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Proto:Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

A playable demo and movie of Eternal Darkness were released on Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc - June 2002.

Debug Printouts

Info Printed Action Replay Code
Character to Environment Collisions 0466AA88 00000001
Character to Character Collisions 0466AA8C 00000001
Character gravity On? 0466AA90 00000001
Force Player Animation: 0466AA94 FFFFFFFF
Draw Self Illumination 0466AA98 00000001
Draw Lighting 0466AA9C 00000001
Draw Specular and Shine 0466AAA0 00000001
Draw Diffuse 0466AAA4 00000001
Draw Bumps 0466AAA8 00000001
Draw Opacity Map 0466AAAC 00000001
Draw the environment 0466AAB0 00000001
Force Player to State: 0466AAB8 FFFFFFFF
Animate the Player's last motions 0466AABC 00000001
Permission to Target MPC 0466AAC0 00000001
Dismember Humans/NPCs 0466AACC 00000001
Insanity Effects 0466AAD0 00000001
Set Player Sanity Damage Level 0466AAD4 0000000A
Debug Performance Graph 0066B4B8 00000001
Phantom Creatures 8066B8AC 810D5504
Walk On Ceilling 8066B8B0 810D54E8
Turn to Zombie 8066B8B4 810D54CC
TV Mute 8066B8B8 810D54B0
TV Video Freak Out 8066B8BC 810D5494
Game Reset 8066B8C0 810D5424
Save/Erase Game 8066B8C4 810D53B4
Blue Screen of Death 8066B8C8 810D5398
Controller Not Found 8066B8CC 810D537C
TV Volume 8066B8D4 810D5408
Shrink Player 8066B8D8 810D53EC
Expand Player 8066B8DC 810D5344
Max Self Shoot 8066B8E0 810D5328
Sinking Feeling 8066B8E4 810D530C
Spell Cast Bust 8066B8E8 810D52F0
FootStep Trail 8066B8F0 810D52D8
Sepia Mode 0066B98B 00000001
Anti Green Game 0466BC4C 00000001
Draw Sound Sources 0466BC58 00000001
Draw Markers 0466BC5C 00000001
Draw Spawn Markers 0466BC60 00000001
Draw Waypoints N' Paths 0466BC64 00000001
Draw Portals 0466BC68 00000001
Draw Regions 0466BC6C 00000001
Draw Current Lights 0466BC70 00000001
Draw on-screen debug prints 0466BC74 00000001
Draw Background as colour 0466BC78 00000001
Draw AI Object Info 0466BC7C 00000001
Draw last 10 swipe polys 0466BC80 00000001
Draw Zombie Environment Sight 0466BC84 00000001
Draw Players Gun Sight 0466BC88 00000001
Show SMPTE counter 0466BC8C 00000001
Accelerate Time of Day 0466BC90 00000001
Draw Safe Frame 0466BC94 00000001
Game Flag 0466BC98 00000001
Debug All General Prints 0466BC9C 00000001
Debug Error Prints 0466BCA0 00000001
Debug Sound Prints 0466BCA4 00000001
Debug Doug Prints 0466BCA8 000000xx
Debug AI Prints 0466BCAC 00000001
Debug Create/Del Prints 0466BCB0 000000xx
Debug Attack Prints 0466BCB4 00000001
Debug MemCard Prints 0466BCB8 000000xx
Debug Lightning Prints 0466BCBC 000000xx
Allow Cinematic Skipping 0466BCC0 00000001
Throw meele weapons 0466BCC8 00000001
Draw all CollPlanes 0466BCCC 00000001
Draw all TogglePlanes 0466BCD0 00000001
Draw all N-Sided Boxes 0466BCD4 00000001
Draw Last Plane(s) Hit 0466BCD8 00000001
Draw Projected Plane Normal(s) 0066BCDC 00000001
Play FORCED animation 0066BCE0 00000001
Draw Second LightMap Slot 0066BCE4 00000001
Draw Third LightMap Slot 0066BCE8 00000001
Widescreen Mode 0466BCF8 00000001
Draw Player's Collision Spheres 0466BCFC 00000001
Draw NPC's Collision Spheres 0066BD00 00000001
Draw Stamina Bar 0466BD04 00000001
Alex Summoned Old One Liche Boss Fight: 0066BD0C 000000xx
Draw Player's finishing cameras?: 0066BD10 00000001
Draw Optimal Camera Position 0066BD18 00000001
Selected Sound: 0066BD1C 000000xx
Selected Song Track: 0066BD20 000000xx
Selected Audio Stream: 0066BD24 000000xx
Insanity Overide 0066BD28 00000001
Draw Bld Pool Markers 0066BD2C 00000001
Draw Bld Wall Markers 0066BD30 00000001
Draw Ins Target Markers 0466BD34 00000001
Set Insanity Sound(0-14): 0066BD38 000000xx
(Source: https://tcrf.net/User:Gilgamesh)

