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Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build/Used Characters

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build.

Missing Animations

Generally, all of the NPC models lack the unique animations they have in the final game.


Alyx is similar to her final version, but her belt is a little thinner, and the "Black Mesa" on her shirt uses a different font and is spaced differently.

The coding and models for the Alyx Gun is in the prototype, but Alyx never uses it. Instead, she uses a regular Pistol in all the maps she appears in.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto alyx1.png Hl2final alyx1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto alyx2.png Hl2final alyx2.png

Old Alyx Textures

Inside Alyx's texture folder are textures for an older taken on Alyx, back when she had a futuristic catsuit with a green jacket over it. The model is named "predator.mdl" and appears to have been used to demonstrate transparency during the E3 2003 reveal. This older design also appears as one of the ghostly figures that were shown at the end of the E3 2003 demonstration.

There is also a texture of her with lighter skin and red hair, which matches early concept art of her found in Raising the Bar. This texture started out as an 8-bit bitmap and then converted to a 16-bit bitmap, and then to VTF.


Barney is almost the same as he is in the final game. He has slightly different gloves, though.

What's interesting is that Barney has a dedicated folder with his face texture and old Civil Protection textures in the prototype. The final game has it so that only the normal map for his face is stored in it; his regular face texture is in the Civil Protection folder.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto barney1.png Hl2final barney1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto barney2.png Hl2final barney2.png

Wallace Breen

Dr. Breen's textures are noticeably different in this prototype. His suit is a lighter shade of brown, his face and hair are lighter, and face is less detailed than it is in the final game.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto breen1.png Hl2final breen1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto breen2.png Hl2final breen2.png

Old Breen Design Leftovers

There are some leftovers of an older take on Breen in the prototype. These are textures for a very early version of the Breencast and a statue called "consul_statue", reflecting Breen's old name mentioned in Raising the Bar: the Consul.

The very early Breencast Breen matches early concept art for Breen, while the statue does not.

Old Breencast Texture Final
Hl2proto consul001.png Hl2final breen1.png
Old Breencast Texture Breen concept art
Hl2proto consul001.png Hl2 consul.png
Consul Statue Final
Hl2proto consulstatue1.png Hl2final breen1.png
Consul Statue Final
Hl2proto consulstatue2.png Hl2final breen2.png

Old Breen Face Texture

Inside Breen's texture folder is a texture called "consul_facemap" that is a slightly different version of Breen's prototype face texture.

consul_facemap Prototype Breen Face Texture
Hl2proto consul face.png Hl2protobreen face.png

Early Consul Model

HL2 consul mdl.png

There is a model of the consul's head present in the model folder of the prototype. It appears to be a slightly earlier version of the Breen model that existed in the prototype, though, the differences are very minor. The model uses an earlier version of the model format, and cannot be opened using the model viewer that exists in the prototype.

It's possible that this model was used for early prototypes of the breencast, though this is only speculation.

Early Consul Model Prototype Breen Model
HL2 consul head comparison.png
HL2 breen head comparison.png
Early Consul Model Old Breencast Texture
HL2 consul mdl front.png
Hl2proto consul001.png


The Citizen looks completely different in the prototype. He wears a tan sweater that has a red City 17 logo on the back, grayish pants, black shoes, and has a C17 armband on his left arm.

There is only one Citizen outfit in the prototype. The final game expands it to four.

Female Citizen models are not in the prototype, but their facemaps are.

There are also some female faces in the prototype that do not appear in the final game.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto citizen1.png Hl2final citizen1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto citizen2.png Hl2final citizen2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto medic1.png Hl2final medic1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto medic2.png Hl2final medic2.png

Unused Ammo Variant

Hl2proto citizenammo sheet.png

A texture for an "ammo" variant (presumably to give the player ammo) exists in the prototype. This is a blue variant of the prototype's Citizen with green instead of red on him and the world "ammo" in a blue font placed over the "C17" logo on the back.

In the final game, the player is able to receive ammo from regular Citizens during the Uprising portion of the game.


