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Proto:Deltarune/Chapter 1 & 2 Demo (2021)

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Undertale 2, part 2.



DeltaCH2-spr cutscene 30b toriel facepalm.png
Unused Graphics
So many early drafts.
Deltarune room dw city prototype 01.png
Unused Rooms
The biggest rooms in the littlest city.

Unused Objects


An object that is connected to a test cutscene involving the mention of a "peepee town" and an early version of the dialog that appears after exiting the computer lab.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


An old version of the previous unused object, which consists of Susie walking up to Kris and going back before a blank text box appears, softlocking the game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


An alternate version of the previous unused objects that simply has the characters moving around. Unlike the previous objects, this one requires partners with you or else the game will crash.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


An early version of the tornado used in the Berdly battle.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


An early version of Spamton NEO's heart.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Another early version of Spamton NEO's heart, which likely has its code edited from obj_sneo_wireheart_old.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


An even earlier version of Spamton NEO's heart, using the placeholder black and white sprites.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


An early version of the thrash transformation cutscene. The final object uses the Berdly statue as a placeholder sprite, while this uses the Berdly statue in a toilet sprite.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Audio

Cyber Battle Backing

Scrapped backing for "Cyber Battle" (it's unknown if that the name is referencing to the soundtrack or not). These sounds don't line up with cyber_battle_backing or cyber_battle_backing_solo.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Rhythm Battle


Kick drum.



Probably for a scrapped rhythm battle.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Boxing Rounds (Bitcrushed)

Sounds for other rounds in the arcade boxing minigame; there's only one round in that version of the minigame.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Lancer Cough

Perhaps Lancer was supposed to audibly cough, instead of just through text.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Queen Noises

Random Queen noises.

Alternative dialogue sound for Queen.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Keyboard Puzzle Characters

Like with the graphics, there are a bunch of audio clips for characters that are never used in the keyboard puzzles in Cyber City. The last one is of maru, or ゜. It is a character used as a dialectical mark in Japanese. However, marumaru, or 〇, is a common placeholder character used in Japanese games. So the maru clip is likely using that specific connotation, and was likely used when viewing placeholder puzzles using 〇 as a character.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Rouxls Kaard Dialogue Sounds(?)

Judging by the names, these could be scrapped Rouxls Kaard dialogue sounds. Having 3 sounds imply that Queen's voice system was used for his dialogue sounds. The video on the right is a recreation of how he would sound like in-game if these sounds were used.

To do:
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(Source: Original TCRF research, Skawo (recreation))


Context unknown.

Might be related to the cheering crowd in Berdly's flashback cutscene?

Context unknown. May be a shooting sound for the yellow soul.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Static noises. Most likely just a placeholder. The noise produced by the TV in the ending is titled tv_noise.ogg instead.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Music

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Add those that is in the talk page.


Dogcheck returns! The old Dogcheck screen from Chapter 1 is still here, but an alternate one may appear in place of that one. This is the music that plays during the alternative one.

(Source: u/Oinking_PokePig (finding), ZesTofthelemon (music filename))


noelle.ogg Girl Next Door (noelle_school.ogg)

Seems to be an early version of Girl Next Door, one of Noelle's themes.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Unused Used

An early version of WELCOME TO THE CITY. It's most likely the one Toby Fox posted on Twitter 2 years prior. Both the Twitter version and this version are in 160 BPM, while the used one (cybercity.ogg) is in 152 BPM.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


audio_menu.ogg Faint Glow (menu.ogg)

From the file name, it seems like this track was used in the Chapter 2 menu screen at one point. It is replaced by Faint Glow in the final version. It was only included in the itch.io Mac 1.00 version. The file name might be intended to be fully in uppercase, like other audio files with an AUDIO_ prefix in Windows versions.

To do:
Does Switch 1.03a have this?
(Source: Underminers Discord (mike#3876))


This track is an unfinished version of "Cyber Battle".

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Encounters

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ID Instance type(s) Enemy 0 Enemy 1 Enemy 2 Encounter message Notes
1 obj_baseenemy #1: Enemy #1: Enemy
* Test enemies showed up.

* テスト用の敵が現れた。
65 obj_werewerewire_enemy #40: Werewerewire #40: Werewerewire
* Werewerewire strongly blocks the way!

* ケーブロイドロイドが
  力強く 立ちふさがった!
The only Werewerewire battles outside of the dojo (which actually uses encounter 94 instead) both use encounter 81 (a single Werewerewire) instead.
67 obj_virovirokun_enemy #35: Virovirokun
* H-huh!? What's going on!?

* え…ええっ!?
An early version of the first battle with Noelle in the party (encounter 73).
70 obj_poppup_enemy
#31: Poppup #32: Tasque
* Animal house.

* ケモノの巣窟だ。
75 obj_werewire_enemy #33: Werewire #33: Werewire #33: Werewire
* Werewires swung in!

* ケーブロイドが ブラッと現れた。
76 obj_werewire_enemy
#33: Werewire #33: Werewire #32: Maus
* Werewire and Maus swung down like stringed superheroes!

* ケーブロイドとマウスが


77 obj_poppup_enemy
#31: Poppup #30: Ambyu-Lance
* Ambyu-Lance and its pet appeared!

* Q-9と そのペットが現れた!
78 obj_swatchling_enemy
#36: Swatchling #36: Swatchling #31: Poppup
* Poppup and caretakers appeared!

* ポップアップと世話係が現れた!
80 obj_swatchling_enemy
#36: Swatchling #36: Swatchling #34: Maus
* Swatchling and vermin appeared!

* パレットラーと 害獣が現れた!
88 obj_poppup_enemy
#31: Poppup #35: Virovirokun
* Poppup and Virovirokun Appeared!

* ポップアップとウィルスンが 現れた!
99 obj_baseenemy #1: Enemy #1: Enemy
* Test enemies showed up.

* テスト用の敵が現れた。
777 obj_bullettester_enemy #1: Enemy #1: Enemy #1: Enemy (No message)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Enemies/Enemy Behaviour

Queen Snowgrave Fight

The Queen encounter checks for the Snowgrave/Weird route completion and slightly adjusts the fight if it is:

  • Queen is positioned slightly differently.
  • Berdly is not spawned.
  • The attack setting routine checks if Berdly is not spawned and sets up an unused attack if he isn't.
  • The acts allowing the fight to be beaten peacefully are gone.
  • Queen does not have any hurt sound effects for getting hit.

