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Proto:Mario Kart: Double Dash!!/European Demo Disc 10 Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

A slightly later version of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! was released on the European Demo Disc 10. This version has some unused content that the Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc v13 does not.

Debug Content

Debug Camera

MKDD DebugCamera.png

The debug camera can be controlled with a second controller plugged into port 2. Pressing the D-Pad Up/Down will enable the debug camera on the first controller.

Debug Camera Controls:

  • B/A: Zoom In/Out
  • Y/X: Move Up/Down
  • L/R: Rotate Left/Right
  • Stick Up/Down: Look Up/Down
  • D Pad Up/Down: Move Forward/Backward
  • DPad Left/Right: Strafe Left/Right
3A3B8D08 00000004
0437A330 8028C424
3A3B8D08 00000008
0437A330 8028C488

Draw Debug Process Bar

MKDD ProgressBar.png
403DE660 00010C01
403DE660 00013001

Early Sherbet Land Course

MKDD dekoboko course.png

This course is an early version of Sherbet Land named Dekoboko. It is the only unused course in this build. Inside the objects folder includes a Wiggler Wagon, a Mario Tree, an early version of Freezie, and a sign.


The early skybox seems to have hidden cloud graphics that are not shown.

Model Textures
MKDD dekoboko sky.png MKDD dekoboko aozo.png MKDD dekoboko www.png


MKDD Unused GameOver.png Kart yoko.bti rgba.png MKDD smork.bti rgba.png

MKDD kari.bti rgba.png

A different unused game over screen only exists in the European Demo Disc 10, as the Multi-Game Demo Disc is the same as the e3gameover.arc. The second graphic appears to be an early Red Fire kart. The last graphic is the kanji for "temporary" (仮).