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Proto:Hunt Down The Freeman/2016 Demo

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A demo build for Hunt Down The Freeman released in 2016. This seems to depict a very different game with only a very generalized outline of the story resembling the final product.

To do:
  • Almost everything in this build is changed compared to the final
  • Better screenshot for the demo's machete
  • "Press E for a flashback" mechanic

Intro Cutscene

There is a video that plays once the game is opened that introduces the player to the game, and displays just how different this vision of the game truly was.

  • A potentially early version of the game's cover art is displayed. This features and image of a man wearing a gas mask with the games logo above him and a green filter.
  • The logo appears to be the same font as the one used in the release game. However the name "Freeman" is splattered in blood. In the final logo the name is simply colored red with an orange illumination.
  • A voice states "Previously on Hunt Down The Freeman."
  • Black Mesa is shown with Half-Life assets being in use instead of the redesigned ones used in the final game.
  • All HECU Marines use models from Obsidian Conflict created by Romka.
  • Mitch's design when wearing his HECU armor is based on the that seen in Half-Life instead of the black redesigned one seen in the final by all characters.
  • Gordon uses a model taken from the SFM workshop created by T-Braze.
  • The map used seems to be from the intro section of the first Half-Life with nothing changed.
  • The hospital is completely redesigned and appears to be based off the one seen in Half-Life 2: Episode One.
  • Mitch appears to be wearing a blue hospital gown. In the final game he is still wearing his HECU armor.
  • A Cremator is seen attempting to attack someone who is assumed to be Mitch. The Cremator would not appear in the final game and so wouldn't the set piece it was seen in.
  • A Hydra is seen attacking people on a boat. This boat is mot likely intended to be the one used to run from the Combine later in the final game. The Hydra is also an enemy that is never seen in the final game.
  • The intro shows what is assumed to be an early version of Ravenholm.
  • Father Grigori is shown attempting to attack the player. This is most likely before Gordon Freeman reaches Ravenholm, as Father Grigori's fate after Gordon leaves is officially left up to player interpretation by Valve.
    • This scene is also set in the day. In the final game the Ravenholm level is set at night.


Mitchell's arsenal of weapons isn't very large compared to the final, but the demo is short. (Note: the MP5 has broken scope because the screenshot was taken in the model viewer. Ingame it's not broken.)

Prototype Final
HDTF-Demo machete.png HDTF-Machete.png
Prototype Final
HDTF-Demo shotgun.png HDTF-Rem870.png
Prototype Final
HDTF-Pistol.png HDTF-1911.png
Prototype Final
HDTF-KR5.png HDTF MP5.png