The fight crashes at the end, because the game tries to access the nonexisting Berdly object.

(Source: Pirlo, Skawo)

Early Tasque Manager

User Event 14 (Other_24) of the Tasque Manager enemy object contains leftovers of an early version of it:

  • The "Order", "S-Action" and "R-Action" ACTs behave completely differently and have different text.
  • The OrderX ACT is unimplemented and softlocks the game.
  • ACTs give more mercy in general.
  • Defeating a Tasque does not trigger any verbal response from the Tasque Manager.
  • The "Order", "S-Action" and "R-Action" ACTs do not fail if a Tasque has been attacked.
  • The only attack used by Tasque Manager is the whip, although two more attacks (the quizzler and a placeholder Rudinn pattern) are referenced but disabled.
(Source: Skawo)

Early Rouxls Kaard

The object obj_rouxls_enemy_old_copy contains an early version of the Rouxls Kaard encounter:

  • No ACTs are implemented, and all softlock.
  • Rouxls Kaard does not take any houses.
  • Rouxls Kaard does not have dialogue.
  • The "Hey" bubble does not appear when the track gets to a "Hey" in the song.
(Source: Skawo, Meatball132)

Unused Berdly Coaster Battle Modes

The object o_coaster_berdly contains several unused modes for the encounter:

  • Mode 1 (programmed to be triggered if the battle starts with over 50% mercy - which never happens) spawns instances of o_coaster_jama on the tracks, which prevent characters from bumping into Berdly.
  • Mode 2 triggers "queenmode", which changes Berdly's sprite to an otherwise-unused graphic of Queen in a coaster. This sprite is then immediately overwritten with Berdly's idle battle stance, and therefore would normally not show up even if this mode was triggered. When bumping is attempted, the coaster floats up and down and the game softlocks.
  • Mode 3 triggers "queenmode" and spawns instances of o_coaster_lightning which similarly to Mode 1's blockades prevent characters from bumping.
  • Mode 4 triggers "queenmode" and spawns instances of o_coaster_jama, but changes their sprite to spr_coaster_car.
  • Mode 5 triggers "queenmode" and spawns instances of both o_coaster_lightning and o_coaster_jama.
(Source: Skawo, Space Core)

Unused ACTs

Spamton NEO

The code is set to react to a fifth option in Kris's ACT menu and spawn obj_sneo_throwkris_vine_controller, which begins the usual Kris throwing sequence and should spawn six obj_sneo_throwtarget objects. Unfortunately, the code is very broken and doesn't properly progress through all of the states. If fixed, it's revealed that the throw targets use otherwise-unused graphics.

While the code to trigger this is not in the final game, much like Ralsei's FluffyGuard spawns an instance of obj_sneo_tiny_ralsei there likely also existed an ACT which spawned obj_sneo_tiny_susie. If the object is spawned manually, it forms an auto-firing arrow in front of Kris's soul. The projectiles it shoots, obj_sneo_tiny_susie_axe, home into and destroy most of Spamton's attacks (though not all of them). A few attacks are also programmed to damage the arrow, and after five such hits, the arrow disintegrates.

There also exists an earlier version of obj_sneo_tiny_ralsei named obj_fluffyguard. A bubble (using spr_queen_winebubble_edit2) appears around the soul and protects it from attacks. After 10 hits from projectiles, the bubble vanishes.

(Source: Skawo)


There exists a case in Queen's code that would allow Susie to throw both Kris and Ralsei; the latter is thrown only if Kris hasn't already hit all of the targets. The graphics associated with this scenario are only seen here, and consequently go unused in normal gameplay.

(Source: Skawo)

Dojo Challenges

When attempting Graze Challenge 1 at the Party Dojo, it's normally impossible to ACT since the start of the player's turn is delayed by 999,999 frames (equivalent to about 9 hours and 15 minutes at 30FPS), but the enemy object used for this battle (obj_dojograzeenemy) has some basic ACT scripts with associated dialogue set up in its code anyway:

Action Text
 * GRAZECHALLENGE - Graze the bullets!
 * Susie acted!
 * Ralsei acted!

Oddly enough, Jigsaw Joe's enemy object for his dojo challenge also has code referencing the latter two strings, despite not having S-Action or R-Action enabled as valid ACTs to use against him in his scr_monstersetup entry (meaning that they also go unused there).

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Mauswheel's code contains a copy of Maus's generic N-Action script that's missing the check for whether Noelle has overcome her fear of mice and its associated dialogue for if she has. This goes unseen not only because Noelle is never available when fighting Mauswheels in the final game, but also because Mauswheel doesn't have N-Action enabled as a valid ACT to use against it in its scr_monstersetup entry.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Attacks


obj_queen_socialmedia — Seems to be an early variant of the social media attack. Compared to the early one, it features bigger portraits, actual comments, wider gaps and no healing.

obj_queen_spadeblow — This attack pattern is reused in the Giga Queen battle, with flames taking place of the spades. Spades are more associated with Chapter 1's King and Lancer and were dropped out of several other attacks.

obj_queen_solitaire — Another attack with a spade motif that went unused, featuring some (obviously placeholder) solitaire cards flying everywhere, like in the win scene of the classic 1990 version of the solitaire game shipped with Windows.

(Originally discovered by: Fan Of All Games)

obj_queen_search_window — An attack utilizing a browser motif, spawning things that are typed into the window. These are the things that may be typed:

  • Victory — Spawns nothing.
  • Gun — Spawns a gun, which fires a laser projectile.
  • Flail — Spawns a mace-looking object that rotates.
  • Birthday Boy — Spawns junk, or in an old version, an image of a birthday cake.
  • and several other joke inputs which spawn nothing such as Jifts, Guun, Perish, etc.

