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Proto:Earthworm Jim (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Earthworm Jim (SNES).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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There's a few more differences.

A prototype of Earthworm Jim was released by scene group ACCUMULATORS on September 4, 1994, though it was unclear whether the ROM had been modified (a common trait of scene releases) until a cart containing an identical build and labeled "EWJ-GM 04/08/94" was found, indicating that the original release had not been modified.

Dated August 4, 1994 (just under three weeks before the final US build), the Super Cheat Menu refers to this as "GAMESMASTER SPECIAL EDITION". GamesMaster was a British TV show dedicated to computer and video games, with Earthworm Jim featured during Series 4 Episode 1.

General Differences

  • The game boots immediately to a level select with no other info available.
  • There is no copyright screen before the title screen.
  • No game demos play while idling on the title screen.
  • "Andy Asteroids?" is named "Get Ready!".

Graphical Differences

Title Screen

Genesis SNES Proto SNES Final
Earthworm-jim-title.png EarthwormJimGameMasterPrototypeTitleScreen.png Earthworm Jim (SNES)-title.png

The trademark is bigger, much like in the Genesis version. The logo is also taken from the Genesis version.


Proto Final
EarthwormJimGameMasterPrototypeOptions.png EarthwormJimFinalOptions.png

The text was changed from blueish-green to white, and the image was moved from the right to the middle.

Level Cards

Proto Final
EarthwormJimGameMasterPrototypeLevelCard.png EarthwormJimFinalLevelCard.png

The level card seen before a level has Jim being brighter than in the final. Also, the level name fades in along with the image of Jim as opposed to appearing after a few seconds.