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Proto:Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox)/July 19th, 2004 build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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The July 19th, 2004 prototype of Crash Twinsanity is a preview version of the game dated two weeks before the final NTSC-U release version. It was released on March 20th, 2021 as part of Project Deluge, a big prototype release hosted by the folks over at Hidden Palace.

General Differences

  • Most of the FMV cutscenes are unfinished.
  • Vivendi Universal and Traveller's Tales screens can't be skipped.
  • Traveller's Tales screen has a dark background.
  • The intro sequence before the title screen is incomplete - in particular, the water takes a moment to appear, and many of the trees in the distance are missing.
  • An old game trailer will play instead of the attract demo. The trailer is identical to the first one, except there is no narration.
  • The autosave indicator shows a disc icon instead of a world sign pointing down.
  • The timer icon is different.
  • Most of the checkpoints have no range-based activation trigger.
  • Playing a video in the Extras menu will resume the level's theme inside the pause menu after it ends.
  • You can jump again in the air regardless of how long it's been after your first jump. In the final game, it must be done in quick succession.
  • Crash has only two idle animations: scratching his belly and stretching.
  • Cortex has only one idle animation: stretching his back.
  • Nina has no idle animations at all.
  • The life pickup visual is Aku Aku.
  • The life icon doesn't wobble in the pause menu.
  • Collecting 100 Wumpas animates a life icon to fly from one side to another.
  • The life counter is fixed to the right side of the screen.
  • The life counter also animates when you respawn after dying from a high place.
  • The particles around the crystal icon that appears on-screen upon collecting it are different..
  • If you die from a high place while on your last life, you will respawn and it won't be game over. Instead, the game will consider you have "negative" lives, as the next life you get won't increase the counter, only the following one. That means you always have an extra attempt everytime you fall from a high place if the life counter is zero.
  • The player blinks during the mask invincibility form.
  • Mask invincibility can protect the player from TNT and Nitro explosions.
  • The player is invulnerable to TNT and Nitros explosions during the invincibility frames.
  • Respawning doesn't pause the game while the game fades out.
  • Cortex can make idle animations while linked to Crash.
  • Cortex has a mask protection during Doc-Amok chases, so he won't instantly die if touching a hazard once, except if it's a Nitro.
  • Dying by a mantrap erroneously displays the explosion death animation instead.
  • Cortex doesn't change his facial expressions when he falls down on his back and dies.
  • Rollerbrawl - green particles spawn when spawning/switching to it.
  • Humiliskate - green particles spawn when spawning/switching to it. No sound effects for sliding or grinding, and no snow particle effects.
  • Respawning in Rollerbrawl or Humiliskate forms will make Aku Aku invisible.
  • If Cortex dies, the player will also lose a life. That means if both Crash and Cortex die at the same time and their death animations finish before the fadeout, the game will take two lives instead.
  • Crash + Cortex link doesn't automatically spin upon respawn. The crystal also gets invisible, throwing Cortex and picking him up again will fix it.
  • If you spin into Cortex and immediately press the crouch button, Crash will throw Cortex too soon and get carried forward, which can result in him accidentally falling into a pit. This often makes the crystal freeze in mid-air too.
  • Cortex's and Nina's Uka Uka eyes and lips are erroneously rendered on his back.
  • Cortex's ammo is visible during boss fights.
  • Cortex's running animation is different.
  • There is a longer delay before you can move after using Nina's robotic arm punch.
  • Nina's robotic arm punch appearence is buggy.
  • Nina's spin and robotic arm lack sound effects.
  • If the player or another character has a mask and you un-pause the game during a cutscene, their mask will be visible for a brief second.
  • The mask of a player character that is not playable at that moment will be visible after a cutscene ends.
  • When respawning after a Game Over, the player spawns with as many lives at they had when they touched the last world crate.
  • Zombots are brighter.
  • Respawning after a Game Over can be inconsistent and send the player to an entirely separate location to where they should be respawning. This can also carry over to new games - for example, should the player begin respawning part way through Jungle Bungle rather than at the beginning of the stage, starting an entirely new game may result in that game starting in the middle of Jungle Bungle instead of on N. Sanity Island.
  • After a respawn, cutscene triggers can reappear, even ones triggered prior to reaching the checkpoint. As a result, the player can go backwards through the game and re-watch a number of cutscenes that have already played out, with Crash notably standing in the wrong place.
    • Adding to this, the camera may occasionally not follow the characters in the cutscene as it's supposed to, and there are also ways to trigger previously watched cutscenes in a way that soft-locks the game, as if waiting for something in the cutscene to play out.