There exist old variations of the window itself as obj_queen_search_window_old, as well as the Gun and Flail attacks, which use monochrome graphics. In the case of the Gun, the laser also behaves differently, and bounces off walls. Referenced by Queen bullet pattern 0.

obj_queen_berdly_wireattack — An attack supposed to be used by Berdly if difficulty was set to 2 during Queen's turn, but it never is. Spawns an easily avoidable stream of bullets. There also exists a difficulty 3 variation, which does nothing.

obj_queen_search_window_bday — Supposedly created for the purposes of a joke bug report. Similar to the previous attack, but Flail spawns the Annoying Dog instead of the mace. The dog explodes at the end of its lifecycle, and makes the game crash on purpose with the following error message (not shown in the video above):


obj_queen_bufferbullet and obj_queen_bananabullet — The "exploding head" attack originally used spades for its bullets. There was also a 1 in 500 chance that a banana would spawn instead of a spade (note that this chance is increased in the video above). Touching the banana healed you to MAX. Unfortunately, (perhaps unintentionally in the case of the banana, as a byproduct of replacing the placeholder spade) the script overwrites the selected bullet with the final head bullet no matter what, so this is never seen.

(Source: Skawo)

GIGA Queen

The boxing controller object can call nine different attacks, the seventh of which is unused. In it, GIGA Queen attacks by using her wine glass to shoot laser beams. The attack is missing sound effects and features some unpolished art. While there do exist patterns that would utilize this attack, the patterns themselves are never used.

(Source: Skawo)

Sweet Cap'n Cakes

obj_musicalfight_speakers — An early version of the final note attack. Spawns speakers on a random side of the bullet board, which then release musical notes. In the final version, the speakers are always visible on the sides, and the bullets released are bigger and can also take form of a sound wave.

(Source: Skawo)

Rouxls Kaard

obj_thrash_laserbullet_old — A collisionless attack pattern test for the laser head thrash machine, with solid graphics. Seems to change colours depending on the turn.

The general bullet controller also features a different, impossible-to-dodge pattern for the regular obj_thrash_laserbullet.

(Source: Skawo)

Spamton NEO

obj_sneo_wall_controller — Supposed to be spawned if battle difficulty reaches 9, but it never does. Not unlike Jevil's carousel attack in Chapter 1.

obj_sneo_wireheart_edit — A version of the regular wireheart attack with the heart scaled bigger.

obj_sneo_crusher — A crude-looking pillar attack with many difficulty variations. About all of them end up pretty difficult to counter.

obj_sneo_pendulum — An attack with parts of Spamton NEO swinging from overhead. The parts can be deflected with big shots.

obj_sneo_cshot — A flying head attack with ¢-shaped barriers rotating around them as protection. Uses otherwise-unused Spamton head graphics.

obj_sneo_elevator_test — A unique attack with a steerable bullet board, that functions similarly to the Purple Soul power in Undertale. Has four difficulty variations, the latter of which add spark projectiles.

obj_sneo_phonecall_pipis — A joke attack. Spamton gets a call which explodes in his face. His head gets changed to a version with soot on it, which persists until another attack forcefully changes it.

obj_sneo_headwave — Spawns columns of blue Spamton heads that shoot tiny projectiles whilst rotating.

obj_sneo_splitbouncer — Spawns two blue Spamton heads that bounce around the bullet board, which continues to shrink. If shot enough times, they split into smaller copies. At the end of the turn, all the remaining heads explode.

obj_sneo_heartattack — Seemingly an early concept for the heart-on-a-chain attack. Uses an early design for the heart itself. Hands (obj_sneo_sine_hand) spawn from top and bottom of the screen. Has three difficulty modes, which add additional projectiles. There also exists a obj_sneo_heartattack_old, which is supposed to shoot instances of obj_sneo_biglaser, but the code for this is broken.

obj_sneo_rotatingwall_pipis — A counterpart to the used obj_sneo_rotatingwall_bomb, which appear during the columns attack. When defeated, they unleash a sun-shaped torrent of bullets.

Additionally, User Event 0 (Other_10) of obj_sneo_wall_controller is an early script for the unused attack, features more primitive walls and chaotic patterns. Finally, Spamton NEO has code to spawn one of Rudinn's attacks from Chapter 1, possibly as a placeholder. During this attack, his face goes blank.

(Source: Skawo)

There also exist a few unused difficulties for used attacks:

  • Difficulty 2 for the flying heads attack has Spamton shoot out massive lasers by spawning obj_sneo_biglaser.
  • Difficulty 2 for the columns attack spawns them in more head-heavy configurations and features otherwise-unused red heads that destroy surrounding columns.
  • Difficulty 3 for the columns attack spawns them in the same head-heavy configurations, but without the red heads.
  • Difficulty 4 for the columns attack spawns empty columns with no heads (which makes it impossible to dodge).
  • Difficulty 3 for the heart chain attack changes two of the hearts into laser-shooting green maws. The maws respawn if destroyed after a moment.
  • Difficulty 4 for the heart chain attack changes two of the hearts into bombs, which explode into diamonds if shot. The diamonds fly at Spamton, however, and not the bullet board, which seems to be an error. The bombs respawn if destroyed after a moment.
  • Difficulty 7 for the flying heads bullet has them fly in and make a small circle, then shoot a bullet.
(Source: GAMERSUNITE, Skawo)

Unused Text/Code

To do:
All dialogues here should use the templates in the Ch1 page.

UNUSED Strings

Once again, strings UNUSED_slash_UNUSED_gml_1_0 through 8_0 are... unused. But this time they contain a different message; kind of a continuation to the ones in Chapter 1. The script named UNUSED references these strings, and sets them to variables called unused_0 through unused_7.

English Japanese
No one can hear me, can they?
I guess not.
To be honest, I'm not even sure I can hear myself.
It's so quiet here...
... and yet, sometimes,
I swear I hear something...
Something like... scratching?
誰にも 聞こえてない…
自分でも 自分の声が
ここは とても静かだ…
なにか聞こえる… 気のせいじゃない…
なにか… カリカリいう音…?

(Since the original strings included line break control characters, they're also accounted for here.)

(Source: Ro#8652, MartyStarkiller, Dobby233Liu (Japanese text))

Debug Mode Text

There is a bunch of text that appears while using debug mode.

