booting.png
  • An extra message from Sony Computer Entertainment and PlayStation logos is displayed below on the Naughty Dog and Universal trademark screen.

Intro Cutscene

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Cutscene1.png CTR-Final Cutscene1.png
  • The intro cutscene starts right after the Naughty Dog box screen.
  • There are missing "alien speakers" over Coco Park used by Oxide in the opening sequence to message Earth.
  • There are no character grunts or sound effects during the entire cutscene.
  • Penta Penguin is missing during Polar's scene.

Menu Differences

  • The demo reels show 1, 2, and 4 player gameplays in Arcade mode. In the final version, all demos reels are set to 1 player only.
    • After a demo reel ends, the intro screens will play again (Naughty Dog box & intro cutscene).
    • Pressing Start during a demo reel will pause the game and you will be softlocked in the Main Menu.
  • 2, 3, and 4 player options can be accessed even if there is no multitap enabled.
  • The Scrapbook didn't yet exist, although a menu option has already been added as placeholder after defeating all Oxide ghosts. It will take you to the credits if accessed.

Title Screen

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Title.png Crash Team Racing-title.png
  • The trademark symbol next to the game's logo is missing.
  • Crash has bigger pupils and his eyes have a darker tone.

Cheat Codes

Cheat Review Copy Final
Spyro 2 Demo L1, R1, L1, R1, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square L1+R1 Down, Circle, Triangle, Right
Unlimited Wumpas Up, Up, Down, Down, Square L1+R1 Down, Right, Right, Down, Down
Ripper Roo Up, Down, Left, Right, Square L1+R1 Right, Circle, Circle, Down, Up, Down, Right
Papu Papu Down, Up, Right, Left, Square L1+R1 Left, Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Down
Komodo Joe Left, Up, Right, Down, Square L1+R1 Down, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Right, Down
Pinstripe Right, Up, Left, Down, Square L1+R1 Left, Right, Triangle, Down, Right, Down
Fake Crash Right, Right, Down, Down, Square L1+R1 Circle, Down, Down, Up, Circle, Circle, Down, Left, Right
  • Cheat codes inputs are totally different from the final version. They always end in Square and don't require you to hold down L1 and R1.
  • Penta Penguin and N. Tropy don't have a cheat code combination to unlock them, making it impossible to play as Penta without hacking.
  • A lot of cheats codes are missing, such as Infinite Masks, Super Engine, Turbo Counter, 1 Lap Races, etc.

Character Select

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 SelectCharacter.png CTR-Sep3 SelectCharacter4P.png CTR-Final SelectCharacter.png CTR-Final SelectCharacter4P.png
  • Crash, Coco, Tiny Tiger, Polar, Pinstripe, N. Tropy, and Papu Papu have different icons.
  • Crash icon is almost the same, although there are some texture differences.
  • A small font is used for the character names.
  • Pinstripe and Penta Penguin have switched places with each other in 1-Player screen.
  • Fake Crash and Penta Penguin have switched places with each other in 4-Player screen.
  • The Select Character string doesn't disappear when all characters are unlocked in 4-Player mode. It also uses a small font.
  • The character names are all positioned below the player models in 4-Player screen. In the final version, the text for P3 and P4 was positioned above them.
  • The character names are also positioned a little higher.

Cup Mode

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Cups.png CTR-Final Cups.png
  • The cup names use a small font.
  • The difficulty stars are inside the cups instead of being next to it.


Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 SetupBattle.png CTR-Final SetupBattle.png
  • The "Type:" and "Lenght:" strings were moved further down in the final version.
  • The "There must be at least one weapon" and "There must be two or more teams" messages use a small font.

High Scores

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 HighScore.png CTR-Final HighScore.png
  • The menu shows default times for Fake Crash and Penta Penguin in the rankings. They were removed in the final version along with their epilogues.
  • The menu uses a small font for the character names.
  • The font shadows are further down.

Loading Screen

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Loading.png CTR Final Loading.png

In the "loading" screen, the Loading... is missing.

