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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Episode 4 Levels

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E4M1 is interesting in that it contains what would become both the final’s E4M1 and E4M2 areas in one level, albeit simplified. The level is much more straightforward than the final version’s E4M1 and E4M2, with paths being obvious and containing little in the way.

The player starts in a cell block, much like the final version. However, most of the final’s cell block area is missing. The player can go straight to the staircase room without having to crawl through vents or go through the washing machine room, neither of which exist in this prototype. The cell block themselves cannot be opened nor are any in the rooms in the cell block seen in the final room able to be found.

The staircase room connects most of the level together, like in the final game. The staircases can be climbed without the player hitting any obstables, such as the debris that needs to be cleared to reach the top floor or the broken staircase that must be climbed up to reach the second floor.

Form the staircase room, the player can make a clear break for the cafeteria. Unlike the final game, this is the only way to reach it, as the climbable pipe and open window seen in the final game do not exist. The way to it is clear as soon as the level starts, while the final game requires the player to reach it via the back way before clearing the path from the staircase room.

Once past the kitchen, the level’s path deviates from the final game in siginficant ways. Exiting the kitchen sends the player right to the path that has windows overlooking the lighthouse, but the player enters the path from the side the exit to the outside lighthouse area would be in the final game. The outside lighthosue area can be reached, but not in the usual way. Going down the path will take the player to a small set of of rectangular rooms, one of which has a bench/bed on it, and the other a path to the shower room. The shower room is much less damaged-looking than in the final game, and there is no way to reach the upper parts of it. Noclipping up to the upper parts will reveal nothing, suggesting that no gameplay was designed for that section of the shower room at the time of this prototype. There is also an open sewer grate in the center of the shower, which was removed in the final game.

The grate sends the player to a large sewer area that has walkways above the water. On the right side at the end of the sewer is a large pipe that leads to nowhere. There is no way back to the prison once entering the sewer area and the sewer marks the end of the kitchen patch, so noclip must be used to head back to the staircase area.

The staircase area also leads to the large courtyard outside. Unlike the final game, the player enters the courtyard from the side of the building instead of from the front. The side is much longer than in the final game and contains all of the generic items in the prototype, such as the Megashield and stat boosting items.

The courtyard area contains the basketball area, but lacks the pipe from the sewer area, the secret room and guard tower than the final design has. The path to the kitchen area exists, but the pipe cannot be climbed and bricks block the window. Instead, the path to the kitchen leads directly to the outside lighthouse area. The area itself is very small and barebones compared to the final’s. Sadly, the lighthouse cannot be accessed and noclipping into it will show that there’s no architecture inside it.

The player can exit the prison. To do so, the player must shoot the brick wall to the right of the basketball court. This will cause the wall to explode, revealing a prototype version of the starting area in E4M2a. It seems the intention was that E4M1 and E4M2 would be one whole area at one point, before the team decided to split them into two separate sections.

At the “start” of the E4M2 section, the player can find at entrance behind where they would start when descending the to reach the water tower area from the end of the final’s E4M1b. There is nothing here and no signs it would lead to the end of the prison area at this point in development.

From the “start” of the E4M2 section, the player will be able to reach the cave area that contains the Kinenticore area. However, the cave itself is missing, the alternate path to the underground section is absent, and the path itself is much tighter than in the final game.

Continuing down will send the player to the long cliffside walk featured in E4M2a. The cave area in the center is missing, there are no enemies and the path is less wide than the final version, but it is there, intact. When the players gets to the bridge over the entrance to the boat area in the final’s E4M2a, the player will meet the first Pipebomb Gangster in the level. From here on, the only opposition will be Pipebomb Gangsters.

The large elevator area above the end of the cliffside run is missing in this version. A cave entrance can be seen in it’s place, but without an elevator.

Approaching the motorboat dock area will reveal that only one side of the area is available and that the door to the underground boat dock is open. The player can hop into the water and swim around the water near the cliffside run area, but there is no entrance to the ruined underground city area. Nocilpping into the mountain will show that the underground city area does not exist at all. All the player can do is head to the underground boat dock area.

