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Proto:Guitar Hero/Songs

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Guitar Hero.

To do:
Document the rest of the song differences.

On the Guitar Hero prototype, there are some differences on the songs charts.

I Love Rock & Roll

The only difference is towards the end at 2:20 where the star power lasts from the first two Green & Yellow strums up until the Yellow & Orange strums in the prototype, while the final only lasts for the initial Green & Yellow strums.

Cheat on the Church

Exactly one difference at 2:48, where in the prototype a star power is one long section. In the final, it starts earlier, ends, then starts back up a few notes later, and ends at the same time as the prototype. This was presumably changed to give more star power for the section after the next.


The audio track is extremely different. Also the chart has many differences.