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Proto:Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (PlayStation)/Feb 28, 1997

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This prototype is known on the Croc wiki as the March 1997 prototype, although the release date on Hidden Palace is dated Feb 28, 1997.

Title screen

Feb 1997 Prototype Final
Croc (Feb 28, 1997 prototype) Title screen.png Croc1 PS1-title.png


A comprehensive list of level differences can be found on the Croc wiki.

The progression of the levels generally seems to follow the flow of the game, although a lot of different test levels from all sorts of islands are thrown in everywhere. All levels starting with 0 are definitely also just test levels.


The prototype uses close-to-finished versions of the final music in the levels. However, digging through the data files will uncover a lot more unused music, consisting of:

  • variations of the final themes;
  • a range of earlier and later work-in-progress versions of the music;
  • themes and motifs used in the final game, but adopting an entirely different style (e.g. Ice Island themes in the style of Desert Island music);
  • entirely unused music.

Sequenced music

Although the final game only uses streamed CD music, this prototype does contain some sequenced music; most notably the level select themes for each of the islands.

To do:
Record/extract sequenced music files

Streamed music


The following tracks have been verified to be used somewhere in the prototype's levels.

Main theme - Played during the title screen.
This music also begins to play in level 0 1, once you reach the end of the slide and enter the cave.

Forest - Outdoor areas

Forest - Cave areas

Forest Boss - Flibby - Seems inspired by the Rocky theme.

Ice - Outdoor areas

Ice - Cave areas

Desert - Outdoor areas

Desert - Cave areas

Boss 5 Neptuna - Level 56 0. Uses a motif and instrument from Underwater 1, but is mostly different. Very tense.


Most other levels beyond level 39 do not have music, except for:

Levels 47 0, 54 0

Levels 54 1, 55 2

Unused music

A lot of levels don't play any music at al, which leaves us with a whole lot of unused music!

This seems to be an early draft of Bonus Theme 1.

Early version of Cave 4.

Early version of Underwater 1.

Early version of Underwater 2.

Spacey, almost Mario Galaxy-esque version of Volcano Island 4.


Early version of Desert Island 4.

Early version of Cave 5.

Like Volcano Island 3, but very rough and with a different style to it.

Early version of Demon Itsy.

Early version of Desert Island 1.

Early version of Desert Island 2.

Another early version of Desert Island 2. Uses the bassline that the final version uses.

Early version of Cactus Jack.

The later files sound increasingly more unusual. It's possible that these are either earlier instances of the above songs, or they are just variations meant to be used in different islands/areas but were cut. Some of these have entirely original themes and ended up getting cut.

A very different-sounding version of Cave 4.

To do:
Sort these last few out

Music files were ripped from prototype using PSmplay.