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Proto:Def Jam Vendetta

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Def Jam Vendetta.

A demo of Def Jam Vendetta was released on Official PlayStation Magazine Demo 34 in June 2003. Despite this being after the game's American and European releases, it has many contrasting differences from the final game.

General Differences

  • The intro cutscene music is completely different.
  • There are no slam sound effects in the intro cutscene.
  • Ludacris uses his match intro cutscene for his introduction to the game as opposed to all the other rappers having a templated one already.
  • Redman isn't called out by D-Mob and hasn't got a introduction.
  • Song and album name text is different.
  • The music kicks in whilst D-Mob says the game's title, as opposed to afterwards in the final game.
  • Menus options have different icons.
  • Menu options have different name text.
  • Weight and Height text for the fighters are different.
  • The fighter name text is different.
  • There is no bell ring sound effect when a match starts.
  • There is no move name text when performing a move.
  • The score is different.
  • The timer is different.
  • Some fighters have different taunts.
  • The AI is smarter.
  • Blazin' text is different.
  • Some of the fighters have completely different Blazin' moves.
  • Score added for performing Blazin' moves is not present.
  • There is no Blazin' name text.
  • Danger text is different.
  • Fighter wins text is noticeable.
(Source: iamroman24)

Grimeyville Unused Stage

By replacing the character select screen with the unused select stage screen, the N.O.R.E stage can be loaded. This stage was left unused on the demo but is fully functional, and also has its own differences.

  • The stage is named LEFREAKROOFTOP.
  • The N.O.R.E text on the ring is missing.
  • There is less crowd in the front part of the stage.
  • The wires around the roof are missing.
  • The background has less buildings and clouds.

To play in this stage, using the following code, choose a character and when selecting the second one, press R3 + Up and the unused select stage screen will appear and by lastly select the last stage, The code applies to both the EUR and USA demos.

D14D09EE 0000FFEB
002302FC 00000005
(Source: ElApagaLuces, Edness)

Story Mode Debug Screen

DefJamVendettaPS2-DEMO StorymodeDebugScreen.png

A debug menu can be enabled with the following code. It applies to both the EUR and USA demos.

002302FC 00000007
(Source: ElApagaLuces)

Story Mode Debug Differences

Through using the code above, it is possible to see the character select screen and tournament ladder for Story Mode and they showcase multiple differences.

  • Briggs had a different hairstyle.
  • Briggs' early name was Brady.
  • Tank's early name was Takeshi.
  • Proof's early name was Truth.
  • Razor was originally a playable character for Story Mode.
  • Scarface has a different character picture during a match.
  • Opponent pictures on the tournament ladder are basic.
  • Iceberg has a different attire.
  • Dan G has a different attire.
(Source: kcl94)