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Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build/Cut Models

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build.


Hl2proto borealis panel010a.png
Borealis Models
Prop models meant for the cut "Borealis" area.
Hl2proto windmill blade 005a.png
Cut Citizen Tech Models
Prop models found in the "props_citizen_tech" folder that were removed from the final game.
Hl2proto metalsign01.png
Cut City 17 Models
Prop models found in the "props_c17" folder that were removed from the final game.
Hl2proto w garb popcan.png
Junk models
The "Junk" folder has unused models that seem to be from an early development phase.

Air Exchange Models

The "props_airex" folder contains two models for the scrapped Air Exchange area.



AirEx Truck

The root model directory has a model of a truck meant to be used in the cut Air Exchange area. The truck has temporary textures.

Antlion Egg Model and Chunks

The "props_caves" folder contains models for a removed Antlion egg model and chunks of a destroyed Antlion egg.

Based on the model's texture UV layout, the Antilion egg model is based off of the watermelon model found in the prototype and final game.

The root model directory contains a model of a banner. The texture is missing.

Barney's Helmet

The root model directory contains a model called "barneyhelmet". The model is based on the helmet security guards in the original Half-Life had.

Helmet model Half-Life security guard helmet
Hl2proto barneyhelmet1.png Hl1 barneyhead.png


The root model directory contains a model named "car01" that is an untextured and undamaged version of the car models found in the prototype's "props_c17" folder.

car01.mdl Prop_c17's truck01a.mdl
Hl2proto car01.png Hl2proto car01a.png


The root directory has a model named "Citadelfar" that appears to be an earlier design for the Citadel. Citadelfar is much more rounded compared to the final design.

The model has a proper texture, but a bug in the model gives it a puke yellow look instead.

There is also a model called "Citadelfarnode" that was likely related to Citadelfar, but the model uses a format no model viewer is compatible with.

Citadelfar Final Citadel
Hl2proto citadelfar1.png Hl2final citadel.png

combine_BMPod (Big Momma Pod)

The prototype contains a removed model that has the core of a Gonarch (called Big Momma by Valve) from the original Half-Life encased in Combine technology. According to Raising the Bar, the mine portion of Ravenholm would contain a Gonarch that endlessly gave birth to headcrabs that had to be destroyed with the Digger, a vehicle cut from the final game. Most of this exists in the prototype's d1_town_02 map, but the Gonarch is represented by three Combine Advisors glued together, making this model unused in the prototype.

Combine Props

The prototype contains a large amount of Combine props that would eventually be used in the final game. However, almost all of these models have temporary textures. The temporary textures are either clay white or a rough version of the Combine metal style seen in the final game.

Cremator Body and Head

For some reason, there is a model of a headless Cremator and a separate model for his head. Given the existence of Child Workers that would have put cremator heads into something in the scrapped factory, this may be used in the factory as well.

DirectX 6 Models

The prototype has low-poly versions of some regular models for a scrapped DirectX 6 mode. The Antlion, Antlion Guard, Buggy, and Combine Soldier have DirectX 6 models, along with some props in the "Combine Turrets", "Crane", "props_c17", "props_debris", "props_junk", "props_pipes", "props_vehicles", "props_wasteland", and "weapons" folders.

All of the DirectX 6 models use an old model format, which cannot be opened with the model viewer included in the prototype.

E3 2003 Leftovers

The prototype has models used in the game's E3 2003 demonstration. These are used in the map e3_techdemo1 and e3_hl2logo.

These models use an old model format, which cannot be read by the model viewer included in the prototype nor the prototype itself.

Fire Equipment Models

The "Fire Extingisher" folder found in the main model directory contains several models that went unused in the prototype. What's interesting is that the models use a naming system that none of the final's models use nor do most of the prototype's. This model naming scheme appears on prop names used in very old (early 2001-era) maps in the WC Mappack, suggesting these models are leftovers from a much earlier point in development.

w alarmbell

w fireexstingisher (sic)

Yes, Valve misspelled "fireextinguisher" as "fireexstingisher".

w firehose

w firehydrant(heavy)

w firehydrant

This model is used for the Thumper model in the prototype.

w weldtank

w weldtank2

w weldtanklid

The textures are missing, but the model appears to be similar to some textured models found in the "props_c17" folder.



Gibs for the cut Combot enemy. City Scanner gibs are already in the prototype's files.

hcgibs (Headcrab Gibs)

Headcrab gibs. Like the HCsquashed model, these gibs use the Fast Headcrab's design, not the Classic Headcrab's.


The model HGIBS contains all of the human gib models from the original Half-Life. In the prototype, Barnacles will spew human gibs when killed.

Another gib model called AGIBS exists. Its name indicates that it would consist of the alien gib models from Half-Life, but it is a copy of HGIBS.

Both HGIBS and AGIBs use an older model format which cannot be opened with the model viewer included with the prototype. In-game, the game will use red ERROR models because it can't read the older model format.

HC Squashed (Headcrab Squashed)

The prototype contains two models for a squashed Headcrab. This model is used in the prototype if a Vortigaunt NPC manages to crush a Headcrab with his foot. Such behavior still exists in the final game, but the squashed Headcrab model has been removed.

The prototype has two HCsquashed models, but both of them are the same.

What's interesting is that the Headcrab in this model is based off of the Fast Headcrab's design, but the file name calls it "Headcrab". It seems that the Fast Headcrab's design was originally used for the regular Headcrab, then changed later.

ihvtest Models

ihvtest and ihvtest_noflex

ihvtest is the main ihvtest model. It consists of Barney wearing a white uniform with a mask on. It has two idle animations, a walk animation, and a run animation. There is also a variation called "ihvtest_noflex", which presumably lacks face bones.

The most interesting part of this model is that it uses the old Barney/Civil Protection UV layout. By copy and pasting the prototype Civil Protection's texture folder to the ihvtest texture folder, one can recreate the old Barney seen in the E3 2003 videos.


Ihvtest in a t-pose.


Ihvtest in a t-pose, but this time ivhtest's face texture is used on every part of the model's body.

ihvtest Tree

A model of a tree with rough-looking textures. It is based on the prototype's treepine01 series tree models.

Lab Models

The folder "props_lab" has several models that were removed in the final game.









A model from Half-Life. Some of the WC Mappack maps have this model in them, presumably to show Xen's wildlife having settled on Earth.


Plaza_door is a model meant to be used in the scrapped E3 demonstration map, E3_Terminal. It was meant to be used near the end of E3_Terminal, when a Combine Guard was chasing the player.

It has two animations; an idle animation and an animation of the door being busted down. The "busted down" animation was meant to make it look like the Combine Guard was destroying the door to get to the player.


A model of a light for a ship, presumably the cut Borealis location. It resides in the main model directory instead of the "props_borealis" folder for some reason.


The root model directory contains a model named "truck01", an untextured version of the "truck01" model found in the "props_c17" folder.

truck01.mdl Prop_c17's truck01.mdl
Hl2proto truck01notex.png Hl2proto truck01.png

Unused Ejected Brass Models

The "weapons" model folder contains three unused models for brass that would be ejected from a gun when firing it.


It appears to be a large and rimmed pistol case. It is somewhat similar to the brass the Pistol and SMG in Half-Life ejected.


A smaller version of Big_Casing.


This appears to be an earlier version of the rifleshell model used in the prototype and final game. It has a longer neck than rifleshell does.

A copy of this model exists in the "Shell_Casings" folder under the name "MissileCasing01".

Test_Round Prototype rifleshell.mdl
Hl2proto test casing.png Hl2proto rifleshell.png