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Proto:Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Juurokubei no Karakuri Manjigatame

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Juurokubei no Karakuri Manjigatame.

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October 24, 1994 Sample Version

This is a leaked "Sample" version dated two months before the commercial release. Sample versions are in Japan what Demo/Kiosk versions used in stores and conventions are in the west. It went on sale on Yahoo! Japan auctions back in July 2009, along with a prototype of Gokujou Parodius, and was dumped thanks to Matthew Callis.

This demo covers the game from the very beginning until the second section in the first castle, where the exit wasn't programmed. An invisible wall prevents further progress.

Download.png Download Ganbare Goemon 3 prototype
File: Ganbare Goemon 3 - Shishi Juurokubei no Karakuri Manjigatame (Japan) (Sample).rar (1.45 MB) (info)

(Source: Matthew Callis)

Debug Features

To do:
  • Can Yae be hacked into the party with the required move?
  • Text differences from the final.

Some debug options are activated in this sample version:

  • Free Movement: Toggle it with R in overhead and side-scrolling areas. You can abuse it to bypass the Ninja blocking the path to the Ninja Village where you can swim to the entrance of the second submerged dungeon, but since Yae didn't join yet, you can't access it with the required mermaid transformation.
The free movement will often crash or reset the game in overhead areas when used to reach normally inaccessible edges of the current screen, but sometimes you just respawn on the other edge of the screen, or in the next area in that direction.
  • Money Modifier: While you are talking to an NPC indoors, press R to max your money, and L to reset it to zero.

Attract Mode

All the attract demos from the final version are present here, with slight player input and length differences.

  • The first video is mostly similar to the final one until the part where Ebisumaru stops after defeating the robot enemy. The sample version doesn't cut off to the final, but instead, the player continues to the next section and progresses quite a bit through it, but after climbing the first stairs, Goemon just makes a suicide dive.
  • The second demo taking place in the town is very different: it's basically the first playable moments in the game until getting the swimming equipment then trying it with Ebisumaru.
  • The third demo (the first chase scene) has some differences.
  1. Slightly different input on the cursor.
  2. When the robot crushes everyone for the first time, in the demo, Goemon and Sasuke receive damage while Ebisumaru jumps. In the final, Ebisumaru and Sasuke receive damage while Goemon just keeps running.
  3. At the second time the robot crushes everyone, the same thing happens in the demo version. While in the final version, Goemon jumps slightly before the robot crushes everyone.
  • The fourth demo, which consist of the first destruction sequence, also has some differences.
  1. The text at the start scrolls slower.
  2. Slightly different input.
  3. Impact almost never completely faces the screen like in the final.
  • The fifth demo, which consists of the Mode-7 boss battle with Bismaru Elegant, is different and longer, allowing her to be brought down to 30HP. It has very noticeable graphical glitches when she (?) attacks too close.

Other Differences

  • The title screen logo was moved upwards in the final.
  • The camera positioning during overhead sections is centered in this version, and more shifted toward the bottom of the screen in the final.
  • Goemon walks faster in the sample version.