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Proto:Kirby Squeak Squad

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Kirby Squeak Squad.

This is a demo of the US version. It's basically a limited version of the finished game. The demo ends after 8:30 minutes, according to address 0226202c. If you freeze this address, you can play the demo forever, but you cannot play any levels beyond world 2 or the game freezes.

To do:
Investigate. Upload Demo´s Rom


In the third room of the first level, there are two additional enemies that don't appear in the final game: A Sir Kibble and a Bronto Burt.

KirbySqueadSquadDemo Lv1Room3.png

Thanks For Playing Screen

This screen is displayed when losing all lives or when 8:30 minutes passed.

KirbySqueadSquadDemo ThanksForPlaying.png