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Proto:Destroy All Humans! (2005)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Destroy All Humans! (2005).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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A prototype from March 12, 2004 was found on a Xbox Debug Kit obtained by Aden34. It reflects an interesting time in the game's development. The developers had just finished transitioning to Havok and were in the middle of getting something ready to present at that year's E3. With over a year left to go before release, Destroy All Humans! had to undergo a massive overhaul in order to get the game that ended up on store shelves.

General Differences

Pandemic Launcher

DAHMar2004 PandemicLauncher.png

The player is immediately taken to the Pandemic Launcher once the build boots up. While it is used to quickly jump to levels, there are references to four maps that are not present in the build: Capitol City, Design Land, Previewer, and Construction Site.

Main Menu

All of the main menu assets consisted of storyboard sketches.

Title Screen

The design of the title screen stayed pretty much the same between the storyboard and what appears in the final.

Proto Final
DAHMar2004 TitleScreen.png DestroyAllHumans TitleScreen.png

Clone Chamber

DAHMar2004 CloneChamber.png

The game selection screen is quite different. It was planned to be a Clone Chamber where every new game is represented by a new chamber. Crypto's number will iterate every time he dies during gameplay, which is a feature that remains in the final.

Orthopox's Lab

An early concept for Pox's Lab. The upgrade system does not work yet and merely serves as a placeholder.

DAHMar2004 OrthopoxLab1.png

DAHMar2004 OrthopoxLab2.png DAHMar2004 OrthopoxLab3.png


Another early concept for the mothership was the Historica, which seemed to give a list of bonus tasks for the player to complete. It would later be reworked into the Invasion Report, though the tasks given were not as specific as they were in the original concept.

DAHMar2004 Historica1.png

DAHMar2004 Historica2.png

Pause Menu

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DAHMar2004 PauseMenu1.png

DAHMar2004 PauseMenu4.png DAHMar2004 PauseMenu5.png

  • The pause menu is stylized very differently and has a plain black background.
  • DNA is measured in Moolons.
  • Crypto's current iteration number is displayed on the menu along with a scrapped ranking system. Shameless Cheater is the default ranking for the player.
  • The Options tab is named Engineering in this build.
  • Each option in Engineering originally had an icon to go along with it, though they are just crudely drawn placeholders at this point in development.
  • Crypto's model is displayed in the background of each one of option menus.

HUD Graphics

DAHMar2004 gui site icons.png

  • All of the graphics on the HUD are rough looking and are completely different.
  • Orthopox is much older and has a monocle, as reflected by the icon used for his text boxes.

Debug Menu

DAHMar2004 DebugMenu.png

Pressing Back on the Xbox controller will cause a small debug menu to appear.


Aura Vision

DAHMar2004 AuraVision.png

Aura Vision is an ability that ended up getting scrapped. It would have allowed Crypto to see the auras of the creatures around him and let him know which abilities he could use on them.

Body Snatcher

DAHMar2004 BodySnatcher.png

  • Holobob is known as body snatcher in this build.
  • Crypto just took on the appearance of the person he is body snatching instead of being a holographic projection.
  • The jetpack can be used while disguised.
  • Crypto could body snatch animals too, which later got removed.
  • In addition, he could also talk to humans at any time while disguised. He could only talk to citizens if the mission required it in the final.


  • Crypto can hypnotize any human at will. People can only be hypnotized if the mission required him to use that ability in the final.

Audio Differences

Character Greetings

As mentioned above, it was originally planned for Crypto to have conversations with any human while body snatching. A few examples of these lines have been provided below.

Audio Transcription Usage
"This country's great, isn't it?" Crypto's greeting to a generic male NPC.
"Where did you get that dress? I love itǃ" A reply from a generic female NPC whenever Crypto body snatches a woman.
"You keep out of trouble, ya hear?" A reply from a police officer.
"We're keeping America safe!" A reply from a soldier.
"Move along citizen. There's nothing to see here." A reply from a majestic agent.

