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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Weapons

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2.

Several of the weapons found in the final version of Daikatana can be used in the prototype, but all of them look different.

In Milestone 2, all of them can be used without cheats. In the Pre-Alpha, cheats must be used to access the Episode 3 and 4 weapons, as it lacks levels for Episode 3 and 4.

Episode 1

The player receives all of the Episode 1 weapons when they start E1M3 in the Pre-Alpha.

Ion Blaster

The Ion Blaster looks radically different than the final version's. Instead of being a gigantic brown thing with green wires coming out of it, it is a skinny silver, rod-like object. The model looks sightly corrupted when drawn out, but when fired, it will be fixed. There is no projectile model, but a projectile is fired when the fire key is hit.

Its behavior is also different as well; it will not ricochet when it hits a wall, making it much more user-friendly than the final version's. However, a sound named “ionwallbounce” hints that the Ion Blaster's projectiles were planned to be able to bounce off walls, but it wasn't implemented in the prototype.

This weapon’s projectile does not render correctly when using the OpenGL executable. The projectile will not appear, and the sprite explosion that happens when it hits a wall will not play either.

The player starts with 100 rounds for the Ion Blaster.

Prototype Final
Wouldn't the hole in the middle cause the laser stuff to spill out? Car engines are great laser blasters. Try it.
Software OpenGL
Dkms2 ionprojectileboom software.png Dkms2 ionprojectileboom opengl.png

C4 Vizatergo

Like the other prototype weapons, the C4 has a radically different-looking design. Instead of being a brown-box thing switch on its left side and some sort of pump on its bottom, the C4 is a gigantic grey thing with a grip that helps pumps the weapon between shots on the right and visible ammo on the left side.

The prototype C4 bombs lacks the proximity mine function the final's has, which means the prototype C4 can only be manually detonated. Bombs fired from the C4 can be detonated by hitting the “Enter” key with the default .cfg. If multiple bombs are placed on the ground when they are detonated, the detonate sequence goes from the most recent bomb to the first one placed.

The maximum amount of bombs that can be on the ground at once is nine. Once nine bombs are placed, all bombs placed will automatically self-destruct. Trying to toss another bomb while they are blowing up will crash the game.

Prototype Final
The proto's C4 Viz is actually pretty good. Using this is the best way to kill yourself in SP Episode 1.
Prototype Final
Explosive gum is yummy. Wouldn't it be funny if it hit the ground the wrong way?


The Shotcycler (called Shotcycler6 in the prototype) is much closer to a traditional video game shotgun than the final one, even though it doesn't look it. Instead of firing a 6-round burst when the fire key is hit, you will instead fire one blast. Once six shells are fired (either by holding down the fire key or firing them one at a time), there will be a brief pause before the player can fire the gun again. There is no recoil after each shot is fired, unlike the final's.

The prototype Shotcycler ejects green shells while the final Shotcycler ejects white shells.

Prototype Final
Romero that doesn't look like a shotgun!!!! Bad design! This is what happens when a metalhead designs a shotgun.
Prototype Final
Green shotgun shells are available from your local gun shop. Buy one today! They also have white shells! Buy buy buy!


The Sidewinder uses a static version of the Ion Blaster's weapon model.

Behavior-wise, it is the same as the final's; every time the fire function is used, two rockets are fired at once. The smoke trails the rockets emit do not exist in this prototype. The rockets themselves are a little slower than in the final game.

The player starts with 100 shots for the Sidewinder. Unlike the final game, each shot consumes one unit of ammo, despite firing two rockets.

Prototype Final
It's a pre-alpha, so its excused. Rocket-launching wrenches rule!

Episode 2

The player receives all Episode 2 weapons when they spawn in E2M3 in the Pre-Alpha

Discus of Daedalus

The Discus looks radically different compared to the final's. Instead of being merely a discus being held by the player, it consists of a yellow and black holder that holds a discus. The holder has a neat animation of it folding out every time the weapon is taken out by the player. However, the weapon's behavior is the same as the final's.

Of note is that the Discus fired by the player and the Discus on the view model have completely different textures. The model discus has some sort of blue stone texture, while the one thrown by the player is grey and has a carving of a Greek warrior on it.

A .bmp texture in the data\skins folder shows that there was a skin much more in line with the final's Discus view model (hand holding the Discus) developed around the time of Milestone 2 and Pre-Alpha. This is never used in the prototype, but a very early screenshot shows something very similar to this unused texture.

The in-game prototype Discus design was reused for a weapon named “Midas” that can be found in the final's game files, but never appears in the game.

Prototype Final
Man if this shit actually existed in Ancient Greece then it would be the best place in the world. A discus...GONE WRONG.
In-game Unused view model texture
That is one smooth piece of granite Photoshop filter abuse never gets old.
Unused view model texture Screenshot
Boring way to throw a discus Still boring.

