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Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build/Alien Enemies

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build.

Antlion Soldier

Hl2proto antlion1.png

The Antlion Soldiers behave exactly like they do in the final game, but have brown exoskeletons as well as darker, less-detailed inner bodies.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto antlion1.png Hl2final antlion1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto antlion2.png Hl2final antlion2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto antlion3.png Hl2final antlion3.png

Antlion Guard

Hl2proto antlionguard1.png

The Antlion Guards are in the game and is fully functioning. However, they are bulletproof to everything except for the Combine Gunship's stomach laser and explosions. If killed, they drop Bugbaits every time regardless of what map you're on.

Like the Soldiers, the Antlion Guards look more brown and dull in the prototype. They don't have a much better bump map than the one in the final game though.

(Source: Pelpix)
Prototype Final
Hl2proto antlionguard1.png Hl2final antlionguard1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto antlionguard2.png Hl2final antlionguard2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto antlionguard3.png Hl2final antlionguard3.png

The prototype also contains a low-poly Antlion Guard model meant for a scrapped DirectX 6 mode. Oddly, this model looks much closer to the final design than the used prototype model.

DirectX 6 Antlion Guard Final
Hl2proto antlionguard dx61.png Hl2final antlionguard1.png
DirectX 6 Antlion Guard Final
Hl2proto antlionguard dx62.png Hl2final antlionguard2.png
DirectX 6 Antlion Guard Final
Hl2proto antlionguard dx63.png Hl2final antlionguard3.png


The Barnacles are near-identical to the ones in the final version, with a couple minor differences. Their hitbox is located only around the mouth area, making them much harder to kill than their retail counterparts.

Also, when killed, the Barnacles will vomit out human gibs from the original Half-Life (which must be converted to the v37 model format in order to work properly) instead of human bones.


Hl2proto icky.png

The Ichthyosaurs have extremely barebones AI. They will only attack if the player is near their face. Otherwise, they will do nothing. They can be killed, but they will not turn into a ragdoll.

Of note is that the Ichthyosaur's actual hitbox is only in the creature's body. Otherwise, they can be swam through with no problems.

Classic Headcrab

Hl2proto classicheadcrab1.png

The Classic Headcrab's model is close to the final's design, but the texture is very different. The coloring appears to be closer to the Headcrabs in Half-Life, with a light body and brown limbs. They are also quite bloody unlike the final one.

In terms of gameplay differences, they do 5 damage on Easy and 10 in other difficulties. They do 10 damage in all difficulties in the final version. Another difference, is that unlike in the final version, the standard Headcrabs tend to play a unique animation, both when seeing the player and when about to jump.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto classicheadcrab1.png Hl2final classicheadcrab1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto classicheadcrab2.png Hl2final classicheadcrab2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto classicheadcrab3.png Hl2final classicheadcrab3.png

Fast Headcrab

Hl2proto fastheadcrab1.png

The Fast Headcrabs keeps the same shape, but the texture has more of a green-yellow tint to them, and also has black spots not present on the final design.

They have 10 health on all difficulties except for hard mode, where they have 20 health. Similarly to the prototypical standard Headcrab, they tend to only play an animation before leaping at their enemies.

Something of note is that various resources imply this was to be the "main" Headcrab's design at one point. The Headcrab used in the Brickbat weapon is an early version of the Fast Headcrab's design, but the model for this weapon does not mention the Fast Headcrab. There is also a model featuring a run-over Headcrab that uses the Fast Headcrab's design instead of the Classic Headcrab design. Finally, the Fast Headcrab's model is named "headcrab.mdl", while the Classic Headcrab is called "headcrabclassic.mdl".

Prototype Final
Hl2proto fastheadcrab1.png Hl2final fastheadcrab1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto fastheadcrab2.png Hl2final fastheadcrab2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto fastheadcrab3.png Hl2final fastheadcrab3.png

Poison Headcrab

Hl2proto poisonheadcrab1.png

The Poison Headcrabs, like the rest of the Headcrab family, uses roughly the same model but has much different textures. Their bodies are more brown, the spots are in different locations, the legs are slightly thicker, and they have no hair anywhere on their bodies.

