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Proto:Donkey Kong 64/Level Differences

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Notes: Also see here for some changes belonging to maps that don't have a subpage yet.

While the background models for all non-demo areas appear to have been stripped from the ROM, their foreground setups and textures are still in place. The former can be accessed with GameShark codes, which can be found on the Notes page.

The first three levels are mostly complete, and have all their pickups present (including Banana Medals and Extra Life Balloons). Most of the changes are to their colour or placement, or minor layout adjustments.

Jungle Japes
Swingin' through the jungle, I have sailed the seven seas...
Angry Aztec
Now with 100% less burning sand and 50% more crashes.
Frantic Factory
How does this place produce anything if it has no machinery?

The rest have no pickups other than Golden Bananas (and occasionally Blueprints, via Kasplats). IDs in square brackets may not even have anything to document, and are just here for posterity.

Gloomy Galleon
Maps 1E, 1F, 27, [2B-2F,] 31, 33, 36, and 6F.
Fungi Forest
Maps 30, [37,] 38-40, [46,] and 47.
Crystal Caves
Maps 48, 54-56, 59-5F, [62], and 64.
Creepy Castle
Maps 57, 58, 69, 6A, 6C, 70-72, 97, A3, and A4.

Out of the Hideout Helm maps, only the Intro Story version (map 98) is present, which doesn't appear to be any different from the final's.

Common Differences

  • Several maps have a small red cube in various spots. The reason for this is unknown.
  • All Bonus Barrels lead to either map 41 (Gloomy Galleon's Stealthy Snoop) or 4E (Angry Aztec's Busy Barrel Barrage). Despite this, all the rest of the minigames have been implemented (see below).
  • Blast Barrels move faster than in the final version, making the timing a little stricter.
  • The Jungle, Aztec, and Factory blast courses all have a palm tree sitting in the middle of the area, which can also be seen in prerelease footage.

Kong Exit Doors

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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Specifically: Comparison rips (early Exit Doors vs final Wrinkly Doors and/or TnS portal).

Instead of portals, the exits to Troff 'n' Scoff's room are wooden doors with the Kongs' faces on them. These behave slightly differently in that they work only for a specific Kong, like many other objects in the game. In practice, this doesn't accomplish much beyond making the player do a lot of extra travelling. Putting a Tag Barrel inside Troff 'n' Scoff's room (as can be seen in the final game, but not this version) makes the whole setup redundant, which may have been why it was cut.

Not much was actually lost, however: Many Exit Doors simply became Troff 'n' Scoff portals in the final game, either in the same position or somewhere nearby. The door objects themselves were refashioned into the Wrinkly Doors, which still retain their old internal name of "exit".

Miscellaneous Maps

To do:
  • Rest of the shops (05, 0F)
  • Troff 'n' Scoff (2A)
  • K. Lumsy (61)

Funky's Store

Map ID: 01

This area would have retained its E3 appearance, judging by the textures present.

Prototype Final
DK64 WorkshopSign proto.png DK64 WorkshopSign final.png

The "Workshop" sign is wider and uses a slimmer font. The original texture was split into three pieces, while the final's is smushed into one.

Prototype Final
DK64 funkytex rgba16.png DK64 funkytex ci4.png

These two textures were originally RGBA16, but were downgraded to CI4. The difference is more noticeable in the "FUNKY1" texture.

The following textures were removed from the final ROM. Some of them can be seen in E3 footage:

DK64 proto funky crates.png

More distinct designs for the wooden crates.

DK64 proto funky metal.png

Metal textures that would have been used for the stove.

DK64 proto funky walls.png

Early-looking wall textures.

DK64 proto funky dooricade.png

A hinged door and barricade.

DK64 proto funky bullet.png

A 2D bullet.

Candy's Music Shop

Map ID: 19

Among this area's textures are some for a green vending machine seen only in prerelease footage. In the final game, several instruments sit in its place.

Prerelease Prototype Final
DK64 pre vending.png Worst pun in the entire series, by a fairly wide margin. DK64 final Candys.png

(Source: Hot Newz 64 Promotional Video (Prerelease screenshot))

Bonus Stages

Many of the Bonus Barrel minigames are more difficult in this version, and were toned down for the final game. While most of them load, few are properly playable since they weren't designed to function with the demo maps.

  • The gallery games (Teetering Turtle Trouble, Krazy Kong Klamour, and Peril Path Panic) will only load if map 06 is used as the background model.
  • Kremling Kosh always freezes after the intro.
  • One difference shared between all of them: The jingle that plays upon losing is the slower one usually reserved for non-minigame challenges (such as the rabbit in Crystal Caves). The final game uses a different failure jingle for minigames and races.
Kremling Kosh
Map ID Proto Hit Proto Time Final Hit Final Time Final Game Location
0A 22 60 18 60 Angry Aztec
73 25 60 22 60 Gloomy Galleon
74 28 60 25 60 Creepy Castle
75 30 60 28 60 DK Isles/Snide's H.Q.

All four Kosh maps have higher hit counts.

Stealthy Snoop
Map ID Proto Time Final Time Final Game Location
41 60 70 Gloomy Galleon

The final game adds ten extra seconds.

Mad Maze Maul
Map ID Proto Hit Proto Time Final Hit Final Time Final Game Location
42 13 130 11 120 N/A

This Mad Maze Maul was made slightly easier. Despite that, it went unused anyway.