All of the faces used in the prototype are different from the ones used in the final game. The eyes on the texture were removed to make holes for the final model's eyes. They have had details added to them and various changes to their skin color, usually to make their faces darker.

Note that the final Citizen face textures used for the comparisons are for the default Citizens, not the white shirt or rebel Citizens, since the default Citizen matches the prototype Citizen the most.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto art facemap.png Hl2final art facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto erdim cylmap.png Hl2final erdim cylmap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto eric facemap.png Hl2final eric facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto joe facemap.png Hl2final joe facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto mike facemap.png Hl2final mike facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto ted facemap.png Hl2final ted facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto van facemap.png Hl2final van facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto vance facemap.png Hl2final vance facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto chau facemap.png Hl2final chau facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto joey facemap.png Hl2final joey facemap.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto kim facemap.png Hl2final kim facemap.png

Old Male 5 Face

Inside the "Citizen" texture folder are faces for some, but not all, of the faces in the prototype. Almost all of these are the same as the faces used in the prototype. The only exception is Male 5's face, which appears to be an earlier version of the one used in the prototype.

This texture is also used by Samuel, a character model that exists in the prototype's files.

Unused Male 5 Face Male 5 Face Used in the Prototype
H2lproto oldart facemap.png Hl2proto art facemap.png

Unused Faces

The prototype has four Citizen faces that do not appear in the final game; Trav, Laura, Linda, and Tamm.

Full Cheaple Face

Hl2proto oldandrew facemap.png

The Cheaple (low-poly and smaller-resolution texture) version of the Citizen in the final game has a face not used by any other Citizen in the final game. The face used in the final game is smaller than the rest of the faces. However, there is a full-sized version of the Cheaple Citizen's face in the prototype.

Old Textures

Textures for an older version of the Citizen exist in the Citizen folder.

Other Unused Citizen Textures

Another set of unused Citizen textures can be found in the Citizen texture folder. They can be identified by having "cyl" in their filename. Citizen models wearing this outfit can be seen in an early pre-release screenshot.

Gasmask Citizen

Textures for an early Citizen, called Gasmask Citizen (because they wear gasmasks) can be found in the texture folder "citizen 17". The model for him is missing, but he can be found in an early pre-release screenshot, giving a look as to what the textures would look like on the model.

Interestingly, several of the textures fit on Cohrt, an older version of Kleiner, suggesting that Cohrt was based off of the Gasmask Citizen.

Old Female Citizen Texture

The "extras" folder contains two textures for the Female Citizens.

The textures indicate that they were drawn over renders of Alyx.

Combine Advisor

The prototype Advisor's markings are less shiny than they are in the final game.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto advisor1.png Hl2final advisor1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto advisor2.png Hl2final advisor2.png


The prototype Dog is darker than the final design and lacks the "D0G" text above his head. This version's head is based on the Combot, while the final one is based on the City Scanner.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto dog1.png Hl2final dog1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto dog2.png Hl2final dog2.png

Old Dog Textures

Inside Dog's texture folder are sheets for an old version of Dog with blue and pinkish metal, along with blue lights on it. The model for this version of Dog is missing.

A render of this version of D0G has been found on the portfolio of Travis Brady, the man who made Dog's model.

Eli Vance

Eli's model underwent several changes between the prototype and final game. The prototype Eli has a lighter vest, a blue belt, a clean and white shirt, lighter skin, stumpier arms and hands, a less-detailed face, and a Yale shirt instead of a Harvard shirt.

Early voice clips of Eli, back when he was Eli Maxwell, can be found in the game's files. They use a different voice actor from the final Eli.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto eli1.png Hl2final eli1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto eli2.png Hl2final eli2.png

Old Eli Textures

Textures for an older version of Eli can be found in Eli's texture folder. Eli using these textures appear in a pre-release screenshot, along with the old Alyx mentioned earlier.


