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Proto:Hexen (DOS)/Near-Final Beta

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Hexen (DOS).

A near-final beta. Will only run if the system clock is between September 27th, 1995 and October 29th, 1995.

Known Changes

Cheat Codes

  • MARTEK - God mode
  • ANGEL - No clipping mode
  • CONAN - All weapons
  • MCCOY - Full health
  • JANITOR - All keys
  • NOISE - Sound debug information
  • TICKER - FPS counter
  • GREEDY - 25 of each item
  • PUZZLER - All puzzle items
  • GATExx - Level warp
  • DELIVERANCE - Pig mode
  • CARNAGE - Kills all enemies
  • RAMBO - Removes all weapons
  • QUICKEN - Kills you if written thrice
  • ZELIGx - Change player class
  • MRJONES - Version information
  • WHERE - Coordinates
  • INIT - Restart level
  • REVEAL - Changes automap mode
  • WEWIN - Win the game

Interesting to note that the God Mode and All Weapons cheats were changed to be the Kill You and Remove Weapons cheats in the final game.


Early Final
Hexen-Early-w 061.png Hexen-Final-w 061.png

Door handles are missing to this metal door texture.

Early Final
Hexen-Early-w 214.png Hexen-Final-w 214.png

The skull on Chris' headstone was misaligned.

Early Final
Hexen-Early-w 218.png Hexen-Final-w 218.png

Ben's headstone once had a cat head engraved in the prototype.

Early Final
Hexen-Early-w 270.png Hexen-Final-w 270.png

The Justifier's conversion to the Wraithverge was reflected late on this stained glass texture.


Early Final
Hexen-Early-help2.png Hexen-Final-help2.png



Dragon attack

Early Final

The final recycles the sound of the mage's Bloodscourge weapon to save 16kb of memory.


Early Final

Pitch alteration.

Fly Buzz

Early Final

Item Respawn

Early Final

Unused Sounds

Labeled MenuMove. Presumably, this would have played if you moved the menu cursor.


  • There's a flashing "BETA" message on the screen throughout gameplay.
  • The ENDOOM doesn't show up upon quitting.
  • The ENDOOM in the WAD is still Heretic's, but with gag nicknames for the staff section.
  • No music during the Loading screen.
  • There is no ETHEREAL TRAVEL, LOADING or SAVING popup boxes that appear.
  • You cannot shatter frozen monsters.
  • The electric spark from Timon's Axe is rendered with translucency, as opposed to opaque in the final.
  • Walking through the end portal in Dark Crucible will bring up a message politely asking you to type WEWIN to see the ending, instead of automatically starting it.