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Proto:Dreamworks Movie Night

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Dreamworks Movie Night.

As stated in the main page's introduction, two builds of the unreleased Dreamworks Movie Night, dated April 24th, 2006 and October 18th, 2006, were added to MAME on June 1st, 2021.

This page covers the earlier build.


Immediately after the "Plug & Play TV Games", the game opens a very barebones test menu, with five options to choose from, though only two games are properly seen.




"SHREK" seems to be a barebones fighting game, with no equivalent in the final release. There is no level collision, and, depending on the position of the enemies that spawn, the game can get stuck.


  • Joystick - Move
  • A - Attack



All other options seem to redirect to an engine test for Fiona's Bandit Wallop, complete with stickmen fighting action.


  • Joystick - Move
  • A - Jump
  • B - Attack

Test Menu


Much like the later build, a test menu can be accessed by pressing and holding Up, pressing and holding A, releasing Up, and pressing Down in the "Plug & Play TV Games" screen. It, strangely, refers to the game as being an X-Men game, along with some functions being absent, such as the Music and Sleep Mode tests.

Unused Graphics

Given the build's early state, several unused graphics can be found within the ROM data.

Food Items

The food items from Hammy's Food Frenzy can be found at offset 0x65D00, though they don't have a proper palette yet.


A penguin! It is most likely a very early version of Rico's sprites from Rico's Rescue Romp, and can be found starting from offset 0x66380.


A sprite sheet for Hammy, which can be found starting from offset 0x68E00. Also doesn't have a palette.

Star Wars Leftovers

Leftovers from what is possibly an earlier version of Star Wars Original Trilogy can be found starting from 0x80000 in the ROM.

Background - 0x80480


Copyright Information - 0x9C200


This graphic is also displayed in the Test Menu's background test.

Blocks - 0x9EE80


HUD text - 0xA0580


HUD blocks - 0xA2D00


(Source: tikal.)