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Proto:Jak 3/August 24 2004 Demo

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A demo version of the game with a build date of August 24 2004, compared to the final game's date of September 30 2004. It was included with Issue 87 of the Official US PlayStation Magazine and in multiple issues of the UK Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. It was also released as a standalone disc.


A number of world maps contained in WOMAP.STR are placeholders or have differences to the final game's maps. The maps for Southern Haven Forest, Monk Temple, Great Volcano, Spargus, the Dark Maker ship during the "Destroy dark ship" mission and the Catacombs placeholder are identical to the final game, although they go unused in the demo. The map for the Metal Head cave during the "Destroy metal-pedes in nest" mission and the empty map for "Map data unavailable" are not present in demo.


All the placeholders were also present in the August 5 demo and are documented further on its page.

Level Image
KG war factory Jak 3 proto Factory.png
Haven City Jak 3 proto Factory sky.png
Metal Head city Jak 3 proto MH city.png
Metal Head tower Jak 3 proto MH tower.png
Eco mine Jak 3 proto Mine.png
Palace ruins Jak 3 proto Rubble.png

Full maps

Level Demo map Final map Notes
Dark Maker ship ("Destroy dark ship shield" mission) Jak 3 proto DM ship.png Jak 3 final DM ship.png The outline used to indicate when the floor is dropped through is dotted instead of solid.
Metal Head cave ("Destroy eggs in nest" mission) Jak 3 proto MH cave.png Jak 3 final MH cave.png The Precursor text says "NEST CAVE" instead of "METAL HEAD NEST". The map itself is identical to the final game.
This map also has differences to the one in the August 5 demo, which are documented on its page.
Sewer ("Reach port via Sewer" mission) Jak 3 proto Sewer1.png Jak 3 final Sewer1.png The map is bigger and is rotated 180° although the background is in the same place. The background starts to get darker around the edges. The Precursor text says "SEWER METAL HEAD TO HAVEN CITY" instead of "SEWER PASSAGE TO PORT". The text is also curved instead of straight.
Sewer ("Find switch in Sewers" mission) Jak 3 proto Sewer3.png Jak 3 final Sewer3.png The top area of the map has a minor difference. The background is rotated 180° and the map is slightly bigger. The Precursor text says "SEWER HAVEN CITY TO KRIMSON GUARD" instead of "SEWER TO KG ZONE". The text is also curved instead of straight.
Haven City Jak 3 proto Haven City.png Jak 3 final Haven City.png Identical to the map in the August 5 demo and is documented fully on its page.
Ruined stadium Jak 3 proto Stadium.png Jak 3 final Stadium.png
Sewer ("Reach Metal Head area via Sewer" mission) Jak 3 proto Sewer2.png Jak 3 final Sewer2.png
Wasteland Jak 3 proto Wasteland.png Jak 3 final Wasteland.png