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Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser/E3 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

The E3 Prototype is about a month earlier than the PCGamer prototype. Nevertheless, there are a few differences.

General Differences

  • The GUI is even more primitive than the one featured in the PCGamer version.
  • The menus have options that are not featured in the PCGamer version. Unfortunately, several menu options are useless and do nothing.
  • Hardware Acceleration mode seems to crash the game and will make the game unplayable until it is reinstalled if selected.
  • The menus behave like a non-3D application meaning programs like FRAPS that rely on such modes won't work on the menus.
  • The physics are actually much more stable compared to the later PCGamer build.
  • Anne's running speed is insanely fast in this build.
  • Like the PCGamer build, a set of debug keys seems to be enabled. R restarts the level, B enables what would be called the BONES cheat in the final. Strangely, the glitchy ragdoll button from the PCGamer build that happens when space is pressed doesn't seem to work in this build.
  • Anne can actually die easily in this build unlike the PCGamer build. Unfortunately, she can still move around when she dies and there's a good chance the game will crash from a ragdoll freakout if she bumps into something.
  • ActOuch is working in this build.
  • Anne cannot stow away objects.
  • Anne can throw objects by holding the right mouse button, aim and release it, unlike using the "F" button in builds after 96.
  • Most sound effects are missing from levels.
  • Weapons are notably scarce in this build. What ones are there either lack sound or use sounds for other weapons. Notably, the Mac-10 seems to fire in slow bursts rather than continuously fast rapid-fire.
  • Dinosaurs may not spawn properly. Their LOD sprites may be seen, but upon approaching enough to where their 3D model should be rendered, they may disappear.
  • The launcher uses a completely different image than Build 96 and the final.
  • The opening FMV is the same as the Trespasser demo, sans the Dreamworks logo at the beginning.
  • The opening FMV is followed by a splash screen of the Dreamworks logo.
  • Menu graphics are stored as mostly .bmp files.


There are only three levels in this build. Each one is very different from the final and slightly different from the PCGamer build.

Industrial Jungle
Very different from the final. Music cues are scattered in very odd places.
Pine Valley
Like IJ, plenty of music cues in odd places. Aside from a single Triceratops, it's completely devoid of dinosaurs.
Has fewer objects than the final.
T-Script Stuff
Some differences here and there from the final game.
Miscellaneous Executable Strings
All sorts of debugging stuff removed from the final game.