Level Differences

N. Sanity Beach

Sand stepping particles are missing.

Section One

  • The title screen logo is still visible in the distance.
  • A number of gems are in different locations:
    • The clear gem is not located on the island - instead, it's in the air above the sea and can be reached via the platform that takes Crash to the tiny island.
    • The tiny island instead holds a purple gem. Normally, the gem would be located in the second section of N. Sanity Island much later on.
    • A green gem is located atop the mountain that spews out fish. In the final game, the green gem is not obtainable until the second section of N. Sanity Island.
    • A section with some extra lives also holds a yellow gem in this version. Normally, this gem would be located in the third return to N. Sanity Island.
  • An unusual dialogue prompt exists outside Crash's House in this build:
wrestle bowler-monkeys to win a bonus.

This references a scrapped scenario where a blue monkey wearing a bowler hat would wrestle Crash in a similar manner to the Rollerbrawl mechanic used in Cavern Catastrophe, and Crash would have to pin the monkey down for long enough to escape its onslaught. The "bonus" referenced in this text would presumably be a Gem. Leftovers of this event exist in the final game, with an unused animation for Crash being titled "CRASH_WRESTLE_CREATURE".

Section Two

  • The music cue is set to spawn next to the shortcut exit - this means that if Crash dies and respawns at a checkpoint, the music won't play at all.
  • The Bandicoot Pursuit theme will play next to the Cavern Catastrophe's exit.
  • Green and purple gems reappear, even though they were also present in the Section One.
  • The worm that can be bounced on as a shortcut up to Farmer Ernest's farm is missing. Instead, there is a higher ground.
  • Farmer Ernest starts talking immediately when the cutscene starts instead of having an overview of the farm before the characters start talking.
    • The crystal icon does not show up on-screen and isn't added to the inventory.
  • Wumpa trees lack collision on the leaves.
  • Backtracking from the Iceberg Lab will keep playing its theme in the area.
  • The boat won't appear in the dock when backtracking. It's actually placed inside the water, but even if reaching it, it's not functional. That means the only way to return to Iceberg Lab is taking the other boat at the end of the hub after Tikimon's boss fight.
  • The healthbar appears on-screen only after Cortex is thrown into Tiki's mouth.
  • The tutorial prompt lacks a line break.

Section Three

  • The yellow gem reappears, even though it's present in the Section One.

Jungle Bungle

  • A number of cutscenes have small changes.
    • Cortex seems to have a strange echo in his voice in N. Sanity Island and Jungle Bungle.
    • A number of sound effects are missing from most cutscenes.
  • The Bandicoot Pursuit theme is used several times in Jungle Bungle - in the area with the red and clear gems (which should play the N. Sanity Island theme, matching its surroundings) and in the boss battle (which should play an entirely different theme).
  • A life crate is missing next to the waterfall, before the body-slam tutorial.
  • When Skunk stands with arms crossed and tapping his foot, he will placed according to his position before the cutscene was triggered. In the final game, he will always spawn in the middle.
    • His stand animation is static.
  • A world crate and a life crate are missing before the boss arena.
  • A number of gems are in different locations:
    • The yellow gem near Crash's house would normally count towards the Jungle Bungle gems, but in this version it's included within the N. Sanity Island gems instead, meaning the level has two yellow gems. Both yellow gems unlock the same content in the extras menu, and light up the same symbol in the gems list.
    • The puzzle surrounding the (first) purple gem is a group of iron crates with locked crates in-between. Body-slamming it will break the locked crates to make the two iron crates bounce.
    • The blue gem is purple instead, meaning there is two purple gems in the level. Both purple gems unlock the same content in the extras menu, and light up the same symbol in the gems list.

