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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Pre-Alpha/Enemies

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Pre-Alpha.

Most of the enemies that appear in the pre-alpha have made it to the final product, but they look and sound much different in the pre-alpha when compared to their final version.

A few of the E1 and E2 enemies can be seen in-game, while the rest are in the game's files. Their models can be viewed via debug commands.

All of the enemies in the pre-alpha have sounds, but quite a few use a temporary sound that can be heard in the “Sounds” section.


Episode 1
Multiple variants for the infamous robot frog and robot crocodile enemies, along with a different Sludgeminion design.

Episode 2
Get these enemies to the Greek.
NSFW content inside!

Episode 3
Lots of differences and skins made even earlier in the game's development!

Episode 4
From greasers to Mad Max.

Other Enemies

Enemies that appear in the code and\or have models and textures, but don't appear in the final game and don't seem to fit any specific time period.



The Tentaclor is a gigantic cyborg squid that was removed from the final game. It is mostly brown, but is black near it's mouth nad has black tentacles. A piece of metal with a fan in it is on top of the Tentaclor. Based on it's size, it's very likely that it was meant to be a miniboss.

The only sounds that exist for it in the pre-alpha are its idle sounds. The sounds can be downloaded at File:Daitentaclor.rar

Concept art for the Tentaclor exists.



A model for a removed Squid enemy can be found. It looks like a giant and brown squid. Like the Tentaclor, it was likely meant to be a miniboss.


A very incomplete .bmp texture for an enemy named “robog” exists in the data\skins folder. There is no coding associated with this enemy.

Quake monster leftovers

Models for the Shambler and Demon enemies from Quake 1 can be found in the game's files, but are unused. It's likely these are placeholder models for enemies whose models were still being worked on.