Ambyu-lance Battle

Text Description
Car done did a hit (number) times!
Appears after the car attack, and displays how many times your soul was hit by a car, likely to test the avoid and get hit ACTs.
cheese will be PUNISHED
Appears during the Ambyu-lance battle, though a way of consistently getting it in unknown.
cheese punishment canceled
Appears immediately after the previous text string.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Berdly Battle

Text Description
berdly is PISS
Appears when the B key is pressed during the second Berdly fight, and makes Berdly pissed (no, it doesn't turn him into piss).
berdly is not piss
Appears when the B key is pressed during the second Berdly fight after it has already been pressed, and makes Berdly no longer pissed.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Tasque Manager Battle

Text Description
You've selected QUIZZLER
Appears when the B key is pressed during the Tasque Manager fight, and turns all attacks into the Tasque Manager Says attack.
Next attack will be random
Appears when the B key is pressed during the Tasque Manager fight after previously being pressed, and makes all attacks be random.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Spamton Battle

Text Description
Spamton body mode changed
Appears when the B key is pressed during the Spamton fight. This changed Spamton's look depending on what action is taking place. When choosing your attack, his head grows before instantly shrinking, while making a deal with Spamton, he laughs, when choosing whether you're interesting in the deal, his arms go up, when choosing whether to give money or not, his arms go forward.
Toggled Spamton's DISGUISTING mouth
Appears when the N key is pressed during the Spamton fight, and turns Spamtons head big like how it is when he attacks.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Rouxls Kaard Battle

Text Description
[B] turn thrash debug on/off
Appears during the Rouxls Kaard fight.
[V] turn thrash debug on/off
An early version of the previous text.
up/down/shift: change thrash parts
1-3/Numpad7-9 for specific attacks
4/Numpad 5 for random attack
0/Numpad 0 for random machine
Appears after enabling the Thrash Machine debug.
Thrash machine piece debug enabled.
Appears when enabling the Thrash Machine debug.
Thrash machine piece debug disabled.
Appears when disabling the Thrash Machine debug.
Debug mode won't prevent you from losing points.
Appears when selecting all duck parts with the debug mode.
Thrash machine randomized.
Appears when randomizing the thrash machine.
Appears when pressing 1 during the Rouxls Kaard fight with the Thrash Machine debug open.
Appears when pressing 2 during the Rouxls Kaard fight with the Thrash Machine debug open.
Appears when pressing 3 during the Rouxls Kaard fight with the Thrash Machine debug open.
Appears when pressing 4 during the Rouxls Kaard fight with the Thrash Machine debug open.
An unused version of the text that appears when pressing 3 during the Rouxls Kaard fight with the Thrash debug open.
An unused version of the text that appears when pressing 4 during the Rouxls Kaard fight with the Thrash debug open.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Text Description
Transmitting VERY EVIL computer virus to dataminer's house and room...
Appears when selecting spawn type 21 in room_bullettest (ID 17). Looks like we're screwed.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Translated Unused Chapter 1 Strings

Oddly enough, while most of the unused strings from Chapter 1 that were originally left untranslated in the Japanese text remain unchanged or were stripped out in the Chapter 1&2 files, a handful of them have received new Japanese translations. (The English text is not new, and is included here only for comparison.)

English Japanese Notes
光過敏性発作ヲ 起コシヤスイデスカ?
Unused choice prompt from CONTACT.
Wake up!
Unused scene from CONTACT.
... You have a SWORD!?
…おまえ 剣持ってたのかよ!?
Susie's unseen equip comment for the Wood Blade during Chapter 1.
Nope. Not in 1st grade anymore.
はぁー? 小学生じゃねーっつの
Susie's equip comment for the Pink Ribbon during Chapter 1.
Um... D-do I look cute...?
ど…どう? かわいいかな…?
Ralsei's equip comment for the Pink Ribbon during Chapter 1.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Misc. Unseen Dojo Challenge Text

Two of the challenge battles available at the dojo have unique intro lines that go unseen because the player's turn never starts under normal circumstances:

Battle Text (English) Text (Japanese)
Graze Challenge 1
 * It's a grazing adventure.
 * 身かわしアドベンチャー。
Tasque Manager Says
 * Graze!
 * ギリギリかわせ!

There's also an additional line set to be used in Graze Challenge 1 on the player's turn after surviving a round of the enemy's attack, which goes unseen for the same reason:

 * How'd you get past!?
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Failing to Afford the ThornRing

During the Snowgrave/Weird route, the ThornRing can be bought from Spamton after defeating enough enemies; as with other item purchases, the game checks whether you have the money and inventory space to complete the deal and will point out if you don't with unique dialogue. However, due to the amount of battles required and the lack of any other available shop to spend currency at, it's actually impossible to be unable to afford the $1997 price by the time the ring becomes available to purchase, rendering Spamton's reaction line for this case unused.

Character Text (English) Text (Japanese)
 * [Money] NO
 * [[おカネ]]足  リ な
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Café Visit with Noelle

When you ask the café owner in Castle Town for a "Recommendation", the game will select a random member of your current party for the owner to direct their comment towards. Even though you never get the chance to visit the café with Noelle as a party member, this script accounts for her potential presence anyway, complete with unique dialogue lines.

English Japanese
* For the young deer, we recommend the cinnamon eggnog.
* トナカイの お客さまには
* We've shaved candy cane on top for extra flavor.
* 仕上げに
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Entering Spamton's Shop with Noelle

Normally, it's impossible for the player to enter Spamton's shop while Noelle is in the party, since she leaves before the point when it gets unlocked. However, if you unlock Spamton's shop and also hack in Noelle as a partner, she has unique reaction lines for this scenario.

Character Text (English) Text (Japanese)
 * Huh? You want to go in alone...?
 * え? ひとりで行くの…?
 * ... okay, I'll... I'll just wait here...
 * わかった。それじゃ…
  わたしは ここで
 * Just, um.... it's cr-creepy out here, so...
 * でも ここ… なんだか
  ちょっと 不気味だから…
 * N-no, you can take your time! It's okay...
 * ううん なんでもない!
(Source: Traier Meme, original TCRF research (Japanese text))

Noelle's Item Dialogue

Most consumables and equipment have a set of character-specific dialogue lines for when they're used/equipped by each character. Since Noelle only joins the party for a limited time, her comments on items that can only be obtained after she leaves go unused, as do those for items that are entirely unobtainable.