Cortex & Mecha Bandicoot

  • The Bandicoot Pursuit theme is used.
  • The boss arena is not surrounded by spikes.
  • Crash's position isn't fixed in the cutscene, which means he will appear in the cutscene in the same place he was before it started.
  • During the cutscene, the various returning characters are all placed differently.
  • There is no boss healthbar during either stage of the boss fight.
  • Crash keeps the cutscene pose when the battle starts.
  • Cortex's plasma blast is smaller.
  • There is no tutorial prompt explaining how to defeat Cortex.
  • Cortex shoots rapid shots at a much quicker pace than in the retail build when he has 1 health unit left.
  • A piece of dialogue by Cortex ("Now be careful not to let him spin back the green plasma blast. Three fault hits and we're done for! If only he knew...") which goes unused in the final build is used during the Mecha Bandicoot phase of the fight in this build.
  • Destroying Mecha's chainsaw will show a fire on the missile.
  • Destroying Mecha's rocket launcher will show a fire on the back.
  • Destroying Mecha's nose will show a fire on the head.
  • A scrapped sound effect is heard in the final cutscene before it falls down to the cavern.
  • In the cutscene after the battle, Ripper Roo does not nod when Dingodile asks if he wants lunch.
  • Dying in the second phase of the boss results in the music changing back to the N. Sanity Island theme used elsewhere in the level.

Cavern Catastrophe

  • The crashed hoverboard is missing from the intro cutscene.
  • The camera paths in tunnels are different.
  • Spinnable elevators have an unused sound effect.
  • Falling off a great height while in Rollerbrawl form will flatten Crash and Cortex and you will lose a life.
  • Several bombs are constantly being dropped into the waterwheels. If you enter the first waterwheel close to a bomb, it will eventually explode Crash and Cortex.
  • The crystal icon does not show up on-screen and isn't added to the inventory.
  • The Ant's Drill section lacks Aku Aku crates. Two life crates are also missing behind the elevator.
  • Different crate layout after the last Rollerbrawl section.
  • There is an extra section under the hole before the drill chase.
  • The drill chase features a small cutscene that was removed in the final game.
  • The crate wall after the drill chase has less crates.
  • Respawning after a Game Over won't respawn Cortex in Rollerbrawl form. He reappears again before the fourth checkpoint, but will keep dying since the gas pipe will hurt him.
    • A second Game Over won't trigger the Rollerbrawl form. Crash will be able to walk through the level instead.

Totem Hokum


  • The world crate is placed next to Cortex.
  • The intro lacks Cortex's audio. An error sound effect also present in the final build will play when the cutscene starts instead.
  • The bee's buzzing sound effect is much louder and plays earlier in the cutscene.
  • This reversed variant of the tutorial string appears along with the correct prompt.
use cortex to clear a path for crash.
  • Checkpoints have no range-based activation trigger.
  • A life box is missing, right before the green gem.
  • Some trees are missing in the bear house area.
  • Various sound effects are missing, including when Cortex runs into Papu Papu's stomach following the Doc Amok segment.
  • Touching Cortex with the beehive on his head won't hurt Crash.
  • Cortex's screaming sound effects play until the second phase.
  • The beehive pops out once the bear shows up.
  • Bees and beehive stay behind after cutscenes of second and third phases are triggered.
  • The last spike weight before the final cutscene is missing.
  • The tunnel leading to the next section plays the Doc-Amok theme. Dying will fix it.

River Rollerbrawl

  • The music changes after the cutscene.
  • If a watchman spot Crash while drowning, Crash will stand on water while being hit by the spears.
  • The last section uses a boatman. In the final game, he was replaced by two mantraps.

Worm Chase

  • N. Sanity Beach theme is used.
  • Papu is missing from the hut.
  • In the chase section, the huts where spear tribesmen come from and stake gates in checkpoints are missing.

Iceberg Lab

  • The world crate at the bottom has no range-based activation trigger.
  • The upper lab interior has the instant-open type door instead of the streaming one like the lower lab.
  • The path to the airship is always unlocked and has a checkpoint.
  • There is no floor transparency inside the Psychetron room.
  • The chair is misplaced.
  • No checkpoint in the balcony leading to Slip Slide Icecapades.
  • The bottom platform leading to the balcony is placed at the top by default. The platform will automatically go down upon Crash approaches the stand after returning to the level for the second time.
  • Coco is not properly frozen in place after the corresponding cutscene where the Psychetron immobilizes her - she will instead be in an otherwise unseen idle animation. (though colliding with her still damages Crash)
  • The location on the pause screen during the segment where the Evil Twins invade Cortex's airship en route to the Academy of Evil erroneously displays as N. Sanity Island.
  • The clear gem is missing.