Character Garage

  • The stats for each character are absent unlike in the final version.
  • If you cancel after choosing a character, the screen won't flash white and instantly return the character to his/her position as usual. Instead, they actually reverse their animations for being chosen. This actually doesn't look too bad apart from N. Gin, who looks weird because his animation is hitting his thumb with a hammer.
  • Pura turns a bit slower when he's running in circles.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 CrashBandicoot.png CTR-Final CrashBandicoot.png
  • Crash is looking to the right instead of focusing the camera.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 DrNeoCortex.png CTR-Final DrNeoCortex.png
  • Cortex uses his model from previous games. A proper and more detailed model was used in the final version.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 TinyTiger.png CTR-Final TinyTiger.png
  • The camera is too close to Tiny, making him doesn't fit the screen.
  • Tiny's dumbbells are red instead of dark blue.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Coco.png CTR-Final Coco.png
  • Coco is standing further away from the camera.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 NGin.png NGinTexture2.png
  • N. Gin's rocket that he is shown hammering seems to be untextured.
  • There's no smoke coming out of N. Gin's head missile.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Dingodile.png CTR-Final Dingodile.png
  • Dingodile's kart position is different, pointing right, away from the screen.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Polar.png PolarTextureFinal.png
  • Polar's background ice seems to be much more dull.
  • His model has different eyes.
  • The kart is closer to him.
  • There are no frozen ice textures and no boxes next to his kart.

Gameplay Differences

  • The lap counter is separated by a hyphen, whereas in the final version, it's separated by a slash.
  • The lap time is registered once the lap is finished, while in the final version the player can see the time of each lap in real time.
  • There is no checkpoint sound effect after crossing the finish line on each lap.
  • There are no lines when a character jumps from a great height. For example, Dingodile never says "Woah, baby!" when flying through the air (although these lines are already present in the files).
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Start Lights.png CTR Final Start Lights.png
  • The start lights differ in the prototype compared to the final version.
  • Notice the long sentence referring to the demo mode.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 UkaUka.png CTR-Final UkaUka.png
  • Uka Uka's eyes have a different texture.


  • There is no exhaust gas coming out of CPU karts.
  • If a CPU racer hits another CPU racer, a hurt voice clip will be played for the hit character. This feature was removed in the final version, as the hurt voice clip will only be played if a human player hits the CPU.
  • Crashing while being crushed will make the kart flip with the crushed animation. In the final version, the kart automatically returns to normal state during the flip.
Review Copy Final
  • A different sound effect is heard when the player gets a power-up.
  • The hurt voice clip plays when a character bumps into a Beaker, instead of the dizzy one.
  • The red beaker can cause five different effects to the player by default:
    • Randomizes item until the stormy cloud is gone
    • Make the kart slippery - no randomization
    • Make the kart unable to hop - no randomization
    • Shake the kart + slow down - no randomization
    • Shake the kart if it hops + slown down - no randomization

In the final version, the state effects aren't totally random: if the player isn't holding any item, shake the kart + slown down and shake the kart if it hops + slown down effects are used. If the player is holding any item, randomizes item until the stormy cloud is gone effect is used. The rest of the effects can be only actived if the player hits another red beaker while another effect is still being played.

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 RaceResults.png CTR-Final RaceResults.png
  • The position numbers are in red when the race ended.
  • The menu placement was further down the screen.


  • The winner character stops racing and freezes when the game switches to the Versus Standings screen. On the other hand, the camera will keep moving around the track.
  • The race intro jingle is enabled before the battle starts.