Midas' Golden Grasp

The Midas' Golden Grasp is weapon never seen in the final version of the game. It is a gold glove that releases a small clump of gold sparkles in front of the player the fire key is used. If these sparkles hit an enemy, the enemy is frozen in place until the player hits the victim with another weapon.

Concept art of this weapon exists.


The Sunflare (named Greek Fire in the prototype) has a much more primitive model compared to the final. When taken out, a brief animation of the fires in it play, but then after a second they stop.

It is completely non-functional in this prototype. When the player this the fire key, a “throw” animation will play, but no projectile will come out. No ammo either exists or is subtracted when the fire key is uses, so the animation will loop for as long as the player holds down the fire key.

Prototype Final
Hiro accidentally grabbed a clay sculpture of Greek Fire instead of the real thing. It got chubby for the final game.

Episode 3

In the Pre-Alpha, these weapons can only be used via cheats.


The Axe is a weapon that does not appear in the final version. When summoned via cheats, it takes up the first slot. It appears to be a generic melee weapon that was replaced by the Silverclaw in the final version.

The sounds can be downloaded at File:Daiaxe.rar.


The prototype Bolter (called Crossbow in the prototype) looks much different compared to the final's. It is a full-sized crossbow that fires two bolts at once, while the final's is a pistol-sized crossbow that fires one bolt at a time. The arrows are affected by gravity and will curve much faster when fired in water.

A sound for firing the Bolter in water exists, but is not used if the player hops into a pool of water (such as the one in E2M3 or the one at the end of E3M1) and fires it.

A different .bmp skin for the Bolter can be found in the data\skins folder. It is a more traditional crossbow that looks like it fires a single arrow instead of two. Interestingly, a model based on this skin does exist in a very early Daikatana screenshot.

Prototype Final
Two arrows are worse than three. Chibi crossbow! Kawaii!
Unused Prototype Texture Early Screenshot
One arrow is better than two. It's even better in-game!


The Barrier is a weapon never seen in the final version. It is a staff that has bat wings that uncurl when the player takes it out. When fired, the player will move the Barrier around, but nothing happens. Based on the weapon's name, it is supposed to create some sort of barrier.

Of note is that the barrier's .dll file is named “Celestril”, which is a character shown in Daikatana concept art, but never appeared in the game. It is likely that the player was supposed to obtain the Barrier from Celestril in one way or another.

Sabikii's Red Dragon

The Sabikii's Red Dragon is a large weapon that is roughly-shaped like a dragon's head with a large bolt representing it's tongue. When the fire key is pressed, it will release a large arrow that explodes when it hits something. The arrow fired by the Dragon is powerful enough to kill any enemy in one shot if it makes a direct impact. It is essentially a Rocket Launcher in medieval clothes.

It is likely that the Dragon evolved into the final's Ballista; they both fire a powerful arrow that has splash damage, though the Ballista is not explosive.

The name “Sabikiis” appears in Daikatana concept art for a sorcerer that did not appear in the final version. It is very possible that the Dragon was supposed to be obtained from Sabikii(s) at one time, but was scrapped and repurposed into the Ballista when he was removed.

The player starts with 254 rockets for the Dragon.

Wyndrax's Wisp

The Wyndrax's Wisp in the prototype is nothing like the one in the final version. It looks completely different; instead of being a generic wizard wand, it is a very-poorly textured stick with strange, flower-like things on the sides, while the tip of the wand is pointed and has what appears to be a piece of grey popcorn on it. When the Wyndrax is fired, the weapon is very gently thrust forward and the popcorn thing shrinks until it disappears, then reappears as soon as the animation has ended. However, nothing comes out of it, making it useless.

Prototype Final
Interesting way to eat popcorn. Wouldn't be funny if the orb fell out of the wand while you were swinging it?

Episode 4

Like Episode 3's weapons, the Episode 4 weapons can only be used in the Pre-Alpha by using cheats.


The Glock looks very different in this prototype; it's more like a generic black pistol than the futuristic Glock 26/18 hybrid that the final uses. It behaves very similar to the final's; it fires a single bullet when the fire key is hit, but a few details are different. The fire rate is much faster when held down than the final's, the gun suddenly switches to being centered in the middle of the screen when it is fired and stays that way until the player switches to another gun, and the gun can be reloaded manually when you type in “reload_glock” in the console.

Of note is that if the gun is reloaded manually via the console, the bullets from the previous magazine stack with the new ones. For example, if you have four cartridges left in your magazine and you use the reload command, you'll then have 14 cartridges instead of the usual 10 after an automatic reload.

An earlier Glock model can be found in the models folder under the name "glock.orig", which was last modified during June 1997. It doesn't have a texture, but looking at the model shows that the Glock was blockier than compared to the one model used in the prototype. The model also shows that the Glock was meant to be fired right-handed and had both hands modeled instead of just one.

A few unused firing sounds can be sound in the sounds\weapons folder. One of them sound very close to the final's firing sound.

