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Proto:Jak II/Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jak II.

A demo of Jak II that was included on the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo Disc #39. It has a build date of July 17, 2003, although the files are dated June 10, 2003, while the final game is dated August 25, 2003. Like the E3 Demo, the same two missions are playable: "Protect Sig at Pumping Station" and "Destroy Eggs at Strip Mine".

Title Screen

The title screen of the demo has "DEMO" above the Jak II logo. The logo also has a slightly different design compared to the final version.

Demo Final
Jak2-titlescreen-ops2m-demo.png Jak2-titlescreen-final.png


The HUD is slightly different to the final version.

  • The overall positioning is slightly different.
  • Jak's head does not appear on the center of the Dark Eco meter unlike the final.
Demo Final
Jak2-ops2mdemo-hud.png Jak2-final-hud.png

Pause Menu

The pause menu is similar to the final. There are only two options in the demo, "Exit Demo" and "Back". The text is green in the demo rather than light blue in the final version, and it is slightly smaller in size.

Demo Final
Jak2-pausemenu-ops2mdemo.png Jak2-pausemenu-final.png

Full Menu

The full pause menu can be unlocked with memory hacking. Most of the options are the same as the final, with some differences. The save and load options also do not work.

Category Menu Description
Missions Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu1.png Mostly the same as the final. Completed missions show first instead of last.
Options Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu2.png Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu3.png Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu4.png Significantly different from the final. Some of the settings are either not present or have been moved.
Warnings Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu5.png Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu6.png Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu7.png Error messages in the demo. They are mostly the same as the final versions.
Other Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu8.png Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu9.png Jak2-ops2mdemo-hiddenmenu10.png Other menu options.
  • Daxter's Journal: An unknown menu, which exits back to gameplay. It has been replaced with "High Scores" in the final.
  • Secret: Same as the final, except it exits back to gameplay when accessed.
  • Restart Mission: An option for restarting the current mission. In the final version, it has an extra option for quitting to the title screen.

Menu Sounds

The menu also has different sounds.


Menu highlight 1

Menu highlight 2

Menu select

Menu back

Mission Failed screen

The mission failed screen is mostly the same as the final. It has a different font and text color.

Demo Final
Jak2-missionfailed-ops2m-demo.png Jak2-missionfailed-final.png


Pumping Station

  • The mountains in the background are not present.
Demo Final
Jak2-mountainarea-ops2mdemo.png Jak2-mountainarea-final.png

Strip Mine

  • The yellow pointing arrow that is also in the E3 Demo is visible. It is not present in the final game.
  • The Haven City landscape has some differences. The Pumping Station and Weapons Factory areas are missing, the mountains are somewhat brighter, and the city is not lit up at night-time.
Demo Final
Jak2-stripmine-cityarea-ops2mdemo.png Jak2-stripmine-cityarea-final.png
  • Enemies that do not appear in the "Destroy Eggs at Strip Mine" mission in the final version do appear in the demo.
  • The Eco Wells are still active.
  • The crate blocking the path to the Eco Well near Vin's hideout is still present.



The Blaster has a different shot sound.



Peace Maker

The Peace Maker has some differences. It can be obtained in the demo with memory hacking.

  • It has no sound in the demo.
  • The particle effect when the shot hits is similar to that of the Boom Stick from the E3 Demo.
Demo Final
Jak2-peacemaker-shot-ops2mdemo.png Jak2-peacemaker-shot-final.png


The demo uses a different font to the final.

Demo font texture Final font texture


The maps in the demo (contained in WOMAP.STR) are either missing, placeholders or have different designs to the final game.


Image Level
Jak II proto2 caspad.png Landing pad (caspad in EU/AU)
Jak II proto2 castle.png Weapons factory
Jak II proto2 dig.png Dig site
Jak II proto2 drill.png Drill platform
Jak II proto2 nest.png Metal Head nest
Jak II proto2 palace.png Haven Palace
Jak II proto2 tomb.png Mar's Tomb
Jak II proto2 under.png Underport

Full Maps

The complete maps have differences to the final game. They use a differently designed background with Precursor text giving the name of the level (this style of map would later be used for a number of Jak 3 levels). The unexplored areas are marked black instead of blue. Some maps also have additional differences.

Level Demo map Final map Notes
Dead Town Jak II proto2 dead town1.png
Jak II proto2 dead town2.png
Jak II final dead town1.png
Jak II final dead town2.png
Precursor text translation: "DEAD TOWN"
The area of Samos' hut is a different shape and marked with a question mark which is visible even when the area is unexplored. There are also a number of areas marked black which are transparent in the final version.
Haven City Jak II proto2 haven city.png Jak II final haven city.png The construction site is missing, the canal area has a different structure and the water slums have a slightly different layout, most notably the position of the Oracle's hut.
Pumping station Jak II proto2 pumping station.png Jak II final pumping station.png Precursor text translation: "PUMPING STATION"
Sewers (first part) Jak II proto2 sewers.png Jak II final sewers.png Precursor text translation: "CITY SEWERS"
Strip mine Jak II proto2 strip mine.png Jak II final strip mine.png Precursor text translation: "STRIP MINE"

These maps were changed for the July 13 2003 prototype before they were changed again for the final game. Only the differences between the two prototypes are documented here.

Level June 10 demo map July 13 map Notes
Krimzon fortress Jak II proto2 krimzon fortress.png Jak II proto3 Fortress.png Precursor text translation: "FORTRESS"
The escape door is in a different place with the position of boxes reflecting this.
Mountain temple Jak II proto2 mountain temple.png Jak II proto3 Mountain Temple.png Precursor text translation: "MOUNTAIN"
Some extra areas were added on the right.