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Proto:Gran Turismo 2

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Gran Turismo 2.

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Several demo builds of Gran Turismo 2 were released in various demo discs.

To do:
  • Fix remaining British terms ("bonnet", for example) and odd wording ("smallened", for example).
  • Document the other prototypes. Specifically, add more to the Test Drive demo and McDonald's Demo, including unused cars and any other differences.
  • Document the changes in menus, as well as changes in car logo files.


Cars that were still in development from various demos.

Menu Differences

GT Mode Interface Differences

The GT Mode is accessible in all demos, but unlike the previous game, the GT mode in all demo builds are barely functional mockups.

Map Interface

Demo Version Final Version
  • The Go Race icon has a waving flag in the demos and flat one in the final.
  • There is no Wheel Shop yet.
  • A different font was used for the icon labels.

Cities Interface

Demo Version Final Version
Demo Version Final Version
Demo Version Final Version
Demo Version Final Version
  • The dealership icons were rearranged to ensure all screen space gets used.
  • The shortcut buttons were consequently removed as well.

Dealerships Interface

Early Demo Middle Demo, Late Demo, Latest Demo Final Version
Demo Version Final Version
Demo Version Final Version
Demo Version Final Version
Demo Version Final Version
Early Demo, Middle Demo, Late Demo Latest Demo Final Version
  • Chevrolet and Mazda received a completely different menu background for the final game. All other featured manufacturers have the background slightly adjusted instead.
  • Used car lineups were considered for non-Japanese makes; in the final, only Japanese ones (excluding Tommykaira) has used car listings. With the American manufacturers, this would have meant that the old muscle cars would get relegated there; it is unknown how it would fare with European ones.
  • There were no manufacturer biographies on these screens, and the button designs are different.

McDonald's Demo

This demo disc was given away, obviously, at certain McDonald's locations. This demo has one of the earliest builds of the game, featuring very early versions of tracks, cars, and everything overall.

The title screen uses a very similar style to that of the first game, but with a different background image. The menu sounds are also ripped straight from the first game. Normally, there are three playable cars, which include the Ford Mustang GT '99, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR, and Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo, which can only be raced on Rome Circuit for one lap with no music. However, by using cheat methods, more of the early tracks and cars can be accessed.

Early Unused Tracks

Like mentioned before, the tracks are in a very early state here, meaning that there was still a lot of work to be done. The tracks that were present in this build include:

  • Grindelwald: Most of the scenery is missing, the skybox has odd colors in it, and for some reason, cars have an odd lighting and texture to them when being raced on here.
  • Laguna Seca: One of the more finished tracks on here, but there are still things missing and more ground to be placed.
  • Parmanent: A really early version of Midfield Raceway. This one has hot air balloons in the sky near the start for some reason, a different looking road and scenery, and obviously, generally unfinished.
  • Oval Track: Just a basic oval road that starts you off in the wrong direction. It just might've been a really early version of Super Speedway, but not much is known about it.
  • Sprint 2: The earlier version of Red Rock Valley. Like Laguna Seca, it's more finished-looking than the others, but still needed some work done. The amount of pop-in is also really apparent.
  • Tahiti Road: This version doesn't have any sort of pit lane and instead has more of a beach shore near its start line. The only scenery here are the trees and telephone poles, as there are no houses yet.

Mid-Development Demo

A slightly later build, this demo was playable on numerous demo discs given out in 1999, including:

  • Gran Turismo 2: Music at the Speed of the Sound Bonus Disc
  • Pizza Hut Demo Disc 2
  • PlayStation Underground Winter 1999 Demo Disc
  • Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 46 (July 2001)

There are new menu sounds in this demo, which are very different to the final version. The Arcade Mode menus have more options now, but they are inaccessible unless cheat codes are used. Once again, only 3 cars are playable, and Rome Circuit is the only track.

Unused/Early Tracks

More tracks are present on this demo compared to the McDonald's one. However, some are more finished than others. Some of these tracks also appears in the rolling/attract demo.

  • Grindelwald: The skybox and car texture issues have been fixed, but the course looks quite different to the final, and is still unfinished, most notably due to the fact that there is a "jump" at one section of the track, which wasn't there in the McDonald's demo.

  • Apricot Hill: Very early in progress here. There is no scenery whatsoever, and the entire track isn't even fully modelled. The last chicane area also seems quite different here.
  • Pikes Peak: Somewhat unfinished in this demo. There are no advertisements on track, the cliffsides have glitchy textures, and there is no finish line.
  • Rome Night: Another early work-in-progress track. Lots of buildings are missing here, and the apexes have invisible walls. The runoff areas were a lot larger originally.