Ice Climb

  • There is no metal door before the penguin cutscene.
  • Penguins are silent during the cutscene.
  • Crash doesn't pick up Cortex after the penguin cutscene automatically.

Uka Uka

  • You can deflect Uka Uka's snowball attacks by spinning on them.
  • You can move Crash during Cortex's cutscene.

Slip Slide Icecapades

  • The level music is not muted during the intro cutscene.
  • There is no sound for sliding and grinding while Humiliskating.
  • Mines will instantly explode upon touching instead of flying off, then exploding. The final behavior is actually used in another mine variation with a stick underneath, which was scrapped in the final game in favor of just one type of mine.
  • A checkpoint is missing after the electrical fences section.
  • The chicken coop cutscene tooks way long to end, and lacks any sound effects.
    • The house interior is also visible.
  • The rail before the second hut cutscene cannot be ridden all the way.
  • The final cutscene lacks Cortex's audio and his snow shape.
  • A number of gems are in different locations:
    • Once Crash and Cortex have become a snowball, a hole in the wall on the right not present in the final game holds the red gem. Normally, the gem would be located in the two parallel pipes coming up out of the snow right ahead, but here it contains a life box instead.

High Seas Hi-Jinks

  • Dingodile's house will be intact if the player respawns.
  • The music cue is set at end of Rollerbrawl - this means that if Crash dies and respawns at the world crate, the music won't play at all.
  • Some doorways have incredibly broken collision, lacking it entirely on the front side, and can teleport Crash to the area below in certain circumstances.
  • The first area of the interior has a checkpoint crate.
  • A checkpoint crate is missing in the first large rocket room.
  • Another checkpoint crate is missing in the spinning palettes room.
  • The spinning palettes lack a target texture on them.
  • In the large turning platforms room, the checkpoint crate is placed in the upper floor.
  • The small square platforms are missing from the large turning platforms room.
  • In the second large rocket room, the checkpoint crate is sunk into the ground. There is also an extra checkpoint crate on the left room.
  • The Bandicoot Pursuit theme plays in the rising platform before fighting N. Gin.
  • The rising platform is smaller.
  • The crystal is missing.
  • Aku Aku can protect Crash from TNT explosions throw by N. Gin during the fight.
  • The location shown on the pause screen when fighting N. Gin erroneously shows up as N. Sanity Island.
  • Rusty Walrus has a tendency to run off-path, occasionally moving backwards or even disappearing entirely.
  • The music cue during the Rusty Walrus chase sequence is set to spawn when the chase scene itself begins - this means that if Crash dies and respawns at a checkpoint, the music won't play at all.
  • Touching Rusty Walrus won't instantly kill Crash.
  • The doorways broken during the chase lack a sound effect.
  • A number of gems are in different locations:
    • The blue gem is clear instead.
    • The clear gem is green instead.
    • The yellow gem is green instead, meaning there is three green gems in the level.
    • The red gem is purple instead, meaning there is two purple gems in the level.

N. Tropy & N. Brio

  • The camera shots on the cutscene where N. Gin lands on a series of TNT crates are zoomed out compared to the final build, and aren't configured correctly as they initially zoom in on Crash's back.
  • Objects which are meant to be despawned can still be seen under the water during the N. Tropy phases of the battle - N. Brio's monster form can be seen t-posing, as well as the sinking platforms Crash has jumped on.
  • Dying during the boss fight, players can briefly see N. Brio & N. Tropy t-posing on the platform before the cutscene plays.
  • The healthbar will keep two points remaining even if N. Tropy has 1 health left.

Academy of Evil

  • The theme lacks most of the evil laughs.
  • There is a janitor enemy on the lower balcony.
  • A world crate is missing on the rooftop.
  • The floating platform leading to the rooftop is always unlocked.
  • The platform leading to Cortex's airship is the same one used on Iceberg Lab. It's also always unlocked.
  • A number of gems are in different locations:
    • The staircase near the car is blocked by a Nitro wall. Jump in the handrail to overcome it. Then you will find another wall of Nitros and a detonator on the top of some crates with a Nitro in the bottom. Activating it will provide an arrow crate to jump over the Nitro wall, and it will reveal a pile of TNTs surrounding the yellow gem. Jump on the TNTs to collect it. Normally, the gem would be located near the floating platform.
    • A Nitro wall is holding the purple gem on the higher balcony. The player must jump on the two arrow crates in order to spin on the detonator placed in the ceiling. Normally, the gem would be located in the courtyard.
    • A giant wall of locked crates between arrow and iron crates is blocking the passage to the green gem on the lower balcony. A janitor enemey is protecting the gem area and will attack if the player approaches.
    • The clear gem is located on the edge of the buildings, behind two Nitro crates. Normally, the gem would be located in the staircase near the car.
    • The red gem is located at the rooftop of the building leading to the back of the courtyard. Normally, the gem would be located in the smaller courtyard.
    • Up the back of the courtyard, there is a group of iron crates with four more over them. Body-slamming it will break the wooden crates inside to make the top crates bounce. Bounce along the platforms of crates to reach the blue gem. Normally, the gem would be located above the car.

