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Proto:Jak 3/August 5 2004 Demo

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A demo version of the game with a build date of August 5 2004, compared to the final game's date of September 30 2004.


The maps in this demo stored in WOMAP.STR are placeholders or have differences to the final versions. There is also a placeholder map for the Catacombs level which is still present in the final game.


Level Image Notes
Southern Haven Forest
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Forest.png
Replaced with a full map by the time of the August 24 demo.
Dark Maker Ship
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Precursor 1.png
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Precursor 2.png
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Sewer 1.png
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Sewer 2.png
Monk Temple
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Temple 1.png
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Temple 2.png
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Temple 3.png
Jak 3 5-8 Proto Temple 4.png
KG war factory
Jak 3 proto Factory.png
Still a placeholder at the time of the August 24 demo.
Haven City. It is likely this map was intended to be used during the "Destroy war factory defenses" mission but in the final game the map screen simply shows the "Map data unavailable" text. The map is not present in the files of the final game.
Jak 3 proto Factory sky.png
Metal Head city
Jak 3 proto MH city.png
Metal Head tower
Jak 3 proto MH tower.png
Eco mine
Jak 3 proto Mine.png
Palace ruins
Jak 3 proto Rubble.png

Full maps

This is the only map which was changed for the August 24 demo before it was changed again for the final game. Only the differences between the two demos are documented here.

Level Aug 5 Demo map Aug 24 Demo map Notes
Metal Head cave Jak 3 5-8 Proto MH Cave.png Jak 3 proto MH cave.png The background is different and the Precursor text is in a different place. The map itself has some minor shading differences.

These maps remained the same for the August 24 demo before they were eventually changed for the final game.

Level Demo map Final map Notes
Haven City Jak 3 proto Haven City.png Jak 3 final Haven City.png Some areas are missing, the stadium is intact and taken from the Jak II map, the port is larger (also taken from Jak II), the Metal Head city has minor differences in color and design, there is a minor difference in the industrial section and the top left area is wider. In addition, the background is not translucent and the Precursor text (reading "HAVEN CITY") is missing.
Wasteland Jak 3 proto Wasteland.png Jak 3 final Wasteland.png A number of bridges and rocky areas are missing and there is more land towards the bottom. The colors are lighter and the map has less detail. The Precursor text is in a different place and says "DESERT" instead of "WASTELAND".
Sewer ("Reach Metal Head area via Sewer" mission) Jak 3 proto Sewer2.png Jak 3 final Sewer2.png A small section of the map is blue instead of yellow. The map is bigger and the background has a different design. The Precursor text says "SEWER KRIMSON GUARD TO METAL HEAD" instead of "SEWER TO METAL HEAD CITY". The text is also curved instead of straight.
Ruined stadium Jak 3 proto Stadium.png Jak 3 final Stadium.png The map is smaller and there is an area and small hill missing. The Precursor text (which says "RUINED STADIUM") is smaller and in a different place. The colors and background are slightly different.

These maps were changed to their final versions by the time of the August 24 demo.

Level Demo map Final map Notes
Great Volcano Jak 3 5-8 Proto Volcano.png Jak 3 Final Volcano map.png The background is different, the Precursor text is higher up and the image has a border. The map itself is identical.
Spargus Jak 3 5-8 Proto Spargus.png Jak 3 Final Spargus map.png The water is a lighter color, the background is different and the map outline does not have a shadow.