Development Texts

8025CDA0 ED_debug.c
8025CDAC ENT: %d EXT: %d
8025CDBC  (%0.0f, %0.0f, %0.0f) fov(%0.0f)
8025CDE0 PLAYER POS: (%0.0f, %0.0f, %0.0f) ANG (%f)
8025CE0C    FPS %d
8025CE60 Camera: Game Normal
8025CE78 ED_GameMain.c

8025EA1C Version: %s (%s)

8025ECD0 SkEngine_FileRead.c

8026B908 00000006
8026B910 8026EA40
8026B918 00000001
8026B920 Cinematic Selection1

8026B954 00000006
8026B95C 8026EA84
8026B964 00000001
8026B96C Cinematic Selection2

8026B9A4 8066AA98
8026B9B0 00000001
8026B9B4 00000001
8026B9B8 Draw Self Illumination - %s

8026B9F0 8066AA9C
8026B9FC 00000001
8026BA00 00000001
8026BA04 Draw Lighting - %s

8026BA3C 8066AAA4
8026BA48 00000001
8026BA4C 00000001
8026BA50 Draw Diffuse - %s

8026BA88 8066AAA8
8026BA94 00000001
8026BA98 00000001
8026BA9C Draw Bumps - %s

8026BAD4 8066AAAC
8026BAE0 00000001
8026BAE4 00000001
8026BAE8 Draw Opacity Map - %s

8026BB20 8066AAA0
8026BB2C 00000001
8026BB30 00000001
8026BB34 Draw Specular and Shine - %s

8026BB6C 8066BCE4
8026BB78 00000001
8026BB7C 00000001
8026BB80 Draw Second LightMap Slot - %s

8026BBB8 8066BCE8
8026BBC4 00000001
8026BBC8 00000001
8026BBCC Draw Third LightMap Slot - %s

8026BC00 00000001
8026BC04 8066AAB0
8026BC10 00000001
8026BC14 00000000
8026BC18 Draw the environment - %s

8026BC4C 00000001
8026BC50 8066BCF8
8026BC5C 00000001
8026BC60 00000000
8026BC64 Widescreen Mode - %s

8026BC98 00000001
8026BC9C 8066BC80
8026BCA8 00000001
8026BCAC 00000000
8026BCB0 Draw last 10 swipe polys - %s

8026BCE4 00000001
8026BCE8 8066BC84
8026BCF4 00000001
8026BCF8 00000000
8026BCFC Draw Zombie Environment Sight - %s

8026BD30 00000003
8026BD34 00000012
8026BD40 00000001
8026BD48 Turn lighting %s

8026BD7C 00000003
8026BD80 00000013
8026BD8C 00000001
8026BD94 Turn bomb blasts %s

8026BDC8 00000003
8026BDCC 0000000A
8026BDD8 00000001
8026BDE0 Display Gamma Setting - %s

8026BE14 00000003
8026BE18 00000010
8026BE24 00000032
8026BE2C Display Brightness : %d