Boiler Room Doom

  • There is no world crate, a normal checkpoint is used instead.
  • The extending bridge has different visuals.
  • Crash can enter inside pipes and machines.
  • Farmer Ernest's dialogue will start playing at the final pipe section of the level.


  • The boss room has dark walls and lacks a lava pool around the platform. There is also acid under the platform floor, instead of lava.
  • There is no wall covering the platform, making it float.
  • Dingodile has five health points. In the fifth pattern, Dingodile will spray a anti-clockwise stream, alternating between spraying along the ground or higher up. He'll then repeat the wall of fire attack three times. He'll finish off the attack pattern by repeating the fireball attack four times.
  • Respawning will make the small red platform that makes Cortex fly away reappear. It will fly off if Dingodile hits it with a charged up strong blast.

Classroom Chaos

The Academy of Evil theme is used.

Crash section

  • Gas pipes aren't triggered when Crash passes through them.
  • Hall Monitors have a large shadow.
  • The stealth segments will trigger the River Rollerbrawl theme.
  • Hall Monitors take a longer time looking out for intruders. Their animation is also different.
  • Hall Monitors make a tribesmen death sound upon dying.
  • The rising acid pool doesn't instantly kill Crash. You can even stay alive under it.

Cortex section

  • Carpet textures are missing in round rooms.
  • Life crates have Crash's face.
  • The normal death animations are used when Cortex touches the green acid pools.
  • Two zombots are present at the beginning of Cortex's section.
  • Two static Wumpas are placed mid-air in the first hall containing locked crates, and in the first hall before the second scarab chase.
  • The radial blast jump tutorial prompt lacks the "and" word between the X and Circle button icons. The message also lacks a line break.
  • Vents are missing from the classrooms.

Rooftop Rampage

  • A lot of boxes and wumpas are missing through the level.
  • Zombots are missing on the hallways.
  • The first tutorial prompt lacks the "and" word between the X and Circle buttons icons.
  • The camera during wall jump sections isn't locked.
  • Grappling hooks lack a sound effect.
  • Carpet textures are missing in round rooms.
  • Life crates have Crash's face.
  • A world crate in the second outdoor section is missing.
  • Due to a bug, if the player dies before reaching the second outdoor section, the door leading to it won't open anymore.
  • A checkpoint after the green gem is missing.

Madame Amberley

  • A world crate is present before the battle arena. In the final game, the crate was moved to the rooftop of the Academy of Evil.
  • Two static platforms are present on each side of the room. In the final game, there is only one each side, and both can move back and forward.
  • The music doesn't change.
  • Madame Amberley lacks a healthbar.
  • The organ pipes have a different sound effect.
  • The electrical blasts use a placeholder sound effect.
  • Shooting the flying bells will play a chicken sound effect.
  • Amberley won't scream after hitting the control box on her back.
  • When she falls after being defeated, a weird scream sound effect is used, most likely a placeholder.

Twinsanity Island Hub

  • The location shown on the pause screen erroneously shows up as Iceberg Lab.
  • You can move Crash during Cortex's cutscene.
  • Iceberg Lab theme will keep playing.
  • A world crate is missing in the balcony leading to Rock-Slide Rumble.
  • The elevator is present, so it's possible to access the ground floor.
  • The boat is present at the bottom of the level, but it's not functional.
  • The platform leading to the upper lab interior will descend if the player approaches.
  • The chair is missing in the upper lab interior, and two more doors are present inside the room, although inaccessible.
  • Approaching the teleporter will automatically transport the player.
  • Cortex's airship is also present. Approaching it will trigger a cutscene, but it won't take you anywhere. It's believed the airship would take it back to Iceberg Lab.

