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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Enemies/Episode 4

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Enemies.

All of these enemies can be encountered in the Episode 4 levels found in Milestone 2.

In the Pre-Alpha, there aren't any Episode 4 levels in the prototype, but the enemies still exist in the code.

Pipebomb Gangster

The prototype has code and art for an enemy that didn't appear in the final game; the Pipebomb Gangster. He's a bald guy dressed in a set of improvised armor that is made out of various materials, like a tire and generally looks like a Mad Max character. His model is called “pipegang.mdl”.

When he sees the player, he'll start throwing pipebombs at them from his right hand. These pipebombs either detonate when they hit the player or a few seconds after they hit the ground. He strafes from side to side and moves backwards in order to make it harder for the player to hit him.

An earlier design for the Pipebomb Gangster exists in the prototype, called “pipe.mdl”. This design looks a lot like a 1950s greaser with blonde hair, sunglasses, a black leather jacket, and holds a pipebomb in his left hand. Based on the quality of his texture, it's very likely he was the original version of the Pipebomb Gangster's model before being replaced with the Mad Max-looking one.

The Pipebomb Gangster has a complete set of sounds. These can be downloaded at File:Daigang1.rar.

This gangster has been completely removed from the final version.

The later Pipebomb Gangster model matches concept art for the Pipebomb Gangster.

1997 model Earlier model
Dai1997pipegang1.png Dai1997pipegang2.png
1997 model Earlier model
Dai1997pipegang1back.png Dai1997pipegang2back.png
1997 model Concept art
Dai1997pipegang1.png DaikatanaconceptPipgang.jpg

Uzi Gangster

Two models for the Uzi Gangster appear in the game. The first one keeps the Mad Max theme that then final one has, but has a different texture style, different model, and has different details compared to the final one. The 1997 Uzi Gangster has goggles, differently-shaped tattoos on his forehead, a big chunk of metal covering his heart area, an unexposed stomach area, and lacks a logo on his back.

The second Uzi Gangster model is called “uzi.mdl” and has a completely different design. His design is similar to the old Pipebomb Gangster model, but he has a green beret and blue pants. As with the Pipebomb Gangster, it's very likely that this model was made earlier than the Mad Max-themed model.

His behavior is a bit different than it is in the final game. Instead of running while shooting, the prototype’s version stays still while shooting. His bursts are much larger than the ones fired by the final game’s as well.

Like the Pipebomb Gangster, he has a full set of sounds. His voice is deeper than Gangster 1's and he says different things as well.

A .rar containing the prototype and final sounds can be found at File:Daigang2.rar.

Concept art for the Uzi Gangster matches his later prototype model.

Prototype Final
Dai1997uzigang1.png Daiuzigangfinal.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997uzigang1back.png Daifinaluzigangback.png
Early model Final
Dai1997uzigang2.png Daiuzigangfinal.png
Early model Final
Dai1997uzigang2back.png Daifinaluzigangback.png
Prototype Concept art
Dai1997uzigang1.png DaikatanaconceptUzidude.jpg

Chaingun Gangster


The Chaingun Gangster has code, but uses Quake 1's player model as a placeholder. When he sees the player, he'll fire a brief burst from his gun, then stop and repeat the pattern. If he's not firing, he'll use a frame from the "run with axe" animation. While he's firing, the game will play the "standing with a gun" animation.

The prototype Chaingun Gangster has a very incomplete sound set. The only parts of the Chaingun Gangster's sounds that are not the temporary sound are the fire sounds. They are much louder than the final's firing sounds.

Prototype Final

Rocket Gangster

The Rocket Gangster keeps the final's basic design, but has quite a few differences. First, he has blonde hair and a grin, while the final one has a rag covering his head and isn't grinning. His stomach is exposed in the 1997 design, but the final one has a plate covering it. His rocket launcher has various wires coming out of it in the prototype, but the final design removes them. The prototype armor design looks like it's made of various scraps put together, but the final one's armor doesn't.

He behaves the same as he does in the final game. However, the rockets fired by him are much faster than the ones fired in the final game, which can make evading them essentially impossible in close quarters.

The only sounds that are not the temporary ones are the firing sounds, which is similar to the final's, but has a much more powerful-sounding beginning.

Prototype Final
Dai1997rocketgang.png Daifinalrocketgang.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997rocketgangback.png Daifinalrocketgangback.png
Prototype Final

Female Gangster

The Female Gangster's design is similar to the one in the final game, but there are quite a few differences. First, the protoype one has short and unstyled blonde hair, while the final one has styled and blueish hair. The 1997 Female Gangster is a lot more skimpy, as her legs, butt, stomach, and back are exposed. The final game covers everything except her cleavage up.

She behaves similar to how she does in the final game, but is noticeably slower.

Her sound set consist of temporary sounds.

Prototype Final
Dai1997femgang.png Daifemgangfinal.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997femgangback.png Daifinalfemgangback.png

Black and White Prisoners

There are early models and skins for the Black and White Prisoners that appear during the prison segment of Episode 4. The prisoners aren't muscular and don't have their muscles exposed, like the final prisoners do. In fact, it seems that both prisoners use the prototype’s E1 prisoner's model. Both of the prisoners have black hair, while the white prisoner has a beard. The White Prisoner has a shiv in his right hand in the prototype, but the final one doesn't have any weapons at all.

Both types of prisoners behave the same in-game.

The sound sets for the White Prisoner is complete. The prototype White Prisoner sounds a lot friendlier and nervous than the final's, who sounds like a paranoid hardass.

The Black Prisoner shares the White's sound set.

Prototype Final
Dai1997blackprisoner.png Daifinalblackprisoner.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997blackprisonerback.png Daifinalblackprisonerback.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997whiteprisoner.png Daifinalwhiteprisoner.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997whiteprisonerback.png Daifinalwhiteprisonerback.png