8026BE64 8066BC90
8026BE70 00000001
8026BE78 Accelerate Time of Day - %s

8026BEB0 8066BC94
8026BEBC 00000001
8026BEC4 Draw Safe Frame - %s

8026BEF8 00000004
8026BF00 8026ED2C

8026BF48 8066BCD8
8026BF54 00000001
8026BF5C Draw Last Plane(s) Hit - %s

8026BF94 8066BCDC
8026BFA0 00000001
8026BFA8 Draw Projected Plane Normal(s) - %s

8026BFE0 8066AA88
8026BFEC 00000001
8026BFF4 Character to Environment Collisions - %s

8026C02C 8066AA8C
8026C038 00000001
8026C040 Charater to Character Collisions - %s

8026C074 00000001
8026C078 8066AA90
8026C084 00000001
8026C08C Character gravity On? - %s

8026C0C0 00000001
8026C0C4 8066BCCC
8026C0D0 00000001
8026C0D8 Draw all CollPlanes - %s

8026C10C 00000001
8026C110 8066BCD0
8026C11C 00000001
8026C124 Draw all TogglePlanes - %s

8026C158 00000001
8026C15C 8066BCD4
8026C168 00000001
8026C170 Draw all N-Sided Boxes - %s

8026C1A4 00000001
8026C1A8 8066BCE0
8026C1B4 00000001
8026C1BC Play FORCED animation - %s

8026C1F0 0000000B
8026C1F4 8066AA94
8026C200 000000A9
8026C208 Force Player Animation: %s

8026C23C 00000003
8026C240 00000003
8026C24C 00000001
8026C250 000FF800
8026C254 All GOD Mode option - %s

8026C288 00000003
8026C28C 00000004
8026C298 00000001
8026C250 00800000
8026C254 EAD GOD mode option - %s

8026C2D4 00000003
8026C2D8 00000003
8026C2E4 00000001
8026C2E8 00000800
8026C254 Unlimited Health - %s

8026C320 00000003
8026C324 00000003
8026C330 00000001
8026C334 00001000
8026C338 Unlimited Sanity - %s

8026C36C 00000003
8026C370 00000003
8026C37C 00000001
8026C380 00002000
8026C254 Unlimited Magic - %s

8026C3B8 00000003
8026C3BC 00000003
8026C3C8 00000001
8026C3CC 00020000
8026C254 Unlimited Stamina - %s

8026C404 00000003
8026C408 00000003
8026C414 00000001
8026C418 00010000
8026C41C Unlimited Ammo - %s

8026C450 00000003
8026C454 00000003
8026C460 00000001
8026C464 00004000
8026C468 All Spells      - %s

8026C49C 00000003
8026C4A0 00000003
8026C4AC 00000001
8026C4B0 00040000
8026C4B4 All Maps         - %s

8026C4E8 00000003
8026C4EC 00000003
8026C4F8 00000001
8026C4FC 00008000
8026C500 All Autopsy      - %s

8026C534 00000003
8026C538 00000003
8026C544 00000001
8026C548 00080000
8026C54C All Cinema         - %s

8026C580 00000003
8026C584 00000005
8026C590 00000001
8026C598 Give All Weapons - %s

8026C5CC 0000000A
8026C5D0 00000001
8026C5DC 00000001
8026C5E4 Finished Game Chat - %s

8026C618 0000000A
8026C61C 00000002
8026C628 00000001
8026C630 Finished Game Uly - %s

8026C664 0000000A
8026C668 00000003
8026C674 00000001
8026C67C Finished Game Xel - %s

8026C6B0 00000001
8026C6B4 8066BCC0
8026C6C0 00000001
8026C6C8 Allow Cinematic Skipping - %s

8026C6FC 00000001
8026C700 8066BCC8
8026C70C 00000001
8026C714 Throw meele weapons - %s

8026C748 00000004
8026C750 8026ED70

8026C794 00000003
8026C798 0000000F
8026C7A4 00000001
8026C7AC Toggle Player Draw

