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Proto:LittleBigPlanet 3 (PlayStation 3)/Private Beta

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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Several levels from the Adventure Mode were altered in some way between this build and the final release. The differences should be documented.
  • More audio differences: Nana Pud has different line delivery in this build compared to the final game.
  • Many map decorations removed from the final game.

A private beta of LittleBigPlanet 3 sent to various community members for bug testing purposes. Dated August 6th, 2014, this build predates the game's launch by about three months. While only one Adventure Mode level and five Popit Puzzles were supposed to be playable during the beta, this build contains every level made for the game up to that point, most of which can be accessed via glitches.

The developers attempted to stop beta participants from playing this build after the beta period (which ended on October 31st, 2014) with an always-online requirement and a "Press PS Button to return to the Home Screen" message upon attempting to play whilst signed into PSN after the shutdown date. The always-online restriction seems to have been very poorly implemented though, since it can be easily bypassed by pressing Start on the "Oh No! Youʼre not online." screen whilst signed out of PSN.


Lbp3beta manglewood hub zomzom shop.png
Adventure Differences
You could kill the Popit Professor originally?
Lbp3beta hookhat sticker.png
Graphical Differences
They couldn't make up their mind on the Hook Hat's design.

General Differences

  • The Sackpocket can hold up to eight unique items at once, as opposed to five unique items in the final game.
  • In order to open the Sackpocket, the player must hold the Circle Button for about a third of a second; simply tapping it equips and dequips the currently selected Powerup. This was changed to simply tapping the Circle Button to open and close the Sackpocket.
  • The Organisertron can be accessed from the Popit menu in Play Mode, to the left of the Customise Character option. This was removed from the final game, where players instead hold the Triangle Button to access it.
  • There is no special animation or sound effects when changing characters.
  • The ability to wave OddSock's limbs (achieved by holding L2 or R2 and moving the Left/Right sticks) hasn't been implemented yet, though he does have animations for this functionality. This was eventually added to the final game.
  • The player is able to control their speed on Slides with the Left Stick; Up to slow down, Down to speed up. This ability was removed from the final game.
  • Swoop is able to walk on water, similar to Small Toggle. This was replaced with the ability to swim underwater in the final game.
  • The Popit Powerup and Hero Cape can be equipped by all characters, but because none of the non-Sackboy characters have their own models for those powerups, they just use Sackboy's, giving the characters a glitchy appearance while equipped with either powerup. Only Sackboy can equip the Popit Powerup and Hero Cape in the final game.
  • If the game is left idle in the Pod for about two minutes or if the game attempts to load a nonexistent video file, a placeholder video is shown featuring Sackboy and friends against a test screen with the Sumo Digital logo in the bottom left corner. This video file was removed from the final game, being replaced with a montage of various gameplay clips. Additionally, the code that loads the screensaver was updated to trigger if the game is left idle anywhere for about two minutes.
Placeholder Screensaver Final Screensaver
Lbp3beta testcard video.png

Create Mode Differences

  • You are not prompted to confirm the deletion of Quests or Objectives like you are in the final game.
  • The Horrible Gas Lethal Type is not present in the Danger Tweaker in this build. It was added in the full game.
  • The Paintinator powerup has a "Put in Pocket" tweak, which likely would have put it in the Sackpocket upon collecting. In practice it doesn't appear to do anything.
  • The Character Changer uses a different model compared to the final game, and there is no option to add a second character to change into. Additionally, if the chosen character to change into is anyone other than Sackboy, a sticker of their icon will be applied to the curtains.
  • The Circuit Node gadget from LittleBigPlanet 2 has a number of tweaks related to warning the developers about Out-of-Bounds signals, all of which were removed from the final game.
    • You can set minimum and maximum signal ranges (anywhere from -100% to 100%) and if the signal it receives goes above or below the range, depending on how the Circuit Node has been tweaked it will either flash red, pause the level, have the camera focus on the Circuit Node or a combination of the three.
    • Exiting the level and reentering seems to disable all of these tweaks, even if the level is saved with them enabled.

Text Differences

  • A few items that appear in the final game do not have language data yet, and are simply referred to as "Some kind of object".
  • The Dynamic Thermometer system is referred to as "Infinite Level" in this build. In the final game, all references to Infinite Levels were modified to reference Dynamic Thermometer instead, likely to make the system's true nature a bit more obvious.
  • The Show streaming problems option that appears in the pause menu whilst editing a Dynamic Thermometer level was changed to Lock Dynamic Loading in the final game.

Popit Item Descriptions

Powerup Pedestal

Early Description Final Description
Create your own powerups using the Blaster Handle or the Throwable Handle and dispense them to players using the Powerup Pedestal. Use this to give out your custom Powerups.