Title Card Voice-Overs

Some of the playable missions have a voice-over that plays during the title card. This concept ended up getting scrapped prior to the game's release.

Audio Transcription Usage
"For Farmer Joe and his wife this was a night like any other, blissfully unaware of the threat that was about to be cast upon them and all of humanity. Watch as the chaos unfolds Down on The Farm!" Plays before Down on The Farm begins.
"The human psyche is a base and simple thing. Watch now as it is seen through the mirror of alien eyes. We can only call this tale, Earth Women Are Delicious!" Plays before Earth Women Are Delicious begins.
"Who knows what fable existence lurks in the beating heart of suburban man. Find out as Crypto explores the City of The Future!" Plays before City of The Future begins.
"Can this be the end of the plucky Crypto? Does the tale of the Furons end here? Find out if you dare by playing Furon Down!" Plays before Furon Down begins.

Level Differences


While there are five mission markers on Rockwell, only Down on The Farm and Earth Women Are Delicious are playable. The rest of the missions will just play a placeholder cinematic and complete automatically.

Down on The Farm

DAHMar2004 DownFarm.png

Down on The Farm was the working title for Destination Earth and it originally took place on Rockwell, not Turnipseed Farm.

  • Orthopox's dialogue at the beginning of the mission is completely different.
  • The first objective is to examine a scarecrow for some reason.
  • The dialogue Crypto has while trying to speaking to cow is also completely different.
  • After failing to communicate with the cow, there is a different objective. The player is tasked with scaring information out of the cow by carrying the creature over the lake nearby.
  • Afterwards, there is a cutscene that does not appear in the final. Crypto tries once again to interrogate the cow, but to no avail. Farmer Joe (Harold Turnipseed) leaves the house, thinking that the commotion is the local teenagers messing with his livestock.
  • Crypto does not have to battle the police or even the army. The mission is completed after vaporizing Farmer Joe's wife.
  • A different cutscene plays after completing the mission, which consists of Orthopox scolding Crypto for not obtaining any new information about the crashed scout ship.

Earth Women Are Delicious!

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DAHMar2004 EarthDelicious.png

Earth Women Are Delicious! plays similar to its retail counterpart. However, there are a few differences:

  • Crypto has to purchase a ticket whilst disguised in order to enter the fair.
  • Crypto does not have to enter a tent and Miss Rockwell is not present at all.
  • Instead of abducting Miss Rockwell, the player is tasked with abducting a random attendee from the fair that is suitable for "questioning".
  • After abducting the attendee, Crypto only needs to destroy the Ferris wheel rather than the entire fair.
  • The newspaper headline displayed at the end of the mission is a placeholder and features temporary text.

Santa Modesta

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Document the Dead Men Tell No Tales and Rise My Beauties missions.

City of The Future

DAHMar2004 CityFuture.png

City of The Future is the first mission at Santa Modesta. Orthopox asks Crypto to investigate a "hover vehicle" that humans use to drive. Crypto later disguises himself as a human and goes to a car dealership owned by Crazy Lou to inquire about the vehicles. He later learns of television while conversing with the citizens at the dealership and goes to a TV store to further investigate. After seeing the broadcast, Orthopox believes that the cars of the future mentioned by Crazy Lou are part of a misinformation campaign. The rest of City of the Future plays out like the final objective of Televisions of Doom with the exception of Orthopox finding out that human brain stems contain Furon DNA at the end of the mission.

Human Influence

DAHMar2004 HumanInfluence.png

Human Influence is a mission that was scrapped entirely. Crypto is tasked with hypnotizing five humans around Santa Modesta in order to gain influence. The final objective after that is to destroy a TV crew present in the area in order to complete the mission.

Men in Black Suits

Crypto goes to the center of town to investigate a small military camp. Orthopox discovers that the majestic agents there are weak-willed, so Crypto hypnotizes one of them and brings him near his ship for an interrogation. This later got reworked into the final objective for This Island Disturbia, though the interrogation is interactive instead of just being a cutscene.