8026C7E0 00000001
8026C7E4 8066BD04
8026C7F0 00000001
8026C7F8 Draw Stamina Bar - %s

8026C82C 00000001
8026C830 8066BC88
8026C83C 00000001
8026C844 Draw Players Gun Sight - %s

8026C878 00000001
8026C87C 8066AAC0
8026C888 00000001
8026C890 Permission to Target MPC - %s

8026C8C4 00000001
8026C8C8 8066BCFC
8026C8D4 00000001
8026C8DC Draw Player's Collision Spheres - %s

8026C910 00000001
8026C914 8066BD00
8026C920 00000001
8026C928 Draw NPC's Collision Spheres - %s

8026C95C 00000001
8026C960 8066AABC
8026C96C 00000001
8026C974 Animate the Player's last motion - %s

8026C9A8 00000002
8026C9AC 8066AAB8
8026C9B8 00000005
8026C9C0 Force Player to State: - %d

8026C9F4 00000003
8026C9F8 00000002
8026CA04 00000001
8026C9C0 Player Push-Everybody-Away

8026CA40 00000003
8026CA44 00000006
8026CA50 00000001
8026CA58 Launch Player in to the air

8026CA8C 00000003
8026CA90 00000008
8026CA9C 00000001
8026CAA4 Toggle MPC look at me ball (Currently %s)

8026CAD8 00000003
8026CADC 00000009
8026CAE8 00000001
8026CAF0 Toggle MPC test Body Parts (Currently %s)

8026CB24 00000003
8026CB28 00000016
8026CB34 00000001
8026CB3C Toggle MPC run on Joystick (Currently %s)

8026CB70 00000002
8026CB74 8066AAD4
8026CB80 0000000A
8026CB88 Set Player Sanity Damage Level: %d

8026CBBC 00000003
8026CBC0 00000017
8026CBCC 00000001
8026CBD4 Apply Sanity Damage %f

8026CC08 00000003
8026CC0C 0000001A
8026CC18 00000001
8026CC20 Player Target FOV - %s

8026CC54 00000001
8026CC58 8066AACC
8026CC64 00000001
8026CC6C Dismember Humans/NPCs - %s

8026CCA0 00000002
8026CCA4 8066BD0C
8026CCB0 00000003
8026CCB8 Alex Summoned Old One for Liche Boss Fight: %d

8026CCEC 00000001
8026CCF0 8066BD10
8026CCFC 00000001
8026CD04 Draw player's finishing cameras?: %s

8026CD38 00000003
8026CD3C 0000001E
8026CD48 00000001
8026CD50 Toggle Player's Region Checking (currently %s)

8026CD84 00000003
8026CD88 00000018
8026CD94 0000007F
8026CD9C Master Volume - Music: %d

8026CDD0 00000003
8026CDD4 00000019
8026CDE0 0000007F
8026CDE8 Master Volume - Effects: %d

8026CE1C 00000003
8026CE20 00000011
8026CE2C 00000001
8026CE34 Print Sound Status

8026CE68 00000003
8026CE6C 00000015
8026CE78 00000001
8026CE80 Toggle BG Music Mgmr: %s

8026CEB4 00000003
8026CEB8 00000000
8026CEC4 00000001
8026CECC Start/Stop Selected Song Track

8026CF00 00000002
8026CF04 8066BD20
8026CF10 00000093
8026CF18 Selected Song Track: %d

8026CF4C 00000003
8026CF50 0000000B
8026CF5C 000000FF
8026CF64 Selected Song Volume: %d

8026CF98 00000003
8026CF9C 0000000C
8026CFA8 00000001
8026CFB0 Start/Stop Selected Audio Stream

8026CFE4 00000002
8026CFE8 8066BD24
8026CFF4 000002DA
8026CFFC Selected Audio Stream: %d

8026D030 00000003
8026D034 0000000D
8026D040 00000001
8026D048 Prep Selected Audio Stream

