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Proto:Destruction Derby 2 (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Destruction Derby 2 (PlayStation).

The Autumn-Christmas Releases '96 edition of Demo 1, as well as the Official UK PlayStation Magazine - Demo Disc 13 Vol. 1, contain a rolling demo of Destruction Derby 2 which is based on a somewhat early build of the game.

Gameplay Differences

Considering the unfinished nature of this build, some gameplay aspects differ from those in the gold master version. The most notable differences are:

  • Multiple cameras follow the player throughout the course, similarly to most other racing games. In the final game, this feature was changed so only the regular chase camera is used during race replays, with the multiple cameras only appearing during Destruction Derby (bowl) events.
  • Pit stops are not implemented yet, as going through the pit lane has no effect whatsoever.
  • The player's car is not reset after a rollover.
  • Neither the "Race Over" message is displayed after the player's car is wrecked, nor the race ends after this happens.
  • Many of the narrator's lines are either misassigned or absent. Files for quotes such as "You've lost your hood!" and "You've lost your trunk!" exist, but are replaced by completely unrelated clips during gameplay. Other quotes such as "Roadkill!" – played after a rollover – and "Wow! What a jump!" are completely absent at this point.

Narration Samples

The audio quality of many of the samples in this build is fairly lower than those featured in the final game. On top of this, a few of the narrator's lines use earlier takes, highlighted below:

Transcript Use Prototype Final
"Drivers, start your engines!" Played before initial countdown.
"Yeah!" Proto: Player loses trunk.

Final: Player hits opponent hard.

"You're just grinding metal!" Player loses one rear wheel.
"Your steering is trashed!" Player loses both front wheels.
"Third!" Player crosses finish line in 3rd place.
"Second!" Player crosses finish line in 2nd place.
"First!" Player crosses finish line in 1st place without a big lead.

In addition to the different takes, some samples contained in this build are not featured in the final game at all. It's unknown whether they're earlier versions of clips present in the game or not.

Transcript Use Audio
"Oh no!" Player loses hood.
"It's all over!" Player's car is wrecked.
"Excellent!" N/A
"Nice driving!" N/A
"Look at the carnage out there!" N/A
"It's madness out there!" N/A

Main Menu and System Link Mode Strings

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Is this still accessible somehow?

Found at 0xF20 in MAIN.EXE, strings that seem to refer to some sort of main menu for a playable demo, with options for a normal game and a linked game, a feature seen in the original Destruction Derby that was abandoned during DD2's development. The reference to DD2REN.RAW, an otherwise unused file present in the retail game's disc, suggests that it would've been used on this screen, possibly as the background.

Link timeout 1!
Link timeout 2!
Waiting for other machine..
         -PLAYABLE DEMO-
Press O for a linked game.
Press X for a normal game,
Use Dpad to change level
Connected! Loading...
           -RACE RESULTS-