  • Rome Short: Set at sunset here, but for some reason most of the advertisements on the track are missing. This version of Rome Short can be seen in a pre-release GT2 screenshot.

  • Seattle Short: Quite early in development here. Every building unique to Seattle Short seems to be missing, and there are runoff areas that are either missing or different to the final version. Plus one sign on the track points in the direction of full Seattle course.
  • Red Rock Valley: Seems to have been made worse since the McDonald's demo somehow. There are now giant meter signs in the sky, and the car textures now glitch up.
  • Tahiti Road: As opposed to Red Rock Valley, Tahiti Road has actually had improvements since the McDonald's demo. The front stretch now has grandstands present, and the fences have been updated to the ones from the final game.

  • Deep Forest: Not much to say about this one, except that for some reason the trees appear to have glitchy textures, and so do the cars.
  • Dirt Test 1: A dirt course meant for testing. Not much to say about this one.

  • Dirt Test 2: A longer dirt test course, this one also includes some big jumps.

  • Indi: A completely removed track, which uses the layout of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Might have been an early consideration for Super Speedway, as both this and Super Speedway are reimagined versions of real life ovals (Super Speedway is based off Motegi Super Speedway). Note the incomplete scenery and night time setting, although the track is flagged as a daytime track as headlights are not turned on.

  • Monte Carlo: Another completely deleted track, this time based on the grand prix circuit in Monaco. However, a track based on Monaco would first appear in Gran Turismo 3, under the name of "Cote D'Azur". There are Repsol advertisements in this track, which is completely absent in final game.

  • No Name Dirt 2: The early version of Smokey Mountain South. This one has no advertisements whatsoever, and some fences are also missing, as well as the start/finish markings.
  • No Name Dirt: And this is an early Smokey Mountain North. Once again, no advertisements and start/finish markings are present here, but the track is entirely surrounded by trees here.
  • Tahiti Safari Course: An early version of Tahiti Dirt Route 3. This one is set in more of a tighter environment, while the final course was much more open.

  • Tahiti Test 6: A strange test course, it's Smokey Mountain North with different surroundings.

  • Tahiti Test 7: An early Tahiti Maze essentially. This one has strange barriers, made out of trackside bushes.
  • Tahiti Test Short: Although it might not seem evident at first, this course reuses Smokey Mountain South's layout. This one has a tarmac section at the beginning, as well as changing scenery.

  • Circle 80: In a very early state here. There aren't any buildings or advertisements surrounding the track, instead there's just trees. The overhead start/finish markings are also absent here.

  • Dart Test 2: The small track also hidden in the final game.
  • Circle 30: Has a glitch in this demo where the start line are right next to each other, meaning that if you do a 1 lap race then you will likely finish in less than a second.

  • Midfield: Updated to look more like the final version in this demo. The road's been retextured, and the hot air balloons present in the McDonald's demo are gone here.
  • Grand Valley East: Similar to the final visually, however the car textures of your car get messed up while racing on here.
  • Super Speedway: Looks a little different to the final. A lot of trees were cut, and the turn two grandstands were cut and replaced with advertising boards.

Euro Demo 53

This demo was featured on the Official PlayStation Magazine Europe Demo 53. This showcases a slightly later build of the game than the previous demo, but not too much later. The menus still use the same sounds as the previous demo, and the playable cars and tracks are the same as before: only three playable cars with Rome Circuit being the only track. However, the in-game HUD has been updated to feature best lap times, sector times, etc.

Unused Tracks

The track roster on this demo is mostly the same as the previous demo. However, some are more complete compared to the previous demo and look more like their final counterpart.

Grindelwald - Definitely more complete compared to its previous versions. The "jump" from the last demo is gone, and more scenery has been added.

Apricot Hill - Most of the road has been retextured, and the road is now complete. However, this version still lacks any scenery.

Rome Night - More buildings are present than on the previous demo.

Tahiti Maze - Seems to have become an actual track by this point. Compared to the final however, there are more spectators, and a giant casino-like building in the final hairpin section was removed.

Extra Track

In this demo, there exists an extra track called Seattle 2000, which could be Seattle from the Gran Turismo 2000 demo. Upon loading this track in the demo, however, you will be greeted with corrupted graphics, and on top of that, the game will crash about 2 seconds later.

Test Drive Demo

Another early build of the game, this time going under the "Test Drive" name that was used for the first game's original demo. It uses the same old title screen as the McDonald's demo, but now uses identical menu sounds to the final version.