The underground boat dock is much simpler than in the final game. The room is laid out so that the dock is on the left side, and the boat and water is on the right side. The left side has some Pipebomb Gangsters and an entrance to a small cave area. The cave area appears to be very similar to the explosive box-filled room at the end of E4M2 in the final game in terms of theme, suggesting this is a prototype for that room. However, instead of leading to a secret area, the box room leads to a cave area at the upper lefthand corner of the room. The cave leads to the opening overlooking the cliffside run seen earlier.

There is no exit trigger anywhere in the level, so it “ends” in the docks.

Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 74.png Dk e4m1a 1.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 4.png Dk e4m1a 2.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 6.png Dk e4m1a 3.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 8.png Dk e4m1a 4.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 9.png Dk e4m1a 5.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 23.png Dk e4m1a 6.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 34.png Dk e4m1b 1.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 37.png Dk e4m1b 2.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 40.png Dk e4m1b 3.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 51.png Dk e4m1b 4.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 52.png Dk e4m1b 5.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 42.png Dk e4m1c 1.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 10.png Dk e4m1c 2.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 14.png Dk e4m1c 3.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 43.png Dk e4m1c 4.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 14.png Dk e4m1c 5.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 53.png Dk e4m2a 1.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 54.png Dk e4m2a 2.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 56.png Dk e4m2a 3.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 53.png Dk e4m2a 4.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 59.png Dk e4m2a 5.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m1 61.png Dk e4m2a 6.png
Prototype Pre-release image
Dkms2 e4m1 70.png Dk dk20.jpg
Prototype Pre-release image
Dkms2 e4m1 72.png Dk esf1-l.jpg
Prototype Pre-release image
Dkms2 e4m1 73.png Dk e4m1b.jpg
Prototype Pre-release image
Dkms2 e4m1 71.png Dk e4m1a.jpg


E4M2 is actually an early version of the final game’s E4M3 area. It has different textures, lighting, and architecture in several spots, but the flow and core of the level is the same as it is in the final game’s E4M3.

The player starts the level a little differently from E4M3a’s starting point. Milestone 2’s E4M2 has the player start in the small water pool with the Chaingun Gangster seen in the final game. From there, the player can quickly reach the point where the player starts in the final E4M3a.

The ruined building area just before the entrance to the tower is almost the same as it is in the final game. The inaccessible door just before the street is there as well, but actually has some architecture behind it when the door is passed with noclip. While the architecture does not appear in the final’s E4M3a, it does appear almost fully intact in a leftover chunk from E4M3a seen in E4M3b. It seems this area was removed late in development.

The street area is extremely similar to the final version. However, in order to trigger the sequence that causes the sign to fall down and blow a hole inside the street, the player must shoot the sign two times instead of blowing up boxes of explosives near the sign, which do not exist in this prototype. The “main” entrance to the building cannot be used like in the final game, but the area surrounding it is less elaborate than in the final game.

The area on the street past the hole is close to how it is in the final game, but the same set of items seen in E4M1 can be seen on the raised area to the right of the end of the street, a window showing a room with an Envirosuit can be found, and the Wraith Orb at the end of the path is missing.

The most interesting thing about the Wraith Orb path is that the chunk of building under where the Wraith Orb would be in the final game, but above the water has a door leading to the interior of the building. The path is leads to is short though, and seems to exist primarily as a way to safely clear out explosive boxes blocking the way to the main path when entering the building from the sewers underneath the building.

With the perimeter of the tower cleared, the only way left is to head into the hole in the street and explore the sewer area. Like the street area, the sewer are is very close to the final game in terms of architecture and game flow. It’s missing the vent with the secret drug box at the end of it, but it is otherwise the same as the sewer area in the final E4M3b.

The secret area with the fan exists in this prototype’s version of the sewer area, but has a twist removed from the final game. There is a power box to the left of the fan that can be shot. Destroying it will reveal a cut alternate path to the building’s interior.

The main path to the building’s interior starts from the collapsing ceiling, like in the final game, but has some differences. The path is blocked by explosive boxes that must be destroyed in order to proceed. Past the boxes is a single staircase that heads straight up instead of the large staircase set the final’s E4M3b uses. The alternate entrance from the fan also ends at this location.

The staircase leads to a small path that ends with the player on the other side of the desk in the second floor. This path’s existence means that the large room with benches does not exist in this prototype, as it takes up space where that room would exist. The path to reach the desk area in the final game instead leads to a dead end.