They also behave a bit differently, retreating when their health is low (though they will retaliate regardless if the player gets too close). They have 35 health on Easy, 45 on Medium, and 55 on Hard.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto poisonheadcrab1.png Hl2final poisonheadcrab1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto poisonheadcrab2.png Hl2final poisonheadcrab2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto poisonheadcrab3.png Hl2final poisonheadcrab3.png

Classic Zombie

Hl2proto classiczombie1.png

The Classic Zombies keep the final's basic design, but has several texture differences. First, the prototype Classic Zombie is wearing darker-colored clothing, and in particular wears khaki pants rather than jeans. The proto design also has a lot less blood on it than the final design does, but has more clothing tears and gashes. The biggest design difference is when the Classic Headcrabs are removed from the host, they reveal that the head is entirely gone minus the lower jaw, similar to the Zombine in Half-Life 2: Episode One.

The Classic Zombie voice lines tends to cut-off very frequently unless pausing the game, which is fixed up for the retail release.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto classiczombie1.png Hl2final classiczombie1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto classiczombie2.png Hl2final classiczombie2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto classiczombie3.png Hl2final classiczombie3.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto classiczombie4.png Hl2final classiczombie4.png

The split halves of the Classic Zombies use a completely different design to the non-split one. The split Classic Zombies have a plain white shirt with blue sleeves and blood on them, khaki pants with different tears/wounds on it, less detailed shoes, and, oddly enough, they're not only missing the mouth-like wound on their chests, but they even have a very low-poly and blurry head intact. A complete version of this design appears in an early pre-release image and the pre-E3 2003 trailer.

Prototype Classic Zombie torso model Prototype Classic Zombie
Hl2proto classiczombieoldtorso1.png Hl2proto classiczombie1.png
Protoype Classic Zombie torso model Prototype Classic Zombie
Hl2proto classiczombieoldtorso2.png Hl2proto classiczombie2.png
Prototype Classic Zombie torso model Prototype Classic Zombie
Hl2proto classiczombieoldtorso3.png Hl2proto classiczombie3.png
Prototype Classic Zombie torso model Prototype Classic Zombie
Hl2proto classiczombieoldtorso4.png Hl2proto classiczombie4.png

Remnants of another design based on an older Citizen design (whose textures can be found in the prototype) can also be found. It seems to be limited to the body and Headcrab (which seems to match the Fast Headcrab).

There's one more very early design present. This design has the Classic Zombies wearing a tan outfit with a brown armband that somewhat matches the Samuel model in the prototype's files and has a unique head texture that has both the Headcrab and face on one texture, suggesting that the Classic Zombie's Headcrab either used a unique model for the Headcrab or the Headcrab was modeled directly on the Classic Zombie, like the Zombie in Half-Life.

Fast Zombie

Hl2proto fastzombie1.png

The Fast Zombie design is completely different from the one in the final game. The prototype Fast Zombie's body is still intact as opposed to being a fleshy skeleton. They have no shirt and wears brown pants with white socks on their feet. When the Fast Headcrabs are removed, the Fast Zombie's head is extremely pink and malformed.

The Fast Zombies don't appear to be sequenced correctly. Some of the errors the prototype Fast Zombies includes not playing the jump animation when leaping, instead using their idle animation, and not playing a roar animation while roaring after a melee combo, despite having these animations.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto fastzombie1.png Hl2final fastzombie1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto fastzombie2.png Hl2final fastzombie2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto fastzombie3.png Hl2final fastzombie3.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto fastzombie4.png Hl2final fastzombie4.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto fastzombie5.png Hl2final fastzombie5.png

Poison Zombie

Hl2proto poisonzombie1.png

The Poison Zombie design is mostly the same, but the skin is more purple and is less detailed in general. They also wear brown pants as opposed to jeans.

They behave the same as they do in the final game. They have 175 HP on Easy and Normal difficulties (the same as they are in the final game), but 210 in Hard.

(For the sake of visual clarity, the Poison Headcrabs on the back have been removed for the images below.)

Prototype Final
Hl2proto poisonzombie1.png Hl2final poisonzombie1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto poisonzombie2.png Hl2final poisonzombie2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto poisonzombie3.png Hl2final poisonzombie3.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto poisonzombie4.png Hl2final poisonzombie4.png