The G-Man has several differences in the prototype. Most noticeable is that his suit is a lighter shade of blue than his final one, and his tie is blue instead of purple. His shoes are less detailed and he's also lacking his striking green eyes.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto gman1.png Hl2final gman1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto gman2.png Hl2final gman2.png

Old G-Man Texture Set 1

The prototype contains several old textures for the G-Man. Based on their looks, there appears to be two different sets of G-man textures in the files.

The most interesting part of this texture set is the odd tie this G-Man is wearing.

Old G-Man Texture Set 2

This is the second unused G-man texture set. An early G-Man shown in Raising the Bar can be seen with these textures.


Grigori looks quite different than he does in the final game. The prototype Grigori has a black outfit that invokes the "crazy priest" image that Grigori has, has paler skin, a less-detailed face, and white shoes instead of red.

Additionally, Grigori's textures are separated into individual textures instead of being on one big sheet, like the rest of the characters are. This suggests that Grigori's prototype skin is an old one that hadn't been updated yet.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto grigori1.png Hl2final grigori1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto grigori2.png Hl2final grigori2.png

Issac Kleiner

Doc Kleiner is very close to his final counterpart. The only major difference is that the back of his right leg is a little less detailed than it is in the final game.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto kleiner1.png Hl2final kleiner1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto kleiner2.png Hl2final kleiner2.png


Inside the game's files is a model called "cohrt.mdl" (named after the man used for the final Kleiner's face texture). When opened, it is actually an early version of Kleiner with a completely different face. This Kleiner has a much older face and looks less like the Half-Life scientist head that Kleiner is based off of. His lab coat does not have his undershirt and tie exposed. His legs and shoes appear to be bugged, but there are some textures inside Kleiner's folder that might fit "cohrt.mdl". The back of his head has an error, causing the back of his head to look stretched.

While "cohrt.mdl" does not appear in the final game, his head was reused for a hostage in Counter-Strike Source with the back of his head fixed.

"cohrt.mdl" uses an older version of HL2's model format, which means it cannot be loaded by default. However, there is a custom model viewer that can view it.

cohrt.mdl Final
Hl2proto cohrt1.png Hl2final kleiner1.png
cohrt.mdl Final
Hl2proto cohrt2.png Hl2final kleiner2.png
cohrt.mdl Counter-Strike Source hostage
Hl2proto cohrt1.png Css cohrt1.png
cohrt.mdl Counter-Strike Source hostage
Hl2proto cohrt2.png Css cohrt2.png

Old Kleiner Textures

Textures for a version of Kleiner between "cohrt.mdl" and the prototype & final Kleiner can be found in Kleiner's texture folder. A picture of an early Kleiner in Raising the Bar shows him with these textures.

Judith Mossman

Mossman is pretty close to her final version, but there are some changes. Her sweater is a light white (instead of a tan color), her shoes use a less-detailed design, and she has more makeup on her face than she does in the final game.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto mossman1.png Hl2final mossman1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto mossman2.png Hl2final mossman2.png

Old Mossman Textures

Textures for an older take on Mossman with a blonde bobcut and a blueish outfit can be found in Mossman's texture folder. A picture of this Mossman can be found in Raising the Bar.


The Vortigaunt only has his "slave" equipment on in the prototype. The equipment itself is almost exactly the same as it is with the pre-Episode 2 Vortigaunt.

His body texture is almost identical to his pre-Episode Two texture, with the exception of having a darker and less-detailed eye that does not move.

His voice is completely different from either his original or post-Episode Two voices.

Prototype Final
Hl2proto vort1.png Hl2final vortslaveold1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto vort2.png Hl2final vortslaveold2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto vort1.png Hl2final vortold1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto vort2.png Hl2final vortold2.png

Compared to the Episode Two Vortigaunt

Prototype Final
Hl2proto vort1.png Hl2final vort1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto vort2.png Hl2final vort2.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto vort1.png Hl2final vortslave1.png
Prototype Final
Hl2proto vort2.png Hl2final vortslave2.png

Cheaple Vortigaunt

A Cheaple (low-poly model and smaller-resolution texture) version of the Vortigaunt appears in the prototype's files, but not the final game.