DAHMar2004 BlackSuits1.png

DAHMar2004 BlackSuits2.png DAHMar2004 BlackSuits3.png

Area 42

DAHMar2004 Area42.png

Area 42 is just a mostly empty version of Santa Modesta at this point in development. It has no playable missions, as the one available on the map is a placeholder, much like the last three missions on Rockwell.

Union Town

DAHMar2004 UnionTownRain.png

Union Town was originally planned to feature rain. Rain ended up getting cut, though the dark and cloudy skybox remains in the final.

Furon Down!

DAHMar2004 FuronDown.png

Furon Down also plays similar to the retail version, albeit with some differences:

  • The opening cinematic is rendered in-game rather than being a video that plays.
  • Crypto is kept outside instead of being inside of a base.
  • Crypto disguises himself as a dock worker and asks one how to get to the Army base.
  • He uses PK on a crane in order to get onto the island.
  • A cinematic plays at the end of the mission where another dock worker says that the island was destroyed by an alien. This results in him getting detained by a majestic agent.

E3 Mission

DAHMar2004 E3Mission.png

The E3 Mission option on the debug menu only works on this level. Once selected, the player is taken to a rather strange combined version of Destination Earth and Furon Down.
The beginning stayed pretty much the same as the final, but deviates once Crypto gets frustrated at the cow. He body snatches the creature and attempts to communicate. That doesn't work and he goes to the ship in search for intelligent life after vaporizing the cow. Crypto then goes to the drive-in and is angered to see what he thinks are humans killing aliens and filming it for entertainment. He ends up destroying the drive-in, which results in his ship getting shot down. The rest of the mission plays mostly identical to the build's version of Furon Down with the exception of Crypto using his psychokinesis to escape rather than hypnotizing the scientist.

THQ Video Demo

DAHMar2004 THQVideoDemo.png

The THQ Video Demo option on the debug menu also only works on this level. The player will be teleported to the island from Furon Down, though there appears to be no objective available to complete.

Unused Text

Story Outlines

A rather large amount of unused text containing story synopses and scripts can be found inside of resident.pkg from the startup folder. These are leftover from an older iteration of the main menu from July 2003 that can be seen in the Developer Darwinism movie from the final.



The Furon Homeworld is a small planet that orbits the red dwarf star of Proxima Centauri. 

SUBTITLE (Bottom left)



Several Furon scientists gather around a view screen. ORTHOPOX-113 stands closest to the screen and turns to the other two Furons.


As you can see, the signals are coming from a neighboring star, a mere 4.4 light years away.


What sort of signals are they, First Scientist?



HMPH! Primitive ones! They were simple to decode. Observe closely...

The screen flickers to life, and we close in on the screen to see a montage of B&W television images.

Images of the Berlin Olympics



These creatures appear to be highly competitive.



Competitive, yes. They show many aggressive tendencies typical of primitive societies.

World War 2 sequence - Hitler speech, tanks rolling, American jeeps and soldiers firing.



Watch what happens when a visitor attempts to engage in friendly dialogue.

Alien walking down a UFO ramp in peace, getting shot at by US Army soldiers. 

V2 style checkered Rocket launching.



It seems that they have developed space flight, First Scientist.

"Destination Moon" style rocket lands on the moon, astronaut gets out and plants a US flag.



In a limited capacity, yes. Flying to the moon is their first step on the path to the stars, and to us.   

Atomic Bomb test explosion


(VO - shocked)

Is that...?



Yes. Primitives with atomics. Savages with space flight. Why couldn't they be a civilized species?

This information must be presented to Meningitis!


The end of the atom bomb footage plays again.

Pull out to the Furon leader, MENINGITIS-69, seated on his throne. The view screen he has been watching quickly retracts.   


This is very troubling, Orthopox.


Indeed it is, exalted leader.


You believe they pose a threat to our homeworld?


Yes, it is likely. They are primitives, but as you saw they have rapidly developed atomics and space flight. 

How long can it be before they come here with their rockets and their bombs?


Your guidance has served us well in the past, Orthopox-113. It seems it shall do so again.

We must deal with these humans before they truly become a threat to us!