8026D07C 00000003
8026D080 0000000E
8026D08C 00000001
8026D094 Run Prepped Selected Audio Stream

8026D0C8 00000003
8026D0CC 00000001
8026D0D8 00000001
8026D0E0 Start/Stop Selected Sound

8026D114 00000002
8026D118 8066BD1C
8026D124 00000064
8026D12C Selected Sound: %d

8026D160 00000002
8026D164 8066AAC4
8026D170 0000007F
8026D178 Selected Volume: %d

8026D1AC 00000003
8026D1B0 0000001C
8026D1BC 00000001
8026D1C4 Calib01 -0db w/noise 48KHz stereo

8026D1F8 00000003
8026D1FC 0000001D
8026D208 00000001
8026D210 Calib02 -0db w/noise 48KHz stereo

8026D244 00000000
8026D248 8066BC9C
8026D254 00000001
8026D25C Debug All General Prints - %s

8026D290 00000000
8026D294 8066BCA0
8026D2A0 00000001
8026D2A8 Debug Error Prints - %s

8026D2DC 00000000
8026D2E0 8066BCA4
8026D2EC 00000001
8026D2F4 Debug Sound Prints - %s

8026D328 00000000
8026D32C 8066BCA8
8026D338 00000001
8026D340 Debug Doug Prints - %s

8026D374 00000000
8026D378 8066BCAC
8026D384 00000001
8026D38C Debug AI Prints - %s

8026D3C0 00000000
8026D3C4 8066BCB0
8026D3D0 00000001
8026D3D8 Debug Create/Del Prints - %s

8026D40C 00000000
8026D410 8066BCB4
8026D41C 00000001
8026D424 Debug Attack Prints - %s

8026D458 00000000
8026D45C 8066BCB8
8026D468 00000001
8026D470 Debug MemCard Prints - %s

8026D4A4 00000000
8026D4A8 8066BCBC
8026D4B4 00000001
8026D4BC Debug Lightning Prints - %s

8026D4F0 00000003
8026D4F4 00000014
8026D500 00000001
8026D508 Output Debug Prints to Console

