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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Pre-Alpha/Enemies/Episode 3

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Pre-Alpha/Enemies.

While there aren't any Episode 3 levels in the Pre-Alpha, models and skins for Episode 3 enemies exist in the game's files.


The Buboid looks quite different than it does in the final game. The 1997 Buboid has bandages covering most of its body, has tan and relatively clean skin, bandages covering his crotch, and wears a brown shirt. In the final game, the buboid is shirtless, his skin is darker and is covered with boils, and wears pants instead of having bandages cover his crotch.

A .bmp of an earlier Buboid skin can be found in the \data\skins folder. It shows that the Buboid looked a lot less monstrous in the prototype than in the final version at one point.

The Buboid's sounds are complete. They make it sound more like some sort of animal\human hybrid than the final's zombie sounds.

A Buboid from the Pre-Alpha can be seen in the background of a pre-release Episode 3 engine released in 1997.

Prototype Final
Dai1997buboid.png Daibuboidfinal.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997buboidback.png Daifinalbuboidback.png
Early skin Final
How the fuck did garbage like this get into any sort of prototype? Grr I'm a generic zombie.
Prototype Pre-release screenshot
Dai1997buboidback.png DaikatanaprereleaseDaikatana5.jpg

Plague Rat

The Plague Rat has two models. The first model is called “plaguerat.mdl” and was last modified on August 1997. This version looks like a regular rat, instead of the demonic-looking Plague Rat seen in the final game. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of sign that the Plague Rat is infected with something in the plaguerat.mdl model.

The second model is called “rat.mdl” and was last modified on June 1997. This skin is much lighter and cleaner than both the later 1997 and the final Plague Rat, but overall has less deatails and looks worse than the later 1997 skin. Rat.mdl'ls lower legs are completely back, while plaguerat.mdl's lower legs are properly colored and textured.

Most of its sounds are complete as well; the only missing ones are its death sounds. A pack with the proto and final sounds can be found at File:Dairat.rar.

Prototype Final
Dai1997prat1.png Daiplagueratfinal.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997prat1back.png Daifinalplagueratback.png
Earlier model Final
Dai1997prat2.png Daiplagueratfinal.png
Earlier model Final
Dai1997prat2back.png Daifinalplagueratback.png


The Fletcher keep's the final's basic design, but is otherwise completely different. Instead of having blunky red armor, the 1997 Fletcher has a long piece of thin chainmail armor that covers his whole body and a pink piece of fabric going from his neck to his legs. His face is more detailed and doesn't appear to have any scaring, like the final one does. His arrow holder doesn't have skulls on it, like the final one does.

The Fletcher does a mostly-complete set of sounds. These sound vastly different; the Fletcher sounds like a young, obnoxious kid, his “wander” sounds are him giggling like an idiot and his “sight” sounds are him talking about him giving you his “cookies”, which are actually turds. The only incomplete parts of his sound set is that he uses the temporary sound for his injured sounds and has no death sounds at all. This is a major contrast to the final Fletcher, who sounds like a generic fantasy hero talking about “removing the darkness” and the like.

A pack that contains the proto and final Fletcher sounds can be downloaded at File:Daifletcher.rar.

Prototype Final
Dai1997fletcher.png Daifinalfletcher.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997fletcherback.png Daifinalfletcherback.png


The 1997 Dwarf looks quite different from the one in the final game. The 1997 Dwarf has a grey suit with feathers in front and back of it, horns at the very front of his helmet, and has pants. The final Dwarf has red armor, a large design made out of stone at the front and back of it, horns on the side of his helmet, and no pants. The 1997 Dwarf has a red mustache, but the final one doesn't.

The Dwarf has a full set of sounds, most of which sound close to the final's, but what he actually says is different.

The 1997 Dwarf looks pretty similar to his concept art. His front has a different design, but otherwise he's the same.

The sounds can be downloaded at File:Daidwarf.rar.

Prototype Final
Dai1997dwarf.png Daifinaldwarf.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997dwarfback.png Daifinaldwarfback.png
Prototype Concept art
Dai1997dwarf.png DaikatanaconceptDardic.jpg


The Lycanthir has a completely different skin in the pre-alpha. The 1997 Lychanthir wears a light blue torn shirt and grey pants instead of a few tattered dark blue fabrics and no pants, like in the final game. His fur has barely any details on it and is a mix of tan and black. The final Lycanthir has dark brown fur with very visible strands of fur.

Its sounds exist for the most past; only the death animations use the temporary sound. They both use wolf-like sounds, but the final's sounds are more louder and vicious than the proto's.

The sounds can be downloaded at File:Dailycanthir.rar.

Prototype Final
Dai1997werewolf.png Daifinalwerewolf.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997werewolfback.png Daifinalwerewolfback.png


The Doombat does not have a texture in the pre-alpha. The 1997 Doombat is much smaller than the one in the final game, has thin legs, and larger ears than the final one.

Unlike most of the other E3 enemies, the Doombat has a complete set of sounds. Quite a view of its sounds are merely lower quality versions of the final's, but there are a few differences, such as in the attack sound.

It's sounds can be found at File:Daidoombat.rar.

Prototype Final
Dai1997doombat.png Daifinaldoombat.png

Dragon Egg


The Dragon Egg is an enemy that does not appear in the final version. It's a giant black egg with a red blob in the center of it. The egg is surrounded by a lot of green moss. Since it is a dragon, it was probably supposed to go into Episode 3, as E3 is basically a Dungeons and Dragons module, where a dragon would fit nicely.

Concept art for this enemy exists, which gives a chance to see what the Dragon Egg might look like in the pre-alpha. It seems that the black part of the egg was meant to be semi-translucent, so that the player could see the dragon embryo, which is the red blob on the model.

Model Concept art
Dai1997dragoneggback.png Dragegg dai.png


The Rotworm's skin is much bighter than it is in the final game. Instead of beinf dark brown, it is a subdued green. The 1997 Rotworm has black eyes, while the final one has grey. The pre-alpha one has very visible segments modeled on its body, but the final one doesn't.

An earlier, incomplete texture can be found in the “skins” folder..

It also has a semi-complete set of sounds. The attack, death and see player sounds use the temporary sound, but everything else has its own unique sounds. The pre-alpha's sounds are mostly things like gloop moving around, while the final's are monstrous yells.

These sounds can be obtained at File:Dairotworm.rar.

Prototype Final
Dai1997rotworm.png Dairotwormfinal.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997rotwormback.png Daifinalrotwormback.png
Very early skin Final
This looks better than some of the complete skins in the pre-alpha. His name is Wormy and he likes it if you call him that.