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Proto:Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PlayStation 2)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PlayStation 2).
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The E3 2004 demo of (the American release of) Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, which lets you play a two song credit with a selection of ten songs to choose from.

General Differences

  • The Select Music backdrop has a simpler gradient.
  • The selection panel is likewise less detailed, lacking stripes on the sides and a less rectangular title window.
  • "PRESS START BUTTON" instead of the more specific "2P Press START Button to begin!"
  • "HIGHS OFF U" is listed as "Highs Off U", and "Your Rain (RAGE MIX)" is "Your Rain (Rage Mix)".

Unused Graphics

Originally, the U.S release of DDR EXTREME was going to retain the theme of the Japanese arcade and c/s versions of EXTREME. By the time the E3 demo came out, the theme had been changed to the one used in the final release, but the graphics still remained in the game.

Graphics found, and ripped, by Zenius-I-vanisher user BemaniHyper.

Game Menus

Ddrex e3 originalBG.png
Menu background
Ddrex e3 screenHeaders exjpThemed.png
Menu headers for each screen
DDREX E3 HowToPlay.png
How to Play graphic instructing the player on how to use freeze arrows.
Menu Navigation Instructions.png
Menu navigation instructions in English. Notice the misspelling of "difficulty" as "difficulity" not once, but twice.

In Game

In-song HUD for Oni mode - including score area, health area, battery graphics, and timer numbers.

Results screen

Ddrex e3 music select icons.png
Graphics used in the Results screen - difficulties, letter grades, etc.