The early Powerup Pedestal description mentions the Throwable Handle, a gadget that was removed from the game. The description was heavily simplified for the final game.


Early Description Final Description
Activate to pre-load areas of an Infinite Level. Activate this to pre-load areas of a Dynamic Thermometer Level.

The Preloader's description was changed to reflect the shift from "Infinite Level" to "Dynamic Thermometer".

Permanency Tweaker

Early Description Final Description
Attach this to an object and it will forever remain loaded in an Infinite Level. Attach this to an object and it will forever remain loaded in a Dynamic Thermometer Level.

As with the Preloader, the Permanency Tweaker's description was changed to reflect the shift from "Infinite Level" to "Dynamic Thermometer".

Progress Board Text

Several end-of-level Progress Boards in Adventure Mode had their text altered for the final game. Many of the Progress Boards in this build have placeholder text, and some don't have text at all. The following levels that have Progress Boards in the final game do not have them in this build.

  • On The Link Of Disaster
  • Even Bosses Wear Hats Sometimes…
Level Early Text Final Text
Needlepoint Peaks Youʼre off to Newtonʼs airship!
Newton's Airship Off To Stitchem Manor! Youʼre bound for Stitchem Manor!
Stitchem Manor You made it to the roof! You made it to the rooftop!
Tinpot Towers You defeated Nana Pud's robot! You defeated Nana Pud's guardian!
High Stakes Heist Shine get! You found OddSockʼs Marble!
Shake, Rattle & Roll Shine get! You found OddSockʼs Marble!
Deep Space Drive-in You Found A Marble! You found OddSockʼs Marble!
Crumbling Crypts You Escaped The Crypts! OddSock joins the team!
Lights, Camera, Traction You Defeated The Titan! You defeated the Titan!
Go Loco You found Toggle's Marble!
Furry Soles, Hot Coals Shine get! You found Toggle's Marble!
Flip-Flopped Folios (Placeholder: Success!) You found Toggle's Marble!
Tutu Tango You Have Completed Tutu Tango! Toggle joins the team!
Masque Maker's Tower You've found the Marble! You found Swoop's Marble!
Belly Of The Beast You've found the Marble! You found Swoop's Marble!
Cloud Caravan Escaped from Newton Swoop joins the team!
The Great Escape On to the final battle!

Audio Differences

  • OddSock's wall jump ability in this build reuses the wall jump sound effects from the DC Comics Premium Level Kit. New sounds were created for the final game.
  • Though Captain Pud has audio files in gamedata/audio/lbp3/dialogue/cutscenes, they've all been muted, with only their lengths and filenames surviving. Interestingly, the filenames for seven of Captain Pud's lines are prefixed with cs01, which corresponds to the first cutscene level, suggesting that he might've been planned to appear in the Prologue in some form.

Sound Effects

Boost Boots

Early Sounds Final Sounds

The Boost Boots powerup uses different sounds for recharging.

Magical Tools

Early Sounds Final Sounds

The Magical Tools sound effect is completely different in the final game.

It's Alive! Alternate Cuts

The cinematic track It's Alive! has two variations that didn't make it into the final game: an extended version (c_boss_reveal_01.fsb) and a shortened version (c_boss_reveal_02.fsb). In the final game, these different versions were removed in favour of a middle ground between the two (c_boss_reveal.fsb).

Beta (c_boss_reveal_01.fsb) Beta (c_boss_reveal_02.fsb) Final (c_boss_reveal.fsb)

Newton's Early Voice

Newton was originally voiced by Rik Mayall, though he passed away before finishing his lines. Hugh Laurie was later brought in to voice Newton instead, and all traces of Rik Mayall's work were completely removed from the final game. Since this build was created before the voice cast was finalised, a few bits and pieces of Rik Mayall's voice work can still be found in the data, including early dialogue, gibberish voices and emotivox sounds.

Emotivox Sounds

Sound Early Audio Final Audio
Newton (Confirm)
Newton (Cry)
Newton (Death)
Newton (Goodbye)
Newton (Hello)
Newton (Hurt)
Newton (Jump)
Newton (Laugh)
Newton (Question)
Newton (Surprised)

Gibberish Voices

Voice Early Audio Final Audio

Unused Background Icons

Lbp3 blueprints icon.png
bluepints_icon.tex is a placeholder background icon relating to blueprints. Blueprints seems to be an internal name for the game's Contraption Challenges.

Lbp3 pp science background icon.png
pp_science_background_icon.tex is a placeholder background icon which suggests that multiple backgrounds were planned for the Popit Academy. There's only one Popit Academy background in the final game, and it's themed after a kindergarten.