When fired in the software renderer, the Glock will eject spent casings. The process still happens in the OpenGL renderer, but the cases are not shown.

The player starts with 40 rounds for the Glock.

The Glock's sounds can be found at File:Daiglock.rar.

Prototype Final
It's the Doom pistol in 3D!!! Damn u Ion Storm there's no compact Glock 18! My immersion has been ruined!
Older Glock model Used Glock model
dai1997oldglock.png dai1997glockingame.png
Software OpenGL
Dkms2 glockcasing software.png Dkms2 glockcasing opengl.png
Unused Prototype Sound Final Firing Sound

Pulse Rifle

The Pulse Rifle is a weapon that does not appear in the final version. It looks somewhat like a grey version of the Doom Plasma Rifle, but it has fins on its side and a computer screen on the top near its back. By default, the gun fires grenades just like Quake's Grenade Launcher does. In fact, the projectile fired by it is exactly the same as the one fired by the Quake GL, though the texture seems to be partially corrupted.

If the player acquired "Pulse Bullets", they can switch between grenades and firing bullets by hitting the 2 key while the gun is out. If they want to switch to grenades again, they can hit the 2 key again. Whenever the 2 key is hit while the gun is out, the gun will play an animation where the barrel spins 180 degrees and fins on each side of the gun come out, then go back to the sides of the gun. When the gun is fired in "bullet" mode, it sounds exactly like the M41A Pulse Rifle in the Alien movies.

The Pulse Rifle shares several traits with the final's Slugger, like being able to fire grenades and switch between firing a regular gun and firing grenades by hitting the key the gun is mapped to. The .dll file calls the grenades “Cordite Grenades”, which is what the Slugger's grenades are called. It seems very likely that the Pulse Rifle evolved into the Slugger during development.

It is a very glitchy weapon that tends to crash the game whenever it is summoned via a cheat in the Pre-Alpha. This seems to happen much more often in E2M3 than in E1M3, though there doesn't seem to be a reason why. It works fine in Milestone 2.

An early .bmp texture for the Pulse Rifle can be found in data\skins folder. It is much less detailed and browner than the one in the prototype, as half of the texture is taken up by the flare from firing the gun. It looks pretty close to a weapon seen in very early Episode 4 screenshots, making it likely that the mystery gun is the Pulse Rifle.

When playing in the software renderer, grenades fired by the Pulse Rifle will causing a blinding effect. However, the effect will stay on the screen until a new level is loaded. The OpenGL renderer makes the flash nearly non-existant.

In-game Early texture
Looks like a Doom Plasma Rifle remake model for Quake 1 Effort was not on the priority list when this texture was made.
Early weapon Weapon in very early screenshots
Predaipulserifletext.png Daiprereleasepulserifle.png


The Tazerhook is a weapon that does not appear in the final version. It is a grey, seashell-shaped weapon with a hook coming out of it. When the fire key is hit, it shows an animation of a hook coming out, but nothing happens.


The Metamaser behaves the same as the final's (a mine that fires lasers at anything, friend or foe, that approaches it), but is very different graphically. It has no view model, has a clearly temporary model when tossed, and its lasers have no graphics, but otherwise it is the same team-killing bundle of joy that the final version's is. It has a much lower lifespan compared to the final's; it disappears a few seconds after continuously firing, while the final one will explode after a set amount of time.

The lasers fired by the Metamaser can be seen in the software renderer, but not in the OpenGL renderer.

Prototype Final
Good to see a rejected Star Fox enemy found a place in Daikatana. This weapon has it's users more than it has killed enemies.


The titular Daikatana has no model nor texture. The only reference to it as a weapon for the player anywhere in the prototype is one string (weapon_daikatana) in “items.dll”.

Quake Weapons

World models for the Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher and Super Shotgun from ‘’Quake’’ exist in the prototype, but are never used. Viewing the weapon's .dll files in a text editor shows that they were used as temporary world models for the weapons in the prototype, but as there are no weapons in the game to be picked up in the levels, they are impossible to see.

The Super Shotgun's view model exists in the game's files, but is unused as well.

Unprogrammed Weapons

.bmp textures for weapons never seen in the final version exist in \data\skins. These weapons have no coding associated with them. There are no traces of them in the final version either.



A texture for a futuristic-looking claw-like weapon exists. Based on its looks, it could fit in either Episode 1 or 4, which are both futuristic.



A model showing the player's hand and a grenade-like weapon named “cordite” can be found. If it's name is any indication, it appears the player was supposed to be able to throw the Slugger's cordite grenades by hand at one time.



A model named "sling.mdl" and "slingrock.mdl" can be found. Based on its animations and the models, the weapon would be used to sling rocks at enemies. However, it seems the artist never probably textured the rock, as the rock's texture consists of UV map outlines. It's impossible to tell exactly what episode it would fit in, though either Episode 2 or 3 would fit, as the weapon does not look futuristic.