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Proto:Jak II/July 13 2003 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jak II.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:


  • HUD is different.
  • Maps are different (and minimap is not identical to map in menu).
  • Menus are different.
  • Precursor Orb placement is significantly different, need to look into it properly.
  • Weapons have minor differences, Peace Maker has bigger differences.
  • Not all cutscenes and subtitles are finished.
  • Elite guards never appear in this build (but they might be in the files, need to check it).
  • Music usage is much different, need to look into it properly.
  • Most side missions are unfinished, some of them are working though (need to look into it properly).


  • Industrial sector has very minor differences, mostly just decorations.
  • East Main Town has minor differences, and it is not connected to the Slums properly.
  • Port has very minor differences, mostly just decorations.
  • The ships at the Port have a lighter color.
  • The Dig looks much nicer on second visit and there are also some differences in the level's layout.
  • Underport has minor differences and does not seem to be completely refined.
  • Nest has minor differences and does not seem to be completely refined.
  • The Stadium races have different textures.
  • Jetboard challenge's structure is slightly different, just like its textures.
  • Drill Platform has some different textures.
  • The Titan Suit path at Drill Platform has differences in its layout, for example there is a warp gate at the end.


  • You can fail the city-help-kid mission much faster by letting the guards arrest Kor. The arrest of Kor takes a longer time in the final version.
  • The elite hellcats of the city-destroy-guard-vehicles mission look quite different (here they are red and black, in final they are yellow and grey), their drivers are visible, and they ignore the player.
  • The robots at the Weapons Factory keep spawning forever, and they behave differently (they shoot with one arm, and they never turn into balls like in the final version).

A preview build of Jak II which is over one month older than the final build (August 25, 2003).


  • Dark Blast is different.
  • Font is different.


Defend the Port Wall

This is a playable mission cut from the final game. It takes place between the missions "Defend Stadium" and "Check the Construction Site" near the end of the game. It consists of the following:

  • At the Haven City waterfront, the player enters a turret which rises to the city wall. Another turret is manned by Torn, who explains the mission to Jak.
  • The player has to use the turret to destroy Metal Head ships before they can breach the city wall.
  • The mission ends with a cutscene where Torn explains the meaning behind his tattoos.
  • There is no audio except for comments from Torn, the ships are not textured and there is no animation for when they hit the wall.



  • Krew will fly off the platform but his holographic clones will not appear. Instead, several motionless Krew models will surround half of the arena's perimeter. They have no collision and cannot be interacted with, therefore making the boss battle impossible to complete.
Jak II Preview Krew Boss 1.png Jak II Preview Krew Boss 2.png
  • There are no crates.
  • The stage includes debug text giving the number of Krew clones spawned, and the number left to spawn.
  • The arena has a different layout and textures.
Prototype Final
Jak II Preview Krew Boss 3.png Jak II Final Krew Boss.png


The Kor boss battle has major gameplay differences from the final game and is noticeably incomplete.

Gameplay changes:

  • Clusters similar to Eco in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy sometimes appear. They have the following effects:
    • Blue: makes Jak run faster, but also makes other objects move faster (though less so than Jak). It appears in the first two parts of the battle.
    • Orange: slows down everything except Jak. It appears in the second part of the battle.
    • Purple: stops everything except Jak. It appears in the third part of the battle.
    • Since the blue and orange clusters can both be picked up in the second part, their effects can be used in conjunction.
Jak II Preview Kor Battle 1.png Jak II Preview Kor Battle 2.png Jak II Preview Kor Battle 3.png
  • When Kor is at a third of his health, he starts with a shield indicated by a colored bar above his health, and will not take damage during this time. The shield is removed by attacking him until the bar runs out. Kor will lie on the ground for a few seconds allowing the player to damage him before he refills the shield. Kor also does not chase Jak at this stage, he instead moves in the same direction as Jak from a short distance.
Jak II Preview Kor Battle 4.png
  • Jak starts on top of the cliff above the arena instead of inside.
  • Enemies do not despawn in the third part of the battle.
  • There are no crates.
  • Like in the final game, Kor floats above the pit in the first two parts of the battle while metal heads spawn, then enters the arena for the third part.

Aesthetic changes and unfinished elements:

  • Kor only has his head, shoulders and arms (pictured above). Because of this he has no walking animation.
  • The rift gate has a different design and does not spin or glow.
Prototype Final
Jak II Preview Kor Battle 5.png Jak II Final Kor Battle 1.png
  • The eggs that Kor produces are the spherical bombs from the Mar's Tomb Praxis boss battle, which have no hatching animation. They often land on the walls.
Jak II Preview Kor Battle 6.png
  • The area is textured differently and has different lighting.
Prototype Final
Jak II Preview Kor Battle 7.png Jak II Final Kor Battle 2.png
  • The bottom of the central pit is solid and can be walked on. Jak will not die on reaching it unless he takes fall damage on low health. There is also a water texture above it.
Jak II Preview Kor Battle 8.png
  • The cliff which collapses in the cutscene before the battle is intact but has no collision.