(barks into an intercom)
Prepare the mothership!


Earth is screen right, moon is small and screen left. The rotating mother ship moves in from frame left and engulfs the moon, looming above the Earth (with the USA visible directly below). 


Furons sit in pods spaced around the bridge, controlling the mother ship's operation. Various view screens and holograms are active and displaying scans of the Earth and the Moon.


We need to conduct a thorough study of these humans to determine if they are truly a danger to us. If it comes to war, we must know their strengths and weaknesses.  


A wise move, exalted leader.


Of course it is, First Scientist, which is why I have chosen to send in Scout First Class...



Oh no, you don't mean...



Orthopox hangs his head.





The camera zooms in on a frosty hibernation pod. As the camera closes in and the frost clears, behind the glass we see Crypto with an evil glint in his eyes.  


Part 1 - Creatures From Outer Space






Crypto sits in the pilot's seat of his UFO. Meninigitis-69 appears on his view screen.


Crypto, you have served us well in the past. We have chosen you to lead the initial scouting expedition.


Thank you, great Meningitis.


However, we are also aware of your...temperament.


Temperament, O Great One?


Yes, or do I need to remind you of your clone-count and how little time it took you to get there? 


I was just... (pause) ...enthusiastic... (pause) ...in my work!



Indeed! Well you need to be more careful this time. You may find atomics a little difficult to deal with in your scout craft!


I understand and obey, furious leader!


Invasion Siteː Rockwell


The first step on the path to invasion is to know your enemy.

Crypto has been sent to investigate the Earth and its inhabitants. Rockwell is a small town located in a farming area. It was chosen as an out of the way place to conduct investigations and experiments in secrecy. Orthopox has no desire to tip off the human military to their presence...yet. The images of human soldiers attacking alien visitors is still fresh in his mind.

Orthopox informs Crypto that he has been assigned a scout ship to use in his investigations.  Crypto and Pox constantly annoy one another with their banter and conflicting attitudes, but they have been assigned to work together and so they must do as Meningitis wishes.

Crypto starts by familiarizing himself with his ship, performing atmospheric tests and investigating the area. He then proceeds to abduct cows and humans for "research purposes". Finally he is given permission to go out on foot and scare, abduct and probe humans all in the name of Furon science.

Invasion Siteː Santa Modesta


With the initial analysis complete, Orthopox wishes to investigate a more populous human hive. Crypto is given a jet pack to help him navigate sprawling human settlements undetected.

Pox is intrigued by the humans' ability to control the perceptions of their citizens. Coupled with the Furon's innate psi abilities this could be a quick path to defeating the humans. Pox decides he needs to experiment! Pox discovers that television is the most effective means of control. Perhaps there is some use for this...

Crypto has several run-ins with the mysterious G-Men. He overhears the name of their organization - Majestic. Who are they? What is their purpose? These G-Men seem to be far more capable than the average human drone!

Invasion Siteː Century City


Pox wishes to conclude his analysis of the humans. A high density of television broadcasts seem to be coming from Century City, so it seems like an ideal target for further experiments in mind control.

Crypto has to abduct and brainwash famous humans, and attempt to use them to manipulate the images seen on their television screens. The images of these "stars" seem to suggest they possess an amazing array of skills, and Orthopox fears they will be difficult to capture. 

The G-Men do not take kindly to this meddling with the media. They are obviously becoming increasingly aware of an alien presence within the United States of America and are not happy about it! 

Pox orders Crypto to capture a G-Man with the Abducto Beam, but when they probe his body in the Vivisection Bay it disintegrates into protoplasmic mush. This is not normal behavior for a human!

Pox decides to further investigate the remains in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the G-Men and Majestic. This might take some time - there's not much left to work with!

Part 2 - Invasion of the Spacemen






Meningitis-69 stands on the bridge, staring out of the windows. Crypto enters from a transport tube.


You wanted to see me, mighty one?


Indeed, you have performed well. You have shown considerable...restraint.


As you ordered, imperious leader!


Considerable restraint...


