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Proto:D-Generation (DOS)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of D/Generation (DOS).

Download.png Download D/Generation (DOS, v0.62)
File: DGeneration 062.zip (info)

Version 0.62 is a version of the game before it got further funding from a publisher to continue development. There are no known clues as to how this version was leaked.

To do:
Level differences and tons of them. Cover the prototype for Apple II

General Differences

  • There are command line arguments for switching between video modes (-h, -c, -e, -d, -v, -m, -q, -i, -k).
  • This demo has no AdLib support, as the driver has not been programmed yet.
  • The player doesn't use a jetpack when arriving on Genoq, but instead uses a rope to go in. The sprites are still in the final game.
  • Generally, this prototype seems to use a lighter color palette than the final game.

Graphical Differences

Prototype Final
DGenDOSProto-DGen.png DGenDOSFinal-DGen.png

The titular D/Generation has a completely different design, making it look more human. However, the palette in-game as his sprite uses a special blue palette, making this change unnoticeable during normal gameplay.

Level Differences

First Scene

Prototype Final
DgenProto 001.png DgenFinal 001.png

In addition to slightly different artwork on the background buildings between the two versions, the final has three landing lights in the corners that glow in a star shape as opposed to the two rounder-looking lights in the prototype.

The D/Generation

Prototype Final
DgenProto 115.png DgenFinal 115.png

In the prototype, the D/Generation waits in an empty room with an early version of the exit terminal in the room behind it.

Killing the D/Generation

Prototype Final
DgenProto 127.png DgenFinal 127.png

Originally, the D/Generation was led to a containment room where it was trapped and a password input would kill it. The password appears to be a placeholder and is simply "enterline". In the final, this was simplified to a switch-activated radar dish.

Debug Controls

Unlike the final version of the game, there are a number of key combinations for debugging purposes enabled and available at any time. These are rather buggy, though, so use with caution.

  • Alt + C allows the player to jump to scenes.
  • Alt + O restores a saved game.
  • Alt + S saves the game.
  • Alt + T shows the player's coordinates.
  • Alt + Z prints how much base DOS memory is left.
  • Ctrl + A refreshes the screen of debug prints and restarts the level. Ctrl + O seems to do the same thing.
  • Ctrl + B shows some random bytes, presumably that of the level layout.
  • Ctrl + C allows one to change the color of the player's avatar.
  • Ctrl + D runs a random demo.
  • Ctrl + W allows one to record a demo, though this glitches the graphics redrawing routines, making it hard to play.