To continue, the player must take a path to the right of the “main” entrance that cannot be opened that’s to the right of the desk. This leads to an area that has the room with the Envirosuit seen earlier on one side and a staircase right in front of the player. This is the first part where the level diverges from the final E4M3; instead of using the elevator to reach areas you couldn’t, there are simple staircases connecting the area instead. The elevator mostly serves as a prop to tie the areas together in Milestone 2’s E4M2 instead of a vital way to reach other areas.

The staircase leads to a simple staircase set that ends on the third floor. The player must jump over a hole in the second staircase, or else he’ll be sent back to the dead end that consists of the path that leads to the desk area in the final game. The third floor itself is extremely simple, consisting only of a staircase to the next floor, a room with boxes in it, a path that leads to an area containing a Pipebomb Gangster and an Uzi Gangster, and a non-functioning door to the transit hub. All the player can do is keep heading up.

The fourth floor lets the player take a look at the transit hub area that marks the end of the sector in the final game, but the method to reach the next floor is quite different. Instead of using a staircase to head up, the player must head to the right side of the floor and take an elevator to the next floor.

However, the elevator door here can be used to skip the upper floors. Since the elevator doors open by simply using them, the player can use this to his advantage. Open the door, slowly approach the exit by walking backwards, then fall off while holding the forward movement key down. This will let the player land on the small strip of floor before the elevator door to the third floor, which can be open by simply using it. From there, the player can explore the transit hub.

The fifth floor lacks the vents and boxes seen in the final game’s fifth floor. The rest of the floors are connected together by the large ruined area seen in the final game’s E4M3c. The architecture is simplified compared to the final’s, but the idea and key points of the large room’s design is there, even this early in the game’s development. However, there’s nothing else to do, so all the player can do is take a nearby staircase near the one that lead to the fifth floor to the sixth floor.

The sixth floor is also similar to how it is in the final game, but lacks the goodies that would encourage exploring it. The room before the large ruined area is much less detailed as well.

The seventh floor allows the player to reach the elevator from the staircase, letting one bypass the top of the ruined room entirely. The top of the ruined room itself keeps the same design seen in the final game, minus a few details.

The elevator has an elevator car, but the car does not move. To proceed, the player either has to noclip to the third floor or use the trick described earlier to sneak into the third floor.

Unlike the final game, there is a set of elevator doors above the seventh floor. In order to access it, the player must use noclip. Reaching the doors and using them will reveal an area cut from the final E4M3c. It appears to encompass the roof of the building itself, as the skybox can be seen from the roof of the floor. The room itself is empty except for a small floating rectangle made out of water.

At this point, all that can be done is to head to the transit hub. The hub itself has a different design than the final game, containing only the walkways that lead to the train that ends the level in the final game. The door to the rest of the third floor is on the right side of the room instead of the left side and cannot be opened. The desk near the door is missing as well.

The subway tube does not have the subway car itself inside it. Oddly, it can be found by hopping on the rails, then walking all the way to the end. But, the train is floating just past where the tracks end, so the only way is inside. The subway cab itself is slightly more primitive than in the final game, but contains brush-based doors instead of the texture ones seen in the final design. It lacks any details that would make it look like a subway car, instead using the same metallic textures seen throughout the level.

Without an exit trigger, there’s nothing marking the end of the level. It’s safe to say that it would end in the subway like the final game though.

Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 2.png Dk e4m3a 1.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 3.png Dk e4m3a 2.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 4.png Dk e4m3a 3.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 8.png Dk e4m3a 4.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 11.png Dk e4m3a 5.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 23.png Dk e4m3b 1.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 24.png Dk e4m3b 2.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 27.png Dk e4m3b 3.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 31.png Dk e4m3b 4.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 33.png Dk e4m3b 5.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 35.png Dk e4m3b 6.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 36.png Dk e4m3b 7.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 28.png Dk e4m3b 8.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 46.png Dk e4m3b 9.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 72.png Dk e4m3c 1.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 78.png Dk e4m3c 2.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 73.png Dk e4m3c 3.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 82.png Dk e4m3c 4.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 83.png Dk e4m3c 5.png
Prototype Final
Dkms2 e4m2 86.png Dk e4m3c 6.png
Prototype Final E4M3c
Dkms2 e4m2 6.png Dk e4m3c 7.png


E4M5 is a completely different level than the one seen in the final game. In fact, it was never seen in the final game at all! According to a texture found in the level, it takes place in a location called “Alameda Naval Base”.