Item English Japanese Notes
Something to graze on!
Leftover unused item from Chapter 1. Has a healing value of 90 HP when used on Noelle, as opposed to its standard value of 4 HP.
(Huh? I didn't know Kris liked this flavor.)
(クリスが この味好きなんて…)
Leftover unused item from Chapter 1.
Ralsei Tea
There's nothing in here!
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party. Has a healing value of 50 HP when used on her (the Tea items each have a unique healing value for all four characters).
Susie Tea
(Wonder if they sell this in gallons?)
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party. Has a healing value of 400 HP when used on her, the highest of all the Tea interactions.
B-Brainfreeze! ... kidding!
頭がキーンとする…! …なーんてね
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
Reminds me of one of my sweaters.
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
I... I can't read these symbols...
この記号は… 解読できないよ…
Unused item.
What are you sprinkling?
なにを ふりまいてるの…?
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
What are you throwing?
Unused item.
(I'll... just pretend to drink it...)
(とりあえず… 飲むフリだけ…)
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party. Since she doesn't actually drink it, it's coded to do nothing when used on her, as opposed to its standard effect of damaging the user for 20 HP.
Wh... what is this?
これって… なに?
Leftover unused weapon from Chapter 1.
Okay! ...? What do you mean, unused!?
オッケー! …え? 「ボツ」? どういうイミ!?
Leftover unused weapon from Chapter 1. Interestingly, Noelle comments on how this item went unused.
It's... kind of scary...
なんかちょっと… 怖い…
Unobtainable weapon.
Now THIS is a tacky scarf! Faha!
なにこのマフラー! ダサーい! ふはは!
Unused weapon.
(Wh... why give this to me?)
(え… なんで わたしに…?)
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
(Feels like guitar strings...)
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
... from the family entertainment center?
Leftover unused armor from Chapter 1.
... nostalgic, huh.
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
Armor? (It's cool...)
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
... do I put it in my hair?
…これは 髪につけるのかな?
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
(Maybe Susie would like this look?)
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
(Why did they spend $300 on this!?)
(Why did they spend $300 on this!?)
Unused armor. Text is reused from Noelle's comment on the Mannequin in the English version.
(It's tearing my sleeves...)
Unused armor.
(Reminds me of Asgore...)
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
(Seems... familiar?)
(なんか… 見覚えが…?)
Only obtainable after Noelle leaves the party.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Light World Equipment

As in Chapter 1, the Light World equipment can't be unequipped or examined, so the description strings for the new equipment items added in Chapter 2 cannot be seen. (Note that unlike the equipment from Chapter 1, these items don't have any use text defined.)

Item English Japanese
* "Eraser" - Weapon 1 AT
Pink, it bounces when thrown on the ground.
* 「けしごむ」 - ぶき AT1
* ピンクいろ。ゆかにおちると
  ビヨンと はねる。
Mech. Pencil
* "Mechanical Pencil" - 1 AT
* It's tempting to click it repeatedly.
* 「シャープペンシル」 - ぶき AT1
* ついつい なんども
* "Wristwatch" - Armor 1 DF
* Maybe an expensive antique.
* Stuck before half past noon.
* 「うでどけい」 - ぼうぐ DEF1
* アンティークかも? 12じ30ぷんの
  まえで とまっている
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Recruit Info

A recruitment entry for Jevil exists but isn't used in-game, even if the player defeated or spared him during Chapter 1. He's set to be unplaceable in the café (like the used Tasque Manager recruit) and thus doesn't have a set dialogue string for that, but otherwise has all the data of a typical recruit. The description mentions the Devilsknife item, which is only obtained by defeating Jevil violently; a variant for the Jevilstail, which is obtained by pacifying Jevil, doesn't exist, despite recruits only being added if they were defeated through sparing or pacification.

English Japanese
ID 20
An agent of CHAOS, he became DEVILSKNIFE to the pocket.
Chapter 1
Attack 10
Defense 5
Screenshot DeltaCH2-Cafe Jevil.png DeltaCH2-JevilRecruit.png

Additionally, the failsafe values for when a recruit's info is not defined include unique name and description strings:

English Japanese
Known Quantity 
It is known.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

room_dw_city_traffic_5_old Text

Text related to the unused "room_dw_city_traffic_5_old" room. Interestingly, these text strings are refered to as "city04".

Character Text
* Kris! Where were you!
* Tut tut... even late for your own truce.
* Well, not as if your presence even matters.
* Ahead of us is a mind meltingly difficult puzzle.
* So just take your nap time, Kris.  I'll handle it.
* (I... only have to figure out how it works...)
* Just a moment, Kris, I...
* You... How'd you do that!? I... I...
* ...
* ... Kris. You c-can't tell anyone about this, okay!?
* If anyone asks, I solved the puzzle!!
* Got it? Not a word to ANYONE!!
* You KNOW she'd just... lord it over me!!!
* Ugh!!
* I'm Going To Tell Susie
(Source: Original TCRF research)

"Example Cutscene" Text

A bunch of text that is connected to an unused object called "obj_example_cutscene". It starts off with some placeholder text, and then turns into an early version of the dialogue that plays after exiting the Computer Lab, with more text strings in it.

Character Text
* Pee pee town.
 * Box 1
 * Box 2
 * Box 3
* Funny.
* ... Man, it got late, didn't it...?
* Well. Guess you should go home, huh?
* Alright, you don't have to say it.
* Don't wanna walk home by yourself, huh?
* Well, if you're gonna MAKE me, I guess...
* Let's go.
* I'm going home
(Source: Original TCRF research)

"Cutscene Test" Text

Another set of dialogue for a test cutscene, this time being for obj_cutscene_test, which appears in the unused room_cutscene_tester room. It involves a conversation between Susie and a fake Lancer, before the real Lancer shows up.