8026D540 8026B8AC
8026D54C 00000001
8026D564     Phantom Creatures - %s

8026D58C 8026B8B0
8026D598 00000001
8026D5A0     Walk On Ceilling - %s

8026D5D8 8026B8B4
8026D5E4 00000001
8026D5EC     Turn to Zombie - %s

8026D624 8026B8B8
8026D630 00000001
8026D638     TV Mute - %s

8026D670 8026B8BC
8026D67C 00000001
8026D684     TV Video Freak Out - %s

8026D6BC 8026B8C0
8026D6C8 00000001
8026D6D0     Game Reset - %s

8026D708 8026B8C4
8026D714 00000001
8026D71C     Save/Erase Game - %s

8026D754 8026B8C8
8026D760 00000001
8026D768     Blue Screen of Death - %s

8026D7A0 8026B8CC
8026D7AC 00000001
8026D7B4     Controller Not Found - %s

8026D7EC 8026B8D4
8026D7F8 00000001
8026D800     TV Volume - %s

8026D838 8026B8D8
8026D844 00000001
8026D84C     Shrink Player - %s

8026D884 8026B8DC
8026D890 00000001
8026D898     Expand Player - %s

8026D8D0 8026B8E0
8026D8DC 00000001
8026D8E4     Max Self Shoot - %s

8026D91C 8026B8E4
8026D928 00000001
8026D930     Sinking Feeling - %s

8026D968 8026B8E8
8026D974 00000001
8026D97C     Spell Cast Bust - %s

8026D9B4 8026B8F0
8026D9C0 00000001
8026D9C8     Foot Step Trail - %s

8026DA00 8026B85C
8026DA0C 00000001
8026DA14     Bleeding Walls - %s

8026DA4C 8026B868
8026DA58 00000001
8026DA60     TV Shut Off - %s

8026DA98 8026B86C
8026DAA4 00000001
8026DAAC     Blood Pool Ceiling Drip - %s

8026DAE4 8026B870
8026DAF0 00000001
8026DAF8     Target Marker - %s

8026DB30 8026B874
8026DB3C 00000001
8026DB44     Attack Camera - %s

8026DB7C 8026B878
8026DB88 00000001
8026DB90     Horror Camera Shake - %s

8026DBC8 8026B87C
8026DBD4 00000001
8026DBDC     Ammo Pickup Mirage - %s

8026DC14 8026B880
8026DC20 00000001
8026DC28     Locked in Room - %s

8026DC60 8026B884
8026DC6C 00000001
8026DC74     Blood Bath - %s

8026DCAC 8026B888
8026DCB8 00000001
8026DCC0     Edwards Ghost Cines- %s

8026DCF8 8026B88C
8026DD04 00000001
8026DD0C     Timeline Visitation - %s

8026DD44 8026B890
8026DD50 00000001
8026DD58     Bug Crawl - %s

8026DD90 8026B894
8026DD9C 00000001
8026DDA4     To Be Continued - %s

8026DDDC 8026B898
8026DDE8 00000001
8026DDF0     Enemy One Hit Kill - %s

8026DE28 8026B89C
8026DE34 00000001
8026DE3C     Head Of Shakespeare - %s

8026DE74 8026B8A0
8026DE80 00000001
8026DE88     Helpless Battle - %s

8026DEC0 8026B8A4
8026DECC 00000001
8026DED4     Illusion of Grandeur - %s

8026DF0C 8026B8A8
8026DF18 00000001
8026DF20     Empty Inventory - %s

8026DF54 00000004
8026DF5C 8026ECE8

8026DFA4 8066BD2C
8026DFB0 00000001
8026DFB8 Draw Bld Pool Makers - %s

8026DFF0 8066BD30
8026DFFC 00000001
8026E004 Draw Bld Wall Markers - %s

8026E03C 8066BD34
8026E048 00000001
8026E050 Draw Ins Target Markers - %s

8026E088 8066AAD0
8026E094 00000001
8026E09C Insanity Effects - %s

8026E0D4 8066BD28
8026E0E0 00000001
8026E0E8 Insanity Overide - %s

8026E11C 00000002
8026E120 8066BD38
8026E12C 0000000E
8026E134 Set Insanity Sound (0-14): %d

8026E168 00000003
8026E16C 0000001B
8026E178 00000001
8026E180 Play Insanity Sound %d

8026E1B4 00000004
8026E1BC 8026ECA4

8026E200 00000008
8026E210 00000001
8026E218 Adjust Text Colors

8026E250 8066BC4C
8026E25C 00000001
8026E264 Anti Green Game - %s

8026E298 00000009
8026E2A0 00000001
8026E2A8 00000001
8026E2B0 Disable Hud - %s

8026E2E4 0000000C
8026E2E8 8066BC98
8026E2EC 8066B640
8026E2F4 00000001
8026E2FC Game Flag %i is %i

8026E330 00000004
8026E338 8026E9FC
8026E340 00000001
8026E348 Cinematic Selection

