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Proto:Crisis Force

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Crisis Force.

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Build Date

An ID string listing the build version and date can be found at the end of the PRG ROM: "SAMP910705". A similar ID can be found in many other Konami games.

"SAMP" means it's a sample version of the game, and the numbers represent the date. So, this build was compiled on July 5, 1991, four days after the final commercial build.

General Differences

Since this is a sample version of the game, only the first two stages are fully playable. Once you clear the second stage, you are greeted with these two images:

Crisis Force (FC Proto) Ending 1.png

Planned for an 8/27 release!
Price: ¥6000 (Tax Not Included)

Crisis Force (FC Proto) Ending 2.png

Buy a cartridge to keep playing!

The game goes back to the title screen after a few seconds.

However, it is still possible to play in the locked stages by using the following Game Genie codes:

Start On Stage 2 PAVGELAA
Start On Stage 3 ZAVGELAA
Start On Stage 4 LAVGELAA
Start On Stage 5 GAVGELAA
Start On Stage 6 IAVGELAA
Start On Stage 7 TAVGELAA

The game will have randomly garbled and / or missing graphics because some CHR banks from the retail version were replaced with others to make space for the message above.

(Source: hybrid, Lost Levels forum)