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Proto:Doom (32X)/September 14, 1994 Prototype

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The levels and texturing are now very similar to the final game, but only the first eight are included.

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)

General Differences

  • The password option is gone from the main menu.
  • The game no longer runs fullscreen. The framerate still isn't as high as the final version, however.
  • The music is gone again.
  • The hex values have been moved from near the top of the 3D view to the bottom. The first value no longer updates and the current weapon's ammo has been moved to the third value.
    • The new second value corresponds to which frame of the status bar face should be displayed. The face on the status bar is still inanimate in this prototype, however.
  • The level advance cheat has been changed to Mode + X. The other cheats no longer work. This cheat will now try to load Level 6, rather than looping back to 1 from 5, and the game will crash.
  • The controls for switching weapons are very different:
    • X selects the fist, or chainsaw if it's available.
    • Y selects the pistol.
    • Z selects the shotgun.
    • Start selects the chaingun.
    • There do not seem to be buttons for any of the other weapons.
  • Health and armor bonuses increase their respective stat by 2, as in the final version.
  • It is no longer possible to "grab" things off ledges.

Level Differences

  • Level lumps now use the final MAPxx markers.
  • MAP01 through MAP08 are included.
  • Geometry and texturing is now very similar to the final version.


Prototype Final
Lookin' good. Lookin' empty.

The tech columns in the room before the green armor are still present in this version. The final room was also widened slightly.

Prototype Final
Armor from HELL. Just armor again.

The scrolling plinth the green armor sits on is textured with SKULLS01 and FLOOR6_1 instead of COMPSPAN and CEIL5_1. The window frame texture was also changed from DOORSTOP to SHAWN2.

Prototype Final
This texture matches the surrounding one... ...so why not just put the switch right on the wall?

The exit switch is inset instead of outset. This makes it harder to flip.


Sept. 6 Sept. 14 Final
Earlier Current Final

This level is unique since only about half of its geometry simplifications are in this prototype. The outdoor and exit areas have been modified, but the rest is the same as the previous prototypes. The texturing is mostly finalized now, however.

Prototype Final
"I...can't...reach it!" Lucky armor has this room all to itself.

The green armor at the start of the level is still placed on a computer console, making it unobtainable.

Prototype Final
The wall on the left side is supposed to be part of the plant, but you can't tell here. Texture fixed to match the rest of the plant walls.

The walls surrounding the secret outdoor area are at the same height as the plant itself. They'll be lowered again for the final version.

Prototype Final
Well, hey, it looks better than a HOM! I like how the computer textures got more detail in these ports.

The secret alcove with the backpack is textured with TEKWALL4 in the prototype, which doesn't exist in the IWAD, resulting in it appearing as ASH01 in game. It'll be changed to COMPSPAN in the final version.

Prototype Final
More tech columns! Someone really hated tech columns...

The tech columns near the secret chainsaw will be removed in the final version.

Prototype Final
It's brown, like the surrounding walls, but not really. Now it's gray? Okay.

The flat used in the raised sections of this room was updated from FLAT14 to FLAT5_1, maybe to add a little contrast.

Prototype Final
UV imp is free! :D UV imp is stuck behind the wall! D:

While the lift has already been removed from the exit room, the switch is still placed in an alcove. The switch will be moved forward in the final version, but the designers will forget to remove a hard difficulty imp that was originally placed in the alcove.


This has had all of its significant changes made in this prototype. The only geometry difference to the final is that the path leading to the switch to raise the walkway to the secret exit has yet to be widened.

Two tech columns near the blue key were removed from the final version.

W_GetNumForName: MAP25 not found!

Using the secret exit will give a "MAP25 not found" error message. This is interesting since the secret level is in the MAP24 slot in the final version of the game, implying there were plans to have another normal level at this point in development. It's a good bet that it would've been E3M2: Slough of Despair, as that's the only PC level that doesn't have a replacement or remnant in the Jaguar version.


The major geometry changes have also been made to this level in this prototype.

While the new upper hallway replacing the center room at the start has been added, none of the new things placed in there have been. Additionally, the stimpack still sits in the northern alcove with monitors, instead of being placed on the floor.

The gore in front of the crucified corpse isn't present yet.

Several flat textures are different than the final version, notably the swastika, which doesn't contrast against the surrounding floor in this prototype.

All of the switches in this level are inset instead of outset, like the one in Level 1.


The only geometry differences between this and the final are a few widened corridors.

The secret chainsaw's position was not updated correctly in this prototype, so it's placed inside the door that's supposed to lead to it.


Sept. 6 Sept. 14 Final
Earlier Current Final

This level has been cut down compared to the previous prototypes: The maze section has been mostly removed along with the upper walkway overlooking the final computer area. Notably, the entire red key section from the PC version is still present.

Some thing placements at the start vary from the final version as well.

Z_Malloc: failed on 45496

Attempting to load this level, however, will still result in the game crashing. A zone memory allocation error is now printed to the screen, rather than the game simply locking up.


The few geometry changes made to this level are present in this prototype.

To do:
I forgot to look at things in the previous proto, are these what prevents the column from lowering?

Two hard difficulty shotgun guys were removed from the large brown column in the final version.

The blue key still sits on the ledge in its area in this prototype, instead of the floor. Unlike the previous prototype, it is not possible to grab it, meaning the level cannot be completed.

To do:
What texture is the secret chainsaw plinth textured with? Shows as ASH01, so it's probably a removed one.

The powerup in the secret outdoor area is still a blur sphere, as was the case in the previous prototypes, instead of a soul sphere.


This level is identical to the final version, but the walls of the star do not lower upon killing the Barons of Hell, so it cannot be completed normally.

Graphic Differences

  • The screen is bordered with the FLOOR7_2 flat, instead of ROCKS. This is the green marble flat used for the screen border in the PC version.
To do:
Compare and confirm these are identical.
  • The textures are the same as the final version.