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Proto:Guitar Hero II (PlayStation 2)/Late 2006 Retail Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Guitar Hero II (PlayStation 2).

The later of the two Guitar Hero II demos, this one (SLUS-29198) was available in select Gamestop and EB Games stores as an in-store demonstration, featuring ten songs from the final game in quickplay, practice, and co-op mode. Copies of the disc later showed up online.

Via the addition of an Unlock All cheat code by LocalH, 21 additional charts in varying stages of completion have been uncovered. Much of the demo's UI still uses assets from the first Guitar Hero, but most of the venues, guitars, and guitarists are identical to the retail game. Most notably, "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)", a song featured in Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s, appears here with a solo that was cut from the later 80s version. Major differences with other songs also exist.

This demo largely went uncirculated until early 2016, when Guitar Hero streamer skylerinman uploaded the patched demo to his Mediafire, and fellow streamer Acai posted a demonstration of the cut "Metal Health" solo.


GH2 greennote.png
Overly shiny guitars and broken skins, oh my!
GH2 rednote.png
"Killing in the Name" with a totally different singer?
GH2 yellownote.png
Nobody messes with Rock-Chick 2.
GH2 yellownote.png
Wide shots galore.
GH2 bluenote.png
Text Differences
And just who is the mysterious Dax Deville?
GH2 orangenote.png
UI Changes
Goblin face chest guy is a keeper.

General Differences

  • The timing window is much tighter than the final game, closer to the first game's than the second's. Despite this, hammer-ons and pull-offs work as they do in the final game, without requiring the first button to be held down.
  • The demo does not autosave by default.
  • No videos exist in the demo.
  • The singer in singleplayer still uses his Guitar Hero model, albeit equipped with the more advanced lip-sync functionality of Guitar Hero II's engine. The rest of the band has finalized models, including the female singer.
  • Animations are much glitchier than in the final game. Some characters don't hold their guitars correctly, fretting hands have a tendency to warp randomly, and clipping issues between characters, props, and venues exist throughout. These don't affect gameplay.
  • The guitarist's hands do not catch fire during solos.
  • Career and options are locked and have to be patched in to be functional.
  • Co-op does not allow for players to pick the venue, their parts, guitars, or guitarists. The venue will always be the Blackout Bar, the first player will always be the guitarist or lead guitarist and use Eddie Knox with a Les Paul, and the second player will always play with Judy Nails, either on bass with the MusicMan StingRay (the only bass in the demo) or on rhythm with the SG.
  • All of the VGS files for background menu music exist in the demo, but only some have audio. If the game selects a silent one, the menus will be silent aside from the sound effects.
  • Widescreen is glitchy in the demo, featuring an odd stretching effect on the right half of the screen some of the time. This affects the venue and UI, but not characters.

Cut Menu Music

In addition to having the "You Really Got Me" menu track that was cut from the final and all the same properly unused menu tracks (which remain unused here) from the OPM demo, the retail demo contains an additional menu track not found in the final game, Drist's "Arterial Black".



The setlist order is completely different and bookended by several numbered placeholder songs. These placeholder songs use the audio, charts, and artist name of the songs listed in parentheses. Some of the tier names are also different. In order, they appear as:

Demo Final
Opening Licks Opening Licks
Who Was in My Room Last Night? Shout at the Devil
Psychobilly Freakout Mother
War Pigs Surrender
You Really Got Me Woman
Strutter Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
Amp-Warmers Amp-Warmers
John the Fisherman Strutter
YYZ Heart-Shaped Box
Shout at the Devil Message in a Bottle
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart You Really Got Me
Madhouse Carry on Wayward Son
Axe-Grinders String Snappers
Last Child Monkey Wrench
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight Them Bones
Message in a Bottle Search and Destroy
Woman Tattooed Love Boys
Crazy on You War Pigs
Thrash and Burn Thrash and Burn
Them Bones Cherry Pie
Mother Who Was in My Room Last Night?
(Bang Your Head) Metal Health Girlfriend
Killing in the Name Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Jessica Sweet Child o' Mine
Return of the Shred Return of the Shred
Surrender Killing in the Name
Tattooed Love Boys John the Fisherman
Laid to Rest Freya
Sweet Child o' Mine Bad Reputation
Heart-Shaped Box Last Child
Fret-Burners Relentless Riffs
Monkey Wrench Crazy on You
Beast and the Harlot Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Free Bird Rock This Town
Arterial Black Jessica
Collide Stop!
Face-Melters Furious Fretwork
Trogdor Madhouse
Song 32 (Strutter) Carry Me Home
Song 33 (Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart) Laid to Rest
Song 34 (War Pigs) Psychobilly Freakout
Song 35 (Who Was in My Room Last Night?) YYZ
Monster Spawns Face-Melters
Song 36 (You Really Got Me) Beast and the Harlot
Song 37 (Madhouse) Institutionalized
Song 38 (YYZ) Misirlou
Song 39 (Arterial Black) Hangar 18
Song 40 (John the Fisherman) Free Bird