The humans have sent a signal into the ether, a signal meant for us.


Is it a threat?


Perhaps. It is from their leader, President Huffman. They say they want to open a dialog, but...




(disturbed, vexed)

I am not sure I trust the humans. I am sending you to escort Encephalitis-67 to the meeting. Keep a watchful eye on the proceedings! 


Indeed I shall!


Invasion Siteː Fort Macarthur


The mother ship has intercepted a broadcast from the human's leader, President Huffman. They have realized that aliens are walking amongst them, and wish to meet. 

Meningitis warily agrees. He instructs Crypto to scout out the area then escort the Furon diplomat Encephalitis-67 to the arranged meeting point - inside a military base in the American northwest.

Both the military and the G-Men are present at the meeting. The G-Men have strange devices, scanners perhaps, but there is nothing Crypto can do about it now - he has to guard Encephalitis.

The meeting proceeds slowly and tension runs high. It seems neither side wishes to reveal too much. A misheard statement sets off the anti-red General Armquist. He pulls out his gun and shoots Encephalitis dead, screaming about "Those damn Commies!". 

All hell breaks loose as Crypto has to battle his way out of the base and back to his UFO. Crypto returns to level the base, but Armqist has jumped into a giant attack helicopter. It is so big and heavily armored it can barely lift off of the ground - victory is not going to be easy!

Crypto eventually prevails, but not in time to catch a group of G-Men who escaped eastward. Who knows what information they have gleaned from their scans?

Amidst the ruins, General Armqist gets up and dusts off his jacket. He sticks a stogie in his mouth and watches Crypto's UFO head off into the upper atmosphere. 

Crypto reports back to Pox and Meningitis about the human's treachery. There is to be no more investigation, no more diplomacy - its time to teach these humans a lesson!

Invasion Siteː San Fortuno


The trail of the escaping G-Men is followed east to the town of San Fortuno. Could this be the location of a Majestic base? The amount of electricity consumed in the area suggests an enormous base of some sort. 

It turns out that there is no base in San Fortuno, but this isn't apparent until Crypto has destroyed a few casinos. The Furon presence becomes public knowledge as Crypto's ship is filmed in action and televised. America is being invaded by flying saucers! Will anyone actually believe it?

Both the military and the G-Men respond to the attacks. Whilst both of these forces oppose the Furons, they do not seem to work together very well. The military attack Crypto whenever they meet, but the G-Men seem to be constantly trying to clean up evidence of an alien presence. Why is Majestic trying to hide the fact that there are aliens on Earth? 

For the first time Crypto hears the name of Majestic's leader - Silhouette. Not only that, he is in Union Town inspecting the anti-Furon weapons research that is being undertaken there.

Invasion Siteː Union Town


Fear grips the humans as invasion comes! 

A Furon ship has been downed near Union Town and it must be retrieved. When Crypto arrives human scientists and G-Men are poring over the ship.

Crypto probes the scientists to find out what the humans know about the Furons and their technology. As Crypto's investigations continue, he uncovers information on Majestic and their goals to control and infiltrate humanity. 

It seems they see themselves as different from the rest of humanity. Further probing yields a little more information on the mysterious leader of Majestic, Silhouette. It seems his base of operations is with President Huffman in Capitol City. 

Crypto is feeling pleased with his success here when a report comes in from Orthopox. Humans have fired a mass of atomic rockets at the Furon mothership!

Part 3 - Earth vs the Furons





Looking out over the mother ship towards Earth, we see several pinpoints of light appear in the atmosphere. Each of the pinpoints resolve into a rocket hurtling at the Furon vessel.

Meningitis-69 leans forward in his chair, one hand on the chair, the other in a fist - its a very "Captain Kirk in combat" moment. 



Damn those humans! They have orbital rocket weapons! Gunners, fire death rays at all incoming rockets!


We see a huge number of Death Rays fire on the missiles, and they explode into balls of flame. Only a few rockets get past the first volley.


