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Proto:Glover (Nintendo 64)/July 16th, 1998

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Glover (Nintendo 64).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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The game fails to progress after getting to the end of Atlantis' third stage, though the level select can allow you to access other levels.

Download.png Download Glover (Jul 16, 1998 prototype)
File: Glover_(Jul_16,_1998_prototype).7z (4.4 MB) (info)

General Differences

  • The music everywhere in the whole game is completely different.
  • Glover's back is given two gray X's, kind of like a real, stitched-together glove. In the final, it's a red star.
  • Glover's sounds are different. He uses quieter grunts, but when he falls it sounds the same as in the final.
  • When a Game Over occurs, a metal crash sound plays instead of the failure theme in the final.
  • The transitions are just fade-outs instead of a flying star.
  • When you go through a door, Glover has a proper "leaving" animation. He shrinks and continues walking, which is not the case in the final.
  • Point graphics are given a more crude design.
  • Fog properties for each level are different from the final.
  • When in areas that have no garibs, the counter is usually present. Most of the time, it says "0/0".
  • The regular text for Mr. Tip and such is all in lowercase letters, instead of uppercase in the final.
  • After speaking to Mr. Tip at least once, he doesn't fade and have a forlorn expression.


  • Upon startup, the copyright screen only says "Licensed by Nintendo", with no logo or other notices. The little scene with the Hasbro Interactive, Interactive Studios, and A-Team logos (along with Glover playing with a ball) is present. No music plays here, though.

Glover Proto Title.png

A timer accompanied with a strange "-52:-45" value is present, obviously not meant to be here.

Glover Proto Main Menu.png

A build date is present, which means that this is version 16, made on July 16, 1998.

Glover Proto File Select.png

The game completion percent is expressed as "p" instead of a percent sign in the final.

Level Select

In order to select other levels, use of this menu is mandatory. It can be found by going up from "START" on the main menu, which will move the cursor below the R on the Glover logo. Using this, you can select any level.

Glover proto level select.png

Actual Gameplay

Practice Room

Glover Proto Practice 1.png

  • The walls are yellow instead of blue and the floors are a darker shade of tan.
  • There is a zeroed-out timer and a "Time Up" banner that is always overlaid on the screen and never goes away.
  • No music plays in here.

Glover Proto Practice 2.png

Wooden arrows are used and move up and down relative to the direction of the arrow. In the final, they are stationary signs with a red arrow on them, separate from the walls.

Glover Proto Practice 3.png

Crystals are sticking out of the ground and the walls, which were removed from the final.

Glover Proto Glover Button.png

The buttons that require Glover to fist pound them use the same texture as the ones that require the ball to be rolled over it. The Glover button is white with black rings here, but use his back's red star insignia in the final.

Stage Select

Glover Proto Stage Select Atlantis.png

The star that appears above a stage's entrance when you collect all of its garibs is missing.