CTR-Sep3 BattleHeadstone.png

  • Losing all lives in Life Limit Mode turns the player into a headstone. This object remains on the track during the entire battle, but it could disturb other players since you can crash against it. This feature was removed in the final version.
  • The end of race comments and "You Hit/Hit You" messages use small fonts.
  • The winner character stops racing and freezes when the game switches to the Battle Standings screen.
  • The comments has some strings changed, some missing, and others removed altogether.
Comments Review Copy Final
Deleted strings BLUES

Adventure Mode

  • The character selection garage doesn't have any sound effects or voices.
  • No sound effect when the mask shows up or goes away.
  • No sound effects for opening a door to a new world.
  • Credits music is completely absent.
  • It's impossible to skip Aku Aku/Uka Uka's hints during Adventure Mode.
  • The message "To hear this hint again ..." is never displayed.
  • There are several minor glitches throughout the game, from graphical ones, to sound and sometimes even gameplay.
    • Pressing Start during the Podium after beating N. Oxide's Challenge will also pause the game and you will be able to access the Pause Menu during the final cutscene.
    • A weird glitch happens after beating N. Oxide: you will be taken to a void on Gem Stone Valley map after the credits. You will be softlocked for a few seconds, then automatically taken to either Slide Coliseum/Turbo Track (if unlocked), or N. Oxide. Returning to map will fix it.
    • There is a glitch in the credits that Crash will appear in a different pose. The rest of the cast won't appear and you will be stuck on this screen forever.
    • After skipping or waiting until the credits end, you will be taken to a void on Gem Stone Valley map again. Since there are no unlocked levels, you cannot do anything except return to the main menu. Additionally, the game loads the latest selected character in Arcade/Time Trial modes, so you can access this glitch as any character.
    • The game disables automatically the sound effects, leaving only the music.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 OxideKey.png CTR Oxide Star Final.png
  • The pause menu/inventory has a key in Oxide's challenge instead of a star.
  • Levels and boss names use a small font.
  • The gems are placed one after the other, instead of being in a zigzag.
  • The Paused text has been removed from the final version.
  • The text box and the gems are bigger in the final version.

World Map

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 CheckeredVortex.png CTR-Final WarpVortex.png
  • The colored floor around some warp vortices in Adventure Mode has a checkered pattern. According to Rob Titus, former Naughty Dog developer, this was removed because it didn't look so well.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 ExtraBridge.png CTR-Final ExtraBridge.png
  • There was an additional extension on the bridge leading to Roo's Tubes. This remained on the map in the final version.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 RemovedSign.png CTR Removed Sign Final.png
  • A directional sign pointing to The Lost Ruins was removed from the final game.
  • The textures of the entrance to the ruins have been changed.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 WarpParticles.png CTR-Final WarpParticles.png
  • The warping particles create a bluish smoke coming out of the portal. The final version was changed to a shining light.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 LoadingTransition.png CTR-Final LoadingTransition.png
  • The loading transition after entering a portal "pauses" the screen.
  • A similar case occurs with every loading transition. After finishing a race and returning to the game menu/world map, the race and camera will freeze while the background flag appears to cover the screen.

Boss Cutscenes

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 RipperRoo.png CTR-Final RipperRoo.png
  • Ripper Roo's cutscenes lack subtitles.
  • His kart is blue instead of orange.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 PapuPapu.png CTR-Final PapuPapu.png
  • Papu Papu's hair is untextured.
  • His kart is blue instead of yellow.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 PinstripeCutscene.png CTR-Final PinstripeCutscene.png
  • After beating Pinstripe, the following cutscene shows him talking to you in front of Oxide's Ship, while in the final version he's in a different angle.
  • He is always facing to the right.
  • This particular cutscene has some graphical errors in the background.
  • His kart is blue instead of black.

Relic Race

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 RelicRace.png CTR-Final RelicRace.png
  • The requirements for Gold and Platinum relics are placeholder times. They are exactly 10 seconds less than the Sapphire records for Gold, and 15 seconds less for Platinum, meaning that getting all Platinum relics is insanely easy.
  • The relic obtained at the end of the race appears next to the track times instead of the bottom of the screen.
  • The Platinum relics are dark grey instead of light grey/white.
  • Regardless of the relic you get, the podium always shows a Sapphire.
Level Review Copy Final
Crash Cove 1:17:00
Roo's Tubes 1:15:00
Mystery Caves 1:55:00
Sewer Speedway 1:33:00
Coco Park 1:35:00
Tiger Temple 1:20:00
Papu's Pyramid 1:29:00
Dingo Canyon 1:25:00
Blizzard Bluff 1:30:00
Dragon Mines 1:28:00
Polar Pass 3:00:00
Tiny Arena 3:45:00
N. Gin Labs 2:15:00
Cortex Castle 2:35:00
Hot Air Skyway 3:05:00
Oxide Station 3:17:00
Slide Coliseum 1:55:00
Turbo Track 1:45:00