Sandover Village

The Sandover Village area can be accessed using the same cutscene glitch found in the final game. In the prototype it has a number of skull gems that don't have any function located in the same places as where the Precursor Orbs were found in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. This is due to the orbs' internal name being "money" in The Precursor Legacy, with unused versions of the Skull Gems using the same name in Jak II.

Jak II proto Sandover Gems.png

Dig Site

The lanterns in the area of the "Get Seal Piece at Dig" mission use a different style lighting, although the ones at the beginning don't produce any light.

Prototype Final
Jak II Dig Lantern proto.png Jak II Dig Lantern final.png

Haven Palace

The palace door has a number of design differences.

Prototype Final
Jak II Palace Door Proto.png Jak II Palace Door Final.png

The throne room has two Krimzon Guard statues which don't have any collision.

Prototype Final
Jak II Throne Proto.png Jak II Throne Final.png

The large round disc that needs to be shot down doesn't have the blue rings above it, and the above pillar is smaller with a different appearance. It also lacks the yellow lighting seen in the final game.

Prototype Final
Jak II proto Palace ring.png Jak II final Palace ring.png

Some of the door handles aren't textured.

Jak II proto door handle.png


The music for Haven City is completely different.


The maps in this build use the same style background as the ones in the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo, although most of the maps are otherwise identical to the final game. The Metal Head Nest placeholder map from the Magazine Demo and the Palcab placeholder from the final game are also present in this build.

There is also a placeholder map for the second part of the Dig site.
Jak II proto3 dig3.png

Level Prototype map Final map Notes
Dig site (first part) Jak II proto3 Dig 1.png Jak II final Dig 1.png Precursor text translation: "DIG DRILL"
Drill platform Jak II proto3 Drill Platform.png Jak II final Drill Platform.png Precursor text translation: "DRILL PLATFORM"
Haven forest Jak II proto3 Forest.png Jak II final Forest.png Precursor text translation: "FOREST"
Haven palace (first part) Jak II proto3 Palace 1.png Jak II final Palace 1.png Precursor text translation: "PALACE ROOF"
Haven palace (second part) Jak II proto3 Palace 2.png Jak II final Palace 2.png Precursor text translation: "INSIDE PALACE"
Krimzon Fortress Jak II proto3 Fortress.png Jak II final krimzon fortress.png Precursor text translation: "FORTRESS"
This map also has differences to the one in the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo, which are documented on its page. The final map has an error in which the background layer shows the escape door at the top to be on the left of where it actually is. This is where the exit appears in the Magazine Demo's map.
Landing pad Jak II proto3 Landing Pad.png Jak II final Landing Pad.png Precursor text translation: "LANDING AREA"
Mar's Tomb Jak II proto3 Mar's Tomb.png Jak II final Mar's Tomb.png Precursor text translation: "TOMB OF MAR"
Mountain Temple Jak II proto3 Mountain Temple.png Jak II final mountain temple.png Precursor text translation: "MOUNTAIN"
An additional area was added to the top-right. This map also has differences to the one in the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo, which are documented on its page.
Sewers (second part) Jak II proto3 Sewers 2.png Jak II final Sewers 2.png Precursor text translation: "CITY SWERW"
Sewers (third part) Jak II proto3 Sewers 3.png Jak II final Sewers 3.png Precursor text translation: "SEWER STATUE QUEST"
Underport Jak II proto3 Underport.png Jak II final Underport.png Precursor text translation: "UNDER THE PORT"
Weapons factory Jak II proto3 Weapons Factory.png Jak II final Weapon Factory.png Precursor text translation: "CASTLE"
Dead Town Jak II proto2 dead town2.png Jak II final dead town2.png Identical to the map in the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo and is documented fully on its page.
Haven City Jak II proto2 haven city.png Jak II final haven city.png
Pumping station Jak II proto2 pumping station.png Jak II final pumping station.png
Sewers (first part) Jak II proto2 sewers.png Jak II final sewers.png
Strip mine Jak II proto2 strip mine.png Jak II final strip mine.png

Debug Functions

Cheat Mode

Cheat mode includes the same features as the final build, but has a shorter activation sequence:

  • First part: while holding down L3 press (using the D-Pad): Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.
  • Second part: while holding down L3 press (using the D-Pad): Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.