We move past the nose of the rocket which pops off its nose cone to reveal a mounted nuke, with the words "Dead Reds" painted on it. As we move past the rocket we see the US flag and the words UNITED STATES on its side. In the background we see the remaining few rockets get destroyed by Furon death rays.


We see the rocket race in towards the mother ship and detonate in a white flash, then we see a huge pulsing plasma explosion that expands and grows and washes over the mother ship. The mother ship rides up on the plasma wave as it is engulfed.


The screen is shaking and blurring. Sparks shower down. The power is flickering on and off. Meningitis-69 contacts Orthopox-113 in his view screen.


Is the ship still intact?


Yes, it is. We have sustained significant damage, though. We have not had to deal with an attack by atomics before!


What sections of the ship have sustained damage?


Let me see. Hmmmn. Several of the power batteries went down in the electromagnetic pulse. Shield generators have been drained and are recharging. 


I see.


We lost seven scout ship bays. And...




The holo-crystal with our DNA storage has been shattered. We've lost most of the cloning data. 


We've lost your DNA sequence, exalted one. If you die, there will be no Meningitis-70. 


(angry, growls)

These humans have gone too far. They kill our diplomat at the peace table and now they assault our very existence. 

They will be made to understand Furon anger! 


Invasion Siteː Area 42


Meningitis is enraged at the attack on the mothership. It is time to crush these humans!

Orthopox has analyzed the trajectory of the atomic rockets. They were tracked back to a launch in the desert north-west of San Fortuno. There must be some sort of launch facility there.

Crypto heads in and finds a secret base with a research facility and nuclear testing range. Both Majestic and the military have compounds here. This area is heavily defended and Crypto has to infiltrate the base to take out the anti-UFO defenses. 

The base contains components of downed Furon vessels. The H-Bomb testing range is active and must be destroyed before the bomb is detonated. There are also some strange creatures in stasis in the Majestic research compound. 

Further information regarding Majestic's headquarters in Capitol City are found. The locations of nuclear missile silos across the US are also discovered. They will need to be taken care of to protect the mothership.

Finally General Armquist leads the military here and ordered the attack on the mothership. Once again he ends up at the controls of a massive vehicle, this time a battle tank. He has grievously harmed the Furon leader and must die!

Interludeː Arms Race


Crypto must return to Rockwell, Fort Macarthur and San Fortuno and destroy the rocket launch sites to ensure that the mother ship is protected from further attack. 

Crypto then returns to Union Town and levels the weapons manufacturing plant. There will be no more atomic rockets built to launch at the Furon mothership.

Majestic seems to be controlling the military in the wake of Armqist's death. Majestic and military forces are working in unison, and the G-Men are no longer trying to cover up the alien presence. 

Pox has finished developing Hypno Blast and Vivisection Bay upgrades that allows them to work on G-Men. He orders Crypto to capture a G-Man for examination. Crypto is successful and Pox finds a parasite has grafted itself onto the G-Man's spine. These creatures were the same as those found in the Majestic research compound at Area 42. 

The final detail is the most important. The analysis of the chemical makeup and atomic signature of the parasite has revealed it to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Invasion Siteː Capitol City


It's time to take the battle to the heart of human leadership and Majestic! Crypto is given the task of crushing the human government and uncovering the alien presence at the heart of Majestic. 

Crypto finds leads to the Majestic base, and it all points to the Oval Office. President Huffman must be this Silhouette person! It will make victory here twice as sweet. He must be flushed out and his connections to the alien life forms revealed! 

After destroying the defenses arrayed around the capital, President Huffman signals that humanity is ready to surrender. The Furons are suspicious, but it is a prime opportunity to uncover Huffman as Silhouette.   Meninigitis agrees, but he will bring bodyguards and Huffman must come alone. Crypto flies overhead ready to abuct Meningitis at the first sign of danger. 

As the two leaders meet, President Huffman kneels in front of Meningitis subserviently. He then looks up and smiles. In an unearthly voice he congratulates the Furons in their conquest of the Earth. He thanks them for undoing years of work enslaving humanity. 

Huffman's head opens up to reveal a bomb inside!