Crystal Challenge

  • The race intro jingle is enabled during the Crystal Challenges.
  • Rocky Road Crystal Challenge time limit is 1:15:00, five seconds less than the final version.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 SkullRock.png CTR-Final SkullRock.png
  • Since the player is spawned over the object's placement, the first crystal is obtained automatically in Skull Rock.
  • The player starts under the skull bridge.

N. Oxide's Challenge

  • Nitros Oxide uses a variety of different weapons like in the final version, but after the second lap, he starts using bombs only.
    • He doesn't spin out of control when you hit him with a weapon, making the race harder.

100% Completion

Instead of getting a star for beating Nitros Oxide and another star for beating him after getting all the relics, you are apparently awarded with a single boss key instead. This means that when you complete everything, you will only get 100%, as opposed to the 101% that is achievable in the final game. The game doesn't count that 5th key, though.


  • In the final version, during the ending, is told about what all the characters did after the game, except Penta and Fake Crash. Interestingly, in the prototype version, both have their own story that was removed from the final version.
  • Their animation is frozen and cannot be seen, like the other characters in the prototype version, so their animations are their victory dances from the final version.

CTR-Sep3 PentaPenguinCredits 1.png CTR-Sep3 PentaPenguinCredits 2.png

CTR-Sep3 FakeCrashCredits 1.png CTR-Sep3 FakeCrashCredits 2.png

Track Differences

Dragon Mines

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 DragonMines.png CTR-Final DragonMines.png
  • There are no Wumpa crates on the track.

N. Gin Labs

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 N.GinLabsGizmos.png CTR Final N.Gin Labs Gizmos.png
  • These tall, yellow laboratory devices could be seen in N. Gin Labs. They're not present in the final version, but they can be seen in the track preview.
  • There also used to be three directional arrows in this part of the track instead of the two from the final.

Hot Air Skyway

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 HotAirBlimp.png CTR-Final HotAirBlimp.png
  • In Hot Air Skyway, when positioned at this part of the track, there seems to be a blimp missing where there is one present in the final version.
  • If you fall down during the big jump near the beginning of the Hot Air Skyway, the fall lasts a lot longer until your mask comes to rescue you.
  • The track has lot of Wumpas around the track that have been removed.
  • A Wumpa crate is missing at the beginning of the level.

Oxide Station

Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 OxideStation2.png CTR-Final OxideStation2.png
  • A brown surface was added.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 OxideStation.png CTR-Final OxideStation.png
  • The tunnel leading to the big fall used to be entirely covered in Turbo Pads.

Turbo Track

The turbo pads are not animated.


  • No voice and sound effects during the podium celebration.
  • The same model used for Cortex in the Adventure menu was also used as victory pose.
  • Ripper Roo has more jumping animations.
  • Penta Penguin's model wasn't added yet.
Review Copy Final
CTR-Sep3 Podium.png CTR-Final Podium.png
  • The unlock message for a new battle arena has a typo.
  • Trophies are awarded in Cup mode.
  • The checkered floor has misplaced textures.

Save Information

The icon and title stored on a memory card when saving the game differs in this version. As the product code is the same in the final NTSC release, it's impossible to have a save file from both versions in the same memory card.

Info Review Copy Final
Save icon CTR-Sep3 SaveIcon.png CTR-Final SaveIcon.png
Title CTR Saved Games and Scores CTR:Saved Games and Scores

South Park Reference

There is a hidden obscene message in the files that makes reference to the music Kyle's Mom's a Bitch from the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, released during CTR's development: