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Proto:Destroy All Humans! (2005)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Destroy All Humans! (2005).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

To do:
Document the two remaining Santa Modesta missions as well as any other differences that were missed.

A prototype of Destroy All Humans! from March 12, 2004 was found on a Xbox Debug Kit obtained by Aden34. It predates the final by over a year and the gameplay is pretty different compared to what shipped.

General Differences

Pandemic Launcher

DAHMar2004 PandemicLauncher.png

The player is immediately taken to the Pandemic Launcher once the build boots up. While it is used to quickly jump to levels, there are references to four maps that are not present in the build: Capitol City, Design Land, Previewer, and Construction Site.


All of the main menu assets consisted of storyboard sketches.

Title Screen

The design of the title screen stayed pretty much the same between the storyboard and what appears in the final.

Proto Final
DAHMar2004 TitleScreen.png DestroyAllHumans TitleScreen.png

Clone Chamber

DAHMar2004 CloneChamber.png

The game selection screen is known as the Clone Chamber in this build. Every new game is represented by a new chamber and Crypto's number will iterate every time you die during gameplay, the latter of which stayed the same for the final.

Orthopox's Lab

It appears that one of the early concepts for the lab was for the player to talk to Orthopox to upgrade Crypto's weapons and/or his flying saucer.

DAHMar2004 OrthopoxLab1.png

DAHMar2004 OrthopoxLab2.png DAHMar2004 OrthopoxLab3.png


Another concept for the mothership was the Historica, which seemed to give a list of bonus tasks for the player to complete.

DAHMar2004 Historica1.png

DAHMar2004 Historica2.png

HUD Graphics

DAHMar2004 gui site icons.png

  • All of the graphics on the HUD are rough looking and are completely different.
  • Orthopox is much older and has a monocle, as reflected by the icon used for his text boxes.

Debug Menu

DAHMar2004 DebugMenu.png

Pressing Back on the Xbox controller will cause a small debug menu to appear.


Aura Vision

DAHMar2004 AuraVision.png

Aura Vision is an ability that ended up getting scrapped. It would have allowed Crypto to see the auras of the creatures around him and let him know their mood and the type of thought they are having.

Body Snatcher

DAHMar2004 BodySnatcher.png

  • Holobob is known as body snatcher in this build.
  • Crypto just took on the appearance of the person he is body snatching instead of being a holographic projection,
  • The jetpack can be used while disguised. It is unknown if this is a glitch or if it is something the developers kept in as a joke.
  • Crypto could body snatch animals too, which later got removed.
  • In addition, he could also talk to humans at any time while disguised. He could only talk to citizens if the mission required it in the final.


  • Crypto can hypnotize any human at will. People can only be hypnotized if the mission required him to use that ability in the final.

Audio Differences

Character Greetings

As mentioned above, it was originally planned for Crypto to have conversations with any human while body snatching. A few examples of these lines have been provided below.

Audio Transcription Usage
"This country's great, isn't it?" Crypto's greeting to a generic male NPC.
"Where did you get that dress? I love itǃ" A reply from a generic female NPC whenever Crypto body snatches a woman.
"You keep out of trouble, ya hear?" A reply from a police officer.
"We're keeping America safe!" A reply from a soldier.
"Move along citizen. There's nothing to see here." A reply from a majestic agent.

Title Card Voice-Overs

Some of the playable missions have a voice-over that plays during the title card. This concept ended up getting scrapped prior to the game's release.

Audio Transcription Usage
"For Farmer Joe and his wife this was a night like any other, blissfully unaware of the threat that was about to be cast upon them and all of humanity. Watch as the chaos unfolds Down on The Farm!" Plays before Down on The Farm begins.
"The human psyche is a base and simple thing. Watch now as it is seen through the mirror of alien eyes. We can only call this tale, Earth Women Are Delicious!" Plays before Earth Women Are Delicious begins.
"Who knows what fable existence lurks in the beating heart of suburban man. Find out as Crypto explores the City of The Future!" Plays before City of The Future begins.
"Can this be the end of the plucky Crypto? Does the tale of the Furons end here? Find out if you dare by playing Furon Down!" Plays before Furon Down begins.

Level Differences


While there are five mission markers on Rockwell, only Down on The Farm and Earth Women Are Delicious are playable. The rest of the missions will just play a placeholder cinematic and complete automatically.

Down on The Farm

DAHMar2004 DownFarm.png

Down on The Farm was the working title for Destination Earth and it originally took place on Rockwell, not Turnipseed Farm. It plays similar to the final version but the first objective is to examine a scarecrow on the farm for some reason. Additionally, the farmer Crypto vaporizes later on in the mission is referred to as Farmer Joe instead of Harold Turnipseed.

Earth Women Are Delicious!

To do:
Add a comparison for the newspaper headlines from this build and final.

DAHMar2004 EarthDelicious.png

  • Crypto purchases a ticket from the ticket taker before entering the fair disguised.
  • Miss Rockwell is not hypnotized and taken to the ship. Instead it is just a random attendee from the fair.
  • The newspaper headline displayed at the end of the mission is a placeholder and features temporary text.

Santa Modesta

City of The Future

DAHMar2004 CityFuture.png

City of The Future is the first mission at Santa Modesta. Orthopox tasks Crypto to investigate a "hover vehicle" that humans use to drive. Crypto later disguises himself as a human and goes to a car dealership owned by Crazy Lou to inquire about the vehicles. He later learns of television while conversing with the citizens at the dealership and goes to a TV store to further investigate. After seeing the broadcast, Orthopox believes that the cars of the future mentioned by Crazy Lou are part of a misinformation campaign. The rest of City of the Future plays out like the final objective of Televisions of Doom with the exception of Orthopox finding out that human brain stems contain Furon DNA at the end of the mission.

Human Influence

DAHMar2004 HumanInfluence.png

Human Influence is a mission that did not make into the final. Crypto is tasked with hypnotizing five humans around Santa Modesta in order to gain influence. The final objective after that is to destroy a TV crew present in the area in order to complete the mission.

Men in Black Suits

Crypto goes to the center of town to investigate a small military camp. He finds majestic agents there and Orthopox discovers that they are weak-willed, so Crypto hypnotizes one of them and brings him near his ship for an interrogation. This later got reworked into the final objective for This Island Disturbia, though the interrogation is interactive instead of just being a cutscene.

DAHMar2004 BlackSuits1.png

DAHMar2004 BlackSuits2.png DAHMar2004 BlackSuits3.png

Area 42

DAHMar2004 Area42.png

Area 42 is not added to the game yet and is just a gutted out version of Santa Modesta at this point in development. It has no playable missions, as the one available on the map is a placeholder, much like the last three missions on Rockwell.

Union Town

Furon Down!

DAHMar2004 FuronDown.png

Furon Down plays pretty similar to the version that appears in the final, though there are some differencesː

  • The opening cinematic is rendered in-game rather than being a video that plays.
  • Crypto is kept outside instead of being inside of a base.
  • Crypto disguises himself as a dock worker and asks one how to get to the Army base.
  • He uses PK on a crane in order to get onto the island.
  • A cinematic plays at the end of the mission where another dock worker says that the island was destroyed by an alien. This results in him getting detained by a majestic agent.

E3 Mission

DAHMar2004 E3Mission.png

The E3 Mission option on the debug menu only works on this level. Once selected, the player is taken to a rather strange combined version of Destination Earth and Furon Down.
The beginning stayed pretty much the same as the final, but deviates once Crypto gets frustrated at the cow. He body snatches the creature and attempts to communicate. That doesn't work and he goes to the ship in search for intelligent life after vaporizing the cow. Crypto then goes to the drive-in and is angered to see what he thinks are humans killing aliens and filming it for entertainment. He ends up destroying the drive-in, which results in his ship getting shot down. The rest of the mission plays mostly identical to the build's version of Furon Down with the exception of Crypto using his psychokinesis to escape rather than hypnotizing the scientist.

THQ Video Demo

DAHMar2004 THQVideoDemo.png

The THQ Video Demo option on the debug menu also only works on this level. The player will be teleported to the island from Furon Down, though there appears to be no objective available to complete.

Unused Text

Conversation Placeholder

The DISCARD.PKG archive for each level has a placeholder for conversation mode.

title Conversation title goes here

text 2
As you know, we are currently under alien attack.
The rumors of 'Alien Attack' are just that - rumors.
I am sick of seeing my counterpart dodging his checkered past with the 'Alien' card !

speech2 6
My Alien Defence Plan will stop them in their tracks!
I have worked out a deal with their leader, tastiest humans first
I fear that those FAT CATS in the CAPITOL want higher taxes!
You know, my daughter is having a terrible time with her braces

Thank you, and be safe!
I declare today Ice Cream day!
Vote no on Prop 47!

reaction level
(crickets & fumbling of paper)
(awkward applause)
(polite applause)