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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Characters

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2.


There is no player model for Hiro in the prototype; “player.mdl” is actually the Quake Guy. However, there are early player sounds.

Of note is that Hiro has no lines in the “voices” folder (which contains voices for early cutscenes), while the other characters do. It's likely that at the time the protoype was made, they had no voice actor for Hiro.


Superfly exists and can be summoned via a cheat, but will crash the game when he hits the ground, making it impossible to get a good look at him before the game crashes.

His .bmp texture is viewable in the data\skins folder, which shows that Superfly looked much different than he does in the final version. Instead of being in some sort of weird futuristic armor, Superfly is in a camouflage tanktop, green pants, army boots and has dogtags. It appears his only weapon is some sort of shotgun, though this could be because the Quake 1 engine, by default, is unable to show weapon models being attached to player models.

The 1997 design can be seen in the manual for the jewel case version of Daikatana.

Sounds for Superfly can be found in data\sounds\superfly. He still sounds like a black stereotype, but the prototype Superfly's accent is deeper than the final's.

A .rar file with the prototype and final Superfly player voices can be found at File:Daisuperfly.rar.

Prototype Final
I can't leave without my buddy Poor Texture Job! I can't leave without my buddy Superfly!
Prototype Final
Dai1997superflyback.png Daifinalsuperflyback.png
Prototype Manual Art
I can't leave without Poor Texture Job and Superfly! I can't leave without my buddy Crappy Manual Art!
Prototype Voice Final Voice


Mikiko can be spawned via a cheat, but she crashes the game as soon as you are done typing the code.

Like Superfly, her .bmp texture can be found in the data\skins folder. Her skin is quite different compared to the final Mikiko. Instead of wearing the strange, futuristic armor that the final trio uses, Mikiko is dressed in what appears to be a skintight dark pink jumpsuit, a loose belt along her waist, long grey boots, and weird yellow stripes on her upper arms. Her hair is just past shoulder-length instead of the final's ridiculously long ponytail.

Art for the 1997 design can be found in the manual for the jewel case version of Daikatana.

Sounds for Mikiko can be found in data\sounds\mikiko. Her chop-suey accent sounds close to the final's Mikiko, but she sounds a little younger in the final version.

Her full prototype and final voice sets can be downloaded at File:Daimikiko.rar.

Prototype Final
Looks like somebody has a stick up her ass. I'm glad that Daikatana has revealed that Brock from Pokemon has a little sister.
Prototype Final
Dai1997mikikoback.png Daifinalmikikoback.png
Prototype Final
She is staring into your soul. In the future, bras don't exist anymore.
Prototype Voice Final Voice

Episode 1 Prisoner

A model for the prisoner in Episode 1 can be found in E1M3. He looks more like a traditional prisoner than the strange, hazmat-suit wearing prisoner in the final game. The Prisoner plays a strange animation when killed; he slumps like he's impaled, floats upward, vibrates, then falls and hits the ground.

World.dll has listings for a few sounds for the Prisoner, but there are no sounds for him in the files.

Prototype Final
That's a hell of a forehead. Those bastards are enslaving fat people!



The skeleton ferryman in Episode 2 was originally meant to look like living person at one point instead of being a skeleton. His face has green skin and red eyes in the protoype, but is a regular skull in the final game. His robes are bluer and less detailed as well. This design matches the Ferryman's concept art.

The Ferryman can be encountered in Milestone 2’s E2M1, but all he does is roam around. He can be killed, unlike the final Ferryman.

There is a sound for him named “ferrymantalk.wav” in data\sounds\ferryman, but it is just generic “demonic” sounds overlaid on each other.

Prototype Final
Dai1997ferryman.png Daifinalferryman.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997oferrymanback.png Daifinalferrymanback.png
Prototype Concept art
Dai1997ferryman.png DaikatanaconceptGRIM.jpg


The Priest has a model and skin, but does not appear in any maps, but is viewable via debug commands. It shows that the prototype Priest has a major bald spot much like stereotypical Christian monks, no crufix, and has a perpetual grimace on his face, but otherwise looks quite similar to the final's Priest, minus the final's soulless eyes.

The Priest has a sound in the \sounds\priest folder, but it just a choir from a church singing. It is likely that this was a temporary sound until they managed to get a voice actor for the Priest.

He can be found in the start area and the church in Milestone 2’s E3M1. When he spots the player, he’ll begin pursuing the player. Once he reaches a certain distance, he’ll just stare at the player. Getting close to him will make him start moving his arms and chanting. If he is killed, he’ll assume a pose with his arms up, as if he’s saying not to hurt him.

A sound named “deathmonk” can be found in \data\sound\ambiance folder. While the sound is just generic chant, it hints that the Priest was supposed to die at one point.

Prototype Final

Sly Boots

A model for Sly Boots, the main character in Anachronox, can be found in the prototype's files. Anachronox was produced at the same place Daikatana was, Ion Storm Dallas, so the appearance of early Anachronox art in a Daikatana prototype is understandable. What's interesting is that this model is likely the earliest prototype model from Anachronox seen, as official media for the game did not appear until 1998, a year after this prototype and the model were last modified.

Prototype Final
Dai1997boots.pngDai1997bootsback.png Anachronox SlyBoots-final.jpg