8026E37C 00000005
8026E38C 00000001
8026E394 Room Selection - %s%04d.bpe

8026E3C8 00000004
8026E3D0 8026EAC8
8026E3D8 00000001

8026E418 8066BC5C
8026E424 00000001
8026E42C Draw Markers - %s

8026E464 8066BC60
8026E470 00000001
8026E478 Draw Spawn Markers - %s

8026E4B0 8066BC64
8026E4BC 00000001
8026E4C4 Draw Waypoints N' Paths - %s

8026E4FC 8066BC58
8026E508 00000001
8026E510 Draw Sound Sources - %s

8026E548 8066BC68
8026E554 00000001
8026E55C Draw Portals - %s

8026E594 8066BC6C
8026E5A0 00000001
8026E5A8 Draw Regions - %s

8026E5E0 8066BC70
8026E5EC 00000001
8026E5F4 Draw Current Lights - %s

8026E62C 8066BC7C
8026E638 00000001
8026E640 Draw AI Object Info - %s

8026E678 8066BD18
8026E684 00000001
8026E68C Draw Optimal Camera Position - %s

8026E6C4 8066BC78
8026E6D0 00000001
8026E6D8 Draw Background as colour - %s

8026E710 8066BC74
8026E71C 00000001
8026E724 Draw on-screen debug prints - %s

8026E75C 8066BC8C
8026E768 00000001
8026E770 Show SMPTE counter - %s

8026E7A4 00000004
8026E7AC 8026EB0C

8026E7F0 00000004
8026E7F8 8026EB94

8026E83C 00000004
8026E844 8026EB50

8026E888 00000004
8026E890 8026EBD8

8026E8D4 00000004
8026E8DC 8026EC1C

8026E920 00000004
8026E928 8026EC60

8026E96C 00000007
8026E970 00003039
8026E97C 00000001

8026E9BC 8026E330
8026E9C0 00000016

8026EA40 8026E9B8
8026EA44 8026B908
8026EA48 00000002

8026EA84 8026E9B8
8026EA88 8026B908
8026EA8C 00000002

8026EAC8 8026E9B8
8026EACC 8026C23C
8026EAD0 00000012

8026EB0C 8026E9B8
8026EB10 8026B9A0
8026EB14 00000013

8026EB50 8026E9B8
8026EB54 8026BF44
8026EB58 0000000A

8026EB94 8026E9B8
8026EB98 8026C794
8026EB9C 00000014

8026EBD8 8026E9B8
8026EBDC 8026CD84
8026EBE0 00000010

8026EC1C 8026E9B8
8026EC20 8026D244
8026EC24 0000000A

8026EC60 8026E9B8
8026EC64 8026DFA0
8026EC68 00000008

8026ECA4 8026EC60
8026ECA8 8026D9FC
8026ECAC 00000013

8026ECE8 8026ECA4
8026ECEC 8026D53C
8026ECF0 00000010

8026ED2C 8026E9B8
8026ED30 8026E200
8026ED34 00000003

8026ED70 8026E9B8
8026ED74 8026E2E4
8026ED78 00000001

8026EDB4 800FAF90
8026EDB8 800FAFF8
8026EDBC 800FB02C
8026EDC0 800FB068
8026EDC4 800FB4F0
8026EDC8 800FB55C
8026EDCC 800FB58C
8026EDD0 800FB58C
8026EDD4 800FB58C
8026EDD8 800FAF5C
8026EDDC 800FAF28
8026EDE0 800FB048
8026EDE4 800FAFC4
8026EDE8 db_menu.c
8026EDF2 Actual Free RAM: %ld   Minus 24 MB: %ld
8026EE1A YES
8026EE1E NO
8026EE21 ON
8026EE24 OFF
8026EE28 GX_GM_1_0
8026EE32 GX_GM_1_7
8026EE3C GX_GM_2_2
8026EE46 Active
8026EE57 135
8026EE5B 180
8026EE5F 220
8026EE63 270
8026EE67 Submenu: %s
8026EE73 %s
8026EE76 DB_Draw_Debug_Menu_If_Active
8026EE93 ERROR: Unexpected menu entry type %d
8026EEB9 %c%c%c
8026EEC0 db_Debug_Menu_A_Button
8026EED8 Axis

80274F78 *SK_ASC*
802760C4 SKtest.c
80276128 lSKlib.c
80278058 sd_debug.c
8028C910 SKEngine_Pipeline.c
80322B04 SKEngine_Render.c
80322B90 SkEngine_AnimTexture.c
80322D28 SKEngine_Position.c
80322DC0 SKEngine_DynamicLight.c
80322DD8 SK_OSAlloc_Wrapper.c
80322EB8 SKEngine_GameTime.c
8077B49C *SK_
810FE7F8 *SK_ASC*
(Source: https://tcrf.net/User:Gilgamesh)