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Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build/Cut Textures/Vehicles

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build/Cut Textures.

The folder "materials/vehicles" contains textures for vehicles, back when prop models were made in the editor itself instead of being separate models. These textures show vehicles and vehicle designs not used in the final game.

These vehicles can be seen in various maps in the WC Mappack, most notably in maps made in 2001 and 2002.

Metalapc (APC)

The metalapc textures are for an APC brush model. These use a different design than both the prototype and final APCs.

Metalbus (Bus)

The metalbus series are textures for a bus. A drivable one can be found in some WC Mappack maps. A run-down bus appears in "proto_eliden", a very early version of what would eventually become the chapter Black Mesa East.


Metalcar01 is a texture sheet for a run-down car.

Hl2proto metalcar001a.jpg


The metalcar002 texture series is for a rusted 50s-style car.


Metalcar03 is the front of another 50s-style car. This might be the front of metalcar002.

Hl2proto metalcar003a.png


Metalcarbottom001 is the bottom of a car. It might've been used for metalcar002.

Hl2proto metalcarbottom001a.png


Metalcarjunk002 is a door for a rusted car. This might be the door for metalcar002.

Hl2proto metalcarjunk002a.jpg

metalosprey (Osprey VTOL)

Metalosprey consists of textures for what would be an Osprey VTOL, which also appeared in Half-Life. Three untextured models for various parts of an Osprey also appear in the prototype's files.


Metalsubmarine is a series of textures for a submarine that was meant to be used at the end of the cut Borealis chapter.

The prototype has a vmt file for a texture named "metalsub001", but the texture itself is missing.


Metaltank is a set of various textures for a tank. The prototype has three sets, with one of them having textures that are half as large as the textures used in the other sets. The sets also have different camouflage patterns.

This tank appears to be based on the Israeli Merkava.


metaltrain001 consists of textures for an early Combine Razor Train. Concept art for this Razor Train can be found in Raising the Bar.


Metaltrain002 is made up of textures for metaltrain001's caboose.


Metaltruck001 is a texture sheet for a truck.

Hl2proto metaltruck001a.jpg


Hl2proto metalvan001a.jpg

Metalvan001 is a texture for a van.