The level itself appears to be in rough shape, with quite a few empty rooms scattered here and there, dead ends being an uncommon occurrence, along with some very simple architecture. It’s clear the level needs a lot more development time.

Interestingly, this level does appear in some pre-release screenshots. The tower building can be seen in preview screenshots shown in the Quake 1 era, while the front entrance area appears in a screenshot made in the early Quake 2 era.

The player starts in a wide outdoors area with a door near him. The outside area contains nothing, so all there is to do is open the door and head inside.

Just past the door is the front entrance area. It consists of a rectangular area with a viewing area with a Rocket Gangster on it overlooking the area. The left and right sides of the area are covered with windows. The area ends at a split path, with an Envirosuit right before the split. This area also has the biggest cluster of enemies in the level.

At this point, the player has two choices; head left or right. The left path continues the level, while the right one leads to a dead end.

The right path contains a short little walk before hitting a dead end. The right side of the path right after starting it contains a walkway that leads to the right building seen in the front entrance area. Unfortunately, it leads to an empty room.

The dead end at the end of the right path contains two rooms. The left room leads to a place with two Female Gangsters and a damaged door leading to a blown open grate with water underneath the grate, while the right side leads to a very barebones room that has nothing in it.

The left path from the front entrance area contains a lot more than the right path did.

As soon as the player enters the left path, he can find an entrance to the building seen on the left side of the front entrance area. Unlike the building on the right side, this one contains has several interesting bits to explore. In the center of the room are the same items seen in E4M1’s courtyard. This seems to be a signature of whoever made Episode 4’s levels in this prototype. From tehre, the player can find a staircase leading up and down. The downwards stairs lead to a water-filled dead end, but the upper stairs lead to the pathway the player saw above the front entrance area when first entering it. At the end of the pathway is an empty room that leads nowhere else. The building also contains a room with a window in it passed the item-filled area in the center. The player can jump through the window to get back onto the left path.

A little pass the building is a bridge over water. On the right side of the water-filled area is a waterfall that the player can go down. Diving underneath the water will reveal a pipe the player can swim through. The pipe, which oddly changes textures midway through, will deposit the player in a rectangular room that has another pipe in the back of it and a path down in the upper right-hand corner. Following the downward path will have the player reach another pipe that quickly ends in a dead end.

The other pie seen earlier has a door at the end of it that can be opened. The texture on it appears to have been applied incorrectly, as it shows various chunks of a grate on a wall instead of a grate. Regardless of improper texture usage, opening the door will have the player enter another pipe, but this one has an opening on the top near the end of it. Going up will have the player end up at the broken grate room in the right path seen earlier. There is a bent bar that lets the player reach dry land.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere else to go and the damaged door cannot be used nor destroyed. However, using noclip to fly above the area where the damaged door is leads to a set of rooms that are otherwise not accessible. The first one is a large and empty room, but the other one leads to a section that lets the player see the final area. There are grates around the viewing area, seemingly meant to prevent the player from reaching it, but it’s easy to walk through the gaps in them and get to the final area early. Still, it’s best that the player use noclip to head back to the bridge to continue the level as intended.

Past the bridge is a linear path that ends with a walkway on the right side of the wall. Following it will have the player end up on another linear path, but this one has windows letting the player take a look at the second part of the level; the tower area. The player can hop through the windows and explore the tower area ASAP, but it’s best to follow the path for now.

The path ends in a large and barebones room that only contains a ramp leading to the lower floor. From there, the player must cross a grate with water in it (this one not damaged) to head into a tight room that has multiple exits.

The first exit leads to the courtyard surrounding the tower area. At the back is an exit leading to a large room with a Female Gangster. In the upper righthand corner is a window overlooking the waterfall explored earlier. A little bit before the waterfall observation room is another exit that leads to a room with a ramp that heads upwards.

Taking the entrance to the first floor in the tower area will lead the player to an area that contains a large moat. There is nothing inside it, but past the moat is another ramp that leads to the second floor. This area quickly ends at a door.

