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Proto:Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec/Gran Turismo 2000

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Specifically: Was this playable at E3 2000?

This very early demo build, using the old Gran Turismo 2000 name features updated graphics from Gran Turismo 2. It features only one drivable car, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR '98, which can only be driven around Seattle Circuit. There's a time limit of 2 minutes before the player is booted back to the menu. This demo is considered to be very rare.

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  • Leftovers of Special Stage Route 5, shown in an non-interactive tech demo (part of footage of it appears in this build's intro) appears in the OLDCOURSE folder of the GT2K.VOL, although only highway.gtc and highway.img remain (there is no highway.crs or highway.ene anymore, so the track cannot be loaded).
  • The turn signboards on the track are based on those appearing in the GT2 demos, rather than based on final GT2 versions.
  • By going reverse and heading for the left-most tire barrier, it is possible to break out of the course.
  • The LOD models are based on GT2 models: (left is normal quality, right is lower LOD quality)

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