Unused Music Icons

Music icons for Anger, Drumming: Part II and A Scene of Plenty. These tracks cannot be added to the player's Popit legitimately, and the levels these tracks were associated with cannot be accessed through normal means in this build, thus these icons being unused.

Unused/Removed Models


Lbp3beta mesh saddel2.png

gamedata/lbp2/unthemed/gadgets/saddel/saddel2.mol is the model used by the removed Saddle tool.


Lbp3beta mesh monstersinc rocket boots collectable.png

gamedata/lbp3/mesh/mesh/dash_boots/monstersinc_rocket_boots_collectable.mol is an early model of the Boost Boots powerup pedestal. The boots have a different design, and an energy tank similar to the one on the Creatinator can also be found. It has an animation of the powerup spinning around. Its filename suggests that it might've been planned for a Monsters, Inc. Level Kit at one point. It can be seen at the beginning of the 'Boost Blaster' level as a stand-in for the final Boost Boots pedestal.


Lbp3beta mesh mw ball bug 01.gif

gamedata/lbp3/__book1/mesh/mw_ball_bug_01/mw_ball_bug_01.mol is a model of a neon ball inside a mechanical hoop. It has an animation of the ball spinning around.

Removed Stickers

Several stickers present in the beta were removed from the final game.






Unused Characters

Popit Professor

A professor-type character intended to be used in the Popit Academy to teach players how to use various Create Mode tools. Larry Da Vinci and Victoria von Bathysphere from LittleBigPlanet 2 serve that purpose in the final game, leading to this character being completely removed. He can be found at the beginning of the 'Boost Blaster' level as a placeholder for Pinky.

Unused Graphics


Lbp3beta electronics logic save chip.png

gamedata/texture_library/ui/electronics_logic_save_chip.tex is an icon for a gadget referred to as the "Save Chip".


Lbp3beta speaker nova icon.png

gamedata/lbp3/misc/mesh/speaker/speaker_nova_icon.tex is a Popit icon based on the Sound Object model found in the same directory. While this icon was updated and used by the Sound Object in the final game, it goes unused in this build due to the Sound Object referencing the icon for the "Tools" sound object from LittleBigPlanet 2 instead.

Removed Costumes


Various costume bits found in gamedata/lbp3/character/costumes/lbp3_townspeople.


Early Nana Pud Textures

Early textures of Nana Pud can be found in gamedata/lbp3/character/nana_pud/.

Removed Decorations

Many decorations present in the beta were cut from the final game.

Removed Objects

Removed Pins

There are tons of hidden Pins that were removed from the final game. Although the Pins menu itself is inaccessible without modifications, some of these Pins are still awarded when their requirements are met. A handful of these have unique graphics associated with them, but the vast majority reuse the Creatinator Pin's graphic instead. There are even a couple of duplicates of the Creatinator Pin from LBP2 mixed in with LBP3's "Play - General" and "Create" Pins.

Play - Story Pins

Icon Title Description Intended Level (if applicable)
Lbp3beta pin speedrunner.png Speedrunner Complete the Adventure in under 5 hours N/A
No unique graphic The Bigger Picture Piece together Sally Scoops' shocking photograph Challenge Room: Two's Company
Oops! Pop the Poppit Professor Popit Puzzles (any)
Blink Baller Complete the Fort by firing the Blink Ball less than 1 times High Stakes Heist
LittleBig Helpers Complete all the Multiplayer levels in the Adventure Mode N/A
Window Shopper Visit Zom Zom's Shop Zom Zom's Manglewood Shop
Lbp3beta pin fastfive.png Fast Five Get a 5x Multiplier N/A
No unique graphic Terminal Velociporter Go through ALL the Velociporters in the Great Tree Shake, Rattle & Roll
Physical Education Complete the assault course without making a mistake Challenge Room: Back In The Saddle
Pay Attention! Watch all the Tutorials in Needlepoint Peaks Needlepoint Peaks
She may not look like much... Win the race using as few parts as possible Contraption Challenge: The Wheel Deal
Negative Space Use only one powered cube to continue your voyage through Space Deep Space Drive-in
Bobbing On Win using all unique pieces Contraption Challenge: The Wheel Deal

Play - General Pins

Icon Title Description Thresholds (if applicable)
Lbp3beta pin changechar.png A Change would do you good... Use the character changer 50 times 1, 5, 10, 25, 50
No unique graphic Armed and Mildly Perilous In a four player game have every Sackperson carry a different power up N/A
Lbp3beta pin chaingang.png Chain Gang Form a chain with all the playable characters in LittleBigPlanet 3
Lbp3beta pin podparty.png Pod Party! Host a Pod Party!

