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Proto:Kirby Squeak Squad

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Kirby Squeak Squad.

This kiosk demo of the US version of Kirby: Squeak Squad is basically a limited version of the finished game. The demo has a time limit which ends after 8:30 minutes, according to address 0226202c. Freezing this address to any value can bypass the limit and play the demo in its entirely, but player cannot play any levels beyond World 2.

No reliable sources about any details of the demo for now.

To do:
Investigate the demo and add infomation
Download.png Download Kirby Squeak Squad US demo
File: Kirby - Squeak Squad (U) (Demo).7z (5.1 MB) (info)


KirbySqueadSquadDemo Intro.png

In the demo version, a basic controls and usage of Copy Ability screen showed before playing the actual game.

Prototype Final
KirbySqueadSquadDemo Lv1Room3.png KirbySqueadSquadFinal Lv1Room3.png

In the third room of the first level, there are two additional enemies that don't appear in the final version: A Sir Kibble and a Bronto Burt. Also in this room, the background moved one pixel further to the right.

Thanks For Playing Screen

KirbySqueadSquadDemo ThanksForPlaying.png

This screen is displayed after losing all your lives, reaching the time limit, or defeating Mrs. Moley in World 2 (in case the address is frozen).