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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Pre-Alpha/Enemies/Episode 1

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Pre-Alpha/Enemies.


The pre-alpha Inmater looks quite similar to the final version; it keeps the general shape and color scheme, but the head texture, drill color and right arm are different between the pre-alpha and final versions.

There are a few behavior differences between the prototype and final Inmaters. The prototype Inmater fires a burst of two Quake grenades at the player, while the final one fires a laser. In addition, the proto Inmater will never use its drill, while the final one does.

A string in “world.dll” suggests that Inmaters are supported to seek out prisoners, but Inmaters near prisoners will mindlessly walk around until you aggro them, and after that they will only pursue you.

Of note is that Inmaters can be harmed and killed by the splash damage from their grenades, though this usually happens only if the player is right next to their left arm when they fire.

Prototype Final
Mattel has expanded it's toyline to include 1:1 action figures. Autobots! Roll out!
Prototype Walk Sound Final Walk Sound


The Sludgeminion looks and behaves much different compared to the final version's. Instead of being a gigantic, bulky mech that fires slime from its arms, the pre-alpha Sludgeminion is a thin and tall robot with an alarm to the left of its head that takes out two grenades from its scoop\right hand and throws them at the player. The grenades do not explode, suggesting they are temporary models. The only functioning animation it has is its attack animation.

Most of the pre-alpha's Sludgeminion's sounds are completely different, but the surprising thing is that both the pre-alpha and final ones have an almost identical“noticed player” sound. This makes it one of the few things from the pre-alpha that managed to get into the final game untouched.

Strings in “world.dll” suggest that the Sludgeminion was supposed to be able scoop sludge placed in a map, but the Sludgeminion does nothing until it sees the player.

Prototype Final
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Prototype Sight Sound Final Sight Sound


A few Roboskeets are placed here and there throughout the levels, but they have no AI, causing them to stay in one place while looping their “fly” animation. If a Roboskeet is shot, it will play a “recoil” animation, then stop animating. If killed, it will play an animation of it hitting the ground.

Prototype Final
What a shitty-looking model kit. Everyone's second favorite Daikatana enemy!


The Thunderskeet is placed in levels, but like it's smaller brother, the Robotskeet, it has no AI. It is even less complete than the Robotskeet, as it has no animations and lacks solidarity, making it essentially a level prop.

Prototype Final
Hey man, ya wanna move around? No? Fuck you. One of the best Daikatana enemies GETS BETTER.


Two models exist for the Froginator. The first one is called fro.mdl and was last modified on May 31st, 1997. It doesn't have a texture when loaded in-game, but an unused skin in the “skins” folder seems to match it.

The second model is called frog.mdl and was last modified in August 1997. This model is different from the final one was well, but it has a skin, which looks a bit different form the final Froginator. The actual frog part of the Forginator is darker and has spots on it, while the mechanical parts are less defined and darker than they are in the final game. The eyes look slightly more organic than they do in the final game as well. The back is facing up in the later 1997 model, while the final model has the back pointing down.

Sounds for it exist as well; they are a lot less robotic than the final's. They can be downloaded at File:Daifrog.rar.

Prototype Final
Dai1997frog.png Daikatanafrogfinal.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997frogback.png Daifinalfrogback.png
Old model Final
Dai1997frogold.png Daikatanafrogfinal.png
Old model Final
Dai1997frogoldback.png Daifinalfrogback.png
Prototype Final
The team should've known that something wasn't right with Daikatana when they were told to make a skin and model for a cybernetic frog. Without a doubt the best enemy in Daikatana, and one of the best enemies in video game history period.


The Robocrox is the same as the Froginator; several skins and models exist, but it is not in the included E1 level.

The first model, croco.mdl, was last modified on August 1997 and seems to be the most complete out of all the models. It has a texture, which is quite blurry, but keeps the final's general shape. The texture shows that the latest 1997 version of the Robocrox had much darker scales compared to the final, scales on his front legs, and lacks a metal ring around his eyes.

The second model, gator.mdl, has a more detailed model, but has a corrupt texture. The texture seems to match an early Robocrox texture found in the “skins” folder. The model is dated to the very end of May 1997, making it older than croco.mdl. The

The last model, robocroc, is a textureless version of gator.mdl tilted upward. It was last modified a day after gator.mdl.

It's sounds can be downloaded at File:Daicroc.rar.

Prototype Final
Dai1997croc.png Daikatanacrocfinal.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997crocback.png Daifinalcrocback.png
Old model Final
Dai1997croc2.png Daikatanacrocfinal.png
Old model Final
Dai1997croc2back.png Daifinalcrocback.png
Prototype Final
Did they really stretch out the texture to make a large texture? Really? Yet another great enemy from Daikatana!