Character Text
* Hey, is that... Lancer!?
* What are you up to, buddy?
Lancer (Fake)
* Lancer?
Lancer (Fake)
* Ho ho ho!!! Susie!!!
Lancer (Fake)
* Who says I'm Lancer?
* Of course you're Lancer...
Lancer (Fake)
* ... then who's that?
* Hoho!
* Alright, are you Lancer then!?
* Yes I am!
* Which one of you said that!?
* I did!
* That's it, I'm taking a closer look!
* Umm, so what did you figure out?
* Uhhh...
* I'll just be friends with both of them!
* That's the attitude!
* Hohoho! Yeah, it is!
* What the!?
* L-Lancer!?
* That was the fake one.
* Oh, okay.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Placeholder Text

Object Text
* [NO TEXT] (obj_npc_room)
* [NO TEXT] (obj_npc_sign)
* [NO TEXT] (obj_readable_room1)
* [NO TEXT] (obj_npc_room_animated)
* [NO TEXT] (obj_npc_facing)

Dummy text for whenever the player interacts with an interactable object that does not have dialogue assigned to it. The original placeholder texts for these objects in Chapter 1 is still used, but for some reason is overwritten by these strings anyway.

To do:
Crop screenshot.

Deltarune Leftover Text.png

...which is why this exact text appeared when interacting with the broken desk found in the police station in earlier versions of the game! This was, however, patched out, and now interacting with the broken desk gives no flavor text at all.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Items


ID 17 26 29 31
Name Mannequin
Full description It's a mannequin with the clothes
permanently attached. Useless
A coffee-and-chocolate flavored cookie.
Words spark out when you bite it.

Raises TP to full in battle.
バトル中 TPを満タンにする。
A breakable mint that revives all
fallen party members to 100% HP.

倒れた仲間全員を HP100%で復活させる。
Battle description Useless 使いみち
Target type None Individual Party Party
Usable No Yes Yes Yes
Use text * ~1 used the CLOTHESDOLL!* ... but nothing happened!
* ~1は
* しかし なにも起こらなかった!
* ~1 used the JAVACOOKIE!
* ~1は
* ~1 used the TENSIONMAX!
* ~1は
* ~1 used the REVIVEBRIGHT!
* ~1は
Character comments Susie (No comments) It says GUTS! 「ガッツ」って書いてあるぞ! (No comments) Don't throw mints at me! オレにミント投げんなよ!
Ralsei It says Fluffy... 「モフさ」って書いてある… It's minty! ミントのかおり!
Noelle I... I can't read these symbols... この記号は… 解読できないよ… What are you throwing? なにを投げてるの…?
Value 300 160 1000 4000
Notes An early version of the used item Mannequin, set to be a regular item rather than a piece of armor. Heals 100 HP when used on Kris or 90 HP when used on anyone else. Seems to be a stronger version of the used items TensionBit and TensionGem. Seems to be a stronger version of the used item ReviveDust, with similar character comments.


ID 11 15
Name TwistedSwd
Description A strange blade
A scarf with colorful you-can-do-it
imagery. Gains more TP from criticals.

Attack +16 +1
Defense 0 0
Magic 0 +2
Ability Deltarune-spr dmenu items-6.png Trance
Deltarune-spr dmenu items-6.png トランス
Deltarune-spr dmenu items-10.png Smiley
Deltarune-spr dmenu items-10.png スマイル
Value 1 250
Characters Kris
Susie ... uhh, looks bad.
Smiley faces? Ecch.
スマイルマーク? うぇ…
Ralsei It's like a spiral.
You can do it!
大丈夫! キミならできる!
Noelle It's... kind of scary...
なんかちょっと… 怖い…
Now THIS is a tacky scarf! Faha!
なにこのマフラー! ダサーい! ふはは!
Notes Can be obtained by fusing a ThornRing and a PureCrystal, but the PureCrystal is unobtainable, rendering this item effectively unused as well. Uses the same ability name (Trance) as the ThornRing, but this version of Trance uses a different ability icon and doesn't appear to be functional.


ID 17 18 19
Name DarkGoldBand
Description A black metal with a golden shine.
黄金色に輝く 黒い金属製。
A cape that shimmers fluorescently.
Protects against Elec and Holy attacks.

Attack 0 0 +3
Defense 0 +1 +1
Magic 0 0 0
TP range 0 0 0
Ability Deltarune-spr dmenu items-7.png Deltarune-spr dmenu items-4.png Elec/Holy
Deltarune-spr dmenu items-4.png 電/聖
Deltarune-spr dmenu items-7.png Attack
Deltarune-spr dmenu items-7.png ATアップ
Value 200 during Chapter 1; increases in value by 420 for every subsequent Chapter 1 300
Characters Kris
Susie Not even gonna ask. Get a load of THIS! ヤベえ! 見ろよ これ!
Ralsei Um, the d-dress is cute... Looking SHARP! うーん トガッてるー!
Noelle (Why did they spend $300 on this!?) (It's tearing my sleeves...) (服のそでが破けちゃう…)
Notes Its character comments are the same as those of the used item Mannequin, presumably as a placeholder. For some reason, they're left in English even in the Japanese strings, which do properly translate the corresponding comments for the Mannequin itself. It's set to reduce damage from attacks with element 1 by 50%, presumably corresponding to the "Elec/Holy" elements mentioned in the description, but there are no attacks anywhere in the game that have that element set, rendering this ability useless.

Key Items

ID Name Description Notes
15 PureCrystal
The shadow purified by the cat
とあるネコの力で 闇の要素が浄化されている
Can be fused with a ThornRing to create a TwistedSwd. While the item description appears to allude to Seam's collection of the used ShadowCrystal key items, the relationship between them and the PureCrystal is not definitively known.

(Source: Zyxyz, TrainerX493, Boo (testing), Nosarms (ability icons))

Asset Naming Oddities

Loox Wazowski

The Loox NPC that appears in Hometown near Flower King, just like in Undertale, is referred to by the name "Mike Wazowski" internally, probably because their design bears a strong resemblance to the aforementioned Monsters Inc. character.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Early Ambyu-Lance Name

All of the enemies that you can fight in Chapter 2 have their English name used as their internal name, except for Ambyu-Lance, who is instead referred to as "omawaroid" internally, suggesting that their name was originally "Omawaroid".

(Source: Original TCRF research)



BIG SHOT, the song that plays when fighting Spamton NEO, is internally referred to as spamton_neo_mix_ex_wip.ogg.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Leftover Debug Features

To do:
Add actual debug features.

Credits Controls

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
Specifically: Which patch?

During the credits at the end of Chapter 2, typing "r" on the keyboard restarts the credits. Typing "p" immediately ends the credits. This was removed by a subsequent patch.