It's a trap and the uncloneable Meningitis-69 is killed in the blast. The Furons are outraged at the loss of their leader and decide that this invasion has gone on long enough. Orthopox takes command of the mothership. 

The time has come to DESTROY ALL HUMANS!

In the distance a small, organic alien craft zooms away to the south. Inside Silhouette carries the president's brain in a jar. He promises the brain that he will yet have revenge for the loss of his body!

Interludeː Destroy All Humansǃ


With Meningitis dead and unable to be cloned, the entire Furon race goes into a rage. Everlasting death is something unknown in Furon society. They attack human hives across the globe. 

Furon UFOs appear in the skies above Big Ben, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Mt. Fuji and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Orthopox goes crazy with weapons development. He creates huge bombs and powerful space beasts all designed to annihilate the humans. Crypto thoroughly enjoys being able to embrace his rage and take it out on the United States.

Majestic musters all their remaining might to fend off the Furon assault. Wherever Crypto goes he faces heavy resistance. Sometimes the humans help Crypto when they go for a scorched earth policy in trying to take him out. The human populace is caught helplessly in the middle of the ensuing chaos.

All of the human cities must be leveled. All that is to be left is rubble!

Invasion Siteː Chase Island


The Furons have eliminated all of the major cities in the USA, only the massive Chase Island remains. It is protected from attack by the last of the Majestic forces. 

Silhouette is here, now exposed in his true alien form, coordinating attacks from within a Majestic base. Several Furon ships have already been shot down!

The city is protected by a shield system, as well as destroyers out in the ocean. After taking out the destroyers Crypto must go into the city on foot and take out the shield generators. This is the humans' last stand!

Crypto almost manages to capture Silhouette at the Majestic base, but he slips away, escaping in his own UFO. There is still work to be done though, chasing Silhoeutte must wait!

With the shield defenses down, the city can now be leveled. Just as Crypto is almost finished there is a great rumbling, and a giant robot version of President Huffman appears, with Silhouette tagging along inside his UFO. It's the final showdown!

Huffman's brain can be seen inside the glass head of the robot - and he is not happy! Silhouette darts around in his UFO hindering Crypto with disabling devices while Robo-Huffman provides the brute force.

In the end Crypto is victorious, and Silhouette, in true villianous style, explains any remaining plots points about his plans on Earth and his alien origins.



We see a montage of famous locations across the Earth destroyed or in flames. Furon vessels hover over ahead, and on some space beasts gnaw at the wreckage. 

Eiffel Tower
Big Ben
Sydney Harbor Bridge
Great Wall of China


Crypto is talking to Orthopox over his view screen.


Where exactly are you going? Haven't you had enough destruction to satisfy your urges?


I am going to collect a souvenir.


Ah Crypto, you are pathetic! Go ahead, I will see you upon your return to the mothership.


As you command, exalted leader.


Crypto's ship lands in front of the shattered White House. Crypto descends in the abducto beam and walks out into the sunlight. We see him silhouetted looking up at the ruins of the White House, with a tattered flag on the roof flagpole flapping woefully in the breeze. 

Crypto jets up to the shattered dome and tears off the flag, draping it over his shoulder. We see him walking back into his ship, muttering about the foolish humans.




Done in a "bloopers reel" Pixar style - Furon ships on strings in front of cameras, rubber Furon suits, etc.


Conversation Placeholder

The discard.pkg archive for each level has a placeholder for conversation mode.

title Conversation title goes here

text 2
As you know, we are currently under alien attack.
The rumors of 'Alien Attack' are just that - rumors.
I am sick of seeing my counterpart dodging his checkered past with the 'Alien' card !

speech2 6
My Alien Defence Plan will stop them in their tracks!
I have worked out a deal with their leader, tastiest humans first
I fear that those FAT CATS in the CAPITOL want higher taxes!
You know, my daughter is having a terrible time with her braces

Thank you, and be safe!
I declare today Ice Cream day!
Vote no on Prop 47!

reaction level
(crickets & fumbling of paper)
(awkward applause)
(polite applause)