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Proto:Mario Kart: Double Dash!!/Multi-Game Demo Disc Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

A demo of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! was released on Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Version 13. There's a bunch of unused graphics and differences hidden in this demo.

Debug Camera

Version Encrypted Decrypted
00002B4C 08000000
3A387BD0 00000004
04348EB0 8028B98C
3A387BD0 00000008
04348EB0 8028B9F0

Draw Debug Process Bar

Version Encrypted Decrypted
000064E6 08000000
403ACCC8 00010C01
403ACCC8 00013001


MKDD Luigi Circuit Beta.png
Early Courses
Tiny differences between the courses.
MKDD DK JR Icon.png
Unused or Early Graphics
Donkey Kong Jr was playable before Diddy?

General Differences

  • Lakitu's intro animation is different.
  • After the Lakitu intro, it goes straight to the title screen.
  • Records, Options, LAN Mode, Time Trials and Battle Mode can't be selected.
  • Mario Circuit is the only course available.

Title Screen

Proto Final
You can see Peach's head is tilted sightly. Even Bowser's shell is adjusted.
MKDD Final Title2.png

The title screen is brighter in the demo, the options are larger, and the registered sign was changed to a trademark in the final. The render itself has Peach's head tilted slightly and Bowser's shell (the one in his hand) having a different orientation.

Character Selection

Proto Final
What are the kart's stats! Good thing they added that.

The driver icon, kart stats, and character names aren't shown for some reason. Also, the player box is scaled down.

Select Cup

Proto Final
MKDD Demo Select Cup.png MKDD Final Select Cup.png

The demo uses the blue All-Cup Tour background instead of the retail's green background for Mushroom Cup.

Mario's Circuit was originally in the Mushroom Cup.

Race Results

Oh yeah! Who's number one now?! Luigi!

The race results in the demo are similar to those in Mario Kart 64.

The game resets back to the Demo Disc Menu after the race.

Reverse Cup

It seems like a Reverse Cup was planned, making the player race the tracks backwards. This also indicates that in LANPlay.arc, Yoshi Circuit, Dino Dino Jungle, Peach Beach, and Mushroom Bridge (coname_yoshi_circuit_r, coname_dino_dino_jungle_r, coname_peach_beach_r, and coname_kinoko_bridge_r) have text for it in Japanese. The "r" most likely meaning "Reverse". This would eventually become a reality in Mario Kart Tour.

Graphic File Name Comment
Puc Esrever
resultcupname_reverse1_cup.bti The Reverse Cup Logo.
cuppictreverse1.bti A placeholder icon.
MKDD selcourse reverse1.png
selcourse_reverse1.bti A placeholder icon named "reverse_1".
MKDD cupname reverse1 cup.png
cupname_reverse1_cup.bti The Reverse Cup text graphic.

Reverse Cup Model


A model exists for the Reverse Cup gold, silver, and bronze, found at AwardData\Award_Reverse.arc.