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Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build/Cut Textures

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build.


Hl2proto buildingset021a.jpg
Composite Textures
The "composite" folder contains a lot of unused building textures and more!
Hl2proto brickwall031e.png
Cut Brick Textures
Textures from the Brick texture set not found in the final game.
Hl2proto metalwall010a.jpg
Cut Metal Textures
Textures from the Metal texture set not found in the final game.
Hl2proto stonewall030m.png
Cut Stone Textures
Textures from the Stone texture set not found in the final game.
Hl2proto signcombine002b.jpg
Textures for props when they were not separate models and a lot of unused signs.
Hl2proto marblewall003a.png
Xed Textures
Some unused textures had been marked for deletion with a pink X on them by the time the prototype was leaked.
Hl2proto metaltank001c.png
Textures for vehicles back when they were built into maps.

Hl2proto splash.png

The "gfx/shell" folder contains an unused background texture featuring early concept art of City 17 (back when it was based on an American city instead of an Eastern European city) named "splash". This appears to be a very, very early leftover, as it's formatted like the background menu texture for the pre-Steam version of Half-Life and shares its name.

Half-Life Menu Leftovers

The folder "gfx/shell" also contains every texture used for the pre-Steam Half-Life menu.

Very Early Console Background

Hl2proto Logo.png

The "gfx/status" folder has unused textures for the console's background (two of them have the word "loading" in the center of them). It uses a black and white version of the concept art used for the very early background logo. These also appear to be a very early leftover, as the textures are named and formatted the same as the textures used for Half-Life's console before HL was moved to Steam.

Half-Life Font Leftovers

"Gfx/status" also has unused fonts from the original game, including the font used for HUD messages in the Half-Life prototype.

Unused Background Image

Hl2proto background.png

An unused texture called "background" can be found in "materials/launcher". This texture uses early concept art of Gordon Freeman with blurred colors to his left. This was likely used as either a background texture for the menu or for the console.

Unused Propaganda Posters

The prototype has three unused propaganda posters (one of which is a dirty version of an unused propaganda poster).


"sky_airexchange" is a skybox for the cut Air Exchange area. Of note is that one of the skybox tiles has Air Exchange concept art (seen in Raising the Bar) on it.


"sky_borealis01" is a skybox meant to be used for the cut Borealis area. It appears in the prototype's "devtest" map, but was removed from the final game. An unused skybox with the same name exists in the final game but is unrelated.


Based on the name, sky_palace was meant to be a skybox for the cut Vertigo area, which is named "palace" in some places, such as a few Vertigo maps in the WC Mappack.


"sky_spire" seems to be meant for the mysterious "spire" area, which is only mentioned in the prototype's oldtrans.txt and an empty folder in the WC Mappack.

Old Lifering Texture

The "Ship" folder contains an unused texture of a life ring. Considering that the Ship folder also contains textures for some Borealis props, it's likely that this was an early texture for the life ring prop in the "props_borealis" folder.

Bathroom Folder Textures

The Bathroom folder contains unused textures for toilets and a sink. Based on how small and under-detailed most of the textures are, it seems that these textures were made before the current ones were.

W Sink

W Sink Spout

The same texture is also used for W_Urinal Pipe.

W Toilet

The same texture is also used for W_ToiletLid.

W ToiletLidStained

W ToiletStained

W UrinalStained

W UrinalPipeStained


The "materials/models/Pistons01" folder contains the UV map for a scrapped model. Based on its name, it possibly could've been an alternate texture or model for the scrapped pistons found in the "props_airex" folder.

Old Trashcan Textures

The "materials/models/props_c17" folder contains textures for a trashcan model that does not appear in the prototype's files. A copy of these textures can also be found in the "materials/models/furniture" folder.