(Source: r/Deltarune Discord, Underminers Discord)

Chapter 1 Changes

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Investigate the files suffixed with _ch1 (but not _ch2).

This demo made modifications to Chapter 1 content.


SURVEY_PROGRAM Deltarune Chapter 1&2 Language

The doors are only a single door in the original version. It is changed to double doors in DRC1&2, for consistency with Chapter 2.

(Source: Original TCRF research)
SURVEY_PROGRAM Deltarune Chapter 1&2

Additionally, the original version had some stray pixels on the second layer that were removed in DRC1&2.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Wrist Protector

SURVEY_PROGRAM Deltarune Chapter 1&2

If a Chapter 1 save file is created with the DRC1&2 version, the Wrist Protector from the original version (obtained by reaching the Dark World in under six minutes) can no longer be found and its functionality will be enabled by default, even before going to the Dark World.

(Source: Exaskliri)

Changed Text

SURVEY_PROGRAM Deltarune Chapter 1&2 Description
* Sure? It wasn't that good. * It'd probably improve it.
"* Ya sure? It'd probably make it better.
Said by Susie to Top Chef. Probably changed because the TopCake does turn out to the best healing item in the game.
* Great job, Kris! * We earned ~1 EXP and ~2 $!
* Great job, Kris! * We earned ~1 EXP and ~2 D$!
The Dark World's currency is "Dark Dollars", "D$".
The $!?# Squad
The $!$? Squad
Likely changed because "#" is a control character in Chapter 2, which could cause problems later.
* The DARK $!?# Squad!
* The DARK $!$? Squad!
* Choco Diamonds, only 40G, I guess.
* Choco Diamonds, only $40, I guess.
"G" was the currency in Undertale. That said, the Dark World's currency is meant to be D$...
* It's a mere 40G.
* It's a mere $40.
* Susie!? You mean want to try ACTing...?
* Susie!? You mean you want to try ACTing...?
Grammar fix.
* It would be a a lie to say that I, too...
* It would be a lie to say that I, too...
Removing repeated "a".
* She'd alway fuss about going^1, but once the party started...
* She'd always fuss about going, but once the party started...
Typo fix.
(Sepia and Menu Art)
(Sepia and Menu Art, Borders)
8-4 Ltd.
8-4, Ltd.
Japanese localization company name fix.
* (Kris got the Hot Chocolate.)
* (You got the Hot Chocolate.)
An interesting change from a game lore perspective.
* (You got ShadowCrystal.)
Shadow Crystals were retconned into Chapter 1, and this text now appears after defeating Jevil.
End Program
Return to Title
Game no longer closes upon selecting this option, but goes back to the chapter select screen.

There's also a bunch of non-notable control character changes.

(Source: Skawo and more)

Platform Differences


DeltaCH2 Border 1.png

DeltaCH2 Border 2.png

DeltaCH2 Border 3.png

As with the console releases of Undertale and the Chapter 1 demo, the console release of Chapter 1&2 contains various borders that are dynamically switched out Super Game Boy-style based on which area of the game the party is present in. In addition to the three borders included in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 includes three new borders themed around the Cyber Field, Cyber City, and Queen's Mansion areas.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

[Press F1 For] HELP

Spamton's battles feature an Easter egg based on pressing the F1 key: during both his normal and NEO fights, it will summon Spamton angels that heal the party (which can only be done once per attempt). While these Easter eggs can be triggered on the home console versions with a USB keyboard, the player can also activate the feature with a controller by clicking the right analog stick.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences

Librarby Interior

English Japanese

Just like in Chapter 1, the Teenz-Own banner inside the Librarby is translated to Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Queen's Visor

English Japanese
DeltaCH2-Queen Bro EN.pngDeltaCH2-Queen IDK EN.pngDeltaCH2-Queen LMAO EN.pngDeltaCH2-Queen Lying EN.pngDeltaCH2-Queen Nice EN.pngDeltaCH2-Queen True EN.png DeltaCH2-Queen Bro JP.pngDeltaCH2-Queen IDK JP.pngDeltaCH2-Queen LMAO JP.pngDeltaCH2-Queen Lying JP.pngDeltaCH2-Queen Nice JP.pngDeltaCH2-Queen True JP.png

Some of Queen's visor messages are replaced with Japanese-language equivalents; most of these are written in katakana, tying in with Queen's technological theme (In case you're wondering, "www" is essentially the Japanese equivalent of "lol").

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cyber City Screens

English Japanese
DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen Queen EN.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen Smart EN.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen Stupid EN.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen Big Stupid EN.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen QUEEN RULES EN.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen Queen JP.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen Smart JP.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen Stupid JP.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen Big Stupid JP.png DeltaCH2 Cyber City Screen QUEEN RULES JP.png

Several of the screens that appear in Cyber City are translated into Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Annoying Mouse Room Signs

English Japanese
DeltaCH2 Annoying Mouse Room 1 EN.png

DeltaCH2 Annoying Mouse Room 2 EN.png

DeltaCH2 Annoying Mouse Room 3 EN.png
DeltaCH2 Annoying Mouse Room 1 JP.png

DeltaCH2 Annoying Mouse Room 2 JP.png

DeltaCH2 Annoying Mouse Room 3 JP.png

The neon signs in the Annoying Mouse Rooms are translated into Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


The sales pitches that appear as one of Spamton's attacks in his first fight are translated into Japanese and use a thinner font (matching the one used for standard in-game text).