Create Pins

Icon Title Description
Lbp3beta pin poindexter.png Poindexter Use R2 to get information about an object
Lbp3beta pin waveform.png Warm for the Waveform Use R2 on an output to view a signal waveform
Lbp3beta pin railygood.png Raily Good! Create a rail.
No unique graphic Older School! Use a powerup from LittleBigPlanet
Lbp3beta pin dof.png DOF! Adjust the depth of field
Lbp3beta pin firststeps.png First Steps Add a level to an Adventure
No unique graphic Cornered! Use the corner edit tool to edit two or more corners at once.
Show yourself! Use the Highlight function on something in your Popit to find it in your level.
Master of Puppets Tweak a Sackbot's animation

Share Pins

Icon Title Description
No unique graphic List Lurker A level you have published appears on another player's playlist
Sign me up! Log in to LBP.me
I heart the internet Heart a player on LBP.me
Line it up Add a level to your queue

Secret Pins

Icon Title Description
No unique graphic Saddle Up! Ride on a different character

Removed Materials

A number of Materials were removed from the game after this build.

Filename Popit Icon Diffuse Map Normal Map Specular Map
mw_hotdog_material Lbp3beta mw hotdog material icon.png Lbp3beta mw hotdog material diffuse.png Lbp3beta mw hotdog material normal.png Lbp3beta mw hotdog material spec.png
mw_popcorn Lbp3beta mw popcorn icon.png Lbp3beta mw popcorn diffuse.png Lbp3beta mw popcorn normal.png No specular map
ib_proc_sea_path No Popit icon Lbp3beta ib proc sea path diffuse.png Lbp3beta ib proc sea path normal.png Lbp3beta ib proc sea path spec.png
sm_proc_dogstooth Lbp3beta sm proc dogstooth icon.png Lbp3beta sm proc dogstooth diffuse.png Lbp3beta sm proc dogstooth normal.png No specular map

Removed Adventure Map Jingles

gamedata/audio/lbp3_streaming.fsb contains several Adventure Map jingles meant for The Ziggurat and Bunkum Lagoon. These sound a lot more ambient than most of the ones heard in the final game, usually being comprised of one or two instruments each. No jingles appear to exist for the Prologue or Manglewood in this build.

The Ziggurat

There are 15 jingles associated with The Ziggurat's Adventure Map, reduced to 10 in the final game.

Audio File Filename

Bunkum Lagoon

There are 29 jingles associated with Bunkum Lagoon's Adventure Map. The latter 13 are labelled "Bunkumv2", reduced to 10 in the final game.

Audio File Filename

Removed Adventure Levels

A couple of levels in this build were completely removed from the final game.

Stitchem Green Bad

Stitchem Green Bad (found in gamedata/lbp3/official_adventure_levels/01_prologue/05_stitchem_bad/stitchem_bad.bin) was a level intended for the end of the Prologue that was meant to teach players how to use the Organisertron. Since this level was removed from the final game, the Organisertron tutorial was moved to Manglewood Swamp, where it plays upon entering the level for the first time.

Ziggurat Blueprint

Ziggurat Blueprint (found in gamedata/lbp3/official_adventure_levels/03_ziggurat/q05_ziggurat_bp/ziggurat_bp.bin) was intended to be the second Contraption Challenge hosted by a character named Marina, in which the player builds a boat to evade the Rabid Swan. The obstacles are randomly generated each time the course is attempted, and the goal is to score at least 5,000 points before the player's boat is destroyed. While the level was removed after this build, Marina's costume was made available for purchase in Zom Zom's Ziggurat Shop, and the boat pieces can still be found in the final game's data, albeit unused.

A similar level can be found within the same directory in the PlayStation 4 version of the game, though this iteration of the level goes unused.

Removed Character Audio

To do:
Emotivox sounds. There's a lot to go through.

Gibberish Voices

Found in gamedata/audio/lbp3_gibberish.fsb are several gibberish voices, most of which are for characters that didn't make it into the final game.

Character Informative Voice Happy Voice Angry Voice Distressed Voice
Candy Floss
Cup Lady
Gate Man
Hysterical Lady
Little Stink
Mayor Myrtle
Popit Apprentice
Shuffle Lady
The Professor

Unused Dialogue

The vast majority of dialogue found in this build is placeholder text-to-speech, but a lot of the dialogue intended for cutscenes never actually gets used (they use gibberish voices instead). There are a number of interesting lines that appear to follow an early draft of the game's script, and even a handful of lines that are fully voiced.


