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Proto:Hello Neighbor/Alpha 2

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Hello Neighbor.


Alpha 1 and Pre-Alpha leftovers
Leftovers from Alpha 1 and the Pre-Alpha, Yum!

Unused Basement

  • The basement was implemented in this Alpha, however, over half of it is cut and unseen, the rest of it can be seen in a trailer here:

Unused Maps


Neighbor 3helloneighboralpha2.png

  • Developers Play Area, Accessible by typing "open Neighbor_3" into the Alpha 2 console (accessed by pressing ~)

Unused Blueprints


  • Spawns as a Banana, According to the Hello Neighbor Modkit, it was supposed to hiss at you, alerting the Neighbor to your position.

HN-BP Spider.png


  • Unspawnable Version of BP_Spider.


  • Used in Alpha 1.5, the Stereo was going to be like the TV, turn it on, and it distracts Theodore.

HN-BP Stereo.png

Unused Objects

Decorative Photoss

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5
Painting Set 1.png Painting Set 2.png Painting Set 3.png Painting Set 4.png Painting Set 5.png
  • Photos found in Alpha 2's files, Maybe used as Decor in Alpha 1.5?


  • A Tumbleweed.


Old Art Glue

  • Old Art Glue, probably used in Alpha 1.5


Rocking Chair

  • A rocking chair, can be found in Neighbor_3


Red Chair (with Alt)

  • Two red chairs, one with a broken leg.

HN-RedChair.png HN-RedChairBroken.png

Unused Textures

Unused Icons

Shark-O-Tron Icon

  • In the files of Alpha 2 exist a unused Icon for the Shark-O-Tron seen in Alpha 2, Implying at one point, The Shark-O-Tron would have been able to been picked up.

Unused Animations

To do:
Get Combined Gif

Restart Anims

HN-DoorResAnim.gif HN-NeighborResAnim.gif