(Source: Flowey the Flower)

Kris's Mansion Room

English Japanese
DeltaruneChapter2-KrissMansionRoom-English.png DeltaruneChapter2-KrissMansionRoom-Japanese.png

There's only one pixelized Toriel playing the piano in the Japanese version, probably because the "video game piano tutoriel" pun would not make sense. Notably, this is the only actual layout difference between the two languages.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Rouxls Kaard's Speech Bubble

English Japanese
DeltaCH2 Rouxls Kaard Hey EN.png
DeltaCH2 Rouxls Kaard Hey JP.png

The "Hey" speech bubble that Rouxls Kaard generates in-time with the accompanying voice clip in "It's Pronounced 'Rules'" is translated into Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


English Japanese
DeltaCH2 Pipis Sign EN.png DeltaCH2 Pipis Sign JP.png

The crudely-drawn sign that appears when Spamton NEO starts his Pipis attack and when fighting Pipis enemies is translated into Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Spamton NEO VCR icons

English Japanese
DeltaCH2 Spamton NEO Wreck EN.png DeltaCH2 Spamton NEO Pause EN.png DeltaCH2 Spamton NEO Spew EN.png DeltaCH2 Spamton NEO Wreck JP.png DeltaCH2 Spamton NEO Pause JP.png DeltaCH2 Spamton NEO Spew JP.png

The mock VCR HUD icons that appear during Spamton NEO's ultimate attack in the Weird Route are translated into Japanese.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Notably, the Pause icon adds a pun in Japanese, with teishi ていし "stop/pause" written as テイ死 using the kanji for death with the same pronunciation, rather than its normal kanji. Additionally, the Record icon, 殺エイ中, is a pun on 撮影中 satsueichuu "now recording", with satsu replaced by 殺, "kill". Both puns tie in with Spamton's habit in the Japanese script of replacing instances of "dai" (だい) and "desu" (です) with the English words "die" and "death" (e.g. writing "daisuki," だいすき, as "dieすき").

(Source: Original TCRF research)


English Japanese
DeltaCH2 Tender Goodbye EN.png
DeltaCH2 Tender Goodbye JP.png

Queen's "Tender Goodbye" is translated in the Japanese version as "Bye Bye Genki De Ne." As such, the filename banner that appears when she activates it is rewritten to reflect this; unlike other translated graphics, this one uses Romaji.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Revision Differences

To do:
code comparsion

Version 1.0.4

Released on September 19, 2021.

  • Fixes a softlock that occurs when standing in Noelle's way as she jumps back from the other side of the laser wall in the "DECEMBER" room.
  • Fixes a softlock that occurs when sparing Poppups while other party members are performing an ACT.
  • Fixes a crash that occurs after helping a Swatchling and breaking a vase in the Acid River.
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when performing the "Block" ACT on Poppups with frame-perfect precision.
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when pressing the spacebar in two rooms in Queen's mansion.
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when pressing up while inserting the LoadedDisk into the NEO robot in the mansion basement.
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when checking the Recruits menu at a save point at the end of the game when only some enemies have been recruited.
(Source: @UnderTale on Twitter)

Version 1.0.5

Released on September 21, 2021.

  • The player is allowed to quit after losing to Giga Queen, instead of being forced to restart the fight.
  • Losing to Queen & Berdly has the player respawn closer to her room with the party's HP restored.
  • Losing to the teacup ride in the mansion basement respawns Kris in the same room instead of forcing them to restart from the beginning of the area.
  • Losing to Spamton NEO respawns Kris just before inserting the LoadedDisk, so that the player can backtrack.
  • Unspecified additional bugfixes.
(Source: @UnderTale on Twitter)

Version 1.06

Released on September 23, 2021.

  • Fixed an issue where Spamton NEO's ShadowCrystal didn't carry over to the player's Light World inventory as Glass.
  • Fixed an issue where Sweet Cap'n Cakes' attacks, which are synced to their battle music, lasted an unusually long time.
  • If the player fires six to ten charged shots during the Spamton NEO fight via a glitch that allows them to do so in quick succession (pressing Z while holding down Enter, or vice-versa), he will become visibly angry and his attacks will increase in strength. The latter effect amplifies with continued use of the glitch, though becomes more lenient if the player repeatedly loses the fight.
  • Fixed the "Wrong Warping" bug. It now requires holding X and C to execute, so that the bug doesn't affect casual players while being accessible to speedrunners.
  • Unspecified additional bugfixes.
(Source: @UnderTale on Twitter and @Shayy_TV on Twitter)

Version 1.07

Released on September 30, 2021. Also known as version 1.03 on PS4 and version 1.03b on Switch.

  • The X key can now be held down to reduce the SOUL's movement speed on the Bullet Board by 50%, making it easier to navigate tight spaces between certain projectiles.
  • Defeating Jevil in Chapter 1 now adds a ShadowCrystal, which can be imported to Chapter 2, to the Key Items section of the inventory.
  • Checking Kris' bed after completing Chapter 2 once now allows them to instantly skip to the Cyber World, similarly to Chapter 1.
  • Lancer has new dialogue during the Chapter 2 prologue when importing data from a Chapter 1 file that saw enemies defeated with violence. Lancer now clarifies that he used his new powers as king to grant the party amnesty, allowing Castle Town's residents to forgive them.
  • Spamton NEO becomes "subtly more difficult" when angered by the consecutive charged shot glitch: some of his later attacks like the second phone wave attack would come much earlier in the fight, and the heart attacks' bullets would be more randomized to make it trickier to dodge.
  • Ralsei's FluffyGuard R-Action in the Spamton NEO fight is altered to allow the player to pause the shield's rotation with the X key.
  • DeltaCH2 Ms. Pipis.png
    The Pipis enemies you fight in the Weird Route now have a 1% chance of becoming Ms. Pipis, which functions identically to a regular Pipis apart from having a pink bow added to its sprite. (Presumably, this is what the stretched "Pipis Fanservice" line in the official changelog is referring to.)
(Source: @UnderTale on Twitter)

Development Text

To do:
  • Add language file date property.
  • The codename of this game may be "sunkus".

Switch Build Paths

Within the Nintendo Switch v1.03a version's options.ini are some leftover build paths.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Shortcut Metadata

To do:
More data may exist.

In all Windows versions from itch.io, a shortcut to the executable is included, which has some leftover metadata:

Icon path D:\builds\final_sept_16_2021\DELTARUNE Chapter 1&2 Data\DELTARUNE.exe
Machine ID msi

The itch.io Mac 1.00 version has a GMLive executable presumably left over from development, along with a shortcut pointing to it, which also has metadata:

Local base path C:\drune_work\sunkus-ch2-gms2.3-pc\DELTARUNE.yyp\datafiles\GMLive\gmlive-server.exe
Working directory C:\drune_work\sunkus-ch2-gms2.3-pc\DELTARUNE.yyp\datafiles\GMLive
Icon path C:\drune_work\icon.ico
Machine ID desktop-o589nkr
(Source: Original TCRF research)