Stash Snatch
Map ID Proto Get Proto Time Final Get Final Time Final Game Location
4A 6 50 6 60 Frantic Factory
4B 4 100 4 120 N/A

More time was added in the final version.

Splish-Splash Salvage
Map ID Proto Get Proto Time Final Get Final Time Final Game Location
60 12 60 10 60 Jungle Japes

Two coins were taken out.

Speedy Swing Sortie
Map ID Proto Get Proto Time Final Get Final Time Final Game Location
63 14 50 9 40 Jungle Japes
87 5 80 6 60 N/A

Both of these maps have a radically different setup in the kiosk version. Instead of a linear pathway, the vines are arranged in a grid-like formation that must be navigated like a maze in order to grab the coins. This is actually rather difficult due to the way the vines behave, and was likely changed to be less confusing for players.

Big Bug Bash
Map ID Proto Hit Proto Time Final Hit Final Time Final Game Location
66 10 60 4 60 Angry Aztec
94 10 60 6 60 Gloomy Galleon
95 10 60 8 60 DK Isles
  • The number of flies was reduced.
  • Instead of laying flat, the swatter sits at an angle. The animation for it is longer and more exaggerated, which makes it look like it's swatting backwards and doesn't match up with the hitbox or sound effect.
Searchlight Seek
Map ID Proto Hit Proto Time Final Hit Final Time Final Game Location
67 10 60 4 60 Gloomy Galleon
8A 10 60 6 60 Snide's H.Q.
8B 10 60 8 60 Crystal Caves
  • Same for the number of Klaptraps.
  • The melon is fired from the top of the screen rather than the bottom, and is accompanied by a whistling sound effect that isn't in the final.
Teetering Turtle Trouble
Map ID Proto Time Final Time Final Game Location
76 60 45 Fungi Forest
77 75 60 Creepy Castle
78 90 60 Snide's H.Q.
  • The timers are longer, which would have made the minigame harder.
  • Interestingly, the kiosk version displays "Bad Luck!" upon losing, whereas the final game shows nothing.
  • The turtle model is far less detailed and lacks textures.
Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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Specifically: Comparison rips.
Batty Barrel Bandit
Map ID Proto Get Proto Time Final Get Final Time Final Game Location
7A 3 45 3 40 DK Isles
7B 3 45 3 35 Snide's H.Q.
  • These two were actually made slightly harder in the final version, an exception to the general trend here.
  • There are no messages of encouragement for stopping all the reels.
  • The original background texture for this minigame (or part of it) can also be found in the ROM:
Prerelease Prototype Final
DK64 prerel bandit.png DK64 proto banditbg.png DK64 final bandit.png

(Prerelease screenshot: Nintendo Power)
Krazy Kong Klamour
Map ID Proto Hit Proto Time Final Hit Final Time Final Game Location
8D 10 60 15 60 Gloomy Galleon
8E 10 60 5 60 Fungi Forest/Crystal Caves

Every bonus from map 88 onward has the same general configuration in the kiosk version, with a 60-second time limit and some multiple of 5 as the count. It’s possible these were just default/placeholder values. In this minigame's case, one map has more bananas to hit, while the other has less.

Peril Path Panic
Map ID Proto Save Proto Time Final Save Final Time Final Game Location
90 5 60 6 60 Frantic Factory
91 5 60 8 60 Fungi Forest
92 5 60 10 60 DK Isles/Snide's H.Q.
93 5 60 12 60 N/A
  • More fairies were added in the final game.
  • The kiosk version uses red Klaptraps instead of green ones.

Battle Arenas

Battle Arenas are similarly harder, as most of them expect you to fight for longer. Only Kamikaze Kremlings (9F) remained unchanged.

Map ID Final Name Proto Time Proto Enemies Final Time Final Enemies Notes
35 Beaver Brawl 60 Kritter x3 30 Gnawty x3 This obviously wouldn’t have been named “Beaver Brawl” in the kiosk version.
49 Kritter Karnage 80 Kritter x2
Skeleton Kritter x1
30 Kritter x3 In E3 footage, the second Battle Arena was named "Kremling Karnage", but its setup doesn’t match either one here. The name string still exists in the kiosk ROM.
9B Arena Ambush 60 Kritter x1
Kasplat x1
Skeleton Kritter x1
45 Kritter x2
Kasplat x1
The skeleton Kritter became a regular one.
9C More Kritter Karnage 60 Kritter x2
Skeleton Kritter x2
45 Kritter x4 Both skeleton Kritters were brought back to life, so to speak.
9D Forest Fracas 60 Kritter x2
Kasplat x1
Skeleton Kritter x1
60 Kritter x1
Skeleton Kritter x2
Kasplat x1
One Kritter joined the ranks of the undead.
9E Bish Bash Brawl 90 Kritter x1
Kasplat x1
Skeleton Kritter x1
60 Kritter x1
Kasplat x1
Skeleton Kritter x1
All of these originally had longer timers.
A0 Plinth Panic 90 Kasplat x2
Kritter x1
70 Kasplat x2
Kritter x1
A1 Pinnacle Palaver 120 Kasplat x2
Skeleton Kritter x1
80 Kasplat x2
Skeleton Kritter x1
A2 Shockwave Showdown 150 Kasplat x2
Kritter x1
90 Kasplat x2
Kritter x1