Filename Audio Subtitle Context/Notes
What a breathtakingly wondrous adventure! I knew you could do it. But it's not over. No, no, no, far from it. There's the entirety of the Imagisphere still to be explored, new friends to be made and, who knows, maybe even a creation or two from inside that wonderful brain you have knocking around in that perfect skull of yours. The possibilities are endless when you visit... LittleBigPlanet. One of three lines of dialogue that would have been used in the last cutscene, just before the credits rolled.
The single spark, the very source of creativity, that resides in each and every one of us is waiting to be unleashed, to be curated, nurtured and tended to until it is fit to burst with everything that is you. And who is waiting to pluck it from the Imagisphere? An entire world of wide eyed wanderers who make their home here... on LittleBigPlanet. Another line of dialogue that was considered for use in the last cutscene.
The single spark that resides in each and every one us, the very source of creativity, is waiting to be curated, nurtured and tended to until it is fit to burst with everything that is you before being let fly into the wonderplane. And who is waiting to pluck it from the imagisphere? An entire world of wide eyed wanderers and wonderers who make their home here... on LittleBigPlanet. An extended version of level_credits_2_narrator.mp3, and one of three lines of dialogue that would've been used in the last cutscene before the credits rolled.


Filename Audio Subtitle Context/Notes



Ahh, dear friend. How marvellous to see you. Oh but gosh. How devastatingly ghastly it must be for you to see how much more hugely successful and creative I am than your own pitiful self! Intended for the Ziggurat's pre-boss cutscene, when Newton meets up with Sackboy.



Aah! Ow, what is that damnable din? Would have played after the previous line.




Yes... Yes! I see now I've been thinking too small. Taking the ideas out of Manglewood and the Ziggurat was all well and good, but why stop there? Newton proclaiming how he's been "thinking too small", and how he plans to steal more of Bunkum's creativity.


Yes! Yes! I shall not rest until every single atom of creativity on this whole stinking planet belongs to ME! Yes, yes! And once I have dealt with you, you cloth covered clowns, I shall seize total control of Bunkum's Creative Heart, and I shall make it my very own. Newton reaffirming his plan to steal Bunkum's creativity, as well as the Creative Heart.



Ah, who's this little babe? So cute! Does your mummy know that you're out at this hour? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Likely would have been used for Newton taunting Small Toggle.



Farewell, dearest friend. Farewell. Would have been spoken at the end of the cutscene.



Hold your horses, fools! Likely would have been used when Newton first shows up before Swoop's introduction.



I don't believe it! Where did he come from?! I... I... I... I still don't believe it! Swear word! Swear word! Swear word! Vulger swear word! Would have been used after Swoop saves Sackboy.



You will pay for this, you bird-brain! Ditto.


Filename Audio Subtitle Context/Notes
Why would Bunkum's greatest hero live up here, darling? Dialogue spoken by a character named "Pavlova", likely intended for an early version of the cutscene where the player meets Swoop. It is noticeably lower quality than the rest of the dialogue in this build.
Can you beat my race with time to spare? Likely would have been used at the start of a race against Pavlova.
And yes, I'm riding a rubber ducky. Ditto.
WEEEEEE!! Possibly would have played after the race starts.
Nice! You can have these prizes. Likely would have played if you won the race.
Better luck next time. You know you want to retry. Likely would have played if you lost the race.

Popit Professor

Filename Audio File Subtitle Context/Notes
Ah, whoopsie! Now you have to rewind. Doing so will pause the game, so press UP to unpause it, if you don't mind. Would have played if the player messed up and had to undo. One of the few lines of dialogue that isn't text-to-speech.

Removed Music

Licensed music tracks that, for one reason or another, never made it into the final game.


scene_of_plenty.fsb is an instrumental version of A Scene of Plenty by Keston Cobblers Club, and was originally used in "Needlepoint Peaks". The final game uses Race Against the Sunset by Lullatone instead, leading to this track being completely removed.


angry.fsb is Anger by the band Skinny Puppy, and was originally used in "Challenge Room: Bear With Us". The song was completely removed from the final game because it didn't fit with the rest of the game's soundtrack. It was replaced with Rodent (DDT Mix - Ken Marshall Remix), another song by Skinny Puppy.


rum_hee.fsb is a version of Rum Hee by Shugo Tokumaru with the vocals intact. The final game only has an instrumental version of this song instead. This was also used in "Challenge Room: Bear With Us", when the lever at the end is pulled. This was replaced with Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement) by Gary Numan.


drumming_pt2.fsb is Drumming: Part II by Steve Reich, and was used in "Challenge Room: No Drain, No Gain". The final game uses Every Morning by Keith Kenniff instead.