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Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/Cut Textures/Composite Textures

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/Cut Textures.

Inside the "materials/composite" folder are a lot of textures for buildings and some wall textures were removed from the final game.

Air Exchange buildings

"materials/composite" has textures for several buildings in the cut Air Exchange area.


The majority of textures in the "materials/composite" folder are for buildings. Only three textures, which are not shown below, were retained in the final game.

Of note is that a lot of these buildings appear to be stitched from photos of real buildings. They also seem to be for an American-style City 17, not the Eastern European style that the final City 17 had.

City 17 Industrial textures

The prototype also has some textures for an industrial part of City 17 that was cut from the final game.

Early Citadel textures

The "conposite" folder has textures for an earlier version of the Citadel. Some of these textures are used in the maps "citadel_cellblock_001", "proto_citadel_garbage" "proto_core001", and "proto_core002".

City 17 overhead view

Two textures for an overhead view of City 17.


A photosourced image of some trees. Given its low detail, it was likely going to be used for backgrounds and/or skyboxes.

Wasteland overhead map

An overhead view of the Wasteland, an area that evolved into the final's Coast.