Heading up the ramp near the waterfall observation room will lead the player to the second floor in the tower area. The courtyard of it, specifically. Like with the first floor courtyard, following it will lead to a door, but this one is separate from the one reached from the first floor courtyard. Clever players can jump to the outer third floor of the tower area by getting on top of the awning that covers the exit from the second ramp, then jumping to the third floor.

No matter how the tower is accessed, the player will reach the same interior area. The interior of the tower itself is fairly simple. The first part contains two doors on one side, both of which are the doors seen earlier. The other side has two dead-ends containing Envirosuits at the end of them. The farther ends of the first part also contain ways to access the rest of the tower interior. One side has a ramp leading to the second part, while the other has an elevator leading to the third part. The elevator lets the player further explore the interior tower area, so it’s best to use it for the time being.

Taking the elevator will have the player end in another split path. Both paths are the same; they have have windows that let you see the interior tower area from below. They converge on another hallway, this one containing some Pipebomb Gangsters. However, it ends in a dead end.

To proceed, the player must head back to the first part of the interior tower area and take the ramp to the second part. Like the third part, the second part has two paths that wrap around the perimeter of the interior tower and end at the same location. But, this time, the player can head to other places instead of getting caught in a dead end.

Right in front of the player is a pathway lead to a door, but there are paths on the left and right sides of the area just past the exit from the interior tower area. These paths lead to the third floor in the outer tower area, and are the last parts of the tower area that can be explored.

Both paths lead to the same area, but the right path leads to the final destination faster than the first one. No matter what, the player will end up in a small square area that has what appears to be a small helipad on it and an entrance to an area past the helipad.

The entrance leads to another split path, but they both end up in a large room that has bridges where the paths continue, entrances past the bridges, and a plain floor below bridges. When the player approaches enters the room, bars will raise from the side on the entrances at the end, the floor at the bottom will open, revealing a Pipebomb and Uzi Gangster-filled room, and the bridges will start to tilt downward, forcing the player into the enemy-filled room below. There is nothing past the bar-covered entrances, so it seems this area’s entire purpose was to serve as a trap.

After dealing with the enemies, the player can explore the enemy-filled trap room further. Both sides have small water pits near them, one wider than the other. The less-wide one contains nothing and the player cannot escape from it without noclip. The wider water pit contains an entrance that has the player surfacing in the water underneath the grate found when getting off the first ramp earlier in the level. The player cannot escape this area either, so noclip is needed to head back to the third floor of the tower area.

Now, it’s time to explore the door seen when the player left the interior of the tower. Opening the big door and going past it leads to a very rough-looking set of rooms that end in what appears to be a set of warehouses with rounded roofs. On the left-hand corner of the area, just passed the left warehouse, is a pool of water that has nothing in it and no way to get out once inside. There is an observation area to the east of the right warehouse.

The right and center warehouses use the same design, a plain warehouse with two floors and an elevator connecting the two floors. The left warehouse contains a different first floor that has water in it and raised walkways above it, but is otherwise the same. There is nothing in the water and the only way out of it is by using noclip. The water near the left-hand corner of the large area seems to be connected to the left warehouse, as the left warehouse has water in it too and the left warehouse is near the water.

There is no content beyond the warehouse areas, making the warehouses the unofficial end of the level.

However, there is one more thing about E4M5 that needs to be discussed. In the area containing the front entrance and the split path, there is an upper walkway. It can be reached in one of two ways. The first one is to head to the hallway above the front entrance, then use the window facing the door to hop on the left building. After walking on the roof of the left building to the end, the player will reach the upper walkway. The other way is to hop on the roof of the right building from the hallway overlooking the front entrance, then jump onto the upper walkway from the left-hand corner of the right building.

The upper walkway spans most of the left and right paths past the front entrance. The left path ends at an area that overlooks the tower area, while the right one suddenly ends inside the warehouse area. Whatever it was supposed to be used for it unknown, but it’s clearly unfinished at any rate.

Prototype Pre-release image
Dkms2 e4m5 103.png Dk e4 03.png
Prototype Pre-release image
Dkms2 e4m5 104.png DAK01.jpeg
Prototype Pre-release image
Dkms2 e4m5 106.png DAK02.jpeg
Prototype Pre-release image
Dkms2 e4m5 105.png DAK03.jpeg