One notable thing about this demo is that it sports a very early-looking version of the Gran Turismo mode. The only icons accessible are the cities, as the race events and home are marked with a "CLOSED" icon. At the bottom, instead of the GT2 logo, the words, "COMING SOON!" are displayed under the usual credits. In the cities, some of the dealers are also closed, so only a few companies are accessible. In the dealers, instead of icons showing what's what, the options are only displayed in text. The car listings are also very different, as they use actual pictures of the car instead of their in-game model.

It shows that this version of the mode was meant for display purposes only, as the only actual racing you can do is in Arcade Mode. Again, similar to the McDonald's demo, you can only race one lap on Rome Circuit, with the same three cars from the McDonald's demo.

Unused/Early Tracks

This demo features more finished tracks than the McDonald's one, but most still remain unfinished. These tracks include:

Circle 30 - Not much to be said about this one, it's pretty similar to the final.

Circle 80 - Another circle track similar to the final, but instead set at dusk here.

Grindelwald - Better looking than the McDonald's demo, and has the car lighting issue fixed, but still has work to be done on it, as squares are used as a placeholder for the buildings.

Special Stage Route 5- Not much to be said here, it's identical to the final version.

Highway 2000 - A version of SSR5 with a noticeably lighter sky, and missing most of its buildings and overpasses. The name suggests a connection with Gran Turismo 2000; It could be the setting for the opening shots of SSR5 in the opening of Gran Turismo 2000.

Apricot Hill - Has a bit of a road pop-in issue, most things are missing, but at least the road's finished.

Laguna Seca - Similar to the final in some ways, but has giant pit buildings instead of those tents from the McDonald's demo.

Smokey Mountain North - Has less of a forest to it, it doesn't have the building located near the start line, and has a different looking cliffside near the end.

Rome Night - Missing some buildings and ground, and generally just a bit unfinished.

Official U.S Magazine #27/Bonus Disc

This demo version of Gran Turismo 2 was present on the disc that came with Issue 27 of The Official US PlayStation Magazine (although it was later given away with other demos too, for instance the bonus disc included with the Music at the Speed of the Sound, the US soundtrack album). The latest gzip archive header date on the disc is 29/7/1999 (July 29, 1999), at least four months earlier than the Japanese arcade disc.

There are lots of differences between this and the released Japanese game.


Other than the Rome track which you're forced to race on (much like the McDonald's Demo), there are 14 others that can be accessed; only the Monaco Circuit (here named "Monte Carlo") was removed from the final, though it would be added to Gran Turismo 3: A-spec (there named "Côte d'Azur"). The other 13 are earlier versions of ones in the final, the most unfinished of which are the Pikes Peak Hill Climb (has no end), Grindelwald (graphical errors and glitches up the appearance of all cars), and in view of the filename what seems to be Super Speedway (lacking in almost everything).

Monte Carlo, just a track with "walls" bookending the straights Pikes Peak Hill Climb, with dodgy AI
Grindelwald, also with worthless AI and purple,
red, and green god-rays
An unnamed oval which starts you off the wrong way

To change the race track from Rome to another, use the following GameShark code D008FC64 0007 + 8008FC64 000x, where "X" is one of the following:

0 - Grindelwald
1 - Highway (Special Stage Route 5)
2 - Laguna Seca
3 - Monte Carlo
4 - no-name-dirt (Smokey Mountain North)
5 - Parma (Midfield)
6 - Pikes Peak Hill Climb
7 - Roma
8 - Seattle
9 - Super Speedway
a - sprint2 (Red Rock Valley)
b - tahiti-d
c - tahiti-t (beach side)
d - tahiti-test6
e - tahiti-test7 (Tahiti Maze)
f - tahiti-test-short


Two of the manufacturers' logos were changed by the final: Mazda had the logo added, while Plymouth replaced a panther with a boat.

Demo Final (NTSC-J)



Despite having all the above cars present, the demo only contains nameplates for those that are shown for selection. Nevertheless, even some of these didn't pass by unaltered:

Demo Final (NTSC-J)






Demo Final (NTSC-J)






Demo Final (NTSC-J)






Demo Final (NTSC-J)







Several logos for deleted cars exists within the game files:

GT2Demos JaguarXK180.png

GT2Demo FordEscortGTi.png

GT2Demo BMW320iCoupe.png

GT2Demo BMW323iCoupe.png

GT2Demo MercedesBenzAMGC55.png

GT2Demo DaihatsuMiraTX2WD.png

GT2Demo VolkswagenGolfCabriolet.png

GT2Demo VolkswagenGolfTDI.png

GT2Demo VolkswagenPoloG40.png

GT2Demo MitsubishiMinicaDangan4.png

GT2Demo ShelbyCobraDaytonaCoupe.png