Rock-Slide Rumble

  • The location shown on the pause screen erroneously shows up as Twinsanity Island, so all gems collected will not fill the Rock-Slide Rumble's gem slots.
  • Bandicoot Pursuit theme will start playing during the intro cutscene instead of N. Sanity Island's.
  • The level music is not muted during the intro cutscene.
  • The world crate has no range-based activation trigger.
  • The tunnels blocked by TNT walls have more TNT crates.
  • The final cave leading to Twinsanity Island contains both a world crate and a checkpoint crate next to each other.
  • If Crash dies and respawns at one of these crates, the music won't play at all.
  • Cortex won't immediately detach from Crash and go away once the Humiliskate section ends. Intead, you can pick up Cortex and carry him for a bit until he goes away.
  • There are way more ant drones, including ant soldiers. Ant drillers are missing, though.
  • Respawning after a Game Over won't spawn Cortex in Humiliskate.
  • A number of gems are in different locations:
    • The green gem is placed mid-air on the first cliff.
    • The blue gem is also placed mid-air on the slope section.

Twinsanity Island

  • The path between Evil Crash's house and the tunnel isn't blocked by rocks.

Bandicoot Pursuit

  • The location shown on the pause screen erroneously shows up as Rock-Slide Rumble, so all gems collected will not fill the Bandicoot Pursuit's gem slots.
  • Ironically, the level's theme that randomly plays in other levels in this build doesn't play here.
  • You need to keep Cortex on the screen, otherwise he may die even if the path is clear.
  • Evil Crash is silent.
  • Evil Crash doesn't taunt when Cortex dies.

Ant Agony

  • The world crate is sunk into the ground.

Evil Twins

  • The healthbar during Cortex's phase doesn't work properly. A point will be taken for each plasma shoot.
  • Crash is not present inside Mecha Bandicoot.
  • Mecha Bandicoot features the chainsaw move by pressing Circle. This moveset was scrapped in the final game.
  • Mecha's weapons are not present.
  • Deathbot's attack can't hurt Mecha.
  • Mecha's ammo is limited to 15 shoots.
  • There is no cutscene of Mecha finishing up the work and the Evil Twins running away.
  • Defeating the Evil Twins will lead to a Game Over screen.
    • Selecting Continue will return to the beginning of Ant Agony.

Gem Galleries

Blue Gem Extras

  • The 3D artworks of the bosses are missing, so duplicates of drawnings are used as placeholders.
  • Most of the drawnings are unfinished.

Clear Gem Extras

The content is switched with the purple gem. It holds concept arts instead of movies.

Green Gem Extras

  • Some galleries are missing the sketches.
  • The 16th gallery features a scrapped concept art of an ice-themed version of the ant enemy.

Purple Gem Extras

The content is switched with the clear gem. It holds movies instead of concept arts.

Red Gem Extras

Iceberg Lab and Ice Climb storyboards are switched.

Yellow Gem Extras

The box art mock-up on the 5th Unseen contains the PlayStation 2 text on the top.

Unused Content

Level Select

Through hacks, the level select option can be re-enabled in the main menu. The available options are:

nsanity isle and jungle bungle
mechabandicoot miniboss
cavern catastrophe
totem hokum
tiki-head boss
earth to ice transition
iceberg lab and ice climb
uka uka miniboss
slip-slide icecapades
high-seas hi-jinks
henchmania boss
ice to school transition
academy of evil
boiler room doom
dingodile miniboss
crash classroom chaos
cortex classroom chaos
rooftop rampage
madame amberley boss
twinsanity island hub
rock slide rumble
bandicoot pursuit
ant agony
final boss

Earlier Rooftop Rampage

An unused chunk file inside the level folder called GPA01 is an earlier version of Rooftop Rampage containing the first three outdoors areas before they got cut into 3 chunks and split with connector tunnels. This version is mostly similar to the final level, although it does contain some extra differences.

  • The level lacks a lot of objects, such as crates, wumpas, rats, and ants.
  • The world crate is placed in front of Nina's room.
  • Uka Uka won't appear physically during the level, but it can still protect Nina.
  • The first checkpoint is placed together with the first detonator.
  • The ! crate activates a mask crate instead of a detonator.
  • The purple gem is placed under a gargoyle, instead of jumping on the iron arrow crate underneath it straight up ahead. It's also switched with the green gem.