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Proto:Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Game Boy Advance)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Game Boy Advance).

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  • There are level design differences, differences in the pre-Mini Mario Level cutscene and possibly more.
  • There is another pre-final demo on the May 2004 Gekkan Nintendo disc
  • Document differences in levels of World 5 and 6, and e-Reader levels.

The "Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Version 16 (USA)" GameCube demo, which has the first four worlds playable, has various differences with the final. It also exists as an unused file in the May 2004 Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo disc.


Prototype Final
Prototype Final

The game name and serial code in the header are different. The latter isn't even a valid serial code like the final's is, instead just being a shortening of the game's title.

(Source: Eientei95)


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While the level editor flag is at 0x030009B0, toggling it doesn't seem to do anything other than if you enable it in the menu, enter a level, and disable the cheat while the screen is black, the introduction to the level is playable.

(Source: Eientei95)



Prototype Final
Mario vs. Donkey Kong-door-proto.png Mario vs. Donkey Kong-door-final.png

The end-of-level door's keyhole was shrunken and the borders were touched up.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Spooky House Block

Prototype Final
Mario vs. Donkey Kong-SpookyMansion-Block-Proto.png Mario vs. Donkey Kong-SpookyMansion-Block-Final.png

The blocks used throughout Spooky House show a different design.

Boss Defeat Renders

There are some differences in the renders that appear after you beat Donkey Kong in each world, such as the presence of black outlines around the models in the demo.

World 1
Prototype Final
MvsDK World1 Demo.png MvsDK World1 Final.png
World 2
Prototype Final
MvsDK World2 Demo.png MvsDK World2 Final.png
World 3
Prototype Final
MvsDK World3 Demo.png MvsDK World3 Final.png
World 4
Prototype Final
MvsDK World4 Demo.png MvsDK World4 Final.png


The mini-game sprites also show alterations.

Prototype Final
MvsDK Minigame Demo.png MvsDK Minigame Final.png